Myolie Wu Opens Up About Her Parents’ Divorce

Although Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) is currently enjoying her third pregnancy and has built her own strong, happy family with her husband, Philip Lee (李乘德), the 41-year-old actress grew up in a single-parent household. When Myolie was 7 years old, her parents divorced. Her mother decided to leave, and her father took care of Myolie and her two sisters. Although as a mother now herself, Myolie questions her mother’s actions of leaving her daughters behind after the divorce. “To be honest, now that I am a mother, I cannot fathom why she did what she did at the time.”

Myolie’s mother was very young when she got married, which the actress believes made her feel resentful. “She gave birth to my older sister at 22 years old. She was 26 years old when she had me. I think at the time, we did not have relatives or babysitters to help, so it all fell on her to raise us. Perhaps that gave her a lot of pressure and tormented her. Now, I understand how tiring it is to raise children. Maybe she thought about how young she was at the time, and how she could not just give the rest of her life away to raise children.”

While her mother was the one to initiate the divorce, Myolie feels that her father may have played a part in the separation as well. “My father is not a loving kind of man. He didn’t know how to coax or sweet-talk to her. He wasn’t happy that my mother found someone else. For my mother, she wanted to escape from a rigid and strict life. That was her choice.”

In recent years, Myolie’s mother has been diagnosed with dementia. In some ways, Myolie thinks this may be a blessing in disguise. “She is a person with a hard life. Right now, she has dementia and isn’t able to recognize people. Actually, I think having this illness is a relief for her. Not remembering may be a good thing, because sometimes, having a good memory may bring on more pain and suffering.”

Despite her parents’ divorce, Myolie’s close relationship with her two elder sisters made her want to have three children herself. She knows a good marriage is not easy, and is even more appreciative and thankful for her soon-to-be family of five.

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      1. @jimmyszeto
        I agree as my late mom and late uncle had it. It was very painful to see them not even recognize their own children. It is a devastating disease to have.

      2. @hetieshou
        Dementia is glamourised on Hong Kong TV when in reality it is the deteriorating of a vital human organ that leads to suffering then death. The impression of many of this disease is that everything is fine apart from loss of memory. They don’t think about the mental confusion of the individual, possible pain, distraught from family members and at a loss of simple daily functions such as going the toilet.

      3. @jimmyszeto
        I totally agree and like I have said, my late mom and uncle both had dementia so I know how it is. My late mom had it just shortly before she passed but my uncle had it for years before he passed. My uncle did not remember anyone except my aunt( his wife) and had trouble even going to the toilet. He kept peeing outside and my cousin had to clean it up all the time. It was not fun at all. But sadly many think having dementia is a blessing and glorify it like it is a good thing when it truly is not.

      4. @hetieshou
        Understand. My grandad had it too but very late in his life along with other illnesses. It’s torturous for the individual when they realise their inability to perform the everyday functions. It’s not as simple as going out and forgetting address or having fun reminiscing old times. It’s a huge problematic illness of the brain and not a blessing in disguise as Myolie says….

      5. @jimmyszeto
        Exactly and my late mom had it very late in her life along with so many other illnesses that caused her go into a coma and never waking up until the day she passed. I witnessed my uncle having it and felt bad for him as it was hard for him to even function normally. Along with all that, he forgot pretty much everything and everyone in his life. He even stopped eating at one point. Yes, it is a deterioration of the brain which is very sad. I truly wonder if Myolie even knows that or she is just ignorant about it all?

      6. @hetieshou
        Myolie may just let the carers do the work with no idea of it’s seriousness, or does not care since not on good terms with her mother or possibly just romanticising her life on purpose. For whatever reason it’s not good. Some of the worst illnesses are related to the brain dementia and strokes etr

      7. @jimmyszeto
        I think so and it is not just her, but I witnessed it in my own family. I personally took care of my late parents until the day they passed so I know how it is firsthand. Basically I did all the dirty work so I understand how it is. In her case, she has the money to hire people to do it all and she is on bad terms with her mom, so she probably can careless so is romanticizing it like a blessing. What if one day she gets it? I wonder if her kids would take care of her? The cycle of karma will just repeat itself.

      8. @hetieshou
        You must be a very moral and responsible person. I have not witnessed many who has fully taken care of a ill relatives without a hint of a complaint. It’s very easy to use the typical excuse of too busy with ‘own’ children and work etr. Which is likely what Myolie did….

      9. @jimmyszeto
        Thanks and yes I try to be a moral and responsible person as that was how my parents raised me.I also feel it is important to be filial since our parents are the ones who created us and took care of us. Exactly and work is and your own kids start to become an excuse as your parents age. Myolie definitely did that and it is even more likely so since she is not on good terms with her mom.

