Is Ada Choi Distant from Her In-Laws?

Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and Max Zhang (張晉) are known for their loving relationship. Throughout the years, their relationship strengthened as they balance their careers and raised their two daughters in Hong Kong. Though having an enviable marriage, Ada’s relationship with her in-laws is more distant than it appears.

Doesn’t Know Where In-Laws Live

Previously, Ada claimed that she is comfortable around her in-laws. However, in a recent Mango TV program, Ada was asked to visit her in-laws home by herself and she became uneasy and awkward. Upon entering the building, Ada actually forgot which floor her in-laws lived. Her confusion suggested that in her 11 years of marriage, Ada rarely visited their home in China.

Being Too Polite

Upon entering her in-law’s apartment, Ada’s in-laws appeared very courteous. Her mother-in-law treated Ada like a guest and even personally poured tea for her. At one point, Ada asked why there were so many snacks in the house, as if her in-laws specifically bought many snacks to welcome Ada. The excessive courtesy suggests that there is a distance between Ada and her in-laws.

Making Noodles Together

To welcome Ada to their home, the in-laws prepared noodles and some viewers questioned why the in-laws did not prepare a finer lunch. While Ada helped her in-laws make lunch, Ada’s mother-in-law told Ada to make less instant noodles for Max. In reply, Ada bluntly said, “Don’t worry, I won’t make instant noodle for your son.” Ada’s words seemed odd to say to a family member and might be too harsh to say to her in-laws; it shows that there is distance in their relationship.

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  1. All these ex HK stars are doing variety shows in China now. I’ve seen parts of the show where she just talks very loudly in broken Chinese trying to be funny. But she ain’t. Not surprised if she doesn’t treat Max’s parent well, you can see a person’s character if they cannot even contain it on tv.

    1. @mike It could be that there is a language/cultural barrier between them. If she is not fluent in Mandarin (seeing that Cantonese is her mother tongue), it could be that she is talking louder trying to get her point across or using humor to make it not awkward.

      Like any family, in-laws or otherwise, personalities could clash, no matter which culture you’re from. Since they are cameras around, no one wants to be seen screaming at each other (for me, I don’t want to be caught screaming at someone).

    2. @mike I didn’t watch the show, so I might be bias, but I think speaking loudly is in the Cantonese culture. My parents are from Guangzhou and hell I can tell you all of my relatives are loud, especially the women.. Or it’s just my family lol

      1. @fatchoy my family is loud too and their from Guangxi (province beside Guangdong for those who don’t know).

  2. 11 years are plenty of time to try and get along with your in-laws, unless her in laws are nasty then fair enough. Language barriers shouldn’t be a problem that stop you from connect to your in-laws, because again, 11 years!

    1. @littlefish my brother and sister in law have been together for at least 10 years and my mom is still not able to communicate with her due to language barrier (sister in law is Caucasian). She made no effort to learn the language even the basic Chinese sentences. My mom has very limited English. They don’t bother talking to each other which is unfortunate.

      1. @mosailan that’s what I mean, if one side isn’t trying (the younger side) then the other side will give up. With the old generation, it’s hard for them to learn new language, especially something as different as English and Chinese. However, Cantonese and mandarin, while very different, you can pick up some (hey my friend, who I don’t think is that bright can understand some basic mandarin, and my partner used to date a mandarin, and still know a word here n there), and me, who has seen a few cdrama also know a few sentence, sure, I possibly can’t speak, but I can understand what they mean. And that shouldn’t keep me from being with the in laws, if it is just for a family meal and for the grandkids to spend time with the grandparents, unless, like I said before, they are nasty.

    1. @megamiaow lol agreed. besides, with her filming schedule, frequent travels & 2 kids to raise along with the language barrier, i can’t say i blame her for not knowing her in-laws well at all.

      i only see my in-laws about 3-4x a year because they live kinda far away and they only stay about a day or two at a time. hardly enough time to really know them. if this is true for me, i imagine it’s 10x harder for her since she’s a celebrity.

    2. @megamiaow really depend on the in laws. I don’t think I see my in laws more than 10 times a year, but quite often, we stay overnight, and they have always been warm to me since my first day. Lately, we have been making sure we always stay at least 1 night over if not two, so that our son can bond with them better as he tend to forget who they are, and not scare of them, since he’s under 2. And they have never impose that our son should hug or be closed to them, they just keep saying: it’s ok, mama, he’s scared, let him be. But you can see they are kinda sad. And my in laws also live 1 hour away from us, so it’s not easy to see them either.

  3. sounds like my relationship w/ my in-laws. they are good people and i see them all the time. yes, there’s a small language barrier but it’s also the way of thinking too. i don’t buy into any of the things that they do or believe. i guess that’s what really keep us distant.

    1. @m0m0 yea, that’s actually more of a problem than the language barrier, as judgements from the older generation will cloud how they interact with you, and they might not realise it but they will not understand your POV, and that road block a lot of the conversations and understanding.

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