Yang Mi Back in Hong Kong to Visit Daughter

Since divorcing with Hawick Lau (刘恺威) in 2018, Yang Mi (杨幂) would visit her daughter Noemie in Hong Kong during filming breaks. Recently, she was discovered arriving at the airport soon after she wrapped up her latest project.

The 34-year-old actress was spotted dressing casually in a turquoise-colored sweater along with a denim light blue jacket and black tights. While she also hoped to conceal herself with a cap and black mask, it was apparent to many that she was Yang Mi.

Despite her attempts to be low-key, she was still hovered by the Hong Kong paparazzi. As usual, Yang Mi remained quiet and only politely waved while hurrying towards her car. Yet, reporters persisted taking photos even when she got into the car. Photos of her lowering her head and covering her face made fans feel sympathetic for her.

Working busily in China, Yang Mi often does not have the time to visit Noemie. Even when many believed she would return during New Year, the actress had no choice but to stay committed to filming. This caused netizens to criticize Yang Mi for being an irresponsible mother who does not love her daughter.

Unbothered by these comments, Yang Mi continues to be herself and would fly back to Hong Kong and spend all her free time with her daughter whenever her schedule allows, as she has mentioned before on the show Takes a Real Man <真正男子汉>. If she is unable to be physically present, she would still make video calls to stay updated on her Noemie’s wellbeing and latest developments.

Source: Sohu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. She needs to cover her legs in baggy outfits and tie her hair if she really dont want to be spotted… There are 1000+ ways to be incognito but she clearly did not use them. Her daughter must be so happy!!

  2. Such a very unhealthy lifestyle for her daughter to grow up not having her mom beside her when she needs it the most, even though having the grand parents guarding her, it’s not the same. Hope her daughter doesn’t grow up being rebellious.

    1. @vodka
      It is which I why I think someone like her should just stay single and not be a wife or mother as she prioritizes her career over everything else. Sadly some actually said they respected her for neglecting her daughter. I wonder where the logic in that is? Her daughter will resent her for sure.

  3. Her legs have zero fat on them!!
    I feel so bad for her daughter. It’s not even like the mom is busy making ends meet to support her. Yang Mi is her own boss and she chose more money over time with her daughter.

    1. @bubbles23 I agree…
      Her legs are so skinny it’s actually kind of cringe.
      As one of the richest actresses in China, I don’t understand why money is so important that it comes before family. She doesn’t even need that much money. I hope she won’t regret it in the future when she retires from the industry and realizes that her family doesn’t even want her around due to resent…

      1. @rayne
        The importance and motivation of money can depend on background and values taught at home. Not sure what Yang Mi family background is but I expect poorer background generally push the individual a lot more. It might not necessarily be money for. It could be fame and spotlight. I tend to be motivated by money because my parents were only starting up when I was young and they put earning money ahead of everything…

      2. @rayne

        Her fame, beauty and youth will not stay with her forever. For sure she won’t have any money problems later on in life. Her father was a police officer. I doubt that they were considered poor. Everyone’s priorities are different. Hopefully she won’t regret her choices later in life like she chose to spend less time with her daughter. The best lives are the people who know how to balance their lives – family, career and money.

      1. @exodus Will HK is part of China…why would they draw the line? Hkers will have to accept that fact one day. China will not place importance on HK in coming decades… Such is their style..

  4. It has been incredibly hot in Hong Kong. Not sure why she was dressed so warmly……We have the highest May temperature this year in the last last 40 (or 50) years

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