      10. @jimmyszeto Exactly, its not just a loss of memory. Daily functions are impacted, they do things they dont remember and will be upset when told about it. Always forgetting loved ones as well makes it a painful experience for them.
        Who the heck would ever want to be “blessed” with this disease in late life? Myolie is definitely romantisizing Dementia here and its insulting to actual sufferers.

      11. @megamiaow
        Yup and either Myolie is ignorant about it or is still bitter towards her mom for leaving her. I find it sad how people can romanticize such a sad and devastating disease. One of the main reasons is they lack knowledge about it. One of my aunts did the same thing when my uncle suffered from it. However, my aunt is from the older generation so I guess I cannot blame her 100% but I thought Myolie would know better. If not then she needs to educate herself on it instead of glorifying a sad disease like dementia.

      12. @megamiaow
        Many contact sports in the world are now spending millions in researching into this area with former sportsman suing. Even young people have been affected. Children aren’t even allowed to head the ball in training anymore. It’s a huge problematic illness involving the deterioration a vital organ and certainly not a blessing. Not sure Myolie is either dumb, totally ignorant or trying to be savvy with the press by romanticizing her life. It’s one thing romanticizing your 3 month relationship turned marriage but simply idiotic to do this with a serious illness which has numerous charities around the world.

    1. @jingxi2943
      It’s a naive thinking, she is not her mother, how does she know it’s better for her mother to have that >_>? It’s through the hardships that define who we are as a person, it’s our memories that make us know who we are. Losing that, you have no place in this world. It’s a sad life, I wouldn’t wish that for anyone. And yes, my grandfather passed away from that, and one of my grandma is currently suffering with it. What happiness would you get when you can’t remember just what happen >_> you wouldn’t know what feeling full mean >_>

      1. @littlefish
        Exactly and witnessing my late mom and uncle suffering through it broke my heart. I find it sad that Myolie thinks that way about her mom having this disease. It is a devastating disease to have that I wish it in no one. If you forget everything and everyone, then life is pretty much gone. Sorry to hear about your grandpa and grandma. My late grandma was blessed to live until 100 years old and not suffer from that or any major disease. She was one of the lucky few.

      2. @littlefish
        It’s very easy as a spectator to have a good old chuckle when a relative has dementia with comments like ‘ She can’t remember anything, she will have no worries in life now so it’s a blessing’ etr. The reality is that the individual is an empty shell of herself and has nothing to live for anymore. Myolie is one of those spectators…

  1. So many Myolie news for some reason I wished there’s more news about the 80’s and 90’s actors see what they’re up to these days. I missed some of them on screen such as Noel Leung, Erica Choi, Marianne Chan, Fiona Leung and Betsy Cheung?

    1. @cutie777 I have been meaning to watch The Menu, which Noel was in back in 2015. Interested to see her in a modern drama. Her acting was so amazing back then, I really miss actresses like her. TVB probably won’t do anymore Wuxia dramas, unfortunately, but they really don’t have great stars for them anyways.

      Erica Choi was also great. Loved her in Reincarnation II. Too bad she was in ATV and didn’t really get the popularity that she deserved.

      Mariane is awesome. Was thinking about her in the other Bobby article. At least she is super successful.

      Besides Ali, I can’t think of any current actress that can compare to those 3. I have a soft spot for Priscilla, and I do see Sisley improving, but they aren’t like the old actresses.

      1. @potatochip I also have a soft spot for Pris! Wonder why.

        I watched an interview recently of Gallen. He said something that I totally agree.

        Back then, all new and upcoming actors partnered with many seasoned actors and thus get on the job training. Now, most of them partnered with equally new actors and a handful of seasoned actors (some which said they don’t teach cos many newbies don’t buy it) and thus the skills don’t improve ….

        Seems logical to me!

      2. @conan2209 I remember Noel (who use to go by Vivian and I just learned is now Sabrina on Wiki) being paired with all the new actors like Chilam, Louis and Patrick Tam. I don’t know if she helped with acting, but she did help me have positive feelings towards them. I watched series for her and then was introduced to them.

        It is sad that the young actors these days don’t have veterans to learn from or are too self-centered to learn if given the opportunity.

        Finally finished LM2, but one of my favorites scenes was Vincent’s last one with Paul Chun. He’s such a great veteran. Vincent is already awesome, but being with someone like Paul elevates him. Can’t wait to see him in DID with Kara and Phillip. TVB cast should have more veterans and some young talent to balance things out.

