Netizens Vote for “Top 20 Most Detestable Female Stars”

Yang Mi, Dong Jie, and other female celebs win the online-based Razzies of Chinese entertainment.

With the mega success of Chinese dramas and variety programs in recent years, the industry’s unstoppable growth has helped shape a mass culture of celebrity worship and star-chasing. However, with popularity also comes criticism. A community Chinese online platform Douban, known for celebrity gossip and spilling secrets, recently conducted a survey asking fans to vote for their “Top 20 Most Detestable Female Stars”, evoking much public discussion.

# 3: Dong Jie

Taking third position is Dong Jie (董潔) who plays the empress in Ruyi’s Love in the Palace <如懿傳>. Dong Jie was photographed kissing actor Wang Dazhi (王大治) passionately and exposed as cheating in her marriage. Her ex-husband Pan Yueming (潘粵明) is a well-known Chinese actor who loved her deeply, and had praised her as “a good woman” and a “good mother”. After she divorced her husband, it was suspected that her manager used underhand means to smear Pan Yueming, spreading rumors about his alleged violence and sexual impotence. Angered by the move, Pan took legal action and won the suit.

# 2: Yang Mi

Second on the detested list is Yang Mi (楊冪). Since becoming one of the hottest Chinese stars, her popularity unfortunately seemed to rise along with bad press. Common criticism of the 32-year-old actress from netizens include: poor acting even after many years, neglecting her daughter “Little Sticky Rice” for work, as well as deliberately knocking off a mobile phone during live broadcast.

Recently she came under the spotlight again for reneging on her promise to donate to a school for the visually impaired. Although it was later clarified that the collaborative party was the one who was largely at fault, Yang Mi’s studio also admitted its negligence in handling the matter.

#1: Li Xiaolu

Li Xiaolu (李小璐), her husband Jia Nailiang (賈乃亮), and daughter were the perfect family portrait of happiness, before she was exposed for cheating with PG ONE. Since then, the couple has not appeared together publicly even once, provoking widespread rumors of divorce.

The Side Effect of Fame?

Celebrities taking up the 4th to 20th positions were: Angelababy (楊穎), Yang Chaoyue (楊超越), Dilireba (迪麗熱巴), Shen Yue (沈月), Ruby Lin (林心如), Xie Na (謝娜), Jelly Lin (林允),Yao Di (姚笛), Fan Bingbing (范冰冰), Zheng Shuang (鄭爽), Viann Zhang (張馨予), Victoria Song (宋茜), Yao Chen (姚晨), Joe Chen (陳喬恩), Ivy Chen (陳意涵), Wu Xin (吳昕) and Guan Xiaotong (關曉彤).

Almost all trending Chinese female celebrities are ranked on the list. Some netizens have commented on the aptness of the survey results, saying “Everyone on the list is very detestable,” while others feel that the ranking simply reflect the cliche that “The more popular you are, the more gossip you will inspire!”


Source: Ettoday

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  1. Eh bad publicity is still publicity lol I bet they could care less about this poll. I guess it’s easy for c-netz nowadays to hate on these female celebrities (can’t even call them actresses anymore) when they act like divas and entitled and earn tons of money without actual talent.

    I thought Lin Yun would be ranked a bit higher since allegedly she used to be a bully at school

  2. 1. Cheater in marriage
    2. Rumored to be cheater in marriage ; netizens think she cannot act (honestly, though I don’t think much about her acting, at least I can still try to stomach her drama, as compared to watching AB)
    3. Cheater in marriage ; divorce was nasty
    4. Cannot act. Period
    5. Who?
    6. Hmmm…why?
    7. Mediocre acting but there are others worse than her
    8. She needs to stop acting as a young girl in dramas but other than that, don’t know why she is in the list
    9. Why?
    10. Cannot act, no charisma.
    11. Involved with married man
    12. Tax evader
    13. Acting skills average but there are others worse than hers
    14. Bad image, poor acting
    15. Don’t know much about her. Acting was average.
    16. Divorce was nasty
    17. Don’t like her but don’t know why she is in the list
    18. See (17)
    19. Don’t know much about her.
    20. Bad acting, no charisma

    1. @bearbear exactly my thoughts on Ruby as well. Yes she still has a youthful look at certain angles paired with makeup, but at 43….stop partaking in roles as an 18-20 yr old.

