2017 TVB Anniversary Award Nominees Announced

On Thursday, TVB did a head start in announcing the nominations list for its upcoming 2017 TVB Anniversary Awards, first revealing the nominated actors for its four major acting awards.

Various nominated actors including Nina Paw (鮑起靜), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and Elena Kong (江美儀) were in attendance to reveal the nominations list.

Out of the nominated actors, Vincent Wong (王浩信) is taking the lead in popularity, as his performance in Legal Mavericks <踩過界> had earned praises all around the block. However, with Michael Miu’s (苗僑偉) Best Actor win at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia and Kenneth Ma’s popularity from The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的>, Vincent is facing tough competition. Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), who has earned his first Best Actor nomination for his performance in Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者2>, said he already knows he’s out of the race, but will work harder for next year.

Without a popular favorite, it is hard to determine who will win Best Actress this year. However, possible candidates include Ali Lee (李佳芯), who won Best Actress in Singapore, and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), who won Best Actress in Malaysia.

As usual, the Best Supporting Actor and Actress awards are in for a tight race. Hot favorites include the popular Owen Cheung (張振朗) and Joel Chan (陳山聰). Thanks to his tear-jerking performance in The Exorcist’s Meter, Anthony Ho (何遠東) is also in the hot spot. Interestingly, Moon Lau (劉佩玥) received no Best Supporting Actress nomination, despite her popular performance in The Exorcist’s Meter.

Like previous years, TVB will take into consideration votes from judges, artistes, and the public to determine the winners. According to TVB executive Felix To (杜之克), there will be some additional changes to the awards ceremony this year. More details will be revealed after the 20th, when TVB unveils more nominees of other categories.

Check out the nominees for the four big acting awards below:

Best Actor

01 Tony Hung – Recipes to Live By
02 Wayne Lai – May Fortune Smile On You
03 Ben Wong – Tiger Mom Blues
04 Gallen Lo – Provocateur
05 Eddie Cheung – The No No Girl
06 Frankie Lam – My Unfair Lady
07 Vincent Wong – Legal Mavericks
08 Raymond Cho – A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch
09 Edwin Siu – A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch
10 Ruco Chan – The Unholy Alliance
11 Lai Lok-yi – The Tofu War
12 Pakho Chau – Line Walker: The Prelude
13 Michael Miu – Line Walker: The Prelude
14 Benjamin Yuen – Line Walker: The Prelude
15 Roger Kwok – Oh My Grad
16 Kenneth Ma – The Exorcist’s Meter
17 Bobby Au-yeung – My Ages Apart
18 Moses Chan – My Ages Apart
19 Ha Yu – Heart and Greed
20 Bosco Wong – Heart and Greed

Best Actress

01 Rosina Lam – Burning Hands
02 Sharon Chan – Tiger Mom Blues
03 Elena Kong – Tiger Mom Blues
04 Kristal Tin – Destination Nowhere
05 Jacqueline Wong – Provocateur
06 Adia Chan – The No No Girl
07 Jessica Hsuan – My Unfair Lady
08 Natalie Tong – My Unfair Lady
09 Sisley Choi – Legal Mavericks
10 Nina Paw – The Unholy Alliance
11 Nancy Wu – The Unholy Alliance
12 Nancy Sit – The Tofu War
13 Roxanne Tong – The Tofu War
14 Priscilla Wong – Line Walker: The Prelude
15 Mandy Wong – Nothing Special Force
16 Ali Lee – My Ages Apart
17 Susanna Kwan – Heart and Greed
18 Louise Lee – Heart and Greed
19 Michelle Yim – Heart and Greed
20 Eliza Sam – Heart and Greed

Best Supporting Actor

01 Hugo Ng – Burning Hands
02 Matthew Ho – Tiger Mom Blues
03 King Kong – Destination Nowhere
04 James Ng – Destination Nowhere
05 Mark Ma – Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
06 Fred Cheng – Provocateur
07 Mat Yeung – My Dearly Sinful Mind
08 Max Cheung – My Unfair Lady
09 Lai Lok-yi – My Unfair Lady
10 Andrew Yuen – My Unfair Lady
11 Owen Cheung – Legal Mavericks
12 Timothy Cheng – A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch
13 David Chiang – A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch
14 Jimmy Au – The Unholy Alliance
15 Joel Chan – The Unholy Alliance
16 Kwok Fung – The Unholy Alliance
17 Carlo Ng – The Unholy Alliance
18 Hui Shiu-hung – Line Walker: The Prelude
19 Brian Tse – Line Walker: The Prelude
20 Kenny Wong – Line Walker: The Prelude
21 Ram Chiang – The Exorcist’s Meter
22 Anthony Ho – The Exorcist’s Meter
23 Hugo Wong – The Exorcist’s Meter
24 Hubert Wu – The Exorcist’s Meter
25 Louis Yuen – Heart and Greed

