Kenneth Ma Remains Neutral About TV King Award

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Kenneth Ma Remains Neutral About TV King Award

Acting for 17 years, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has portrayed a range of roles. From portraying villain to comedic roles, Kenneth has honed his acting skills and expanded into heavyweight roles in recent years. The 43-year-old actor has been nominated for TV King many times, but is always a running mate who has never snatched an award. Although Kenneth has not voiced his disappointment, fans feel that it is a pity and believe he is most deserving of this year’s TV King award.

Kenneth’s portrayal in My Dearly Sinful Mind <心理追兇> and The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的> has generated much positive acclaim. The audience has also praised Kenneth’s range of emotions, especially in his many crying scenes in The Exorcist’s Meter.

Regarding his chances for the TV King award, Kenneth said, “For an artiste, it is already a very happy occasion to receive the audience’s approval and praise for a drama. I have already been in this industry for 17 years. Whether or not I receive an award, I will approach it with a neutral mindset. I wouldn’t crave an award more just because my drama is well-received that year. Alternatively, I would not be unhappy if there is not much discussion for my dramas in another year either. I keep a neutral mindset every year. Besides, everyone at the award ceremony are my good friends. No matter who gets the award, I will still be happy.”

Viewers also felt pity that Kenneth never seems to be cast in meaty roles in big-budget series. Kenneth optimistically responded,, “I remember Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) once said in an interview, that in his acting career, it is very fortunate to receive even one good script. If you ask me, after being in the industry for 17 years, I can honestly say I have only come across a handful of good scripts. Not everyone is so lucky. If you receive a script that’s not very good, then it will depend on your mindset. For example, perhaps you will be able to collaborate with many veteran artistes who can give you many pointers and learning opportunities. You can learn from them. If you receive a not-so-great script, but are able to learn something from it, then use it to your advantage. It would not be considered a waste. Just put your heart into performing the role well. Whether or not you make it in the industry is up to luck and fate. When you’ve learned everything and come across a good script, then you need to learn to seize the opportunity and be grateful.”


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32 comments to Kenneth Ma Remains Neutral About TV King Award

  1. hellome says:

    There’s still a few episodes left but this series is so good! I thought it was going to be a silly ghost catching story but there are surprisingly a lot of touching and surprising moments. I’m definitely rooting for Kenneth for TV King this year.

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  2. ricky721 says:

    I like his positive approach and attitude. Definitely rooting for him

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  3. kolo says:

    i seldom see kenneth ma act this good, im really surprised he can handle such wide range of emotions naturally. he is much better than vincent wong. and this drama is the best of 2017. kenneth for tv king this year.

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  4. diana80 says:

    If not Bobby (as veteran actor) for TV King this year, then i also hope Kenneth Ma to win it instead of Ruco or Vincent. Ruco has got his recognition last year, while Kenneth hardly met a popular and meaty role in recent years to enable him to win the TV King title.

    Thus, since he finally got this good role (Ma Kwai) that gives him the opportunities to showcase his acting chops, so i really hope that he could win TV King this year if TVB choose to award actors of his generation or those that debuts later than him for the award.

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  5. vinceboy says:

    i’m having him as my pick for best actor this year too. vincent wong is a bit too early for best actor at tvb anniversary awards. a favourite male character award for him this year is sufficient.

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    • diana80 replied:


      Agreed. Although i also like Vincent, but It’s rather early for him to be awarded the TV King title in Hong Kong, unless if there are really no other strong contenders for the award. But since now we have Kenneth who is at his best to compete for the title this year, so i’ll certainly choose Kenneth over Vincent.

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  6. pompidur says:

    I’ve always like Kenneth. Hope he gets the award this year. And him and Jacqueline Wong make a cute couple.

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  7. jimmyszeto says:

    To me Kenneth has improved in each series and that’s what we want from the experienced actors. For Bobby this is his most energetic performance in years. He really has put in his heart and soul into this. Lets not forget Vincent’s performance is world class. I don’t have a problem with any of the trio getting TV King. Ruco has fallen miles behind. That’s what happens if not improving for a while.

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    • kolo replied:

      @jimmyszeto,lol if the performance of vincent is world class, then kenneth’s performance is from other planet. admit vincent’s role of a blind lawyer is taylor made for him but then again he still isnt world class, at most above average.
      and bobby’s performance in my age apart is just acting like himself as a funny guy, he play this kind of characters many times before its nothing special.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Bobby I admit is the same as all his other funny characters. I didn’t say it wasn’t. Just that he put a lot more energy into this character than in his recent series. Yeh Vincent’s performance is stand out world class. Kenneth’s character is also another one of his typical comedic characters but his acting has been fast improving and is always watchable.

