Sammi Cheng on Her Extreme Dieting

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Sammi Cheng on Her Extreme Dieting

Although Sammi Cheng’s (鄭秀文) marriage with Andy Hui (許志安) may be going through one of its roughest patches, she is not letting the issues in her personal life affect her professionalism. The 46-year-old singer has been diligently visiting the gym and attending rehearsals in preparation for her upcoming concert.

In the past, Sammi has been known to pursue a more lean and scrawny figure. However, in recent years, she has shifted her focus to a more balanced dieting regimen. Rather than putting herself through a rigorous workout and dieting routine, she is now more concerned about losing weight and dieting properly. In addition to exercising frequently, Sammi also ensures to eat a proper, healthy meal.

To exemplify this change for a healthier mindset, Sammi posted a before and after photo of herself and wrote, “A ‘before’ Sammi who is stick thin versus ‘B’ a current Sammi with muscle tone and curves. Two different types of body shapes, which one do you guys like? The one who is always limiting her food intake and constantly hungry? Or the one who has proper muscle tone and will eat a healthy diet without starving herself?”

In the past, Sammi was a dieting fanatic and strongly believed that being skin and bones is beautiful and the ideal female figure. Though still steadfast on maintaining a thin frame, Sammi’s mindset has changed and she no longer believes in starving herself. Instead, she has incorporated healthy, filling meals as part of a more balanced diet. Looking back at herself, Sammi expressed regret on being a bad role model and instilling an unhealthy mentality about weight and body types to her female fans.

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14 comments to Sammi Cheng on Her Extreme Dieting

  1. littlefish says:

    And that’s why she has depression! Recent study shows that eating well improve your state of mind, if you think about it, it’s not rocket science lol. If you have to restrict yourself, can’t eat that and can’t eat this, and constantly starving and hungry, you will not be happy, and be pretty depressed and miserable! Who would have thought! Lol

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  2. babycakes says:

    Your extreme exercising isnt healthy either Sammi. Those are not curves. You are cut and chiseled. You have lost your boobs. You have no more womanly softness. People can be fit and healthy without doing extreme exercise like you. I dont consider you be a good role model at all.

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    • littlefish replied:

      @babycakes she has lost her boobs a long time ago lol! I remember when I first know of her, as much as I love her, I have never like her stick thin frame! Just because people are her fans or like her, doesn’t mean she’s a role model xD?

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      • kuks replied:

        @littlefish the Asian obsession with physical appearance is definitely mentally or physically unhealthy. It’s crazy as shown by Sammie’s extremes.

        I remember at her concert in Sydney a while back, she invited a fan on stage and the first thing she did was comment on the poor girl’s weight and size… in front of the entire audience! I felt bad for the girl and respect for Sammi plummeted.

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      • msxie0714 replied:

        @kuks Body-shaming is a negative trait in the west and taken to shameful lows in Asia. Calling someone chubby and commenting on one’s ‘dark’ complexion in front of an audience is all too common in the Chinese entertainment world.

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      • kuks replied:

        @msxie0714 I know, it’s almost their national sport, closely behind queuing/lining up for things

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  3. coralie says:

    I don’t trust celebrities who are considered ‘nice’ when they look like skin and bones. I am a hangry and bulldozing maniac when i don’t eat enough or starving. I can still be cordial, but if something flips my switch, i go off like a mofo lol.

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  4. sherla1019 says:

    They honestly do think skin and bones is very sexy and men that tall and thin looks handsome whats wrong with being a lil chubby I find stick figure men wearing slim tight shirt and jeans unattractive goes the same way for womens its like hanging a peice of cloth on a hanger just plain flat

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    • nuenue520 replied:

      @sherla1019 I like slim, maybe skin and bones decreases attractiveness past a certain point. But then again, someone whos fit/athletic I also find attractive.

      Chubby though, is not. The worst imo is not caring about one’s appearance, believing that inner beauty will outshine the outer.

      Absolutely looove attractive people who constantly look in the mirror to adjust their hair, clothes, bag, etc

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  5. wm2017 says:

    She’s always been just a flat chested w/an ok voice but now you can add scary to her name. lol….Omg…. Extreme dieting like she ever has to go n a diet? Get a full meal once a while please….lol

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  6. m0m0 says:

    people don’t get muscles or definitions like that without eating real food. in fact, you have to eat more than your maintenance to gain muscle. if you starve and workout, all you got left is just bones and skin. in sammi’s new body, you can tell she’s got the definition and bigger muscles than her before pic. then she had to have been eating more than her normal to get that. some items are still going to off limits like fried and starchy non-nutritious foods but beats haveing to stare oneself.

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    • littlefish replied:

      @m0m0 I agree that she is better now than before, in term of eating healthily, and exercise instead of just starvation mode.

      But one thing I don’t like about Asian culture as a whole is everyone must be stick thin, and the second you are not, they are constantly fat shaming people. Like it’s ok for people to fat shaming people, but the second you skinny shaming people (or simply just comment how you don’t like their stick thin figure, it’s immediately called skinny shaming! Lol), their fans jump up and down and claim it’s all by being healthy. While some are indeed having a healthy diet, but you look at the one with healthy diets, they actually have muscles, toned, and not bone showing. Like a lot of the VS models, they are skinny, but they all have good muscle toned, and even them admitted to have bad diet here and there (especially before the show!). So people needs to be realistic about these whole being skinny thing. Work with your natural body makeup. Your body has that balance, the ideal weight it likes to be at, find that, and be happy with it. Stay fit, healthy and enjoy food and life instead of being this silly image and be unhappy!

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      • m0m0 replied:

        good point about the VS model, they do need to eat lot less than what they need to maintain. VS is an extreme, you don’t become a VS model by eating a normal diet – – be expect to starve oneself if one has that height and slim figure.

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  7. sas318 says:

    She sounds like an American celebrity.

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