      3. @conan2209 Oh, and Priscilla is not the strongest actress, but she is really good at romance. Her easy going, girl-next-door vibe is able to generate chemistry with all her male stars. As a person she seems likable, especially her sweet relationship with Edwin.

      4. @potatochip that’s the thing, Pris is good only in selected roles. I dread watching her next in Seven princess. Imagine her being a ruthless/ambitious lawyer.

        I’m super duper bias so I’ll never watch LM2, like I’ll never watch BWD2 ;p

      5. @conan2209 Maybe Priscilla will surprise us in 7 Sisters? LAD was pretty good, but it also relied on her natural chemistry with her male stars which she is excellent at.

        LM2 was not as good without Ali. Kelly was OK in her role but she didn’t really have the same connection with the other 3. I have no interest in any of the cast of BWD2. Kenneth never convinces me that he a brilliant doctor, and his relationship with Natalie was dull in the first one.

      6. @conan2209 Pris was good in Two Steps of Heaven. Her character was not her usual klutzy cute but more mysterious and maybe cunning but the storyline went downhill nearing the ending :/ so I can imagine her as ambitious lawyer- not sure about the remaining princesses though

      7. @yuyu she was not too bad in it…till the last bit when she was totally at the dark side…was not very natural…but i have a soft spot for her, so she is ok ;p

        thought its pretty obvious 7 princesses was meant to provide exposure to the other 6 (guess not as much for Sam).

        Rumour has it that the role was meant for Ali….SIGH

      8. @potatochip do watch the menu! That was the time I noticed Catherine chau and she can really act! I think Noel was too loud.
        I like Pris – hope to see more of her.

      9. @potatochip I haven’t watched the menu yet but I am currently watching old series it brings back lots of memories. Personally I think Noel and Erica are very pretty. Thanks for sharing the informations. Well there’s some I think they can act well but not sure if you’re agree. Zoie Tam, Toby Chan, Candice Chiu, Jessie Shum, Lee Yi Man, Harriet Yeung, Grace Wong, Tiffany Lau, Elaine Yiu, Yoyo Chen, Mandy Wong, Angel Chiang, Venus Wong and Gloria Tang? So far I can think of.

      10. @cutie777 talking about Zoie Tam! She was great in beauty and the boss. I think it was the only character that has such vast changes- from a meek lamb to scheming person! Zoie did so well in that!

      11. @cutie777 I really like Zoie and wish TVB would promote her too. I see potential in Angel and have liked her all things I have seen so far. Harriet, Candace, Yoyo are solid.
        Grace Wong is a good actress, but somehow the roles are limited. I would have liked to see her promoted instead of Natalie in that China Town series which may never be shown. Elaine and Mandy are dependable but sometimes are formulaic in their acting so I have not developed a deeper connection to their characters. Gloria has an interesting look in The Defected, still needs improvement, but I feel she is trying. I haven’t really seen much of the others you mentioned but will keep an eye out of they pop up.

        I think they are all talented in their own ways, but they don’t measure up to the old actresses. Partly because of skills, but mostly because of poor writing and storylines.

      12. @potatochip right on re Elaine and Mandy…

        When i watch Natalie, Elaine and Mandy, i will never connect nor feel the joy and pain the characters should have,

  2. No matter how reasonable the mother’s excuse was, it was plain selfish to leave her daughters.

  3. having dementia is a good thing and blessing….WTH is she talking about i hope she knows that dementia and alzheimer runs in the family and ppl at a young could get dementia as well plus not having any memories of your love one is a sad case

    1. let me rephrase……. there a possibility that you could get dementia at a young age around 40 slim chance but could happen… if a person has a loving family and a good career seeing a person just start to fade out like that is truly sad for there luv one

    2. @sherla1019
      I agree and I thought Myolie was a good person but for her to say that makes me look at her in a different light. Regardless of how she feels towards her mom, for her to say that is just plain wrong. What if she gets it one day? Maybe that will be karma.

  4. While I get what Myolie is trying to say here and maybe she is looking at the silver lining of dementia, but like @jimmyszeto said here, it’s a disease and I wouldn’t think of it in a positive light for anyone nor wish it upon anyone no matter how hard their life was.

    1. @gnomageddon
      I agree and I think either she is so bitter towards her mom so wants to curse her or she is just plain ignorant about dementia and what it really is. My late uncle had it for years before he passed. It was so devastating. He got lost many times, could not recognize his children, he had problems even using the bathroom, and so many other issues. Myolie should learn more about just how sad it is to have it instead of thinking of it as a blessing.

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