Best Supporting Actress

01 Stephanie Ho – Recipes to Live By
02 Kaman Kong – Tiger Mom Blues
03 Mandy Lam – Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
04 Joyce Tang – Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
05 Kelly Fu – Married but Available
06 Vivien Yeo – My Dearly Sinful Mind
07 Eileen Yeow – The No No Girl
08 Samantha Ko – My Unfair Lady
09 Zoie Tam – My Unfair Lady
10 Toby Chan – Legal Mavericks
11 Tracy Chu – Legal Mavericks
12 Rebecca Zhu – A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch
13 Grace Wong – A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch
14 Harriet Yeung – A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch
15 Elena Kong – The Unholy Alliance
16 Elaine Yiu – The Unholy Alliance
17 Alice Chan – Line Walker: The Prelude
18 Susan Tse – The Exorcist’s Meter
19 Katy Kung – My Ages Apart
20 Sharon Chan – Heart and Greed

Sources: (1, 2)

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Vincent Wong – Legal Mavericks – I want him to be nominated for EU not this blink lawyer series but oh well…… good luck

  2. How did Jacqueline Wong get nominated for Best Actress for Provocateurs…? I was already finding her BSA win in Singapore very suspicious (and frankly, undeserved).. and now she is getting a BA nomination for a role that was neither outstanding/interesting, nor actually “leading”. Even Roxanne Tong outshone her in Provocateurs.

    Even more strangely, Fred Cheng got a Supporting nomination for the same drama. Gallen is obviously the main lead, but surely Fred is considered a lead if Jacqueline is…

    1. @melia880 Same thing….how can Alice Chan get nominated as the best supporting actress from Line Walker 2? She appeared at the beginning and died immediately.

      1. @lewismcchan Oh wow I didn’t notice this. I suppose she technically still was a supporting actress though, and it still makes more sense than Jacqueline who is actually NOT the leading actress of that drama… but yeah she had like two episodes of screen time only, so it is odd. Probably had too many nominee spots and not enough supporting actresses to fill the spots.

    2. @melia880 I am wondering the same thing!~

      How on earth did Jacq Wong get BA nom? It should be BSA for her! Ali was co-leading too. Ugh TVB is blind sometimes.

      And I am surprised Grace Wong didn’t get nominated for “Wong Hoi Ching” in Mind Hunter? But I guess she got the BSA nomination for “Tai Zhi Fei” for General Scholar Eunuch.

      1. @piggygrace Yeah, come to think of it, Wong Hoi Ching was more a leading character than Jacqueline Wong’s Mani. I mean, I doubt Jacqueline Wong will even be top 5 let alone win it, so I suppose it’s not a huge deal… but she did win BSA over Elaine Yiu, so I’m just shocked people remember her role at all (because I sure didn’t haha).

      2. @melia880 yeah i have no idea how Jacq won in SG. A lot of SG ppl were wondering honestly.
        I definitely prefer Wong Hoi Ching over Mani for sure even if it’s BSA category!

  3. im not impressed with vincent wong’s acting in legal maverick. the make up department did a great job to make him looks perfect blind. if the disguise is 100% then ppl will think he has good acting but actually the make over help him a lot.

  4. Top 5 best actor will be;:
    Kennethe Ma
    Moses Chan
    Vincent Wong
    Ruco Chan
    Michael Miu

    Althought I think Frankie did a great Job too. But it will be those 5.
    My vote is for Kenneth!!!!
    Go MaMing!!!!!

    Best actrice top 5
    Kristal Tin
    Ali Lee
    Nancy Wu
    Jessica Hsuan
    Mandy Wong

    I think Its to Soon to give Ali such a big Prize. Even I think she is the greatest Competitor for Kristal. But You never know. Jessica has won in Malaysia. My vote is for Crazy murderer mother Haha!! Kristal!!

    BS- Actor
    Joël Chan
    Mathhew Ho
    Owen Cheung
    Ram Chiang
    Jimmy Au

    It will defenitley Joël!! Sorry for Matthew. But Joël deserve it!!
    Go Joël!!!!

