Adia Chan Launches Lingerie Business

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Adia Chan Launches Lingerie Business

Forty-four-year-old Adia Chan (陳松伶) semi-retired from the entertainment industry after marrying 36-year-old Mainland actor Zhang Duo (張鐸) in 2010. Currently, she permanently resides in Beijing with her husband. However, Adia flew from Beijing to Hong Kong in order to make a rare public appearance in a variety show about food. Adia revealed that she is making this comeback because of Shek Sau (石修), who is hosting the program.

“The biggest reason [for making this appearance] is because I get to work with my old friend Shek Sau and Louise Lee (李司棋). The last time I collaborated with Shek Sau was ten years ago. At the time, we were filming as a couple. It’s been many years and he’s still so fit. I’m very excited for the next time we collaborate, perhaps in a concert!”

Happily Married

Despite the couple’s eight-year age difference, Adia shared that Zhang Duo is extremely attentive towards her. “At this age, I need to pay attention to my health. Before, I used to drink three cans of soda each day. After getting married, my husband forced me to give up my unhealthy habits. Right now, he wakes up earlier than me every day and would place a warm glass of water by my bedside. He wants me to drink more water. He’s quite attentive! His lifestyle is like a ‘grandpa.’ He is always telling me to be mindful of my health.”

Married for five years, the couple does not have any children. Adia joked that she needed to be even more mindful of her health. “If we do not take care of our health, there will be no one to take care of us when we’re older!”

Starts Lingerie Business

Adia has been making more frequent appearances in Hong Kong recently to promote her new lingerie business. Working hard on her new business launch, Adia often stayed up until 3 to 4 a.m. and even neglected her husband. She said apologetically, “I feel like I owe him because he’s been supporting me mentally and financially. He’s also very patient – how can a married couple go three months without seeing each other? That’s why when I have time I would fly over to visit him. I also have work in Beijing and Shanghai – I’m just juggling everything right now.”


With her energy focused on her new business, Adia has not thought about having a baby in the near future. Her husband is very understanding and supportive of Adia’s business venture.


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15 comments to Adia Chan Launches Lingerie Business

  1. funnlim says:


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    • huynh replied:

      @funnlim – She changed her name in 2012 and removed both the “N’s”.

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  2. melodylai says:

    Took me a good 5mins to try and recognise who she was. She’s got a fuller face but she’s looking well!

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  3. sherla1019 says:

    it took me awhile as well dame she looks totally different but i do miss watching her in TVB

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  4. janet72 says:

    Her name is Nadia right?

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  5. coralie says:

    Ahh she was so classic back then. A great actress & singer…totally well rounded entertainer. She should’ve been given more chances to shine back then, but alas, keeps getting overlooked by stars and singers with either more talent, looks or wealth than her. Her first drama made the biggest wave but that was also her brightest time. From then on, she just kept dropping off the radar.

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  6. happybi says:

    Wow I did not recognize her at all. Especially when her name is different now too.. She went from 1 N to 2 N and now no N! Glad she’s doing well. As for baby.. going to be hard at 44.. possible, yes.. but the older she get, she might not have the energy to have a little one. Good luck for sure.

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  7. says:

    She’s only 44? I thought she’s much older.…
    I will always just remember her as the woman who called Leon Lai a ‘porky salty hand’??

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  8. nomad822 says:

    She looks so much more ‘aunty’ like, and is almost unrecognizable.

    Worse with the name changes, none which are conventionally normal.
    Nadia is the easiest and most conventional for people to recall. and at least doesn’t look like she’s trying to stand out or be different.

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  9. isay says:

    Sigh. …people are so hard to please. If someone has a fuller figure, she’s matronly or “auntie”. She just looks her age to me. Btw why are her names always so weird? First it’s Nnadia with the redundant “n” and now she drops both “n”s completely.!

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  10. ironfingers says:

    LOl i recognized her right away! She looks pretty good! hehe Kudos on the young handsome husband! I hope her business goes well! I really liked her with Ekin in the Zu mountain Saga.

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  11. kidd says:

    I was her fan for many years because of her voice. Her singing was was rich and beautiful and has great volume, and I love it the first moment I heard it. (I hated Lau Ka Cheung for many years because ever since he took her under his wing, she started singing softly and sounded like a singer with ‘chicken voice’. It took quite some years before she use back her full voice).

    She went through a lot hardship in her life. I’m happy for her that she find her happiness now.

    Her first english name ‘Nadia’ is the best. I don’t like ‘Nnadia’ or ‘Adia’. She is forever Nadia Chan to me.

    As for her look, she indeed look matronly now. It is very obvious when she guest starred in ‘Sunday Songbird’ (one episode was dedicated to her). It’s not just her figure, but, the face as well. But, I guess that’s the natural process of aging. She is semi-retired now, so she didn’t need to upkeep diligently and religiously like other actresses still active in the industry.

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  12. kidd says:

    One observation. It seems that the actresses who married mainland chinese men all ended with happy marriage. Ada Choi has always been full of praise for her husband (so much so that even her husband felt the pressure), and now, Nadia too. Sonija also seem quite happy with her marriage, and Catherine Hung/Zhang Danfeng marriage is still going strong.

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    • replied:

      Yes, the only difference is they all have kids w/their current husbands. Catherine Hung one is actually pretty interesting. That guy is much younger although not famous but seems like a good young nice guy.
      For this one, NADIA or ADIA whatever she calls herself now, that hubby definitely is much cuter and younger looking than she is. Right now, they are extremely happy but who knows what the future holds? She’s at an age where it’s hard to have a kid, if that younger guy wants a kid later on, then the problem starts. Right now, all peachy still I guess.

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  13. anon says:

    Quite the exaggeration if you honestly can’t recognize her at initial glance. It’s not like her appearance changed through surgical enhancements or significant weight fluctuations.

    She’s gained some weight, but easily recognizable. Nonetheless, she still looks great for her age, definitely one of my faves back in the day. Hope she’s doing well. I miss seeing her on-screen.

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