Huang Xiaoming Hints at Relationship Troubles in New Interview

It was only a five-minute interview, but Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) already told all that we needed to know about what he thinks about relationships. While the actor did not explicitly share his thoughts on his allegedly failing marriage with Angelababy—he sure did hint at it.

Since last summer, Huang and Angelababy—dubbed as the century’s couple by many media outlets—were rumored to have been going through some relationship troubles. The couple have been married since 2015 when they held their lavish multi-million dollar wedding in Shanghai, which led western media outlets to call them the “Kardashians of China.” They have one son, nicknamed Little Sponge.

Ever since rumors of their separation surfaced, Huang and Angelababy made little to no effort in denying the reports. Recently, Angelababy shared on social media that she went snowboarding with Little Sponge—Huang was not present, further fueling the rumors.

At a charity event in Mainland China which Huang attended recently, he opened up about his thoughts on relationships after hearing the story of an elderly father who sacrificed everything to care for his disabled daughter. Feeling emotional, Huang said, “I do feel that, in the end, only family relationships remain. You’ll realize that this world is filled with change. Whether it’s relationships with friends, work relationships, or anything else, they can all change with time, and slowly dwindle. The only relationship that remains strong till the end is with your family. He is selfless, and he has sacrificed. Your parents will always sacrifice for you.”

As for his thoughts on how to “counter age”, which was another topic that was brought up in the interview, Huang said, “I don’t want to think about it. There’s no point to it. I believe that your life is a gift from the heavens, but the heavens have every right to take it back from you. This gift won’t last forever in your hands, so you have to cherish every moment you have it. To me, it’s more important to live in the present. I am telling myself to not be obsessed with the past and stubborn about the future. Live in the now, and live it well. Cherish every single moment and person. That’s the most important thing.”


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  1. i have the feeling that they are just fueling the rumor mill b/c people dislike this couple so much.

    1. @hohliu
      I am shocked that you and others do not see the hint. He is not hinting directly at his marriage but I can understand what he is saying. He is implying that besides family relations like with your parents, siblings and children that all other relations including friendships, colleagues, co workers, including romantic relationships like marriages can change and fade over time. But your family relations remain no matter what. Therefore, if you think a little deeper, maybe he is implying that his marriage with AB has faded and has dwindled over these few years. Basically, romantic relationships and marriages will and can fade just like other relationships but your bond with family will remain no matter what.

      1. @hetieshou I consider my husband family just as he considers me family. So when HXM says family is most important, I just assume he’s talking about AB, son, mom & pop. So there’s no discord that he’s hinting at that I could see if that’s what he meant.

        But if you judge it firmly based on blood relationship, then yea I could see where you’re coming from. I just don’t think he’d be that dumb to add oil to a flaming situation.

      2. @coralie Yes, absolutely hubby is also considered family but in this case and the way he says it clearly hints at a love or family relationship. What he said is 1000% correct too. Just like the saying goes – # you can choose friends/lovers/or anything but you can NOT choose family meaning blood bond. They will still consider as family but just not pertaining to a love relationship or that’s how I am perceiving it based on what he’s saying. I have not watched much TVB dramas at all besides one last year or was it the year before? Anyway, this TVB show called “The Stunt”. A very typical tvb drama but I actually enjoyed it and found it quite interesting. The main lead had a kid w/this gf but they were never married and she went away and the kid was really young. The mother of his child came back and she’s now married to someone else and the guy didn’t hold grudges rare haha but hey it’s just a drama. The ex of his said something like this ” our son and you are the only family I have in HK ” which even thou they were never married but she or him still considered each other as ‘family’ even thou they were never married on paper or together anymore and I think that bond is their SON. I thought that was pretty interesting and actually pretty positive. You can’t be lovers/friends for life but you don’t have to enemies due to children involved.

      3. @coralie

        Yes and your husband are family but I think he was referring to blood family which does not include husband and wife as you can divorce your spouse. But you cannot divorce your parents, children and siblings as you are connected by blood. Once husband and wife divorce, they are no longer family but if they divorce on good terms, then they can remain friends.

        Of course he is not that dumb which is why he made it very general and not specific. However, for him to even talk about that truly implies something which may or may not be his marriage. I just get the feeling that he is truly unhappy in his marriage which may be why he suddenly brings this up. I have known a number of people in my life that suddenly said the things he said too and it was because they were very unhappy in their marriage and realized that mainly blood relation bonds last for life while marriages may or may not. But time will tell all…

  2. It really depends as I consider marriage as a family relationship too. But I can see the angle of which you mention.
    Marriage really goes thru ups and downs. And some more then others but my hubby and I work on a unbreakable bond. Thus we will work to deal with it but divorce is never in our mind.
    I sincerely hope this family will sort it out without breaking up this family union.

    1. @hohliu
      Yes, husband and wife are considered family if you are still married and remain married. But once you divorce, that is it unless you remain on good terms and can be friends. I think HXM was referring to blood related family like parents, children, siblings, etc.. blood relations will remain for life while even as husband and wife you can divorce and separate.

      1. @hetieshou latest news: they celebrated their son’s birthday separately, I think it’s true that they are separated, possibly staying together for sponsor and their son’s sakes. I wonder how it fell out considering HXM seems to be pretty heads over heels for her, and they don’t seem to be much in discord? Strange to kinda just separated

      2. @littlefish

        Thanks for the news and I had a good feeling they would not last a lifetime. Even from the beginning, I did not feel they were a sweet couple. HXM had to constantly surprise and pamper her which maybe he got tired of doing? I felt a girl that is more down to earth and simple seemed more suitable for HXM. Angelababy does not seem like the down to earth or simple girl at all. She seems more suitable as a girlfriend type but not wife in my opinion.

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