      1. @marquis Precisely. Although I still think she is pretty, seriously don’t think audience will protest if a younger actress takes on the younger role and Ruby portraying the older version.

    2. @bearbear
      Agree with @littlefish about 6, most likely people are jealous
      that she’s young, beautiful, a rising star, maybe winning awards they feel their idol should have won instead.

      9 & 19 are both on the same variety show together: Happy Camp (快乐大本营) I’m guessing people don’t like them from their show personas (one is loud and the other one is dumb).

      1. @tungamy
        Agree about 6 too, she is young and successful. Maybe not all so exotic and beautiful like some exaggerations I saw. But she looks like the rare 1% type of natural girl who didn’t do plastic surgery vs everyone else left in 99% type. That would explain why people are always being jealous of her face. The first thing people attack and praise about, it’s always about her face.

        Call DLRB bad at acting and never starred in any good dramas, but who on earth starred in great dramas these days? YM… And what do they still say about YM? They say her acting is bad and never improve. Sure sure, not all YM projects are always good, but there are definitely some good ones or watchable at the very minimum. But that’s still nothing and only bad acting all the way through for YM. Then why not look at idols like Zanilla first? Fans say is so good at acting but please name a good project and it’s only a big fat 0. Not surprising she’s off the list because people are very fond of her inadequacies. I wonder why all of the other actresses just cannot be loved in the same way like that? Instead, they are always on the hated lists for many years when they haven’t done anything harmful, most of their crimes are only either too pretty or successful. A list of 20 people and only a few of them actually have attitude problems, and they’re not even at the top too.

        I too expect Lin Yun to be a top 1 or 2 for personality issues. But somebody like Chen Yao who is not even known is actually at the top! And look at Ruby Lin she is not the only old actress who keeps playing 16 year old roles. What the hell have Shen Yue done too? She’s young, innocent, and beautiful and I find her natural looking again as well, so maybe that would explain why she’s hated too.

      2. @tungamy @littlefish Yes, Dilireba looks good and she’s really cute in her role in Eternal Love. I haven’t watched much of her other dramas but based on Eternal Love, her acting is natural, at least for that role.

        If being married to Wallace means I have to be in this list, so be it then, lol.

        Never watch Happy Camp but 19 was quite alright as a newcomer in Who is the Murderer (the only Chinese TV variety show I have been faithfully watching). Though don’t think 9 suited very well in that variety show, she wasn’t that bad either.

        Was surprised that Bai Baihe didn’t make it to the list.

      1. @bearbear I don’t understand her cheating rumor with Li Yifeng at all because there was no footage, no photos or proof besides just words flying around. If those words prove enough, then rumors of every other actresses hanging out with their co starts must all be some serious affairs as well too.

        YM and HL were both competing together. HL wasn’t successful so he submitted into baby sitting otherwise he would never do if he was successful like YM. She opened a company of her own, she has a whole team to feed so that’s very hard work or else it can even lead to bankruptcy. If HL opened the studio himself, he would be seen as a man with a career feeding the family, not a bad daddy.

      2. @huppertspuppet apart from being hugely successful, YM has many negative press: cheating, being a bad mother, etc. The most damning one is how she didn’t donate the money to a charity as advertised. So people thinks she does it to make herself look good, but end up didn’t pay the money, which means she’s petty.

        The thing about hawick’s cheating, call it sexist or whatever, but most people don’t weight as heavily on Hawick being a cheater, especially when YM doesn’t seem to be a dutiful wife (again based on press/media coverage). The common readers saw her as bad mother, neglecting partner (you can argue whatever but that’s the image that seem to be painted by the media), and so if the man cheat, he kinda in the right. Plus at the time, the actress involved in the cheating rumour did said something along the line that implied they already broke up, and their relationship is a fake. It just that YM’s fans want to take her side and not take this into account.

