Zanilia Zhao, Zheng Shuang in “Soul Mate” TV Drama?

By on March 13, 2018 in NEWS

Zanilia Zhao, Zheng Shuang in “Soul Mate” TV Drama?

Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) and Zheng Shuang (鄭爽) are reportedly starring in the television adaptation of Soul Mate <七月與安生> together. Fans are unhappy about the actresses cast as two best friends growing up who fall for the same boy. Even though they go separate ways after high school, the girls’ lives cross again in adulthood.  As tragedy faces the two friends, who are as close as soul mates, the girls must face the stark realities of adulthood and letting go.

The online novel was adapted into a movie in 2016, starring Zhou Dongyu (周冬雨) and Ma Sichun (馬思純), whose performances resulted in the first ever joint Golden Horse Best Actress awards.

The new television adaptation will be 48 episodes long and start filming at the end of April. Although it has not been officially announced, a source claimed that Zanilia Zhao and Zheng Shuang will be in the leading roles.

Although this is not the first time reports claim that Zanilia and Zheng Shuang will be co-starring, fans were opposed to the casting. Zanilia’s fans felt that Zheng Shuang’s lack of acting skills will only drag down the drama’s ratings. Zheng Shuang’s fans said the 26-year-old actress is already busy with other filming projects and will not have time for the new television drama.


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11 comments to Zanilia Zhao, Zheng Shuang in “Soul Mate” TV Drama?

  1. m0m0 says:

    omg, i thought the fans were disapointed b/c of how much these two look alike. they look like the same person in the pics above.

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  2. says:

    Oh Jeez ZLY fans are ridiculous, how much better can ZLY act? ZLY does not have many talents, not good at singing, no dancing skill, even just talking or drawing etc. so just because acting is likely the one and only one thing she can do, it does not mean she is the best at it.

    The plot of the show sounds horrible and typical, but I thought if she act with a well known actress then it is going to be a good thing. Last time when she gets to act with somebody (not all that beautiful but) decent looking, Yang Zi, the fan wars made ZLY’s image as someone who can only act with people uglier than her. But now her fans doing the same thing, I don’t think ZLY will ever get to act with any big actress. Maybe in the future even big actors too. As what we’ve seen happened to Jerry Yan, just because he is old now. In the past he starred in Boys over Flower and was part of F4, he used to be very famous. I really love love his drama with Ella and the little pie xiao xiao bin, I watch it a thousand times. Up to today he is old but still a natural looking person I don’t know why her fans would disrespect veteran actors. In the future ZLY will grow old and unattractive as well, do her fans just disrespect people like that once they’re aged?

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    • msxie0714 replied:

      @davy some people are just plain obsessive and fanatic about their idol’s ‘superiority.’ Back in the 60’s, crazy HK fans of Siu Fongfong and Chen PoChu even got physical and created a rift between the good friends.

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    • mimi8 replied:

      @davy honestly after watching a few of her show I feel like she’s more on the ehhh side and it’s probably the show I watch or something but I usually end up fast forwarding/skip most of it. And yea her fan are over the top they bash anyone.

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    • littlefish replied:

      @mimi8 I’m on the same boat as you. Try to watch her show and found it’s pretty boring and over the top with ridiculous scenes, end up just FF or not finish. While she’s not bad, she’s not as great as her fans make it out to be. Unlike Tavia, who initially I’m meh about, but with each drama, she just made me crazily in love with her and I’m a girl. She totally got me with the way she does emotional scenes (and yes, I can ignore her nose lol). ZLY fans are also pretty angry bunch.

      Back to this drama: one – for a movie, it is good, love both actress in the movie, the petite one is the Chinese version of Tavia for me, she’s natural and make you watch her. To have this movie turn into such a long drama, it is just bad, draggy, full of cliche. I would skip it, doesn’t matter who will be in it. Watch the movie, and appreciate it and seriously… stop remaking movie into drama >_>

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      • purplepanda774 replied:

        @littlefish in general, I would say that most c-entertainment actresses that are popular right now are weak in acting (angelababy and dilireba, for instance) and are only leads in dramas because of the fanbases they command. with the current standard, I might even say that ZLY is one of the better actresses.

        I completely agree with you that the fanbases are overprotective and obsessive as well, but it’s the same case in nearly all fanbases, in all countries. I heard that ZLY was poor and never had professional training (or something?), so people dragged her and then her fanbase made it worse by dragging other people too. It’s insane out there haha.

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      • littlefish replied:

        @purplepanda774 dragged her? It’s true she has no training, she’s like the representation of a Chinese dream? Making it big without training, education or connection. I think character wise, she’s quite amicable, and I agree her acting is above the current young actress out there atm, however, her series isn’t that great as it cut out to be? I watched princess agent, love the first 1/3 of it, then found it’s a total waste of time for the rest of it, let not mention the lousy ending. That series has so many problem, at one stage, they don’t even bother blurring out the body double’s face. And LGX has a beer belly to match his body double? Lol

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      • purplepanda774 replied:

        @littlefish Absolutely agree with you on that count. Regardless of her acting ability, I think it can be agreed upon that she has terrible taste in picking projects. PA was an absolute mess… I wonder how it ever reached so many billions of views

        As for her fanbase, I’m guessing it does have to do with what you said, the Chinese dream of making it big. People probably relate to her? idk

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      • littlefish replied:

        @purplepanda774 yea, her fan base admires her a great deal because of her origin. And I agree about her project, because of it, I’m very wary trying any of her project. And idk how PA make it so big either, in term of everything is like 100% worse than 3310, yet it’s almost the same level of success? And this is coming from me, who did not watch the first 15ep of 3310, I actually watched it like how the book meant to be accidentally. Didn’t know until after I’ve done it, got interested and checked out the book

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  3. mimi8 says:

    ZLY fans are way too crazy her acting isn’t even the best literally if she can’t do well it just means she can’t do well, got nothing to do with other people. ZLY has obessors literally they harass anyone who says anything they don’t like about her.

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  4. tiffany says:

    Isn’t that the case with many artists? You have loyal and obsessive fans. You also have anti-fans lol

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