    BS- Actress
    Elaine Yiu
    Samantha Ko
    Susan Tse
    Zoie Tam
    Grave Wong

    How did Moon don’t get a nomination For BSActrice?!!! Not Best Actrice I understand. But no BSA?!! She will be Elaine biggelt threat!!! A Well… Elaine will win!!
    Kent And Kate are awesome!!!!

  5. Well it looks like as long as they’re not 3rd line+ artist, their names will pop up here.

    Vincent Wong has my vote for Best Actor – hands down. Given the depth and variety of roles over the yrs and not just this yr, I truly think he’s earned his stripes. I like Kenneth and I think he’s very popular right now esp after TEM. But without TEM, I dunno if I would put him on this list.

    Best Actress – Ali Lee might be new, but she’s also taken on some really interesting roles this year too. A good variety which she nailed. I’m not sure she can do the same type of acting required of say, Kristal Tin, but she’s done really well this yr. Elena Kong would be on here too, but she’s not as hyped as the rest of the group, so chances of winning are slim.

    Best Supporting Actress – I like Moon, surprised she’s not on this list

    Best Supporting Actor – Ram Chiang simply because he’s marvelous in any drama he’s ever been in. But maybe “green-leaf” award would suit him better now. Joel is good, but his role didn’t have a lot of conflict. I would put Owen Cheung just because his role had so much baggage which he owned. Louis Cheung, though, has been a remarkably versatile actor these past few yrs. I would put my votes on him had he not been frozen.

    1. @coralie variety in roles doesnt mean he has performed well in all those roles he did. kenneth has also done many different roles and i think even more than vincent. if vincent earn his stripe than kenneth even more because he has served tvb 17 years already now. he did more memorable roles than vincent. vincent’s popularity just begun this year after legal maverick, before that he didnt have any memorable roles. kenneth should have win tv king with on call 36 hour. and this year he is the best. even moses and sam gor is not his match.

      1. @kolo “Variety in roles doesnt mean he has performed well in all those roles he did” Actually that line describes Kenneth more than Vincent, in my opinion. I actually am a big fan of Kenneth, but he has had his fair share of bad roles – especially the ones where he’s whiny or annoying. I can only think of 2 or 3 where I thought he really did a stellar job (On Call 36 being one of them – agreed he should have won that year). Vincent has actually been delivering every single series since becoming lead. You can argue he has less variety, but he’s been the shining point of all of them. I also don’t personally believe that previous roles and number of years in TVB should factor into whether someone wins BA… it’s awarded yearly so what should be taken into account that year are their roles that year, not the number of years they’ve been in TVB. Imo, it makes an award meaningless if less deserving people can receive it just because of “seniority”.

        Personally, I’m rooting for either Vincent or Kenneth. I liked Vincent’s performance a bit more, but I still enjoyed Kenneth’s role in TEM and would be happy to see him win. This is definitely a role he deserves to win for.

      2. @melia880 agreed. there are a lot of people who are hardcore Kenneth fans, but can’t see that his acting, while sufficient, isn’t objectively on par with Vincent. and im not saying that as a Vincent fan. I wasn’t even a fan of his until recently. I’ve been noticing Kenneth for a while and I still feel the same way about him.

  6. MY TOP 3 for each category out of the nomination list:

    Best Actor:
    Vincent Wong (LM)
    Michael Miu (LW2)
    Kenneth Ma (TEM)

    Best Actress:
    Jessica Hsuan (MUL)
    Kristal Tin (DN)
    Ali Lee (MAA)

    Best Supporting Actor:
    Owen Cheung (LM)
    Joel Chan (TUA)
    Ram Chiang (TEM)

    Best Supporting Actress:
    Elaine Yiu (TUA)
    Grace Wong (GSE)
    and maybe either Samantha Ko (MUL) or Sharon Chan (HAG) — cant decide on the 3rd much.

    Oh well

    I am still shocked at Jacq Wong being nominated for BA category. I just can’t digest this fact. Oh well.

  7. Best Actor: Vincent Wong for Legal Mavericks
    Yes, many of the cases and story-development were mo-lei-tau and made no sense. Yes, there were plot holes. But, that’s the script’s fault, not Vincent’s. I felt that this was one of his best performances to date and he continues to surprise me with his versatility. He carried the series well and had good chemistry with most of his costars (especially Law Lok Lam, who I will talk more about later on). Vincent and Owen are also a duo I’d like to see again. His chemistry with Ali was a little bland though – but I blame that on the lame character development of Never Wong.

