Wallace Huo and Yang Mi’s “The Great Craftsman” Reveals Cast and Characters

New character stills from the upcoming Mainland Chinese period drama The Great Craftsman <巨匠> have been revealed, becoming a trending topic online.

The highly anticipated television drama stars Wallace Huo (霍建华) and Yang Mi (杨幂)—two of China’s highest-paying stars—as young new architects who are enthusiastic about their craft. It is the duo’s first TV drama collaboration since 2009’s Chinese Paladin 3 <仙剑奇侠传3>, though they have collaborated in the 2017 film Reset <逆时营救>. The Great Craftsman will be Wallace and Yang Mi’s first collaboration as a couple.

Set in the 1920’s during the warlord period Republican China, the young Shen Qinan (Wallace Huo) and his younger sisters escape to Shanghai after their father gets murdered by opposing factions, but the siblings are separated. They reunite many years later, but face another war within their midst.

Check out the cast and character below:

Wallace Huo as Shen Qinan

Yang Mi as Fu Hanjun

Feng Lei as Du Wanying, Jiang Hongbo as Zhang Mei, Johnny Zhang as Du Shaogan, and Ge Shimin as Shen Qixi

Qu Gaowei as Shen Qidong, Zhang Shen as Fu Jiancheng, Wang Xiao as Cao Jun, and Xu Rongzhen as Gu Yueqin

Zhang Fan as Tian Shiqiu, Zhang Yi as Wu Liwei, and Zhang Song as Fu Shenglong

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @hetieshou
      I think it could have been anyone. Just moving on from previous celebrities targeted. Just happens to be Yang Mi this time.Seeking attention…..

    2. @hetieshou I don’t hate her, I’ll have to know her personally for me to do so. Have u read any of Hawick Lau’s father Weibo post?? Check it out and we’ll talk.

      1. @macman30
        This hoe macman30 needs to be abandoned in a desserts island without internet and jaynestars. Don’t get it wrong I don’t hate you, I have to know you personally to hate you.

        Nobody is yang mi fan here but every time you swear at her you keep getting lectured it’s so hilarious you just don’t get it.

      2. Macman30 has been banned, so everyone should stop talking to him. If he comes back under another user name, his insulting comments and new userid will be deleted.

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  1. @macman30 because we don’t need that kind of negativity in our life.

    Some of us may hate/dislike certain artists but we won’t go on every page that has their name and bash them, then argue with other people about how trash they are.

    We don’t want to use our time and eye strength reading stuff like this.
    Like the old saying goes, if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

  2. @macman30 I mean she is a very popular actress so she’ll be having drama after drama out and Wallace himself is also popular too so it’s inevitable he’ll be acting with another popular powerhouse. I mean which celebrity doesn’t have a few tweaks here and there, and it’s not like they came out horrible cause she’s good for her age. I wonder what had she done for you to be so against her. She seems like a really chill person in real life it’s just her acting that is a bland to me.

  3. A remake of the Korean version, Giant. Going by the Korean drama, it is a gripping tale on politics, business conspiracies, relationships and romance. The korean darma is 60 eps so I wonder what will be changed here? Maybe the childhood eps which was quite long in the Korean version. The characters are not perfect but realistic. I enjoyed the Korean drama. Looking forward to this. Of course, they will change with Chinese characteristics. Wonder how they will portray the corrupted and brutal politicking here given China’s penchant for censorship.

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