Zhang Ziyi Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and Wang Feng (汪峰) dated for more than two years before quietly registering their marriage in May this year. They was spotted last month in the United States, where Ziyi was resting during her pregnancy. The couple announced that their daughter was born on December 27, receiving a precious belated Christmas gift this holiday season!

On her weibo, Ziyi posted a photograph of her daughter’s tiny hand joined with her parents’ hands. She wrote, “December 27, 2015. You, me, and her…the birth of a little life allowed us to complete our family! Everything went smoothly. I am so grateful!” This was met with congratulatory messages from various celebrities, such as Shu Qi (舒淇) and Li Bingbing (李冰冰).

Wang Feng shared Ziyi’s post and added poetically, “She’s here…the adorable little life. The dust has finally settled, and spring is here!”

In response to news of Wang Feng’s new baby daughter, his estranged ex-wife, Huijie Ge (葛薈婕) wrote sarcastically on Weibo, “Congratulations, it’s yet another daughter, you may stop changing the [mother]! But please take care of Xi Xi [the daughter that Huijie had with Wang Feng].”

Wang Feng’s children thus far are girls, including two daughters from two previous marriages.

Source: ihktv.com 

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Ex Wife is funny….lol… wow, so now 3 daughters w/3 different women.

      1. @coralie haha it’s gotta do with female orgasm so men who keep fathering daughters are said to be poor performers in bed. Believe it or not is up to you lol.

      2. @coralie i tried explaining but apparently JS is still in the stone age and a certain word i used caused my comment to be under moderation pending approval. Let’s see if they allow my harmless ” scientific ” comment lol.

      3. @coralie Long answer under moderation for one harmless word. Short answer: they’re lousy in bed. Believe it or not is up to you.

    1. @isay I am waiting anxiously for JS to pose your explanation which I believed to have significant bio-medical implication on gender pre-selection of fetuses.

      Maybe you can modify and repost so we all can be enlightened on what has been confounding scientists for years.

  2. Bahahaha bitter much, at ex-wife? But really, her comments put a grin on me. Fiery lady, isn’t she?

    Congrats to Ziyi though and her daughter!

  3. Congrats to Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng! I wonder if her daughter will be a US or Chinese citizen?

  4. As it stands now, the baby is an American by virtue of the fact that she was born in US soil.

    1. @aiya Yup, the baby is definitely an American. As a California tax-payer, I am actually pissed that Zhang Zhiyi chose to have her daughter here (the baby was born in a hospital in Los Angeles).  We have enough “anchor babies” (excuse the politically incorrect term) here already, we don’t need more people coming here just to have babies so they can get U.S. citizenship and reap the benefits/perks and all the other public services that come with it (especially since I have to pay for it with my hard-earned money in the form of taxes).  Yes, I know at the end of the day, our screwed-up government is to blame for the broken immigration system, but still….

      I had also read in a different article that the reason why Zhang Zhiyi and Wang Feng were so low key about the pregnancy and birth this time around (when both are usually so high profile about flaunting everything) is because they didn’t want to draw attention to the baby being born in the U.S., since it supposedly would’ve been harder for ZZY to get into the country if it was all over the news that she was coming here just to have a baby.  I literally laughed when I read that – the Chinese media outlets obviously don’t understand how things work over here…our dumb government will let anyone in, regardless of reason – after all, we are a country that is supposed to have “compassion” for everyone (including those who want to kill us – i.e. terrorists).

      1. @llwy12 It’s the same here in Canada unfortunately. All the rich people come here and take in benefits. It’s true when they say the rich is getting richer and the poor is poorer then ever. I think this also speaks volumes on Ziyi’s opinion of China vs the West unfortunately. China still has problems of it’s own but is slowly improving/changing. We shall see in the future.

      2. @llwy12
        I totally agree and my mom and I were just talking about this the other day. She hates it when celebs that have tons of money come to the US,Canada and even HK just to give birth to their kids so that they can have citizenship and reap all of the benefits that come with it. There were a number of celebs from before like Peter Ho,Vanness Wu, George Hu and others were all born in the US but you really wonder if they pay any taxes to the US government at all?

        I remember Jimmy Lin sneaking over to LA to have his first kid and it pissed me off too,but his die hard fans blasted me and did not see anything wrong with it because some of them claimed that their family members did the same thing. Sorry but just because this and that person does it does not mean that it is the right thing to do.I wonder if that is why he chose to have his twins in Taiwan this time around? Liu Tao came to the US to have her children as well and she claimed it was because she wanted to avoid the penalties of the one child policy. But if course it was because of wanting the benefits of having US citizenship. Alyssa Jia wanted to do the same but many blasted her so she had her first daughter in Taiwan. However, it did not make a huge difference since her ex husband was a US citizen, therefore,it is easy for her daughter to apply for US citizenship.

