Rumors Say Yang Mi is Looking to Get Full Custody of Daughter

In December 2018, Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau (劉愷威) announced their divorce, ending their 5 years of marriage. Despite their separation, they promised to raise their daughter together.

However, a new rumor has leaked indicating that Yang Mi plans on fighting for the full custody of her daughter—and Hawick is planning to fight back.

Since giving birth to Noemie—nicknamed “Little Sticky Rice”—back in June 2014, Yang Mi rested only briefly before returning to work in full force. In the last four years, Yang Mi has made herself a successful brand and business. But to become one of the nation’s highest-paid actresses did come with a sacrifice, and that was to leave her family behind.

For the last four years, Noemie lived in Hong Kong with her grandfather, TVB actor Lau Dan (劉丹). Ever since she started day care, it has always been her grandparents taking her to and back from school. For his granddaughter to live a more normal and functional life, Lau Dan requested less screen time in TVB’s Come Home Love <愛回家> so he could spend more time with her.

If the custody battle turns out to be true, as Noemie’s mother, it won’t be a surprise to see Yang Mi winning the court’s favor.


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  1. I feel bad for Noemie. It would be such a pity if Yang Mi wins custody. If the rumors are true that she hardly spent any time with Noemie, how much time and stability would she really give her if she wins custody.

    1. @aidenchan
      I do too and Yang Mi is already hardly spending anytime with her nor is she taking care of her. I bet she plans to either hire babysitters to do all of the work or throw her to her parents while she focuses on career only. I feel you should try to balance career and family the best you can. I think a woman should try to hold on to her career if she can but should not just focus on career only to the point of neglecting your kids and family. The kids will resent you when they grow up.
      Lau Dan is such a good grandfather as he even cut back his work to spend more time with his granddaughter. Sadly, Yang Mi is too selfish and cannot do the same.

      I feel bad for Noemie and Hawick’s parents as they have been taking care of her all this time. Yang Mi has been absent for the most part and now just suddenly wants to take her away from her grandparents who have been taking care of her all these years. She is so irresponsible and selfish. Maybe she thinks that can just throw money at her and shower her with riches and that will make her daughter love her. Who is she kidding?

      1. @hetieshou Yes, i agree with you. Hope YM doesn’t get custody. she will only give leftover time; her time is prioritised to her work and business, leftover time is only gven to Noemie.

  2. I don’t understand why people keep saying it’ll not be a good thing if Yang Mi tries/wins the custody. Is it wrong for a mother to fight for her child’s custody? Do people even know for sure that Yang Mi loves her job than her child? Or people just make assumptiom based on all rumors/articles which have no evidences.

    And I believe that if they make it to the court, the judge will consider all the factors for the child’s benefit

    1. @mie2101
      It will always be bad for the child when parents split up and especially if one takes full custody. Will be heavily influenced if not brainwashed by one of the parents. There will be no balance of being brought up by both parents principles. I’ve not see an example of any child of divorced parents having a close fair relationship with both sides once older…

      1. @jimmyszeto
        I’m not sure why there are many articles about the divorce of Yang Mi and Hawick. In my opinion their divorce is quite low-key, it’s the media which makes it big. And Jaywalk studio has already made it clear that both sides will take care of the child (maybe shared custody or joint custody)

        My friend actually grew up very close with both parents, they got divorced when she was around 6 or 7. So yeah I think it depends on the child and the parents’s method of raising

      2. @snowy because she’s high profiler lol. Any high profiler’s divorce will get dissected, there is no way to avoid it. Jaywalk studio’s credibility is terrible, just a few days before the divorce announcement, they flat out denied the rumour, then a few days later, confirmed the rumour. To believe her studio, who has to take care of their number one asset, is a little bit naive?

        I also know a couple who seems to raise their children well despite separated, but that’s because both put their children’s need first, live close to each other (enough that you don’t need to fly!) and make certain sacrifices. Atm, it seems like that might not be the case? I don’t see YM sacrifice her career in any bit soon :/ (could change, however that is if the custody rumour is true, which I highly doubt). if it’s just to get custody then leave her at her parents’s place then why bother changing lol.