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  8. coralie says:

    An award is not a pity game. It shouldn’t be given to whomever has more pity votes.

    Both Kenneth and Vincent are strong contenders, but given the depth of their dramas this year, I still think Vincent was better. A good actor is a good actor – there shouldn’t be ‘too soon’ remarks. If they did well in a role, they should be awarded for it.

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  9. diana80 says:

    I tried to imagine what if Kenneth and Vincent switch roles; Kenneth as the blind lawyer and Vincent as the taxi driver…would they be able to perform each other’s role well?

    My opinion is they both can handle it and both are at the same level in terms of their acting. Therefore, there is no issue of pity votes, but rather whose acting could leave a deep impression to audience. Anyway, given that Kenneth has been in the industry for many years and now that he has improved a lot, it’s time to give credit/recognize his efforts as an encouragement.

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    • coralie replied:

      @diana80 I actually cant imagine Kenneth in Vincent’s role. Kenneth can take on a variety of roles, but I can’t see him in an idol one. His image doesn’t fit. And to be fair, apparently Vince’s role as a blind lawyer was tailor-made. So how could anyone take on that mantle easily?

      Whereas Vince can take on a rash and vulgar role easily, as he’s done so many times before.

      I understand that sometimes an award is for the purpose of encouragement, but if his role and character really isn’t the best, then he can try again. I said the same thing during the golden bell award when it was mark zhou (who was a total newcomer at the time) who won against Vic. Lots of ppl argued against giving mark the honor, but he really did do better than Vic in his role.

      If everyone gives out sympathy awards, then there is no need for awards to be fair

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    • kolo replied:

      @diana80 i agree with you that kenneth can handle vincents role as a blind lawyer. i cant understand why some ppl say kenneth cant. in my opinion the dark stubborn lawyer character isnt too difficult to portay with. vincent fits this character but also kenneth. kenneth can portray all kind of emotions no mather righteous, evil or comedic, he can handle it. and more actors will fits this character such as roger kwok, lam fung, kevin cheng, they all will be probably convincing as a blind lawyer.

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      • coralie replied:

        @kolo from your selections, maybe Roger Kwok could play Vincent’s role well. The others are now either past-tense or one-trick ponies. I hate saying that about Raymond Lam (since I used to be a huge fan), but ever since his ‘chok’ phase, he’s no longer the same. I can’t even watch his dramas anymore (his mainland ones) without thinking how his acting has derailed.

        Whether Kenneth can fit into the role of Mang Haap isn’t really up for debate because it will never happen. However, I can tell you that Vincent can play Siu Ma with flying colors, only because his resume speaks for itself.

        I’m not saying Kenneth isn’t a good actor. I’m saying in terms of this year’s awards, I think Vincent did a much better job. His character can be played by most people, but doesn’t mean they’ll be able to express it as well as he did.

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  10. jimmyszeto says:

    Vincent has also shown he can act comedy in Over Run Over. Kenneth is much more experienced but both actors are very solid. Barely any flaws appear in their performances these days. I think it will be more disappointing if Vincent lost because there’s no guarantee he will be casted with such a tough character to play in the future while I’m sure Kenneth will stumble across more challenging roles. Either guy win and I’m happy though,

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  11. siro112233 says:

    Kenneth is the Only remaining actor of “The Four” in TVB. Even the drama is not great. Like those 4 acting.

    This year Kenneth is amazing!!

    In “My dearsinfull Mind”, his character gives me sometimes a Thrill. Great performance!!

    I didd’t want to watch “The Excotcist meter”, Because Tvb is lame in modern ghost-drama’s.
    But when I saw So manny positive reviews, I became curious.

    Amazing story. Lots of think about. The ghost Or demons are not verry frighnted, But the story is good. Kenneth is Superbb as a cab-demonfighter-driver. Susan Tse is And Ram Chiang are amazing!!! Hugo Wong is the new suppervillain for Tvb drama. Mandy Wong did not have many scenes in the first Seven episodes. But Its getting closer. As for Moon Lau always cute And charming when acting like a innocent girl. Hubert did improve After that stupid vampire-drama.
    I will vote for This drama as:

    Best drama
    Best actor
    Best villain
    Best supporting actor
    Best supporting actress
    Best improved actor

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    • snoopy replied:

      @siro112233 Wow! Really Best drama? Half of the drama put me to sleep..I have to press forward to continue watching…

      For me, Best drama – Nope. No way. We have Legal Mavericks, Tiger Mom Blues, Destination Nowhere, Line Walker: The Prelude and My Ages Apart in the competition.
      Best actor – Maybe..But I think Vincent Wong will get it.
      Best villian – No way..Hugo is not good just the character that is crazy.
      Best supporting actor – Who? So No too.
      Best supporting actress – Again who deserve it in the drama!?
      Best improved actor – Maybe but I think Matthew Ho got chances to get it.