      3. @littlefish I will only explain once for this cheating donation thingy. Yang Mi was asked by a person whose name is Li Meng to participate in one of his charity events : donating to blind children. Li Meng said that he would donate 500 braille typewriters in Yang Mi’s name. Yang Mi only needed to come and did the promotion work (it’s also helpful to promote her movie at that time) But then Li Meng didn’t keep his promise. Jaywalk has worked together with LM a few times (it’s not Yang Mi who chose this cooperation, it’s not her who initiated the charity, it’s not her who wanted to make a name in charity) and they were all successful before, who knew this time LM didn’t do his promise. And it’s just found out few years after. You can blame Yang Mi and her crew for not overseeing this properly. Yes they were wrong. They should see this through till the end. But don’t you think you accused her too early by saying Yang Mi wanted to make a name for herself. Yang Mi did many charity, some in silent. And she doesn’t get any praises for this (except from her fans).

        And why do think only this charity that has problems in the end? If you think she’s petty then it should not be THIS charity ONLY that has problem in the end. Do you think she’s willing to take a risk of something like this just to keep a few hundred thousand RMB for herself? And FYI it’s been proven in court that LM is a fraud. He deceived disabled people for money etc.

      4. @alexa777 Uhm… I’m trying to explain why YM is on the list lol. I’m not even saying she’s at fault for the charity thing. I’m just saying the antifans use that negative news and thinks she petty, and whatever float their boat to hate her. And if you are not antifans, and don’t know it better, you think she’s petty that she used the charity to gain positive points while didn’t deliver.

      5. @littlefish Sorry maybe I read your post too fast. Now I just want to say that you’re right. Her antifans used that incident to make people blame her for everything. And yes passersby could easily be influenced by this negative news.

      1. @jimmyszeto It’s a fair question. If only a list of detestable female celebrities were published and no one else did a list of detestable male celebrities, it’s hard to argue there isn’t some degree of sexism involved. Plus, it’d be equally interesting to see which male celebrities are considered detestable.

      2. @jimmyszeto Its not a fad, its unfair attitudes women have to deal with everyday. Is it better to bury heads in the sand and pretend everything us fair and right, jimmy-who-is-probably-a-man?
        So where’s the male version of the list then?

      3. @megamiaow
        If it was a list of top 10 most hated celebrity and 8+ were women then you have a case but this is a Top 10 women. If someone wrote a top 10 most loved women list then I won’t get petty and go around asking ‘Where is the men’s list?’

      4. @jimmyszeto except talking about hated and loved is 2 different things, and evokes different feelings, so no its not being petty, its asking perfect reasonable question. Or are you just generally implying feminism is being petty? I am slightly feminist and I do question the big inequalities that exist in chinese culture. I dont see why a man who never has to ever experience any of this inequality needs to hold such contempt of this being raised. If you cant be bothered with it dont comment, just dont trivialise any feminist issues because this stuff is real.

      5. @megamiaow
        It’s a big thing if the issue is such as Woman’s rights, women’s pay, women’s benefits, domestic violence If it’s just a minor comment by a celebrity or just a list with no mention that men are superior or all celebrity men are loved then it is petty to criticise. There will be another list out there somewhere in another newspaper criticising men only.

      6. @megamiaow
        Your idea of men never suffering from inequalities is outlandish and ridiculous. We also suffer from pressures but just that the issues can be different. Do you think if an ignorant parent starts putting pressure on the male to succeed, to study, to make big money as not some sort of inequality. I got huge pressure from parents shouting every second to study and exam positions in class etr. The car journies were horrendous and full of insults but my sister never got this pressure at all. You have to look at both sides and not just think of yourself. We don’t always gain from chinese culture of some different perceptions towards men and women

      7. @jimmyszeto That’s individual family dynamics. My family placed pressures on me as a woman to succeed too. If I brought home an A, they complained that it wasn’t an A+. They never gave me a compliment.. It was always, “look how smart and successful so and so’s kids are”, even though I was actually more successful.

