Lin Chi-ling Wants Kids, Doesn’t Deny Possibility of Getting Back Together with Jerry Yan

Yesterday, 42-year-old Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) visited Macau to attend the opening ceremony of a luxury wristwatch brand. Wearing a sexy black dress with a plunging neckline that shows her three-inch “career line”, the experienced Taiwanese actress-model was, without a doubt, the star of the night.

Now at the golden age of being a leftover woman, Chi-ling’s love life is a popular topic of discussion. Chi-ling has been in several relationships over the years, but her most famous one was with F4 member Jerry Yan (言承旭). The couple have broken up, but at yesterday’s Macau press conference, Chi-ling did not deny the possibility of reconciling their relationship.

Recently, there’s been talk among gossip circles that Chi-ling and Jerry are back together. In response to this rumor, Chi-ling said, “It depends on what he thinks, but we have maintained contact.” Asking if she wanted to get back together with him, Chi-ling, “I don’t want to answer like that, but we are in contact.”

Chi-ling was also rumored to be dating Chris, who resembles Taiwanese American singer Kris Phillips (費翔). The rumor started spreading last October, when Chris was spotted at Chi-ling’s family gathering.

Chi-ling explained that Chris is only a friend and said, “These are all friends that I keep in good contact with. I know many friends are concerned about [my love life], but doesn’t everyone want me to meet new friends? I hope everyone can give artists more space to develop.” (Rumors say that you’re the third party in your relationship with Chris.) “I don’t know about this.”

Before coming to Macau, Chi-ling went to visit good friend Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) and her son. “The little boy is very healthy, and we’re all very happy.” Asking if she wants to have kids of her own, Chi-ling said she really wants to have her own family, and hopes to have a daughter and a son.

“I’ve been hoping for many years to have kids. Hopefully the heavens can hear my wish,” said Chi-ling. Asking if she has a person in mind to have kids with, she said, “It’s hard to say. After finishing school I once thought about getting married, but now I want to use my time wisely and live well.”

Chi-ling then proceeded to say that she will be waiting for someone to invite her for dinner on Valentine’s Day. When reporters told her that she should take the initiative of asking Jerry Yan out, she said, “But we’ll get photographed by you guys! Thank you for giving me courage.”

Source: Mingpao

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  1. LCL & JY needs to give it a rest. They’re hardly teenagers. All this passive talk and iffy business is tiresome. If not for them, at least for us. Get with the program already! If you wanna be together, take action. If not, move along. Why be tethered to each other’s name if you don’t know if there’s a future.

  2. Please no Jerry, you can find someone else and do much better. LCL been around the block and an old hen now.

    1. @jane626

      Are you suggesting he should pick a 18 year old virgin?
      40 is an old to those who have narrow-minded views of women. The entertainment world outside Asia is full of mature ‘old hens’ acclaimed for their talent.

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