Pakho Chau Wears Face Mask to Sleep

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Pakho Chau Wears Face Mask to Sleep

Going into the music studio to record a new song to help fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19), Pakho Chau (周柏豪) is diligent about hygiene practices to prevent the spreading of germs. Since his daughter is only three months old, Pakho wears a mask at home all the time, even when he is sleeping!

With COVID-19 looming over Hong Kong, Pakho said that celebrities should take the initiative to help out. He said, “Besides sharing resources, I also make sure to share information and awareness on camera and with my music.”

Asked if he is well-stocked on health supplies at home, Pakho said, “I do, and I don’t want to hoard too much at home. If I have extra supplies, I’ll ask my friends and people around me to see if they need anything…. I know a lot of friends and some of them are in the medical supply field – that’s why I had a lot of sources and was able to get a few boxes.

“Driving one day, I saw a woman wearing a wet mask at a parking lot. It turns out she has been wearing the same mask for eight hours, so I gave her a new one to use. There are many people who don’t have supplies, but still continue to provide service for our community. It’s heartbreaking, and I think I have the ability to help them. Not everyone has the same resources as us – for example, if I yell for help, someone is bound to help. The most we have at home are canned goods, but we’re not worried about food. I’m more concerned about toilet paper though – I’ve been to several stores already but they were all out of stock.”

Always Wears a Mask at Home

Due to the absence of baby masks, Pakho doesn’t bring his three-month-old daughter out except to visit the pediatrician for vaccinations. Pakho, who is scared of bringing home any germs, said he has to disinfect his shoes, change his clothes, and shower thoroughly before being able to hold the baby.

Having a slight cough lately, Pakho has been wearing a mask at home at all times, and even slept with a mask on for one week. Because of the prolonged use of face masks, Pakho said his ears have been bleeding due to the friction of the mask loops.

Due to the extra caution Hong Kongers are taking against the COVID-19, Pakho and his wife Stephanie have decided to cancel their daughter’s 100-day banquet celebration. Pakho expressed, “We’ll probably have dinner as a family, but we won’t be seeing friends. I’m very reluctant to have gatherings. I’ve seen seniors struggling to find masks, but young people are heading out to gatherings though. There’s no point [to the banquet] because everyone will be wearing masks. Besides work, I don’t even meet up with friends anymore.”


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  1. hazel says:

    People like him need to get educated on how masks work. If he’s healthy then he doesn’t need to wear a mask, especially if he’s at home.

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    • coralie replied:

      @hazel well…they just discovered that coronavirus can incubate for 20+ days in someone’s body without any symptoms. so it’s very likely that even healthy people are no longer safe anymore. they can look healthy, but not be. so as a preventative measure in case he’s actually sick, i don’t think it’s a bad idea. but, he probably doesn’t need it anyways, since mortality rate for babies right now is at a zero. meaning even if they were exposed, they seem to only get milder forms of the illness and recover much faster. likelihood of actual mortality is lower than if you’re elderly or have a co-existing health problem.

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    • luye replied:

      @hazel Well… he said he has a slight cough

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  2. mangotango says:

    Really or fake news? LOL. No wonder there is shortage of masks.

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