Louis Cheung and Eliza Sam to Star in TVB’s New Sitcom

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Louis Cheung and Eliza Sam to Star in TVB’s New Sitcom

Louis Cheung (張繼聰) and Eliza Sam (岑麗香) are confirmed to be the lead stars in TVB’s upcoming sitcom, which will be airing after the series finale of Come Home Love <愛·回家>.

Come Home Love, which premiered on May 14, 2012, is one of TVB’s longest-running sitcoms in history. Originally slated to air for only 120 episodes, it was extended multiple times due to its popularity. The final episode of Come Home Love will air on July 3, 2015, ending its three year run at 804 episodes.

It was said that TVB wanted to make an alternate version of Come Home Love, and planned to call back some of series’ original cast members to star in the follow-up sitcom. However, after the good reception of Raising the Bar <四個女仔三個BAR>, a law drama led by rookie actors, TVB decided to scrap the original plan and attempt something new.

As most TVB dramas in past catered to housewife viewers, various sources say that TVB will attempt to attract much younger audiences for their follow-up sitcom. Casting Louis and Eliza as the leads, the new sitcom will also promote young stars such as Quinn Ho (何君誠) and James Ng (吳業坤). Brian Tse (謝東閔), Owen Cheung (張振朗), Tse Ho Yat (謝可逸), and Otto Chan (陳志健), who have appeared in Come Home Love, will also star in main supporting roles.

An insider said that the ratings success of Raising the Bar led TVB to have more confidence in featuring younger, newer faces as lead stars. “Raising the Bar was completely led by young actresses, and because they were fresh faces, the audience liked it. That prompted TVB’s decision to do the same for this sitcom,” said the source.

However, many netizens did not embrace the proposed project, commenting that the cast is too weak and that TVB may end up losing both its housewife and young viewers.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

13 comments to Louis Cheung and Eliza Sam to Star in TVB’s New Sitcom

  1. coralie says:

    I’m actually more worried that using Louis Cheung in a long term sitcom will cause him to lose out on other roles.

    He deserves more variety to grow his acting skills.

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  2. spearmintx3 says:

    idk how i feel about this LOL.
    like im happy for some new younger generation like brian, james, etc bc we should give them a chance. but if the sitcom ain’t even that good or at least appealing nobody will actually really watch it despite if it is new generation leading or new faces.

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  3. tess says:

    We don’t have much choices these days, don’t we? Well, as the saying goes never try never know. We should give chances to the rookies for them to blossom. Everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. Louis a great actor, Eliza is not bad too. Hope it’all be a good sitcom.

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  4. melodylai says:

    Ooo I love Eliza! I hope this sticks, and they don’t decide to change it last minute.

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  5. says:

    I think they shouldn’t be filming a sitcom, they deserve better. I know that’s shallow but if you don’t watch the sitcom, you will never see them and they’re both great actors. makes me sad.
    By the way, I started a new blog, please check it out! http://ceejays-entertainment.blogspot.ca/

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  6. llwy12 says:

    I don’t like the way this article was written…makes it look like Raising the Bar was successful only because of the 4 young stars when in reality, the veteran actors (i.e. Ben, Ram, Timothy, etc.) had just as much to do with the success as the younger ones did.  Talk about lack of respect for veteran actors….they don’t even get recognized by the HK media, let alone TVB!

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  7. miriamfanz says:

    Sounds better than the original plan to keep the same cast. I mean, what’s the point of having a new sitcom if it was going to be the same people again? I don’t consider Louis and Eliza as “weak cast”. Pretty sure Chris Lai and Queenie Chu had less popularity when Come Home Love started.

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  8. kolo says:

    if this is true i dont think it is a good developement for eliza’s acting,she will play the same role for a long time. she just needs more different roles to gain experiences like grace did,if this serie is going to be a hit,then i think she will lost much time,tvb just using her popularity to boost the viewership.

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  9. melody says:

    I rather they extend Come Home Love or use the same casts for the new sitcom. I will sure miss them, especially Lau Dan and Lai Lok-Yi.

    I do think that this new cast for the new sitcom is not strong enough, even though I do like Louis Cheung and Owen Cheung.

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  10. birdy2415 says:

    I think this is a good concept. It gives newbies the opportunity to get some experience, and help supporting actors to get some recognition before they get a bigger roles. Instead of giving newbies big roles in which they may not do a good job in immediately. For example, Linda became popular from Virtues of Harmony. Great way to experiment with newbies too (since if it doesn’t work they can be written off).

    Although, I wouldn’t cast Eliza and (especially) Louis. Louis just recently on an award, he should be riding this to get bigger and better roles. Eliza, has already been on our screens for a while – although she seems a little quite recently so maybe she needs this to climb back up?

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  11. bubbles23 says:

    both of them aren’t exactly “young”.

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    • megamiaow replied:

      Louis Chueng especially neither looks or is young. A 36 yr old trying to attract young kids?! Has TVB lost all perspective of what youth actually means?

      Eliza on the other hand is in early 30s….at least she looks young. However her acting is just god awful and not improved since he debut.

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  12. kangaroo says:

    I was actually looking forward to a spinoff of Come Home Love with Richard & Ha Jie & some people from Cha Li Shi. Hope it will come thru.

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