    Best Actress: Elena Kong for Tiger Mom Blues
    It’s really been a weak year for the ladies of TVB dramas. Of course, this has nothing to do with their actual acting ability but more to do with how boring the characters have been written to be. Jessica Hsuan is an A+ actress but somehow, writers of Line Walker: The Prelude have managed to make her so irrelevant that I almost forgot she was in the series. Out of this list, Elena Kong had the most interesting and real character. She wasn’t an easy character to like, as her tiger-mama ways were often frustrating to watch. However, it’s that realness of having a character flaw that made her character more life-like. I’ve also quite enjoyed Ali’s performance in My Ages Apart so far. Her chemistry with Moses is great! P.S. How the hell did Jacqueline Wong get the nomination?? Her nomination should have gone to Grace Wong for My Dearly Sinful Mind…

    Best Supporting Actor: NO ONE ON THE NOMINATED LIST and here’s why
    I’m sorely disappointed that Law Lok Lam (Legal Mavericks) and Mat Yeung (Bet Hur) didn’t make the cut. Law Lok Lam continues to be one of my favorite green-leaf actors because he has such an extreme range of emotions. He can be “perfect dad,” “evil corporate man,” “demented stock market genius,” and in this case, “ALS patient begging his blind son for forgiveness.” Every Law Lok Lam scene had me in tears and pulled at my heart strings. His portrayal was so realistic and you could tell that he did a ton of research in preparation for the role.

    As for Mat Yeung, I am glad he got nominated for My Dearly Sinful Mind. However, that was definitely not his best performance of the year, as he was EXCELLENT in Bet Hur. I didn’t actually watch all of Bet Hur since it was a garbage series. But I did catch a few episodes in passing. The scene where he discovered his subordinate’s corpse was done SO well and some of the best acting I’ve ever seen from him. The level of disbelief and denial he expressed gets 2 big thumbs up from me!!

    Although, I suppose my opinion is extremely biased, as I didn’t actually finish Burning Hands, Destination Nowhere, My Unfair Lady, AGASAAE, The Unholy Alliance, or Line Walker: The Prelude. Brian Tse did well in LW from what I did watch and Mark Ma is great in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold but neither performance is good enough for Best Supporting Actor.

    Best Supporting Actress: Again, no one on this nominated list.
    Toby Chan gets some recognition for her somewhat-daring appearance in Legal Mavericks but not BSA-worthy. I’m actually shocked by some of the nominations in general. As someone else noted, Alice Chan showed up in LW for a total of what? 5 minutes? Katy Kung has also only gotten about 15 minutes of total screen time in My Ages Apart so far. Tracy Chu’s performance in Legal Mavericks was a huge letdown in my opinion – especially compared to what I know she’s been capable of.

    I hear Elaine Yiu put up a good performance in The Unholy Alliance but I didn’t watch enough of it to see. Grace Wong did pretty well in A General, a Scholar, and a Eunuch from the episodes I did watch but was pretty similar to her role in My Dearly Sinful Mind (albeit, a little less psychotic and sociopathic). A bit disappointed that Moon Lau didn’t get the nomination as she definitely outshone Mandy Wong in The Exorcist’s Meter.

  8. My pick:
    Best Actor – Kenneth Ma (The Exorcist’s Meter)
    Best Actress – Kristal Tin (Destination Nowhere)
    Best Supporting Actor – Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance)
    Best Supporting Actress – Susan Tse (The Exorcist’s Meter)

    I find both Vincent and Kenneth’s performances this year are equally good. Hence, when it comes to that, the other factor to consider is how much they deserved the award, and how senior are they in the industry. Hence, my pick is Kenneth. I agree that he should have won in 2012 for ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ (end up Wayne Lai winning again for ‘The Confidant’ that year surprisingly). Vincent has many stellar roles in recent years and I’m sure he is fast to get to this best actor award very soon.

    Although ‘Destination Nowhere’ is aired very early this year, but I still remember well how powerful the acting done by Kristal in that series. It’s a very challenging role and she nailed it.

    Supporting actor will be fight between Joel and Owen Cheung. I’m okay with any of them to win.

    Supporting actress…I’m also surprised that Moon Lau didn’t get a nomination here but Alice Chan did. TVB always sucks in choosing the nominees. I will pick Susan Tse because this year’s competition for supporting actress is quite weak. And so far, I only remembered the many emotional scenes Susan Tse had to handle in The Exorcist’s Meter and she did them all very well.

