“Fist Fight” Touches Upon the Deep Web and its Scariness

In the last episode of Fist Fight <兄弟>, which stars Vincent Wong (王浩信), Philip Ng (伍允龍), and Mat Yeung (楊明) as brothers, a character called Holyman, a super hacker in the deep web, made his appearance. Vincent and Kaman Kong (江嘉敏) are trying to look for him to seek out more information about the brothers’ father, and to do so they must have some contact with the deep web. So what exactly is it?

The deep web includes confidential information, illegal transactions, and hacking. In short, it is like the underground society of the Internet. People who have browsed the deep web before aren’t people who would say it out loud. In fact, the deep web cannot be easily accessed through a simple search engine like Google or Yahoo search.

To browse on the deep web, downloading special software, such as Onion Routing or TOR, is necessary. There are several levels in the deep web and it is hard to even find the surface layer.

The web writer of Scary Bird (恐懼鳥) appeared as a guest last year on ViuTV’s show to discuss the dark web. It is a place where you can see things uncensored including extremely bloody and inhumane videos and live broadcasts involving child pornography, human beasts, human experiments, and dismemberments, and corpses among others. The Islamic State ISIS organization also used the deep web to release videos of their killings.

Aside from grotesque films, there are also a large number of criminal transactions, most of which are black market deals. This includes firearms, arms, drugs, human organs, and human trafficking. Even though the police is aware of these criminals, the perpetrators constantly change IP addresses to avoid being traced. In addition, only Bitcoin is used as payment.

Netizens who have gotten into the deep web are all scarred from it as the content is far beyond the scope of what one can imagine. If you expose yourself to it, you will be traumatized or you already have a mental issue. The interface of the deep web can be set up like a chat room. When a live broadcast of torturing someone to death begins, the person with the payment can issue instructions to the moderator on how to torture the person.

A netizen watched a woman being tormented on the deep web and immediately vomited after watching her eyes be dug out and her throat being slit. The person who puked yellow biliary water said watching murder fragments and watching someone get tortured to death are two different things.

Although there is an appeal to the mysteriousness of the dark web, many of its content and activities are illegal.

Source: Hk01

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Nice article. TVB or the media should talk more about the dark web. it’s a really scary place and it’d definitely traumatizes any normal person. It is full of illegal things, things that you would only see in horror movies except it is real. It is important for everyone to be aware of it so that we’d be more vigilant about keeping an eye out for people around esp the kids. we had a presentation a few years back from the group that conducts children molesters investigations on the dark web, you’d think they only put up rape and torture of young girls? they do it with babies, 2-5, pretty much any age range and those people rave about it and they do more and more. it’s a really dangerous world out there.

      1. @coralie

        It’s unfortunate, but that’s the reality. When you venture into the dark web for the first time, you’ll realize how cruel and how real and raw humankind really is. At the same time realize how big of a safety net our governments and mainstream media has cast upon us.

      2. @anon @m0m0 tbh if the media & gov’t didn’t shield these details from me, i don’t think i’d be able to handle it. i’d live everyday hyper alert & in fear.

        it does not bode well for society to be in constant fear.

      3. @coralie

        That comes down to who you are as a person and how you choose to view it. You can choose to observe it as fear and live in fear, or you can observe as knowledge and be more informed.

        The government and mainstream media declining knowledge from us are not right. We have the right as an individual to make that choice ourselves.

      4. @anon if this was suddenly sprung on the public, the general consensus will be fear. if you grew up with this knowledge, then it’s no big deal. you become desensitized to extreme information when you’re exposed to that data over long periods of time.

        now, with that said, i think a lot of people are overly sensitive these days. they are hyper-alert and hyper-aware of even the tiniest infraction. if you add this to their plate, you can say that’s alerting & arming the general public with knowledge, but on the other hand, you are going to create mass chaos. those who want to learn, have freedom to go learn. those who chooses not to, can stay aware of what’s going on provided by the media. it’s personal choice.

      5. @coralie
        so true what anon said above, we live in this fake sense of safety that mainstream media cast upon us. it’s better to be aware than not that’s why this is a good article, spreading awareness for people to get a better sense of reality.

  2. There is a difference between the dark web and the deep web. I will not go into the details of the differences but google if you want to educate yourself.

    For the sake of the article, I will assume that it’s implying the dark web, which is true that there is grotesque content, at the same time, there is also regular (normal) content as well.

    NO IT IS NOT ILLEGAL to access the dark web. Anybody can access it if they have the knowledge and the means to. Like I previously said, they have both legal and illegal content.

    If you never been on it, I would check it out for the sake of educational purpose. But don’t do anything illegal that you may regret as if the authorities want to arrest you. They can and they will. There is no such thing as anonymity when you’re online.

    1. @anon ” But don’t do anything illegal that you may regret as if the authorities want to arrest you. They can and they will. There is no such thing as anonymity when you’re online.”

      Very true, just wanted to share a story about an acquaintance I knew… he received illegal content from the dark web and was caught by authorities and they pressed charges. In court for 3 years, the legal fees have emptied his life savings. He had an unhealthy interest which he allowed to grow and ruin his life. Friends were all shocked when we found out.

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