        In a way, by not placing pressures on your sister, they were indirectly limiting her by not expecting much of her. I am not sure what is a worse feeling, knowing that your parents believe in you and pressures you to succeed or knowing that your parents don’t think much of you and expects you to fail.

        And if the family does not expect the girl to be successful intellectually, they expect her to be beautiful or act a certain way to get a good husband. Do parents teach boys to act a certain way to get a good wife? That kind of pressure has lifelong consequences on a person’s self-worth.

        Either way, I agree that should change. But I would not call it an inequality because I don’t believe most men face these same pressures, especially since women face them too. I have seen plenty of men get coddled and excused for bad behavior. “Boys will be boys”. When they are successful, they get praised to high heavens. Look at most “top 10 or whatever most successful” lists. Many are men. Does that mean women are less successful? No, it is just that their efforts are not recognized. For example, there have been studies that show health outcomes are better when managed by a female physician. But do you see female doctors all over Top 10 lists? Nope.

        And women have different pressures to succeed. Once in the work place, they are afraid to take time off for a sick child or even a long maternity. They are afraid of being thought of as a burden to their colleagues. So they have to work extra hard to prove themselves.

      8. @potatochip
        What’s worse depends on what type of personality you are. Some won’t care and just brush it off but to me it was constant pressure and horrible life. Similar some girls would like to be out of the limelight but some ambitious girls will feel hard done by..

      9. @jimmyszeto Your comparisons between your personal family life and worldwide feminine struggles just baffle me. I had to consciously decide not to get pregnant this year because I was at a point where it could decide if they take me on permanently or not. But I am at that stage where its getting too late if I dont. This is the things that women have to that men dont.

    1. @potatochip I think there is top 20 most loved female celebrities part that attached to this list. This article only translated half of that article lol.

      1. @littlefish It would be interesting to see the most loved list. Probably a lot of overlap. Reminds me of People’s Most Beautiful List. The winners have the best publicists with big upcoming projects.

      2. @potatochip actually it isn’t overlapped, as they run both love and detestable vote together. The number 1 most loved is a comedian, she is chubby, not pretty (Idk her, so I’m just describing her), so she’s loved basically because she looks like an average girl, that can make really good jokes. Some singers are on the list as well. But all the popular actress (a lot of the current popular one), apart from ZLY are on the top detestable lol.

      3. @littlefish
        Now that’s really suspicious!
        If there is actually a mixture of old actresses with new actresses in that loved list, that might make sense. Perhaps, there could be some adults in their 20’s did grew up watching Joey Wong’s movies made in the 90’s so they took part in the votings, okay quite valid.

        But, a list with all old actresses only??? That means, the only voters are oldies! So only people around 30s – 50s, and a few in their 20’s did the votings. None of the young kids did the votings at all, which they should be the ones online the most??? Aren’t they the crazy new generations who worship idols? It’s so interesting their idols did not make it to the loved list. I believe teenagers are the crazy fans who promote and find ways to alter ratings and votings to boost their idols up, yet their current famous idol is not in a loved list? Does that mean all these fans worshipping are the adults? Then why aren’t (non idols) serious workers like Jeoy and Brigitte not being worship these days then? That doesn’t make any sense. If only the oldies did these votings, I doubt the 40s+ people even know who are all those new idols today. They might know how to vote likes for Joey’s generation, but however they won’t know how to vote some hates for YM and Lin Yun’s generations. Mostly because they cannot even differentiate these idols, they all look the same from doing the same type of plastic surgery.

        Isn’t the goal so obvious now? This must have been planned by somebody with very low IQ. They want to target some very popular actresses (esp. YM) to prove that they are so so so hated. While, at the same time, also prove that some actresses are not hated at all. But of course don’t put the real actresses who are supposed to be in that loved list, don’t put those in neither one of the lists. So that they won’t come off so suspicious. This goal is to make it very clear who are the most hated idols in the industry and who are the safe ones That’s some really untrustable data there, must have been manipulated.

  3. Where is Ma Rong? She should be #1 but I guess she is not considered popular. There are CNetz that will hate on anything popular without reason. I think scandal is the main cause, second is acting, and third just being pretty.

