Joe Ma Stresses the Importance of Time and Living in the Present

Keeping a healthy and youthful physique even at 51 years old, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) explains the value of time and the importance of living in the present.

Always a fan of collecting watches, Joe’s personal collection includes over 40 watches from a variety of brands. His favorite is a Romago Swiss watch; Joe said that watches play a big part in his life and they have a deeper meaning than just for aesthetic purposes.

“There aren’t a lot of accessories for men to choose from – watches themselves have long histories and are considered as a classic. Some people treat timepieces as antiques and pass them down from one generation to another. Not just looking at the resell value of watches, I think that each watch has its own unique story behind it. Your preference changes at different stages in your life. For example – when you’re younger, you might like ones with diamonds and don’t like gold and flashy ones. Right now, I’m into lighter styles. This is also a way to record the different stages of myself.”

Believing in treating himself after hard work, Joe buys a watch after filming a series. He particularly liked buying one that coincides with the themes of his dramas. After working on Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄>, he bought an aviation watch. After Life on the Line < 跳躍生命綫>, he got one that was used by a lot of ambulancemen.

Joe on His Son

A workaholic when he was younger, Joe lost valuable bonding time with his son, Ma Xiang (馬在驤), who is currently 21 years old. Making up for his time spent away from home, Joe now spends quite a bit of time with his son.

Standing at 6 feet 2 inches, Ma Xiang has been labelled “Joe Ma 2.0” due to their similarities in external physique and looks. Although Xiang is still studying in university, he does part-time modeling and brand endorsements.

Not a strict dad, Joe treats his son like a friend. Open to the idea of his son working in the entertainment industry, Joe said, “I let him choose freely. Aside from doing anything illegal, I’ve never given him pressure or set rules on what he should or should not do. As long as it’s a professional career and it’s something he loves, then it’s fine. It doesn’t matter if it’s in entertainment or in the academic field, I let him decide and just offer guidance and advice along the way.”

Importance of Health

While Joe is still very fit for a 51-year-old man, he understands that good health doesn’t come easily as he ages. Stressing the importance of maintaining a good diet and exercise, Joe said, “Life is not just about work – you have to live it too. I’ve lost too many things in the past because of my career. I used to be stressed and unhappy and would not enjoy the process at all. My attitude has changed now and I find that I’m very happy with every drama I work on. I also need to take time to enjoy life – right now, I’m focused on eating healthier and keeping in shape, because I don’t want to suffer from health issues later.”

Celebrating his 26th wedding anniversary this year, Joe and his wife are not into creating surprises anymore. Citing communication as the key to a successful marriage, Joe doesn’t pay too much attention to special holidays because he easily finds happiness in simple day-to-day life.

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  1. what happen to his face barely recognize it pretty obvious he did something cant pin point what it is……….something around his eyes looks pretty weird

    1. @sherla1019 He looks kind of evil now. He wasn’t the most handsome actor before, but he had this cool vibe about him. Now, he looks tired and ugly. His eyes are way sunken in.

  2. I think it’s just he’s getting older but not that bad for 51 thou. Most people the eyes are much more noticeable when we start to age well some that I see anyway. I remember Amy Chan was sooooo pretty on those older shows but suddenly her pretty eyes are noticeably smaller so I think it’s just aging?

  3. Knowing the history between him, benny chan, and rose chan. I can never see this guy the same way again, but again, I never thought much of him to begin with.

    For someone that has been in the industry for as long as he has, and had the opportunities that he did, his acting is garbage.

  4. I was not at all surprised w/Benny Chan. He has that loosely perverted look to him. I was a bit surprised by Joe Ma given his super long marriage but it just shows you men are men thou. I mean they can be pigs whether or not they are happily in a relationship or not. Reality!!

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