      3. @littlefish
        Well, my friend who I talked about in the previous comment, her parents actually lived in different countries. She got a long well with her parents and her step father/mother too. So yeah, it depends on each child and parents.

      4. @snowy My ex colleague was divorced and remarried. But he still spend time with his daughter and drive her here and there just to be with her. Today the daughter is close to him.

        It depends on time given to the kid. If not, the kid will drift apart from the parent. So even if YM gains custody and spends v little time with the kid, the kid will also drift away from her and become close to those the kid spends most time with. Technology cannot give the quality time tho there is skype. Kids want to be hugged, kissed and played with to feel they are loved and secured.

    2. @mie2101 Here’s the facts :
      1. Yang Mi has no time for her kid because she is too focused on her career. She will NOT stop her career to stay home to take care of her kid. If she wanted to, she’d have done that a long time ago.. spend more time with her kid.
      2. Hawick Lau is the same. He will NOT stop his career to be with his kid. Yes, he has spent more time with his kid, but that was because he has less work than Yang Mi.
      3. Both parents are not consistently present for their child.
      4. Since birth, Hawick’s parents has raised the child. Most judges seek to give the most benefit to the child. They don’t want to change the child’s life too much because child is dealing with the parent’s divorce. Judges tend to want to keep things normal and the same for the child, unless changing will mean a significant increase to better the child’s lifestyle. It is not the case here.

      So I believe that if Yang Mi and Hawick were to fight for custody… Hawick will win.. because the child has always been greatly cared for by Hawick’s parents. The only way Yang Mi will win is to agree to take on part time jobs and show the judge that she will give up part of her career to care for her child herself. Mother’s care vs grandparent’s care.. Mother will always win. But, if it’s grandparent’s care vs grandparent’s care.. then definitely Hawick’s parents will win.

      1. @moseenaddict
        Well said and those are the things that I wanted say. I highly doubt she wants to seek full custody unless she is just being bitter in regards to the divorce so wants the child be away from her ex husband and his parents.

      2. @moseenaddict On yr point 2, father cannot stop work and career because he is a man and in the eyes of court, man is breadwinner. so if a man does not have career, it will have impact on child custody. I think hawick is smart. he still works but spends more time with the child. in this way, can show to court he is a more rightful person to gain custody of the child. Whereas YM gives impression career is more impt than her child. She only gives leftover time to her kid. Only if she can spare the the time, she will spend time with the kid.

  3. Lau Dan and his wife’s hard work will come to a waste. I doubt Yangmi will fly back to Hong Kong anymore and if will be an effort for old grandparents to travel to China to see grandchild…

    1. @jimmyszeto
      Yang Mi’s parents flew to HK to see their granddaughter all the time. Lau Dan can do it too if Yang Mi wins the custody and bring her daughter to Beijing

      1. @jimmyszeto
        Did you mean that Yang Mi might not let Lau Dan and his wife see Noemie? Well I don’t know about it.

        Yang Mi’s parents are not young, and they have flown from Beijing to HK to see their grandchild for the the past 4,5 years. Laudan flies to Beijing to see his grandchild is fair actually (if Noemie stays in Beijing)

      2. @snowy
        well, if a parent gets custody, she can make it easy or hard for the ex husbands family to see the grandchildren if she wants. Depends on the person…

      3. @snowy as the years go on, it will be harder for Lau Dan and his wife, so you can’t weight them the same and say now it’s fair you do the same.

      4. @snowy Hope the kid stays in HK and YM lose custody for her lack of time with the kid. It’s better for the kid to stay in HK since she is already used to HK lifestyle

      5. @snowy it will be very sad for lau dan and his wife if the custody is awarded to yang mi. strangely when they are married, the daughter is looked after by lau dan in hk…but now that the couple is divorced, she wants full custody of the daughter.

  4. Well, I hope this custody battle (if true), is for the sake of the child. And either way, it’s such a mess! Why couldn’t they just all stay in mainland China to start with? At least then, everyone is close to each other, instead of flying back n forth. And now, who’s ever gonna win, will cause the other party flying back and forth -.- it’ll be sad for the little girl to say goodbye to her paternal parents. And even though the grandparents can fly and visit them, but when she’s young, YM’s parents aren’t as old as Lau Dan and his wife will be after the custody battle, so can’t weight them equally. I do hope the girl get to stay with Lau Dan.

