China’s Coronavirus Drama “Together” Aims for Realistic Portrayal

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has affected over 4 million individuals around the world, and over 310,000 people have lost their lives. The mental and economic distresses caused by this global pandemic are widespread, and the importance of togetherness and hope have never been more significant.

To strengthen’s everyone’s fighting spirit and pay homage to the frontliners fighting the disease, Mainland China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) approved a ten-part, 20-episode television series Zai Yi Qi <在一起> (meaning “together”), which follows a team of medical workers fighting COVID-19 in makeshift hospitals.

Yang Yang (杨洋) is the first actor confirmed to star in the 2-episode sub-series Zai Yi Qi: Tong Xing <在一起之同行>. The young actor plays Dr. Le Bin, a hot-blooded medical resident who volunteers to fight against the disease in Wuhan. Prior to filming the show, Yang Yang consulted a surgeon prior to learn more about their medical roles. “He’s just a normal guy,” said Yang Yang. “But through this character I get to feel his hot-blooded positivity and attitude. It’s a very meaningful role.”

For a more realistic portrayal, the cast in Zai Yi Qi wore minimal to no makeup. The ten-part series is based on true events that occurred over the past few months in the coronavirus battle. The crew rebuilt makeshift coronavirus hospitals to emulate the temporary hospitals that China had built in Wuhan to accommodate the increase in cases.

Johnny Huang (黄景瑜) and Li Xiaoran (李小冉) will star in the second confirmed sub-series Zai Yi Qi: Sou Suo 24 Xiao Shi <在一起之搜索24小时> (literally “Together: Searching 24 Hours”). This sub-series follows the events that had occurred in the 24 hours between January 24 and 25, Lunar New Year day.

Filming has started across China, including in Shanghai, Beijing, and Wuxi. It is is slated to premiere in October.


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  1. Lmao this is so unrealistic. China can try to glamorize this, but no one should forget how the virus originated. As healthcare workers, we continue to work cause it’s our duty, but we’re scared to die too. Enthusiastic volunteering is not the reality for most..

      1. @ice006

        Outbreak happened in China. WHO and world renown scientists don’t even know where it originated but somehow you do. Lol

  2. May be too soon as the fight against Covid-19 is far from over, but I’m still looking forward to watch because of Yang Yang.

    1. @bizzybody
      This is filmed in China for the Chinese audience. Things are practically normal in China now even though the rest of the world may not be.

  3. china will never fail to capitalize on the any opportunity to demonstrate that they are world leaders or heroes. as rest of the world is still trying to fight this and fear of the second wave, this will generate more backlash than praise.

    1. @m0m0
      Many countries already see China as the leader. The west does not represent the world. There are many countries in Europe, Africa, SE Asia and even in latin America that begs to differ.

      1. @ice006
        The irony in your statement is that there are as much brainwashing propaganda and free speech suppression each and everyday from the west yet nobody bats an eye but are immediately in arms when it pertains to China. The double standards.

  4. Too soon. The pandemic is still going on in the world. I even stopped reading the covid-19 headlines. It made it hard for me to sleep. It’s too painful to watch. It’s a very, very scary virus. I’ll pass.

    1. @dramas4me
      I agree that they should do this after the pandemic is over not while it is still happening. The virus has been over exaggerated and the death rates are over exaggerated too. I heard that in the US, many deaths that were clearly not due to covid 19 are ruled as Covid 19 deaths. They do that to boost the death rates so that they can get more money from the government.

  5. People underestimate the deadliness of this virus because it’s not as bloody apparent as Ebola. But I’m 100% sure that if Coronavirus looked like Ebola, everyone would be crying to shut down everything, no matter the death rate. As someone whose husband is on the frontline and as I type this, just discharged from the hospital because he contracted Corona, I assure you ALL that it’s no joke. Thankfully, he’s recovering. I just hope it doesn’t get worse.

    Anyways, the issue was never about deadliness. It was always about biding time for the medical community to prepare for this major outbreak. If it all occurred at once, then it’s destruction waiting to happen. Instead, we are controlling the spread so that if outbreaks occur again, we have enough facilities and manpower along with equipment to handle them.

    And China? #TooSoon.

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