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      • diana80 replied:

        @snoopy, @siro112233

        Well, different people have different likings. For me, both dramas are among the few good dramas this year, and both the main leads (Kenneth and Vincent) are equally good.

        The Exorcist’s Meter deserves to win some award, but not as many as @siro112233 has listed though. I would say the drama has the chance to grab Best Actor and Best Themed Song Awards. I really like all the songs for this drama.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @siro112233 Nominations, I agree, Winning… not yet, Depends on how My Ages Apart ends.

      So far Exorcist’s metre and My Ages Apart are TVB’s best series of the year. If theres a comedy and drama, each can win respective category.

      I am very impressed with Hubert and would hope to see him get a nomination if not a win perhaps in a new award. Newcomer, or most potential or something.

      I do agree the villain in Exorcist’s metre is very good.

      Perhaps Exorcist’s metre can win Best Scene or Most Hearfelt scene which are plenty. Cried a few times already. Good guys dropping like flies.

      Just my opinion…

      “For me, Best drama – Nope. No way. We have Legal Mavericks, Tiger Mom Blues, Destination Nowhere, Line Walker: The Prelude and My Ages Apart in the competition”

      Legal Mavericks has good acting but the story is insanely dumb. I find Exorcist’s metre more grounded in this fantasy tale than Legal Mavericks which is supposed to be a grounded human tale. So nope.

      Tiger Mom Blues is ok but in light of the competition not very close.

      Destination Nowhere .. i thoiught this was another series!! Yes kevin should get a nomination.. young actor also… kristal for best villain for one. Best series… perhaps… it was consistent and a great character study.

      Line Walker, didn’t watch so no comment.

      My Ages Apart.. so far the best in the list but waiting for it to fail but luckily still going strong.

      Best Actor.. My feeling is Vincent will get and does deserve it but let’s give Kenneth some credit. Even in very serious tearjerker scenes he managed to deliver some lighthearted lines with panache. I consider Ma Kwai his best role in a long long time also because the series for once has a good story and a story well told.

      Best Villain – Hugo is it? That’s his name? Yes I think so too except the series didn’t have enough confidence in him to let him be the villain instead we have Mandy in a very awkward robotic like performance. She was much better as the gentle doctor. But yes, the villain is horrible person. Innately evil.

      Supporting actress – If those side actors are allowed to be named, but I do think Moon deserves it. She nailed her role.

      Supporting Actor – Name anyone in Exorcist’s metre, each one of them deserves it from those who plays taxi driver to Issit King Kong his name? Him. But I will choose the actor who plays Seven.

      Best improved – Hubert if he was in another series. if not I will say Kenneth. why not? Just because he worked decades don’t mean he was great. He did improved a lot.

      The series is ending tonight and my feeling is the ending will ruin it. But I hope for a sequel this time with Kenneth really is the demon slayer. I was hoping to see that side. And as a demon slayer angle, the story is limitless. I really do find Exorcist’s metre slow to start but once it gained momentum it had so many great side stories like the taiwanese couple, the villain’s father, etc etc. Still wondering where is Little Ho. To me for drama, it’s the best of the year.

      My ages apart is so funny. Love the one about the rubber snake in the bottle and the many many special appearances by tvb’s own homegrown actors. even Edwin Siu’s part was funny and the punchline wasn’t delivered by him but was about him.

      By the way Louis Cheung (god I forgot his name.. correct?) deserves a nomination for supporting. I hope for best ensemble cast award and My Ages Apart will win. Because Moses truly shines with Bobby and Louis in the group. And even Ali Lee is giving perhaps her most animated performance.

      Best series will be something else though.

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  12. funnlim says:

    Humble kenneth. If based on body of work i will say nope. But based on exorcists metre i will say he deserves his nomination however the series will end. Will give one to hubert as supporting or newcomer or whatever. In fact the performaces are solid for eveyrone except mandy in some later scenes. Kinda awkward. Oh i cried buckets over a few scenes already.

    And kenneth can play vincents role but not as good. I cant imagine vincent as taxi driver who keeps talking about his bowel movements,

    My ages apart may seem offensive and quite daring in suggestive scenes but the story is great and actings great too. Moses chan is flourishing, ali lee gets to be different, kristal is good too but love louis! However i do love bobby but i wished for more scenes of his younger counterpart. Got some discontinuity issues but frankly thus far a few deserves momination. Also tvb pokes fun at itself too. Maggie looks ageless.

