Why Janice Man and Angelababy Drifted Apart

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Why Janice Man and Angelababy Drifted Apart

In their first couple years of debut, Janice Man (文詠珊) and Angelababy were inseparable. The model-turned-actresses debuted together, matured together, and made the decision to pursue the lucrative Hong Kong film industry together. However, circumstances pulled them apart; JM and Baby are no longer as close as they used to be.

JM and Baby both debuted in 2004 as pseudo models for their respective agencies. Though the media enjoyed pitting them against each other, JM and Baby’s friendship remained solid. They even co-created a fashion brand together, CHOICE.

But after venturing into the film industry and embarking in their own solo careers, that friendship turned into rivalry. The negative rumors that came their way deepened the crack even further, to the point where JM wasn’t even invited to Baby and Huang Xiaoming’s (黃曉明) wedding of the century.

But even if that close sisterhood is no longer there, JM said she does not regret meeting Baby. In an interview with the Chinese press, JM said, “The misreporting by the media has really created many misunderstandings between us. These reports can really hurt you.”

JM stressed that it is normal for friends to gradually drift apart over the years. It is a normal way of life. “But no matter what,” said JM, “I extremely cherish the memories I have with Baby. I will always have her in my blessings. I cherish all the friends who have appeared in my life. I have nothing to hide, and I will not care how other people write about me.”

Source: Eastweek

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

18 comments to Why Janice Man and Angelababy Drifted Apart

  1. m0m0 says:

    they are often compared to each other and they look really good together. with all the hair, make-up, fancy clothes, and slim bodies, it all made them dolly looking. i am unsure why the report took so long to get released, afterall, abb’s wedding was last year and it was known that she didn’t invite anyone from her hk modeling days except maybe 1 japanese model. so we all figured that something was going between her and jm. anyway, they are both successful but abb’s been way more lucky as hxm has given her a career boost.

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  2. shimmerstars says:

    I also think that Angelababy dont want to have anything to do with her former modelling days and people she used to hang out in HK because they all know how much she has changed over the years ( in terms of her looks/plastic surgery etc). Even JM has done work on herself too. Its normal for them to drift apart, I mean they are competitors – in modelling world and also in the acting world.

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  3. msxie0714 says:

    The shameful Chinese entertainment media takes a sadistic delight in fomenting rivalry between actresses.

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  4. tiffany says:

    Is it me, or does ABB look more mixed now? She’s really pale!

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  5. coralie says:

    Ehh JM is still hotter. If she’s had plastic, it’s also less apparent.

    I will never understand the hype about AB.

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    • happybi replied:

      @coralie Totally agree.

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    • m0m0 replied:


      i actually think baby’s more eye catching

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      • coralie replied:

        @m0m0 por que – look at the difference –> http://ww.share001.org/imgs/image/27/2735619.jpg & http://i25.tinypic.com/10cj38o.jpg.

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      • janice replied:

        @coralie I agree ABB looks more eye catching at first glance because of the amount of work she has done on her face, therefore making her stand out more. But if you compare the two, JM definitely is better because at least she looks more natural.

        I actually don’t think JM has had any work done on her face. She looks exactly the same to when she first debuted. It’s just the difference in makeup and hairstyle she has now that is more simple and natural compared to the gyaru Japanese dolly makeup she did back in the days. Honestly nothing has changed in her looks, her face still looks the same. ABB on the other hand is obviously a total different story……

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  6. janice says:

    I don’t understand why they drifted apart. It doesn’t make any sense that ABB wanted to cut ties with all her previous model friends including JM because of her drastic change in appearance over the years. JM and ABB actually have common friends. There is a photographer by the name Mikocco who is actually friends with both ABB and JM. Mikocco owns a hair salon as well and both ABB and JM has done commercials for her hair salon before. She knew both of them since their debut days. JM still hangs out with Mikocco and ABB also does as well. I have seen pictures of JM hanging out with Mikocco on her instagram and ABB also hanging out with Mikocco during her birthday celebrations. So it seems that they both have a mutual friend and I don’t see why they’re not friends anymore.

    I remember following both of them when they debuted and thinking how amazing they look together. They were really close and JM even made a cake for ABB’s 19th or 20th birthday, that was so sweet. JM doesn’t seem to mind talking about ABB whenever she is asked by the media. But on the other hand ABB doesn’t speak a single word of JM. So to me it seems more like it was ABB who cut ties with JM more than JM wanting to do so. It really makes you wonder what happened that made one party decide to end their friendship.