  9. How the world Tony Hung and Sisley Choi it make to the top for best actor? Must be kidding me like I say I don’t know what tvb is thinking sometimes.
    Here are my 3 top for best actor and actress: Michael Miu, Bobby Au and Vincent. Nina Paw, Elena Kong and Michelle Yim.

  10. Some of the nominations left me scratching my head. Carlo Ng BSA for TUA? He had hardly anything to do in that drama! Jacqueline Wong BA for Provocateur? Tot she won for that role as BSA in Starhub but now she’s competing as lead actress in that drama? Why isn’t Ali nominated for her winning role in Starhub awards? Instead she’s entered for her role in MAA?
    My pick for BA – tough choice betw Kenneth Ma and Michael Miu but Michael has the edge since he won in Astro. Vincent not likely to win since he didnt even manage to win astro despite being first off the block in Starhub awards. Best actress wont be Ali cos strangely she’s now nominated for another role. I’d like to see Kristal win this time. Her role is more challenging than Jessica’s which as someone put it is just basically Jessica playing Jessica. All i remember from that drama is Jessica looking p-issdd all the time. BSA James Ng and Susan Tse.

  11. Jimmy Au should also be nominated in My Favourite Actor category and he will stand a chance to win compared to BSA.

  12. Honestly TVB’s Top 20 for nominations is complete BS because how many of these are actually memorable performances? I could barely recall that Alice Chan was in LW2 and Fred Cheng on that list of BSA is an embarrassment (I’m sorry if I’m being harsh) and disrespect for Lo Lok Lam.

    If we want to put credit where it deserves…. imo LLL is worthy of BSA. If not, Owen Cheung is a solid pick to promote the younger actors. I get that there’s hype for Joel Chan…. but honestly his role was pretty one sided and didn’t have much character struggle. I fail to see how his role is BSA worthy. Tbb may give him MFMC (Though I truly believe that Ben Yuen deserved it this year instead of last year. Though that’s a good fight between him, Vincent, and Kenneth.)

    I swear the Best Supporting Actress award always goes to someone with a role that’s not very memorable (likely they deserved it because of years of improvement). IMO, I think Samantha Ko should be in the Top 5. If Sisley was in for BSA instead of BA she might get further into the Nominations. As usual, there’s not much competition for BSActress.

    Best Actress…. wow so tvb just took Ali out of contention by nominating her role in My Ages Apart…. Looks like it’s going to Jessica because peeps don’t remember Kristal’s epic performance in DN. That was some personality twist that I think Kristal deserves the BA for!

    Best Actor…. Can we just give it to Vincent, because dude has been carrying tvb on his shoulders for whichever drama he is in. I know Kenneth was good and all…. But I don’t see how he was outstanding, so to speak.

    The Unholy Alliance better not win anything. That was a poor . poor series and no one (maybe Joel) should be nominated. Seriously.

    I would be so so happy if a low hype series like Tiger Mom Blues won something, because that drama was so natural and so genuine. Elena def deserves at least a Top 5 nomination.

  13. I don’t like “Destination Nowhere” nor am I very fond of Kristal, but I do think that she did a great job with the complicated role. She was very convincing in the last episode. I hope she does get it for DN as she showed her acting chops. Why on earth is Rosina Lam on the list for BN?

    Best Actor is too hard for me as I like Ben, Michael, Vincent, Kenneth and Moses. Moses is actually quite good in MAA. I will be happy if any one of them win.

    I liked Susan Tse in TEM, even though she does do her normal overacting, butr there was a lot of solid emotional scenes that I thought she deserved a mention for. The other nominess were not very memorable to me. Speaking of Moon Lau, I have a feeling she may get the Improvement award.

    My pick for Supporting Male is Owen Cheung as I felt he did show a lot of improvement in his acting this year. I also liked Matthew Ho in AGASAAE, but he is not nominated for it

    I really liked “Tiger Mom Blues” as a series and most people did a good job in it. Elena and Ben were leading the series solidly. If “Heart of Greed 3” or “The Unholy Alliance” gets Best Series, I will cry.

  14. It’s disappointing kevin isn’t nominated at all. He was solid in DN. Although tvb won’t give it to him as he has left, a mention would be nice. Same for Louis Cheung. Hope they do Kristal justice this time. She shld have won this year’s starhub over Ali.