  4. For those complaining about Mainland top actresses not being able to act.

    Have you seen the top actors/actresses at TVB lately?


    1. @anon the difference is after 10yrs+, they tend to get pretty good. And you said “current tvb actress”, try pick the one that start 10yrs ago, and that should be more appropriate comparation. Also market size, considering mainland is so much bigger than tvb, on average, they should have a much better and larger talents than tvb will ever be.

      1. @littlefish

        Most of the actors that had acted as leads at TVB for 10+ are no longer at TVB anymore.

        However, if you want me to use them as comparison, off the top of my head, I’ll say Linda Chung, Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung are all inferior to the mainland actresses listed.

    2. @anon Yeah but the poll is on Chinese web and voted by Chinese netizens. Why would they bother with actress from Hongkong at TVB?

  5. So glad my female idols Liu Shishi, Guli Nazha, Liu Yifei and Yang Zi are not on the list, and the actresses who has always rubbed me the wrong way or find overrated (Angelababy, Dilireba, Shen Yue) are on the list. Hehe didn’t know Chinese netizens shared the same sentiment as me. There probably is some truth to this list…

    1. @minhee actually Guli is quite hated, she just isn’t famous enough to be on the top list, but she’s not loved, due to her scandalous love life with a c-actor who I forgot the name! Liu Shi Shi and Liu YiFei have always kept themselves pretty free of scandals, so no real hate to them. And Yang Zi is the current darling in the youngster, so she wouldn’t be on the list either. Basically if you keep doing safe roles, and stay clear of scandals, you won’t get any hates lol

      1. @littlefish Do you mean when she dated Hans Zhang?
        Not sure if it was scandalous, but that’s the only c-actor I know she dated (I don’t really follow her news).

        But yes @minhee, she’s quite unliked, and not popular enough. I remember hearing a lot of hate when her drama with Lu Han was being broadcasted and her telling her fellow actors of the pressure she was getting from Netzens when she was on Up Idol.
        I just took a look at Weibo and if you count followers of the younger actresses on the list NaZha’s is quite low:
        Yang Zi 44 Mill
        Na Zha 16 Mill
        Liu Shi Shi 31 Mill
        Dilraba 626 Mill
        Liu Yi Fei 64 Mill
        Shen Yue 10 Mill

    2. @minhee LSS (preggo), LYF (filming Mulan) and GLNZ (not popular enough) are all pretty much MIA at this point. They don’t make enough waves to be placed on the radar.

      Personally, am not a fan of LYF. LSS is okay, but she tends to play the same roles over & over again. GLNZ is also doing poorly in the acting dept, but I think that has more to do with her roles than her acting.

    3. @minhee

      Guli Nazha is hated a lot, she starred in the Nine Tail Fox with Chen Yao. I’m sure Guli Nazha is more well known than Chen Yao, but for no reason Chen Yao is the one up there ranking 5th and surpassed Lin Yun by 5 times. That made no sense for an unknown person. I think the truth to the list is made up by somebody’s own bias.

      Yang Zi is well known too. Any well known star will have lots of haters, I think she has more haters than Chen Yao and Shen Yue altogether for being more famous than them. But Yang Zi is still only sitting in between a rising star and new comer. She acted for a long time but her break through is still not a threat yet. Once her career break out further she’s guaranteed to get more haters.

      Liu Shishi and Li Yifei, there’s no reason to hate on them. Like Dilireba, unless they get hate for looking too pretty there’s nothing else.

  6. Agree with the Chinese viewers- doesn’t like any of the actresses mentioned except Ruby Lin- she still good even though she is getting old

  7. Any publicity is good publicity. Basically all the starlets on the list are relevant enough to be there. You can think of anything about their acting or private lives. At least they have never abused or raped anyone so….. not enough valid reasons to really hate them. If this list was about actresses who are (according to their opinion) overrated or overexposed then I guess this would be more appropriate

  8. I’m curious by the way, is there a similar list for most detestable male stars?

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