Huang Xiaoming Was Ultraman at His Son’s Party

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy’s divorce rumors were exacerbated when the 42-year-old actor was seemingly absent at his son Little Sponge’s (小海綿) third birthday party. When Angelababy posted photos of her son’s birthday party, many were curious where Xiaoming was on such an important occasion.

The next day on social media, Xiaoming posted, “I will always be your Ultraman.” Many fans thought the actor was working on the film set and had missed his son’s third birthday party, sending birthday wishes one day late instead. But it turns out that Xiaoming was in fact at the party, dressed up as Ultraman!

Wearing an Ultraman face mask and bodysuit in the photos, Xiaoming was unrecognizable by fans. But the photographer at the birthday party confirmed that Xiaoming had dressed up as Ultraman to give Little Sponge a surprise. The photographer shared with netizens that Xiaoming kept his face mask on during the entire party, and told him to focus on taking photos of Angelababy and Little Sponge.

Despite netizens thinking the worst that Xiaoming had prioritized work over celebrating his son’s birthday together, he and Angelababy didn’t step up immediately to dismantle the rumors of marital problems. Now with Ultraman’s identity revealed, netizens were happy for the family of three happily playing superheroes together.


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Angelababy Celebrates Son’s Birthday Without Huang Xiaoming

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  1. I did read some of those negative comments…. LOL. Their family are really their own, no point speculating and guessing. I just wish them well.

      1. @hetieshou

        Right? Anyone else finds this strange? I think their son would’ve been happier seeing his Daddy there, too. I get it. Some parents cosplay for their children BUT they eventually take off the costume to greet and thank the guests as well as be there to take lots of memorable photos as a parent with the child. Here? HXM remained as the character all throughout the party? Nahhh, fishy unless there are photos or videos of HXM in that costume at that time, not a re-enactment some time else, I don’t really buy it.

      2. @lynn90 yup. Having kid, and a husband that treasures the kid above all else, my husband would rather pay people to dress up, and then hold the boy for the entire birthday party (which he always did the past 2 birthdays! ) than dress up and have to entertain other kids!

        I don’t buy this unless there’s a photo of HXM with the mask off. And yes, after surprise his son, he should just change out and be with his son, while someone else takes over. That would be the best of both worlds!

      3. @lynn90 agree agree, two thumbs up. He was no way at little sponge’s party. Ultraman could be anybody. Very well delivered post. Just another feeble attempt to save face for a marriage that is nothing more than a business.

  2. Agreed. A kid will be happier if his Daddy spends his time with him as a parent on his birthday, rather than as the Ultraman.

  3. So many really think they know this family better….And they actually feel they need proof to believe it is him in the outfit. Honestly, it is really none of your business if he dis cosplay for the day. He only need to answer to his own family. No one else need to be so nosy about their family relationships.

    1. @hohliu
      Just stating the possibility that the Ultraman would be just any randomer off the street. Otherwise don’t care about them at all…

    2. @hohliu Ditto.

      I find it ironic how the same people who always bash on them. are always leaving comments on their articles……

      I think their PR team is doing a great job! To quote PT Barnum and Mr. Wild, “there is no such thing as bad publicity … ” because “the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about. “

  4. Don’t understand why people love to see a family being broken up. Can’t we just wish them well? Not a fan but it just seems that whatever this couple does cannot please the whole world lol.

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