  15. Not on the list, but was thinking about Most Improved, and hope that MI Female Actress goes to Sisley or Moon. Moon actually deserved it last year, in my opinion, and Ali would have been better off getting it this year. I’m surprised Sisley was never nominated for Most Improved (and doesn’t seem she will be this year either), but if you want to talk about improvement in terms of amount of improvement, Sisley beats out ALL of her competition. Moon and Ali already had potential, but Sisley started off pretty terribly and now she’s gotten SO much better (whether her acting is considered “good” will vary depending on who you ask).

    1. @melia880 I agree! Sisley improved so much. She deserves the Most Improved award the most, but it seems unlikely that she’ll get nominated this year since she wasn’t nominated for this award last year 🙁 If not Sisley, I’m good with Moon Lau or Roxanne Tong winning as well.

    2. @melia880 Agreed!

      I used to cringe at every Sisley’s performance when she first started. But this year (2017) I have not much complains as she is definitely improving by large. I like her a lot in Legal Mavericks!

  16. Wow…How can Sisley even make it to the nominated list as Best Actress when her acting is not even mature and superb at all? and Grace Wong was put as a Supporting Actress in the List instead of Sisley Choi who should be put there instead? Whoa TVB, I sense some bias and huge favoritism here.

  17. My Dearly Sinful Mind was a pretty intriguing drama. Grace Wong was great in it. Kinda sad it didn’t get any buzz.

  18. I hope Elena Kong can be nominated in top 5. Although I think her chances of winning best actress is slim, but hopefully she’ll win most popular actress 🙂 I also wish Louis Cheung wasn’t frozen by TVB – his performance in My Ages Apart deserves a nomination!

  19. i think this year’s nomination list is messed up and totally wrong. some people just got put in the wrong category. i really hope vincent wong wins best actor this year because his performance in legal mavericks was so good. i think kenneth ma also deserves the award but i’m definitely leaning to vincent. i was hoping that ali lee would win best actress for legal mavericks this year but tvb clearly thinks it too early for her therefore putting her as my ages apart instead. i don’t really have a favourite for best actress but i think it should probably go to jessica hsuan or elena kong. for supporting actor, hands down i’m rooting for owen cheung, he did extremely well this year and i watched every single drama he was in. i know there’s a hype about joel chan but his role in unholy alliance was so cliche and boring. for supporting actress, i would’ve totally given it to moon lau but tvb is stupid and decided to not put her on the list. tbh i don’t really see who else deserves it but samantha ko or elaine yiu would be my next choices. i really hope legal mavericks wins best drama because it had good ratings in mainland china, if tvb put it from mon-fri it would’ve received great ratings. i also think the exorcists meter was really good and it has really good ratings. tiger mom blues was also a good one but it probably was from too long ago. i hope any of the above win it because i will scream if unholy alliance, heart & greed 3 or my ages apart get it because the overall drama was a poor performance. i hope moon lau gets most improved actress this year although she deserved it more last year, she did equally well this year. sisley choi definitely improved a lot this year so she could be another choice. for most improved male actor i would pick matthew ho because he’s just been doing really well, although i have a feeling it might go to owen cheung if he doesn’t get supporting actor. but all i can do is hope that tvb gives awards to people who actually deserves them.

      1. @jimmyszeto I think there’s way more growth for ali in My Ages Apart than in Legal Mavericks. so her nomination for MAA is actually justified in terms of characterization. In LM, she was good, but it wasn’t anything extraordinarily different.

      2. @coralie i guess you are kind of right, but i feel like if she was nominated for legal mavericks it would be better, because she also won best actress for it at starhub. i have seen her performance in my ages apart but there are so many characters in that drama, it would be way harder for her to get the award. but i still want her to win!

  20. They released the other nominees, and I’m rather neutral about all of the categories except Most Improved Female Actress. I don’t think any of the ladies in that category have improved nearly as much as Moon, Sisley, and Tracy, all of whom have been snubbed for the last several years for that award (I am aware though, that Tracy wouldn’t deserve it for this year; but I think she should have gotten in a few years back). I said this somewhere already, but Moon deserved it last year, and I would have rooted for Ali getting it this year… but now Moon isn’t even a nominee. The one I like the most on that list is probably Rebecca Zhu.

    1. @melia880 i agree too, moon, sisley and tracy have done great performances in the past few years but they haven’t really been getting awards at the tvb ceremony. but looking at the list now i’d probably go for zoie tam. i’m loving her performance in my ages apart !!

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