Niki Chow Announces Pregnancy

In 2018, Niki Chow’s (周勵淇) sudden marriage to Chinese actor Fu Yiming (傅浤鳴) shocked the public because of its unexpected nature. Prior to their wedding, Niki had kept her relationship with Yiming under tight wraps. Now married for over one year, the happy couple is expecting their first child together in the Year of the Rat.

The 40-year-old actress posted her pregnancy announcement on Instagram today and captioned the photo, “As we enter the Year of the Rat, I will have one more role. I thank God for this gift and our entire family cannot wait for the arrival of our baby. Thank you everyone for your love and support.”

Due to her pregnancy, Niki could not attend the opening of her new film Enter the Fat Dragon <肥龍過江>. She wrote, “Thank you for everyone’s best wishes and support. I am so sorry I could not attend the premier of Enter the Fat Dragon. I really wanted to celebrate the success of everyone’s hard work. However, my doctor told me that I need to rest at home, which is why I am absent today.”

A military actor, Fu Yiming is an award-winning actor who has appeared in films, television dramas, and stage plays. Yiming was already married to actress Cheng Hao (程愫) and they have a son together when he met Niki on the set of 2014 Chinese drama, Undercover <卧底>.  Three months after ending his 20-year marriage in 2017, Yiming was sighted on a dinner date with Niki in Hong Kong.

Source: HK01

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Niki Chow Announces Marriage to Actor, Fu Yiming

Niki Chow Makes Appearance After Marriage; Denies Being a Homewrecker

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    1. @coralie – according to the article, if you have read it, said they are married in 2018. We are already in 2020. Even if she was to give birth today, it would not be a shotgun wedding. And even if it is, we are living in the 21st century so what is the big deal if it is a shotgun?

      1. @kokomo don’t get married if the idea behind doing that is so you can screw around without planning for consequences. the fact they only marry because of a child makes them responsible parents, but on the other hand, they are using marriage as an excuse to hide their accident.

        it happens, sure, but if they intend to get married anyways, there is ZERO need for shotgun marriages. they only shotgun because they’re trying to hide the embarrassment. i don’t mind if couples have a baby and then later down the line, get married.

      2. @coralie Marriage is a big commitment. People dont get married so that they can “screw around without planning for consequences.” I dont think people marry solely because of a child. There are many things that lead to marriage, such as timing, love and commitment.

        It’s not about what you mind. Unfortunately, in Chinese society, there is still negativity around women giving birth before marriage.

      3. @luye Yea, sure, there is a stigma attached to unmarried mothers (all over, though perhaps more severe in Asia), but if they care so much to begin with, there wouldn’t be these accidents, now would there.

        My point being, marriage is not a cover-up and not an excuse generator. People get preggo all the time by accident, but if marriage was in the cards, then there is no need for shotgun. There is nothing wrong with having a child and then getting married after with post-planning. My beef is with people who gets pregnant and then tries to validate the “love” by getting married. No, that’s called PR and trying to save their image.

      4. @coralie But if the couple is planning on getting married anyways, then what does it matter if it’s shotgun or not. Let me ask this: If a couple is already engaged to be married but they got pregnant before the actual wedding, then would you call that a shotgun wedding?

      5. @kokomo Most shotgun marriages do not occur because they already announced their engagement. They are shotgun because the partner is pregnant and they have to rush a wedding. If they were previously engaged and then got pregnant, then fine. Not ideal, but at least they intended to make the relationship permanent. It’s the intention behind the action.

        I give Ruco the benefit of the doubt because they apparently were engaged and only during the engagement process did they realize his wife was pregnant. Idk how much I believe him, but I don’t rag on him the way I would with other celebrities.

      6. @coralie maybe pregnancy was an “accident” but even so, if the couple is ready to get married, then why not? Maybe they’re in love & were planning to marry each other anyway. Some people dont want to give birth before marriage. What do you mean by they need to “validate their love”? People can be in love, marriage or not.

      7. @luye “Some people dont want to give birth before marriage.” See, this is where the reasoning doesn’t make sense. On one hand, they want children, but they want children only after marriage. Then why not get married and THEN have kids. Or have the kid and then get married. Why is it that it has to be get pregnant and then rush a wedding? It’s insulting. You don’t need to have kids to have a wedding. You can get married just to get married. If there’s a physical reason to get married, like kids, then it’s no longer marriage for the sole purpose of love. It is for image and face.

  1. Wow. What a surprised announcement congratulations!!! Was hoping Tavia is the next one to announce the good news.

    1. @hazel – I don’t understand the negativity surrounding women who have late pregnancies. I have co-workers and friends who had babies in their late 30s and early 40s. It’s not a big deal. We are in the 21st century. Many women are choosing to have kids later in life because having kids is not like having kids back in our parents or grandparents’ time. Women are also more career-minded now too. And it’s not like they are having kids in their 50s.

      1. @kokomo
        I agree and Janet Jackson had her kid at 50 but I wonder if she had a surrogate or did she carry the child herself? My late mom’s friend’s mom had her last kid in her 50s and this was back in the days where none of the good technology exists too. Hey anything is possible in this world I guess.

    2. @hazel
      Many parents in my kids school is in their 40s. I think I am the youngest one. They r mostly doctors, lawyers, owns a company or college professors (elite). I think one parent (dad) is probably in his sixties or seventies. His son is seven or eight. Both parents are extremely talented and are elite college professors.
      This experience changed my thinking about a woman’s fertility rate after seeing all these smart people whom are at least a decade or more older than me having children so late in their lives. When I was younger, I was constantly bombarded with messages like a woman’s fertility rate declining, etc etc. I am doubtful now whether age is really an issue after this. Even back in preschool, my child’s classmate parents were all older too.