    Anyway, I used to think ABB looked gorgeous back in the days but now I think she looks too plastic and just overrrated. I prefer JM more who looks more natural and seems like a more sincere and genuine person compared to ABB. I don’t know but ABB just seems soooo fake to me now, especially with her always rubbing in with all the wealth and fame she has now and all her lies about not having any plastic surgery done to her face. Although JM may not be as popular and famous as ABB, she seems like she enjoys that kind of lifestyle more and works hard to make herself more well known. Honestly ABB just had it more easy because her husband HXM is also famous and that helped to boost her popularity more.

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    • coralie replied:

      @janice i was actually about to voice the same opinions. i used to ask why can’t celebrities be friends, especially in the same sector? but i realize now that it’s actually really hard because the industry is so small. if one person gets a good job, that’s one less good job to fill in the business. they’re competitors even if they don’t want to think of it in that way. what i don’t understand is how AB suddenly got hyped up so much more than JM. is it really because of HXM, because my impression of AB was that she was already really hot, much hotter than JM before she even met HXM.

      personally i like to think it’s because her before and after pictures are so shocking and thus making her a controversial figure. but i don’t really know.

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      • janice replied:

        @coralie You’re right that ABB was already much more popular before she met HXM. Which I don’t understand why that is as JM wasn’t bad herself. She just looks more natural compared to ABB and her change was not as drastic.

        Honestly speaking though, I think JM has better talent than ABB if we’re not basing it off looks. So that is why I think JM deserves more fame and popularity than what she has now since she seems more sincere and hardworking and at least she’s not as bad as an actress as ABB. To me ABB’s biggest asset is just her looks and body. She doesn’t really have any great talent that makes you think she’s anything amazing.

        JM started her own work studio and is trying hard in the film industry, What is ABB up to? I don’t really know. Everytime news that surface about her is usually always about her gossips with her hubby HXM and never anything related to her career like what she has accomplished. Maybe her biggest accomplishment in life is marrying her hubby HXM.

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  7. m0m0 says:

    hum…i think jm looks good b/c of her make up. looking at her stills have movies, other than being super think nothing really stands out about her. i’ve seen so many pretty girls in tvb, taller, better body and prettier face but they are just not popular enough to be known.
    i recall one year jm was on the tvb anniversay show, i forget who said it, maybe chin ga lok said that she was really tall. i mean come-on, alot of fadans in tvb are taller, but nobody commented on their height. anyway, i think the deal with jm, is that she’s got a ton of make up, the hair, and being slim are the factors that make her standout. not the face.

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    • coralie replied:

      @m0m0 hmm. i don’t think that’s a fair assessment. when it comes to being barefaced, and compared side-to-side, AB is downright unattractive. even her hubby says so. she’s “outstanding” in that way, but she doesn’t top JM in terms of looks.

      no one thinks JM is the prettiest girl alive. there are probably many hotter women in TVB or other entertainment companies. the question is whether AB deserves the fame she gets esp when in comparison to JM. i think most of us agree that she doesn’t.

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      • janice replied:

        @coralie I totally agree. ABB doesn’t deserve the fame she gets and I really don’t understand why JM isn’t at her level yet. But I saw an interview with JM when she was asked about that and she said she doesn’t mind. Everyone moves at different pace in life. She knows what she is doing and fame will follow when she has proven that she deserves it. I really like her mentality. And I truly wish she can become more successful than ABB cuz JM at least has some talent. She may not be good or the greatest but at least the girl shows improvement.

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  8. elizabeth says:

    It is sad when friends drift apart. =(

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  9. bubbletea says:

    I agree with all who cannot see the reason for the popularity of ABB. Yes both her and JM had PS but Janice’s PS is much better done and less obvious. What I don’t get is that the die hard worshippers cannot see the difference in her eyes, chin, nose, cheeks and basically, her whole face. No matter how much a person grows and mature, they cannot change their eyes or nose structure. They definitely cannot make their chin longer, except through cosmetic assignment, better known as plastic surgery. ABB’s chin is way longer than before. Men love how she can be a vixen, and women find her sassy, alluring and (beautiful). That is her talent cause it is not singing or acting. However, there is room to become a half decent singer or actress with effort and time. There are a lot of young women who are so talented but TVB will not give them exposure unless they are so called super beautiful or have a romantic rich uncle in the circle.

    It can be sad when friends drift apart. However, all the friends we meet in life will not always remain a part of our circle. The entertainment field is a difficult industry to foster long term friendships.

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  10. nigel says:

    Reality of life. Friends do drift apart. There are no difference just because they are celebs. I think celebs will have it worst esp if they are competing on the same platform like JM and ABB. Don’t know them personally so can’t comment who is more genuine etc…. but I think both of them are pretty. JM has a more vixen and sexy look whereas, ABB is more sweet-looking. Both are always heavily made-up. Can’t comment on who has more PS done but I have seen ABB’s pic as a child and her parents’ pic (dad was good-looking). She was a beautiful child with a bit of her caucasian dad’s look.

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