Amid Tax Scandal, Director Feng Xiaogang’s Luxurious Home in Los Angeles Exposed

While accusations that Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang (馮小剛)  evaded tax loopholes in China is making headlines, photos of his mansions in the United States and Canada were widely circulated in the media. Many were astounded by the 60-year-old director’s wealth and his impeccable taste.

CCTV’s former anchor, Cui Yongyuan (崔永元), recently unveiled the unspoken rules of Chinese celebrities, alluding that director Feng Xiaogang, screenwriter Liu Zhenyun (劉震雲), and actress Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) had evaded taxes. Cui Yongyuan uploaded photos of Feng Xiaogang’s luxury properties on social media last week.

Like many successful Chinese figures, Feng Xiaogang felt the need to invest his money in real estate in North America. Feng Xiaogang jointly held two properties, a house and luxury condo, with wife Xu Fan (徐帆) in the United States, which are valued at $6 million USD. His house in Canada is worth nearly $1 million.

$5 Million Home in Los Angeles

Photos of Feng Xiaogang’s $5 million home in Hollywood Hills revealed how expansive his 5000-square-feet property was. It boasts a well-lit family room adorned with a cascading chandelier flushed against the ceiling. The floor-to-ceiling windows in all the rooms allow the couple to enjoy the views from their hilltop location.

The tiled floors lead through a walkway and into a separate living room, complete with a television set, bookshelves, and couch. Ceiling to floor windows are installed throughout the living room as well, allowing plentiful of natural light.

Their bedroom is also decorated with large windows overlooking the city and into their backyard.

The backyard is immaculate and carefully manicured and landscaped. A long pool with a nearby hot tub also allow the couple to entertain plenty of guests.

Sources: Sina, Ntdtv

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  1. My, my, my. Feng Xiaogang is living high off the hog and not paying his taxes. Does he not know you can’t escape the taxman unless you are a corrupt government. Wesley Snipes went to jail for cheating uncle Sam. When will they learn?

  2. At least he has good taste. Love the decor, very warm and cosy and the house has a view tdf.

  3. Tax evasion is nothing new for Mainland Chinese. The exodus of capital as seen by the Mainland Chinese students overseas who paid exorbitant priced products using cash was a fairly common sight.

  4. Wow. Love the views. Most celebs own overseas properties including Western celebs. There are also non celebs with overseas properties. It doesn’t mean that rich who invest in overseas properties are tax evaders. There are so many rich Chinese these days. The rich is super duper rich. There are big non celeb fish to catch too.

  5. As they say, the rich keeps getting richer and the poor poorer.

    This place is very typical Californian style. Very comfortable and lavish usually.

    1. @coralie Unfortunately so. The divide is getting bigger. But let us not blame the rich if wealth is generated through proper means and capabilities. We need policies to help the disadvantaged, retrain and build the skills of future. I told my kids whatever can be replaced by automation will be replaced by automation. The middle class and below is getting less and less.

      1. Problem is the rich are the ones that prevent such policies. Just look at the political system in the US, where you can basically legally bribe politicians through ‘legal donations’.

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