    1. @littlefish What you said was right, why don’t they all stay in China so Yang Mi doesn’t need to fly back and forth just to see her daughter. Why don’t Laodan and family bring Noemie to visit Yang Mi and family in beijing a few times a year. Are they toooooooooo old to do that slso? Why has it always been Yang Mi who made such effort? And you think it’s more fair that Yang Mi and family be the ones who fly back and forth all the time to visit Noemie? What logic behind that?

      1. @alexa777
        Yes, I didnot know why people always asked whether Yang Mi would come back to HK for holiday – New year holiday (when they still were in marriage) but never asked whether LKW took their child to Beijing to see her maternal grandparents. They feel bad for Laudan but never feel bad for Yang Mi’s parents who have flown back and forth for the past several years.

        Are Laudan and his wife more important than Yang Mi’s parents?

      2. @snowy yes I don’t get it either why laudan is so important for some people. They put him on pedestal. Is it sooo hard for them to let noemie visit Yang Mi and family just for.. let say.. twice a year maybe? She has a right to visit her mom, her grandparents too.

        I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because HK people think too highly of themselves. They think they are more superior than people in china.

      3. @alexa777
        Maybe because Laudan is an actor, people recognize him, know him through his characters. But Yang Mi’s parents are not in entertainment, so people just ignore the fact that they are the parents too, they also love their grandchild too

      4. @alexa777 why does Lau Dan have to take the kid to see YM’s parents? Why couldn’t she just take her back with her when she flight back to mainland? Shouldn’t that be the most logical solution? Why does YM always have to do the sacrificing? Because atm, it seems she doesn’t do enough perhaps? I’m not saying it’s more fair that YM’s parents have to flight to HK all the times to see their grandchild, however, what keep the grandchild in HK is surely not just hawick or Lau Dan’s choice. YM or Hawick could take the child back to mainland, but they decided not to, whose fault that is, we will never know.

        @snowy because it’s tradition to stay with the husband’s side of the family. And also because the kid seems to always stay in HK, and has never seen to go back to mainland, they assume YM and HL aren’t going to fly her back to mainland this year?

        People feel bad for Lau Dan because a lot of us were raised by our grandparents, and the one that just visit us, even though they all love us equally, don’t get considered as strongly? (Because the emotional bond isn’t as strong) At least I emphathise with Lau Dan because I know how hard it is for my grandparents to just take care of me, when it’s not their job, and they have no say when the parents want the kid back.

      5. @littlefish Oh really, so they just need to stay in HK waiting for the visits. They don’t even want to visit, not even for once? I don’t get it, even a single visit they don’t want to do it? Why do you even ask why they are the ones that should do it? Why not? Let’s be fair, shall we?

        Sometimes Yang Mi visits Noemie in school days, should she take Noemie to beijing then? How about the holiday then? Well it seems to me that Noemie has to stay in HK waiting for visits.

      6. @littlefish
        “because the kid seems to always stay in HK, and has never seen to go back to mainland, they assume YM and HL aren’t going to fly her back to mainland this year?” – this might be true. This also should be applied to Yang Mi too, she has never posted any picture of her child. No picture of how Yang Mi takes care of her daughter, people assume Yang Mi is a bad mother.

        It’s common for the child to stay with the father’s family and the maternal side is the one who visits, that’s life that how it work – ok, I see your point. So now if Noemie stays with Yang Mi, then the father’s side should be the one who visit, that’s how it work, that’s life.

      7. @snowy “So now if Noemie stays with Yang Mi, then the father’s side should be the one who visit, that’s how it work, that’s life.” yup, and that’s why we sympathise with Lau Dan. We never said he couldn’t visit his grandchild, we are just saying as the years go on, it will be a lot harder for him and his wife. And I think you guys somehow attack me when i clearly said I think it should be the parents’s job to take the child to visit their grandparents, instead of making the grandparents to visit the child. That’s why I said YM or HL should take Noemie back to see YM’s grandparents, and everyone will be fine? But somehow those two don’t want to do that, god know why.

