Myolie Wu Shows Balding Temples

Since giving birth to her son Brendan last October, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has returned to work and regained her pre-pregnancy body. It is hard to imagine that behind her glamorous image, the 38-year-old actress is suffering from significant hair loss, a problem which troubles many new mothers.

On March 17, Myolie’s husband, Philip Lee (李乘德) shared photos of a meal Myolie made for his birthday. He wrote, “The Wife’s face is so cocky because she successfully completed my birthday request for my childhood favorite chicken kiev and shepherds pie…….easy peasy la! Thank you I’m stuffed burp.”

Although there were compliments for Myolie’s culinary skills, most fans were instead alarmed by Myolie’s receding hairline. Wearing a headband in the photo, Myolie seemed to be balding at the temples.

Appearing at an event today, Myolie responded to concerns over her hair loss. She said, “I’ve always been like that. Maybe everyone didn’t notice. I inherited this trait from my father. Don’t be worried. I know some women suffer [hair loss] after having a baby.”

When it was pointed out that her husband should take more flattering photos next time, Myolie said, “He didn’t pay attention as to whether I looked good or not. He just wanted to praise my cooking skills. I don’t mind; this is the truest side of myself.”

Although returning to work, Myolie has continued to breastfeed her six-month-old son. “Breasfeeding is a pretty happy experience.” She has been pumping her milk and freezing supplies for times when she is not home to feed Brendan. As she will be filming a movie in April, Myolie understands that she may eventually have to stop breastfeeding.


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  1. i am not aware that new moms could suffer from new loss. i know that w/ pregnancy, hair doesn’t fall out b/c of hormonal changes. then after birth, hair loss goes back to normal that’s why it seems there’s more falling out but not to the extreme of hairline receding.

    1. @m0m0 you do lost more after birth. And this could start a few months after birth. I lost quite a bit of hair. But not as bad as Myolie.

      1. @littlefish
        i know but not to the point of receding hairline. i think it’s more to do w/ extreme diets rather than just after giving birth.

  2. Men have a tendency to post unflattering photos of their significant others, without paying attention to the details. I see this on Facebook all the time.

    1. @jayne hah! I notice that too. it’s either guys just have very bad aesthetics or they’re just too ignorant of nuances.

  3. It might help NOT to tie/band back her hair so tightly daily either. Ballet and Chinese dance dancers …. they often have this hairline – reining in hair tightly would have something to do with it.

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