      1. @m0m0 it’s because you don’t know how many use fertility treatments as well as pills (hormones/supplements, I used folate tablet regularly for 1 month and bam, got pregnant, whereas before I tried for a whole year and nothing!). It’s true there’s a lot more 40s having babies now, but that mainly because back then people don’t attempt at all because there’s no fall back. Now we have IVF as a fall back if failing at 40s, so no stress lol. So the whole age affects fertility is still true, it’s just our science is much better. My OB 17yrs tried for second baby using IVF but she wasn’t getting any result because the current IVF is really good compare to back then, she said it’s like Stone Age Vs age of technology!

        Main thing about age though is you won’t have the energy to run after your toddler xD

      2. @littlefish
        I agree that due to current day’s technology, it is a lot easier for a woman to get pregnant at older age. However, if the couple have their baby after age 50, they may not be able to enjoy their child as much, liking playing sports with their child, attending their child’s university graduation, seeing her/him married, and welcoming their grandchildren.

      3. @orchid123 yea, I have friends who is well over 50, and his son is my friend’s son! Lol. But he’s like so sporty, playing sport every day of the week, and because of it, his son loves it: tennis, gym, basketball. And then I have another couple who just reached 40, and they always out of energy to do stuffs with the kid, and their kid is the high energy type lol. And then there is us, who should have more energy, being younger than them, and while we go out a bit more for our kids, we are not much better in term of sporting lol (if we try sporting, our child just go nope >_<). Though it’s not bad to stay indoor, if it means for the kids to be more independent and able to play by himself lol (the last couple’s child can play by himself whereas my child always needs one of us for like 95% of the day lol). So it’s really the child, the parents and what works really 🙂

  2. Congratulations to Niki and her family! I personally don’t get why it matters whether someone had a shotgun wedding or has a geriatric (late) pregnancy … to be honest, to me, I think there’s a double standard when it comes to the age women have children. I see many men have kids well into their 30s and 40s – even 50s, yet no comment on how old they will be compared to their child. I don’t know. Either way, shotgun wedding, age, not the focus! Wishing her a happy and healthy pregnancy. ❤️

    1. @tvbrama nah. i’m an equal opportunity shotgun shooter. i called shotgun on kevin cheng, linda chung, feng shaofeng, etc. anyways, i think it’s really disrespectful to only get married when there’s a kid involved. if they’re going to screw around without caring about the consequences, getting married for the sake of a child does not make them more presentable. they are blatantly using marriage as an excuse to make themselves look better due to a “mistake.” (of course if they MEANT for that to happen, even less need to do shotgun marriages.)

      1. @luye disrespectful to the foundation of marriage itself. and I find it offensive, even if it’s an outdated concept. they are posers. they get married, but don’t believe in marriage – it’s only a ceremony to cleanse people’s image of them. if they truly cared, they wouldn’t wait until a baby came along to ink it

      2. @coralie why cant it be both? Do you think that a couple who gets married after they find out they’re pregnant dont respect marriage? Do you think that they wont have a successful & happy marriage?

        I personally feel that as long as the relationship is strong, then hopefully the marriage will last

      3. @luye now that they have a baby, they’ll try and make it work. but they don’t come off to me like their marriage is a product of careful consideration, love and commitment. rather, they come off as a product of circumstances. honorable, maybe (depends if they’re doing it for reputation or not) but not really promising. can they still have a happy marriage? I never said they can’t. but it’s very annoying that they use marriage to excuse their situation.

      4. @coralie they can’t be shotgun if they married late 2018? Pregnancy is only 9mo, and if the baby is gonna to be a rat baby, it’s impossible to be a shotgun wedding? Unless she had a miscarriage?!

      5. @coralie Oh, like my comment said, I was only talking about a double standard when it comes to the age women have children, not shotgun weddings. And while I don’t necessarily agree with your opinion, I do respect it! (:

    2. @tvbrama
      Men always get the easier end of the stick when it comes to having kids as they have a longer biological clock versus women as many believe I guess. When a couple cannot have kids, they always blame the women but what about the men? Sometimes it is the man not the woman that has fertility issues.

  3. Congrats to Niki.. finally no shotgun marriage. Nothing wrong with shotgun but it becoming too frequent in recent TVB marriage

  4. When many focus on the nature of the wedding (shotgun or not), I found it’s more troubling that the man was in a married with kid, and then divorced his wife for Nikki? It’s a lot more troubling than shotgun wedding?

    1. @littlefish couldn’t agree more. No issue with shotgun marriage. It’s actually the possibility of infidelity on his part and her possible role of breaking up someone’s marriage and family that is disturbing. Although she has denied being a third party, the timing was too suspicious. Besides, there were rumours prior to his divorce of their closeness.

    2. @littlefish Exactly, nothing wrong with shotgun if both parties are single. No wonder I see many C-netizens commenting on her being a third party, now I know why.

  5. Wow! Dude was married for 20 years? It’s hard for anyone not to talk and gossip about her being a 3rd party when he had that kinda long relationship w/an ex. As for shotgun marriages; think of it this way it’s better than women like Pace Wu who popped out so many babies and still no marriage.

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