        @alexa777 I understand you are YM’s fan, but you are not understanding my POV, as much as Lau Dan and his wife and YM’s parents can take a trip to see their grandchildren, however, why couldn’t the parents do that? (Too busy making money?) Taking their child to see their grandparents and make it a family holidays? Double winner?

        “Sometimes Yang Mi visits Noemie in school days, should she take Noemie to beijing then? ” what’s about other time? School holidays? I don’t say constantly taking her daughter to Beijing, that’d be stupid, work your schedule, she’s rich enough and smart enough that I’m sure it ain’t hard. Also news flash, less than 4 years of age, school ain’t that important. They can miss a week or so now and then, and it would be fine. Bonding time and socialising are just as valuable to the child as going to childcare.

      8. @littlefish What I said was it seemed to me that Noemie had to stay in HK waiting for visits. That’s why Laudan and family don’t even bother to bring her to China.

        Was it so hard for them to visit, just once or twice a year maybe? Bring Noemie to China visit her mom and grandparents? Is it so hard, that’s the question? If you think yeah it’s so hard and they don’t need to do it, I have nothing else to say. But to me it’s not fair.

        Yeah I’m Yang Mi’s fan (so what?!) I don’t think she’s the greatest mother in the world but I know she tries her best in her circumstances and nobody knows what is actually going on, why should she takes all the blames?

        You always assumes that Yang Mi has no time to bond with her daughter? Are you her babysitter who knows exactly what’s going on? You are not, right. So why don’t you make less assumptions?

      9. @alexa777 I don’t think you get it. If YM isn’t there, it’s awkward for Lau Dan to just bring Noemie there. They have a 5yrs marriage the most, 2-3 yrs dating before that. I bet Lau Dan and YM’s parents only met each other less than 10 times, or at least not that close. Let’s alone they are being old and possibly have different set of values, etc. need that middle person to make everything less awkward. My point is as a daughter and a mother of the child, she should take her daughter there. No, Noemie shouldn’t be waiting around in HK for a visit, and in the same merit, if YM not taking her to her parents, why should Lau Dan? He’s not her babysitter, and travelling with a child is always hard, and with a pair of oldies, even harder. The old man already take care of her, now you want him to do everything you think easier for YM’s parents just because it doesn’t seem fair? Let’s not counting those efforts Lau Dan put in to raise the little one for the past 4 years? I never thought much about that either until my counsin point out it’s quite difficult to raise a baby when you are old.

        You keep insisting them to go to mainland without YM’s doing any work and I think that’s not right. I don’t expect my parents or in-laws doing anything, like it’s great that they can make the trip themselves, but I always personally take my child to them. And yes, my parents is in a different country.

        Uhm, suggesting making a family holidays give more bond time is equating to saying she doesn’t have enough bonding time with her child? Never mind, you can’t seem to get it.

      10. @littlefish So even only once a year they cannot do it? What logic is that? I really think it’s because Noemie is only allowed to have a visit.

        I don’t say that it has to be laudan who should bring noemie to china. How about the family member of his that is strong enough and not old enough to fly back and forth a few times a year. You get what I meant. Thus I always said Laudan and family, not just laudan.

        Do you forget that Yang Mi’s parents visit Noemie in HK without Yang Mi, and you talk about they will feel awkward without yang mi around? There is the guy. The guy. He should know that his daughter is not only his child.

        You suggest a holiday? Can they have a holiday in china then?

        I’m sure that they have at least a babysitter to help them to raise noemie.

        What do you meant without Yang Mi doing any works? How can you know she’s not doing anything? Do you know her real schedule? Are you her assistant? Why do you always make assumption based on baseless news?

        But you seem like a person who likes to make a judgement without any proofs. You only take one side and abandon the other side. That’s why you don’t get what I meant. I think they should visit each other. Why only one side of the family that does that? Is it fair?

      11. @alexa777 Why don’t you say why all don’t fly to HK and stay there. It’s not that simple as you think. It’s not filming a movie, say want to fly, just fly and stay there foreover.

        Why don’t YM stay in HK or relocate her career in HK?

  5. For centuries, people never really understand what “divorce” mean. For people who have kids together and going through divorce, divorce is not always a break up between the 2 spouse, they should be ready to break up with their kids too.
    Yang Mi doesn’t need custody, Hawick doesn’t either because he isn’t a much better parent either, but since the kid is likely getting along with his parents… and he did spent more time with the kid after all regardless if he truly wanted to or not, so he is the bit better party for the kid to be with now.