        My mom and I also think the system here is screwed because they seem to let anyone that has money in. Is the US that poor? It is no wonder many millionaires from China and other countries can easily pay their way to the US,Canada,Australia,etc…

        I also wonder is life in China truly that bad? Many of my students from China all want to stay here in the US while other students from South Korea, Taiwan,Japan and other countries all go home after they graduate.

      3. @hetieshou @karina Yea, it’s annoying how so many celebrities and rich people do that kind of thing  – perhaps goes back to the age-old Asian perception that a “foreign” passport is somehow more prestigious than a local one.   The worse ones are those who come over just to have a baby and then go back with the baby to their own country to live permanently – I mean, ok, even if as a US citizen you are obligated to pay taxes, that’s only if you work, which obviously the baby won’t be doing anytime soon…however, the ‘benefits’ kick in as soon as the baby is born, which means that those of us currently working have to foot the bill until that baby is old enough to actually contribute back to the system (and no telling whether they ever will either).  Of course, the government doesn’t help the situation any – in addition to having such a screwed up system, they also use these types of things as an excuse to raise taxes, thereby putting more burden on taxpayers (yup, that’s our government for you – instead of permanently fixing the problem by not letting people in, they just dump it on us ordinary folks who are already struggling as it is to take care of our own families).

        Oh, and  I also don’t ‘buy’ the argument that it’s ok for celebrities to do it just because everyone else does it – if anything, the celebrities SHOULDN’T do it so they can set a good example for their fans.             

      4. @llwy12
        I agree and it is sad that many think just because they are rich or are celebs that they are entitled to many things that the average person is not. What about the really poor and ordinary folks like us that work our butt off to pay taxes and sacrifice our standard of living? Life is just so unfair and our system is making things worse. I am glad that at least Hk has put their foot down and will not allow anymore people from China to come to HK to give birth anymore. When will the US and other countries do the same?

        I totally agree with the fact the celebs should set a good example for their fans and not do these things.

      5. @hetieshou

        I read George Hu’s wiki page. I don’t think he can be considered an ‘anchor’ baby since his family did move and stay permanently in the States. His parents are still staying in New York. I guess even if he didn’t pay any taxes now (since he work in Taiwan) his parents would have paid taxes and contributed to the benefits he received as a US citizen while growing up.

  5. Judging by the ex’s comment, it is chilling to see that Chinese view on women has not changed much.

  6. With the shortage of females in China, it’s a blessing that they produced a daughter. But then again, the girl will be living in the US as an American citizen

    1. @msxie0714 I know. The female to male imbalance has gone out of wack and the Chinese government is even giving rewards to couples who have produced girls.

    2. @msxie0714
      I recently talked to this American guy who loves China and he says that the gender imbalance is non existent in the cities but affects mostly the countryside. Maybe the gender imbalance is not as bad as we think?

      1. @hetieshou On what basis should you trust what this Caucasian guy (I assume that’s what you meant) said and come to a conclusion that is totally opposed to what official statistics has stated?

      2. @aiya I can see where the American guy is coming from. In most populous cities in the U.S., the ratio of women to men is actually greater than in suburban settings. Take New York, for example. The female-to-male ratio there is completely out of sync with the rest of the country. With exception to San Fran and other tech cities, most cities usually have a larger female ratio. I assume this to be the case in China as well.

      3. @aiya
        He is actually living in China and plans to stay there permanently. He married a girl in China and says that the gender imbalance is literally non existent in the cities. He comes from Ohio and seems to have nothing but good things to say about China. He claims that the statistics and news reports are over exaggerated.

        Good points coralie and I guess that is partly where the guy is coming from. Also,as I have said he actually lives in China now and is not just some random guy making assumptions.

        I grew up in California and growing up, I have always noticed that the females always out numbered the guys.

      4. @hetieshou That is the guy’s own opinions based on what he had observed, which could be limited and biased. For example, if you had a job and lived in an African American community in the US, and all the people in your social circle also have jobs, then would you say something silly like the unemployment situation with African American is non existent?

      5. @aiya
        It is not just him but a number of my students who were born and raised in China have all said that in the big cities, it is much more balanced but they did not say that the gender imbalance was non existent. However, I am not sure since I have not been to China. Maybe I will have a better idea if I go to China one day.

      6. @hetieshou It is not my intention to give you a hard time but what I am trying to get at here is the confirmation of fact: whether there is a sex imbalance in China. This accepted fact is based on current Chinese official census on her female vs. male population. No opinions, just statistical fact.

        Now you say all these people you know have claimed something totally contradictory to the official stats. Therefore there are two possibilities: they either have access to some more irrefutable statistics or they have performed physical counts. Just being in China does not qualify one to have such irrefutable fact..

      7. @aiya
        Ok whatever…. I actually think there is a gender imbalance too but I just find it strange that many keep telling me that there isn’t.

  7. Him and his Ex are def. “estrange!” What a comments…

    It’s the men sperm that determine the sex of the baby so changing woman won’t help.

    Happy for them for sure. Having kids are a blessing!

