Michael Lai’s Parents Objected His Marriage with Gillian Chung

After Hong Kong actress-singer Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) got hitched to Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai (賴弘國) in 2018, the media closely watches the young couple’s every move. Recently, they appeared on the variety show, Truth Everything <真相吧!花花萬物>, hosted by Xiao S (小S) and Kevin Tsai (蔡康永). Gillian and Michael shared tidbits of their life as husband and wife, and Michael revealed his parents did not agree to their marriage at first.

He recalled when they were getting married his parents were worried that Gillian’s work as a celebrity would overexpose them. However, once they got to know Gillian, they were on board with their son marrying her. Michael even took his mother to a Twins concert, and his mother was moved to tears on the spot. At the time, she exclaimed, “Our daughter-in-law is so good!”

As for the rumors that Michael met with a female Internet celebrity late at night, Gillian defended her husband and explained it was the work of her anti-fan. She expressed she has total faith in Michael.

Gillian also revealed she was the first to propose. When the lovebirds were vacationing in the United States, Gillian wanted to fulfill her lifelong dream of parachuting, and although Michael was terrified of heights, he was still willing to accompany her. His actions moved Gillian, and she determined he was the one right then and there.

Source: EtToday

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. ‘was moved to tears on the spot’ I hope it’s not due to her singing skills? I am sorry I don’t think either twins can sing IMO…lol…haha Cute yes but singing NO….

      1. @myden26
        Everyone has his/her own standard of good singing. However, if you really know what is good singing and what is a good voice, you would not say that TWINS are good singers. They can only be called IDOL SINGERS.

      2. @orchid123 i believe there are uncountable people with good singing skills. But those that have identical voice will normally successful. You see hana kuk really can sing super well but she wont popular world wide because her sound not identical. People can recognize her voice based on her songs only but not her voice. Legend singers like leslie and anita mui and jacky cheung, no matter what songs they gonna sing also can recognize on the spot.
        @wm2017 i think you quite biased then to say eason chan dont have a good voice. His singing skill is superb and also very identical voice. Just that he dont have the looks.

      3. @myden26 lol….I am sorry I don’t mean to be mean but it’s just my opinions of them as singers. I mean no doubt they are successful, cute, rich & you can even say pretty but good singers or good vocals I beg to differ. haha NOT them……But then perhaps it can be subjective for everyone. I think this twin Charlene’s ex husband have a great voice/singer but he’s not popular. He’s the kind that I feel even if you throw him a really bad song but w/his voice he can make it better but that’s just me. I mean, look at Eason Chan I don’t think he has a good voice at all but look how famous he is. lol haha

      4. @wm2017 omg i thought i was the only one who didn’t like eason chan’s voice. he might be talented as a songwriter, composer, lyricist (?), but as far as his voice is concerned, i never found it appealing. and yes, twins are the true definition of wannabe singers.

      5. @coralie
        singers all have their own voices. in eason chan’s case, he’s a seasoned singer. he might not have the so-called “pretty” voice but his technique and expressions are subperb. he holds some sort of voice degree from a renown college in the uk. he was definately not the sort of idol singers who can’t sing and just wanted to be a singer b/c he sounded nice.

      6. @m0m0 i’m not contesting that eason isn’t a talented person. i’m just not a fan of his voice. if people can love twins for their singing or ayumi hamasaki for her high pitch voice, then that’s their prerogative. but i still don’t like their singing lol. i feel the same way about beloved superstars – sammi cheng, anita mui, leslie cheung (although i do love one song of his), etc.

        i do have to say that i don’t think a musical degree means much when it comes to singing. just like one of the contestants on the show “super vocal.” he came from Julliard and is descendant of a musical family, and yet his singing wasn’t on par with the rest of the competition. doesn’t mean he’s not better than average, just not good enough (at least, not for me or the judges.)

      7. @coralie I am sure alot of people love Eason Chan or he wouldn’t be so popular but to me he voice is not is all. lol.. ..Good singing voice and successful in my opinion is not always related. Andy Lau is loved by many but to me his voice is worse out of the so called 4 kings. Jacky Cheung is # 1 that is a fact and to me he does have a good voice, #2 Leon – # 3 Aaron and Andy #4. I am sure alot won’t agree w me so again personal preference perhaps? lol…

      8. @wm2017 yes success and good vocals are not always linked. selena gomez has no technique and her voice is bland, but she can emote very well in her songs and her music is catchy so she is popular. on the other hand, artists like GEM/Ella Koon whose singing voices are fantastic, don’t get the recognition they deserve and aren’t as popular in HK.

      9. @coralie
        I used to 5hink Asian females sound better because they have prettier voice. But after I started listening to us pop, I noticed that the us female singers have very powerful vocals where they r able to sing any song but I doubt the so called pretty voices could sing due to their limited vocal range.
        Same goes for eason chan, he might not have a pretty voice like William so but eason voice is powerful, wide range, open and very relaxed. The last one is very difficult to do unless u have many years of practice. That’s why I mentioned his degree. True that credentials does not necessarily equate to talent, but his voice is not nurtured from simple taking singing lessons for a few years or going to the k.

      10. @m0m0 eric moo also have very powerful vocal but still he does not have a lovable sound like jacky cheung. And songs also very important. Hk/tvb always can create good lyric song and melody from time to time. Really love them.

        The recent wonder woman those theme song very meaningful and nice melody. You wont get this in any other country. If your husband leaves you one day and watching wonder woman, sure you will cry listening with mirium yeung’s song. huhu

      11. @m0m0 i really like artists with a full range of vocal cords and a pretty voice. just vocal range alone doesn’t do it for me. for example, mariah carey. everyone loves her perfect pitch and range. and i admit some of her songs are legacies, but i’m not a fan of her voice. i think when all’s said and done, it all comes down to personal preference. and no amount of persuasion will change that lol.

      12. @coralie
        true, i personnaly don’t like jacky cheung either. i think his skills are great but something about his baritone voice that i don’t like. doesn’t mean that i don’t like baritones though, just his.

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