    I would not support the idea of leaving kids to be with both parents 50% each. I find it so much better if a kid can just stick with 1 parent and visit the other one whenever the kid wants to.
    Why? Because making the kid stuck in the middle like that, 2 people who don’t want to be together anymore still see each other every time. I’ve seen some people who would fight to get the kid’s favor as if they’re still in a jealousy game together. How on earth do they move on, and how will that satisfy their partners that they moved one with? It’s not good for them and the kid, as well as the new partners they’re getting involved with. So, once they decide they are going to divorce, either one of them really have to be ready to let go of the kid almost entirely. They don’t have to be as heartless as Jackie Chan but 1 of them should have to see the kid really really less, perhaps almost never. Which might be what YM has been doing anyway for a while already…30 days in a year if that’s true news. So it shouldn’t be too hard for her and the kid. Just let the kid slowly forget about her without knowing about the divorce process until she’s old enough I guess…
    It’s hateful to know people are divorcing when they are not ready to let go of their children…if they care about their children enough they would’ve not make things get to the stage of filing for divorce. There are circumstances like if a spouse is abusive and stuff where divorcing and getting custody is important for a victim, but YM and HL case, they’re just being so busy and lose feelings together, or they might have cheated each other, etc. Quite some bs tbh.

  6. The law always give preference to mothers unless you can prove the mother is mentally unstable or incapacitated. Best for them to share custody ie child spends time with both parents. Parents to remain cordial.for child’s sake. Both parents are likely to.remarry some day.

    1. @mangotango
      I agree that shared custody is best but that seems to be more in name only as the child usually stays with one parent more while the other just visits. I feel bad for their daughter as she is still so young and has to be in the middle of all this. I remember a young Taiwanese singer who suffered through his parents divorce and neither of them wanted to take care of him since they both remarried so his grandmother tried her best to raise him. I hope that does not happen here but I have a feeling it may happen in the future when they both remarry. Very sad indeed.

      1. @hetieshou Uhm, I would be surprised if HL gave her up. I think he loves his daughter, or I would like to believe so otherwise, very sad indeed. Time will tell on that matter. Growing up with grandparents is fine, even with the knowledge your parents don’t want you (I think I’m fine, so I think it depends on the kid and the grandparents).

      2. @littlefish
        I agree that growing up with grandparents is fine as they are like your own parents. You are lucky to have your grandparents since I only met my maternal grandmother as she lived until 100. However, my other grandparents all passed away long before I was born.

        I agree and it feels that Hawick does love his daughter and so does his parents. Time will tell how this all turns out.

      3. @littlefish I don’t think HL will give up his kid. He loves her and has been spending time with the kid. Some YM’s fans commented he has little work assignment, hence end up spending time with the kid. I do not think so.The article even say he ask for less scenes so that he can spend time with his kid.

    1. @terrycrews19
      I think the court will take place in Canada. Hawick holds Canadian citizenship, Yang Mi and Hawick got married/divorced in Canada. So I think the court will be there too, and maybe Hawick will have a upper-hand on this

      1. @snowy The marriage was not legalised in China? Giving preference to mothers is common in the Commonwealth law. Does Yangmi holds a Canadian passport? I do not see how this will disadvantage her if she does. I do not know the implications if one of the parent is not legally a Canadian according to Canadian law assuming the custody is filed in.Canada.

      2. @mangotango
        I think Yang Mi holds Chinese citizenship – her passport’s color is red, it’s Chinese – and Chinese Law does not allow dual citizenship. So yeah, she’s not Canadian. I think Hawick will have advantages, just my feeling.

      3. @snowy well, the only thing that HL might have that is advantage to him is the fact that they left the kid to the grandparents, and if YM can’t prove that she puts her daughter foremost, like if she’s booked herself so busy in the next 5years, while HL can prove otherwise, then maybe the law will be with him. Otherwise, all else equals, YM has just as much chance as HL. The only thing is if Noemie speaks up and name her preference, and that will swing the pendulum quite a bit. Like I said I doubt this custody battle is true. and you wouldn’t know about it tbqh, they managed to keep their divorce silent until the paper is done (not just oh we are heading to divorce), pretty sure this possibly the same.