    These two series occupy my nights, one is slow burn and gets better. Dont read spoilers and you will be surpiesed at how good exorcists metre is. My ages apart is fast and funny but now getting a bit morose.

    Must watch. I hope theres sequelfor exorcist metre. I want to see kennth the demon slayer.

    Oh hubert wu.. can sing, looks god and actings raw but he is mesmerizing. Both performances in both series so different. But the way he speaks is so clear. He should be the monk in jttw uf theres a remake. He reminds me of kong wah but more raw.

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    • coralie replied:

      @funnlim have you seen over run over and vincent as “kui tao”? if you have, i don’t think it’s difficult at all to imagine talking about bowel movements. trust me, he can do vulgar and excels at it! 😀

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      • funnlim replied:

        @coralie Kenneth is a so so actor but I suppose there exists an inner decency in him where even if he plays a villain you feel he has some humanity in him. He seems humble in that sense. Vincent lacks that. he can play uncouth but Ma Kwai needs a guy we like even when he is unlikable.


        When Ruco plays nice guy he is like dumbed down. I feel like slapping him. 2 times i felt this way. Must be the curse of Nancy.

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      • coralie replied:

        @funnlim i don’t think i agree only because if you see decency in him as a villain, then he’s not performing well. unless his character was written to have a humanizing aspect and wanted you to sympathize with his character, then that has to do with his role & the script and not with his acting.

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    • kolo replied:

      @funnlim, i agree hubert fits the role as the monk he is very talented as well in singing as acting. this is the first time i see him acting but he already gives me a deep impression, i rarely see a talent with a total package like him at tvb nowadays. i just dont like his hairstyle but he actually looks very handsome. tvb should promote him to first lead.

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      • funnlim replied:

        @kolo absolutely and just saw last episode. So great until last 5 min head scratching ending. I want a sequel. For once I demand a sequel. Seems like there might be a sequel. I see this series like a superhero origin story. Frustrating last 5 min. And yet 30 min earlier crying at some scenes. Maybe big boss fight a bit anti climax but I like what ma kwai did.

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      • diana80 replied:


        I think the ending is not bad. It gives chance for a sequel. The only part which i’m not satisfied is it seemed easy to destroy the demon. I was expecting a longer and intense fight between Siu Ma and the demon.

        Anyway, with the good reception for this series, TVB most likely will produce the sequel. But i hope the production team will not change (same producer, director, scripwriters, etc) to ensure the quality of its sequel.

        I’m happy that Kenneth didn’t end up with Mandy. In fact, if Moon’s character was still alive, i would rather he choose Moon who was always there to support him.

        I feel strange because i have always like Mandy’s acting, but i think both her acting and characters in this series is just so so. Her acting as a gentle doctor is boring, while as a demon, she wasn’t so scary and she acted awkwardly too.

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      • kolo replied:

        @funnlim, i dont know but if there will come a sequel or not depends on the ratings and popularity of this drama. tvb usually dont make a sequel of a small budget drama like this. i also hope tvb will make a sequel with the same cast.

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  13. funnlim says:

    Am sure he can
    Vincent is a better actor. Buy credit to Kenneth that his ma kwai is innately good guy aka hero. Kenneth did that rather well.

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  14. vinceboy says:

    for me, i find that both vincent wong and kenneth ma are equally good this year. hence, when it comes to the best actor award, both deserves it and it comes down to who has been in the industry longer and it’s about time to recognize that person. vincent is still considered quite new compared to kenneth and i remember he has just won most improved male artist not long ago. A Favourite TV Male Character award for him this year is the right choice. I think he will be like Ruco. Win favourite male character this year first and then best actor next year. Kenneth has won Favourite TV Male Character back in 2012 for his Dr Cheung Yat Kin role in The Hippocratic Crush. Till now (2017), he has been going home empty-handed. It’s about time to hand in best actor to him since his work in both The Exorcist Meter and My Dearly Sinful Mind this year are excellent.

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  15. jimmyszeto says:

    My Ages apart started well but has turned into a n unrealistic cartoon style mess. The only positives are the charisma of Bobby, Louis and Krystal. Most of the other characters have been annoying.The Exorcist’s Meter however has been refreshing and the supportive cast has been very likable.

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  16. jimmyszeto says:

    The Exorcist’s Meter’s success is due to its simple storyline, its simple use of computer effects. Natural working class we can related to. The main importance is the great selection of Hubert. It the character was acted badly, the whole series would be ruined. The supporting cast excellent. Mum, bad guy, friends. Reminds me of the children horror books I used to read as a child. Simple but thrilling and can’t wait to chase the next chapter.

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