    1. @happybi I think it is how the sperm fertilize the egg, not the sperm itself that determine the gender of the fetus.

      In other word, it is the process, not the source, that matters. And the process is controlled by nature alone, not the participants of the process.

      1. @aiya hmmm no I think it’s the sperm itself that determine the sex. Some carry the Y chromosome and other carry the X. X chromosome sperm live longer but Y chromosome sperm swim faster. So it’s all about timing for what sex you get for babies. In some countries.. you can choose your sex when you do IVF.

      2. @happybi It’s my fault that I was not clear in my last post. I totally agree with the “process” of fertilization that determine the gender. What I had meant or implied was that no male carry exclusively or mostly x chromosome sperm or y chromosome. Therefore, it still goes back to the process of which sperms fertilize a particular egg and this occurs naturally and is beyond the control of the participants.

        Of course one can intervene scientifically by IVF to pre-select genders but this is as controversial as racial pre-selection.

      3. @aiya Def. conversational as for people who have fertility issue having either sex is a blessing. But then I do feel for people who have either all girls or all boys and wanting the opposite sex.

      4. @happybi you are right about the x and y and x chromosome sperms living longer while the y chromosome sperm swims faster. So yes timing is one factor (referring to timing of ovulation). The other factor (so i read) pertains to the “skill” of the man. The female reproductive tract is naturally acidic in nature and this is believed to kill off the y chromosome sperm but favours the x. However If he’s able to satisfy the woman (if you catch my drift) this causes the reproductive tract PH to change to alkaline and this favours the y chromosome sperm in swimming faster and killing off more x chromosome sperm thereby increasing the chances of conceiving a boy. Hence the belief that men who father only girls are poor performers in bed (unable to satisfy the woman) and this could be the reason why some men feel rather sheepish about having all girls.

      5. @isay I think you have left out that according to Landrum Shettles, from whom much of your info originated, sexual positions are also important to determining the sex of fetus. LOL! Nevertheless, it really makes fun reading. Just imagine the following “bedroom chumps”: Barack Obama, George W Bush, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Lee Hom Wang, Jay Chou, Hawick Lau……

        By the way, a 1979 study in the New England Journal of Medicine has debunk a key assertion by Shettles. Researchers had found that are no significant difference in terms of speed and agility between the y and x chromosome sperms.

      6. @aiya that is right too as the woman can better control the rhythm and can stimulate herself if the man is clueless about pleasing her ( again indirectly this boils down to the man’s “skills”) in the woman on top position . Lol these guys you mentioned would be protesting cos they only have one or 2 daughters. I sometimes see families where there are many daughters in succession with no sons which makes me wonder why that is the case lol!

      7. @aiya Im not sure abt ur second para. Cos from what i had read there is a difference in the speed of the x and y which is how sex selection of the embryo is carried out.

      8. @isay @aiya OMG this is just toooooo funny!!!!! I used to know a girl in HS who was 1 of 9! She was #7 and she has 6 older sis and 1 younger sis and finally a boy at #9!

      9. @happybi lol yes too funny! I have to confess that i often look at such men and wonder if there’s any truth to those theories. Btw the Chinese also believe that men with weak constitution are also more likely to beget girls. I suppose that could be one of the reasons why Chinese men tend to prefer sons (face saving perhaps haha).

      10. @happybi
        Wow, this is interesting stuff you guys are talking about. I am the only girl of all boys with 6 older brothers and one younger brother. Therefore,I wonder were my late dad’s skills that good? Hm….

        I often joke that my brothers and I are the 8 immortals since they are also 7 guys and one girl.

      11. @hetieshou Well, if you bought into the Shettles Methods over refutation by the established scientific community, then you could classify your late father as a alpha male stud and a mensch among boys.

      12. @isay Here are the referenced articles that refute Shettles’ assertions:

        Harlap, Susan (1979-06-28). “Gender of Infants Conceived on Different Days of the Menstrual Cycle”. The New England Journal of Medicine 300 (26): 1445–8

        Grant, Valerie (2006). “Entrenched misinformation about X and Y sperm”. BMJ 332: 916

        BTW, The New England Journal of Medicine and The British Medical Journal (BMJ) are two of the foremost authoritative medical publications in the world.

      13. @aiya thx! But as ive said earlier, believe or not is up to you. Researchers tend to contradict themselves at some point or other, leaving us the layman all confused. No harm trying though if a couple wants to increase their chances of having either sex.

  8. You don’t often hear about american minority complain about minority immigrant.
    There are Whites people who think america should be for whites only.

    1. @sandy That is untrue. In fact, for example, many in the African American community are opposed to the tides of hispanic illegal immigration for fear of job competition. There are some members of the Congressional Black Caucus who are quite vocal in opposing immigration reforms.

      1. @aiya I don’t where you get that from.
        The african american don’t even wanna do the job that hispanic are doing.
        How many american minority do you see protesting in public about minority immigrant?

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