      4. @littlefish
        Thanks for the knowledge.
        They has been kept their divorce low-key and the media always stirs up trouble. Like I said in the above comment, it seems like they have settled the custody already, I don’t know why the media keeps dragging on this.
        Just my feeling but I feels like this fight of custody – rumor – is actually Yang Mi vs Laudan and his wife rather than Yang Mi and her Ex- husband

      5. @littlefish I think HL spends more time with the kid than YM. He will make time for the kid despite his filming schedule. Whereas YM will not do that. She scans thru her schedule and see if she has leftover time. if so, then spend time with kid.

        Is it true YM married LiYifeng on 29 Jan?

  7. why would YM be concerned about custody if she didn’t want her daughter to be in her care? people who insist YM’s a negligent, uncaring, bad mother…well, isn’t this news the exact opposite of she should be doing? yet people still argue about how she doesn’t deserve custody or how this is a ploy out of jealousy. YM just can’t win.

    I’m tired of their news already. just let them be. whether YM wins custody or not, it’s none of our business.

  8. Funny how people act like they know everything and dislike the fact that Yang Mi is trying to get full custody of her own flesh and blood ( if this is true ) .

    Yeah she didnt spend a lot of time with her daughter because of the fact that she’s super popular and has a lot of work .
    But does that mean that she doesnt love her own kid? No . Noemie is her only kid at the moment and the only person that came out of her . Of course she’s going to love her . Same goes for Hawick .

    I think a lot of divorced couples tend to think that whoever gets the custody technically owns the child , and they are afraid that maybe one day the kid no longer wants to recognise him/her as the “real” father or mother especially when the parent remarries .

    So i think its perfectly normal that they both want custody of their kid .

    My cousin’s parents are both very busy surgeons and both spend little time with her but when they divorced , both parents wanted my cousin to be in their custody . Why because a wife or a husband can become an ex but your own kid will always be your flesh and blood .

    1. @adwins
      Well you cannot truly blame people for thinking negatively about Yáng Mi as a mother as she seems to put her career and making money above everything. If she is truly like that then what is the point of her winning custody or trying to seek custody of her kid? Will she just throw her daughter to parents so she can carry on like before?

      Honestly, not all parents love their children as I know some who don’t. Not to say Yang Mi is like that, however, she does not give out the impression that her daughter is her top priority. I see cases of this in my own family where parents are too focused on work and career that their children are always left out. Work is important since you need to make money to raise your family. However, in this case they make big bucks so can afford to cut back their workload to care for their child, but they just choose not to. Sadly, many of the more poor folks who want to take care of their kid cannot as they need to work to earn money. Yang Mi does not need to give up her career completely but just needs to cut it back but sadly she works just like before.

      Anyone can have the label “mom” but whether they live up to that label or not is a different story. Being your own flesh and blood is one thing but being there to raise and take care of the child is even more important so you can form a bond. You know the saying, a birth mother is not as mighty and significant as an adopted mother.

      1. @littlefish
        Aw.. thanks and I agree with a lot what you say too. You seem knowledgeable on these cases. I know a bit even though I am not a mom yet but I have actual family members like this. I have an aunt that just gave birth to her kids but never took care of them. It was her mom(their grandma) and another aunt that did all of the work while she did nothing. Growing up, I never felt she had any strong bond with her kids (my cousins) and I always wondered why as she is their “mother”. However, I recently found out from another aunt that she may have the label mother but never lived up to that label since she never took care of them or did anything for them. Most of her kids resent her too and now in old age, none of them want to take care of her. I guess that is karma biting back at her for neglecting her kids. She thought she got away with not taking care of her kids and that just because she is their mother that they will take care of her. She is dead wrong and is suffering the consequences of her actions now. I have a feeling Yang Mi may be like that aunt of mine. Forming a bond and being there for your kids is very important when they are young. She does not need to give up her career but just cut back on it and in this line of work, that is easier to do in many cases then us common folks who work a normal job. But sadly, it seems she does not care enough about her daughter to do so.

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