Joe Ma’s Son Interested in Being an Actor

Joe Ma’s (馬德鐘) 17-year-old son Ma Zai-xiang (馬在驤) has expressed interest in the entertainment industry! A few nights ago, Zai-xiang made an appearance at an art gallery charity event with his mother Karen Cheung (張筱蘭). Joe, who is shooting a drama in Hengdian World Studios, was unable to attend.

“[Zai-xiang] rarely comes to these events,” said Karen. “This is really his first time. Many friends saw him and said he really resembles his father.”

Zai-xiang, who will be turning 18 in June, attends a French international school. Karen explained that she used to live in France with Zai-xiang, but later decided to move back to Hong Kong for his studies.

On why Zai-xiang decided to attend this charity event with her, Karen said, “He’s been fascinated with Monet ever since studying him in the fifth grade.”

Asking if Zai-xiang is interested in pursuing the entertainment industry like his father, he said, “I love movies and I’m quite interested in acting too, but I don’t know anything about it.”

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Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. If he does indeed try out acting then it’s only a matter of time before he and Joe play brothers in a series/movie haha

    1. @linvin8 I seriously was about to say the same thing!

      Anyway son looks like a villain, and he does look a tad like Marco Ngai.

  2. Son look more like the wife than the dad. Gotta say dad look more handsome. Son does look a big like Marco. Still young.. so probably not sure what he wants to do in life yet.

    1. @happybi
      lol…I think they are a good looking family. How many celeb wives can you say look like that? haha…and she’s not a celeb.

      1. @kiki ok lah. His son…not my cup of tea…ehhehehhe his face looks more like mom than dad. Joe is better looking. Mom looks good. Just very thin lips though.

  3. I’ll come out and say it – really bad photo dude. He looks like he’s missing lips.

  4. Agree. His chin is too short, too small and too pointed. However, he does have a good built and height. His eyes are big, but not too brilliant. It would be good for an artiste to have brilliant eyes that can tell stories. Well, he is only 17 and he will be maturer when he reaches 22 or so.

    Joe Ma’s wife is quite pretty and tall. Very good for someone who is not a celebrity.

    1. @orchid123 Joe’s wife used to be a model, I think. But he is very very smart. I think she has a PhD in something. Joe is lucky to find a wife who has both beauty and brains.

      1. @elizabeth Yes she’s a professor at HKU. Smart and pretty. I personally don’t find their son that attractive – his skin looks dull and he has very thin lips like some people have said here. He’s very young so he’ll figure out what he wants to do later. He doesn’t look like Joe Ma either. I see a resemblance to Marco Ngai (ugh speaking of that guy – dislike!).

      2. @lyu310
        Marco Ngai – still can’t believe they ditched the hk g/f for a china girl – skinny as bones but super young girl. He deserves all that unfaithful thing now w/that younger wife, serves him right. Whatever happen to him suddenly no longer in crappy tvb dramas anyway? it’s like suddenly he disappeared after dissing the hk g/f?

      3. @lyu310
        Is she? WOW, that’s something. Joe Ma dude is very lucky I mean didn’t he have that salty porky hands incident w/that young girl a while back? He’s one lucky dude to still have such a smart, good looking wife hanging by him after such incidents. I think for a kid he’s already very cute and might still change bulkier and hotter than Joe Ma one day.

      4. @lyu310 wow. Smart woman!

        @kiki. Some ppl just like then young. Was disappointing for sure. He doesn’t have a career in hk anymore. Gotta make money in hl to keep young wife happy.

  5. Well, he can give it a go and see he has the talent or charisma. But hope he has a Plan B if a career in the entertainment industry doesn’t work out.

  6. he do not look like his father Joe Ma at all , yes his face slightly resemble Marco Ngai !

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