Zhou Jie Brings Back Old Beef, Ruby Lin Closes Comment Section

By on September 24, 2017 in NEWS, TV Dramas

Zhou Jie Brings Back Old Beef, Ruby Lin Closes Comment Section

A comment that Ruby Lin (林心如) once made about her My Fair Princess <還珠格格> costar thirteen years ago has sparked anger from netizens, prompting the Taiwanese actress to close the comment board of her Weibo.

Thirteen years ago, while on the Taiwanese talk show Kangsi Coming <康熙來了>, Ruby Lin told her hosts Kevin Tsai (蔡康永) and Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) that her My Fair Princess costar Zhou Jie (周杰) stuck his tongue into her mouth during a kissing scene. Thirteen years later, Zhou Jie brought up Ruby’s complaint about him on his Weibo, saying that Ruby should’ve stopped the scene if she was unhappy with what happened. He then said that Ruby was trying to “put down Mainlanders” on the Taiwanese show.

This obviously did not sit well with Chinese netizens, who bombarded the comment section of Ruby’s Weibo with slander and hate. Everything turned for the worse when Chinese paparazzi stalked Ruby and her husband Wallace Huo (霍建華) at the Beijing airport; and when Wallace saw the paparazzi, he stuck out a hand to stop him. Mainland Chinese netizens claimed that he was being disrespectful to the reporter.

On September 10, Ruby had the final straw and posted one last message on her Weibo before closing down her comment section. She said, “Are you guys done yelling yet? First off, if we can’t even point fingers at the airport, then does that mean we should be protecting the people who are taking privacy away from us? Secondly, [I] want to preserve the beauty of Huan Zhu, so I don’t want to comment on it any further. I just did not expect that it would come to this. To those with alternative motives, please stop fueling the fire. Those who are kind should have a peaceful mind. Thirdly, this has been blown way out of proportion, and I’m fine with it. That is what the Internet is. It doesn’t take much work to bring someone down. If you find it so exciting to diss someone then go for it.” Ruby ended her Weibo post with a comment dedicated to her fans, thanking them for defending her and calming the situation down when she chose to stay silent.

“I hope that we will continue to find kindness. When we lift up our heads, it’ll be sunlight.”

Actors Who Have French Kissed On Screen

Mistakes are inevitable, even when you’re actively trying to avoid it. Though some actors like to say they “forbid” their costars from using tongue, french kissing comes quite often on screen. Here are some of them:

1. According to the Taiwanese media, Wallace Huo, Joe Chen (陳喬恩), and Alyssa Chia (賈靜雯) were all spotted to have used tongue in their kissing scenes on more than one occasion.

2. Michelle Ye and Wallace Huo in The Royal Swordsmen <天下第一>.

3. Joe Chen and Wang Kai (王凱) in Stay with Me <放弃我, 抓紧我>.

4. Alyssa Chia and Vincent Zhao (赵文卓) in Lady Wu: The First Empress <至尊红颜>.

5. Tao Hong (陶红) and Zhang Tielin (张铁林) in 2003’s The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber <倚天屠龙记>.

6. Ahn So-hee (安昭熙) and Seo Kang-joon (徐康俊) in a deleted scene for Entourage.

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This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

27 comments to Zhou Jie Brings Back Old Beef, Ruby Lin Closes Comment Section

  1. melia880 says:

    I must say I had to roll my eyes a bit at this article.

    1. Classic victim blaming. Maybe he should have asked her before he stuck his tongue in her mouth, rather than saying SHE should have stopped it?

    2. I didn’t actually watch her interview so I could be misinformed, but how on earth does that indicate she’s putting down Mainlanders?

    3. Also just basing this off of my limited knowledge from the article – but why on earth did he bring up something she said in an interview 13 years ago? Is he bored or is he lacking publicity?

    4. What are people even hating on Ruby for? For not stopping him for sticking his tongue in her mouth, or for “putting down Mainlanders”? Because, gosh, you need to be a sheep to think this is putting ALL Mainlanders down if she is just referring to him and what he did. Again, based off of my limited knowledge of the situation – so if anyone knows more about this, I’d love to know more and be corrected or otherwise.

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    • melody replied:

      @melia880 here’s the video of Ruby on “康熙來了” (starts at approx 24:50) https://youtu.be/T01QtbdiszU?t=24m51s

      I always felt that Ruby Lin looked really uncomfortable in every romantic scene in Princess Pearl with Zhou Jie (周杰). Zhou Jie looks like a really aggressive kisser from the way he kisses her.

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      • melia880 replied:

        @melody Thanks for sharing! Although I must say the video almost made me even more confused haha… it doesn’t seem like she’s accusing him of anything. She said that he was the only costar who tried to kiss her with his tongue, but she didn’t seem like she was trying to publicly shame him, and actually defended him after saying that he was just very into his acting. So… why are people mad at her?!

        I will add though, that just because she was gracious about it, doesn’t make it OK for him to do it.

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  2. jjwong says:

    Those pictures look gross. Tongue doesn’t mean natural. It looked more force and nasty. Lol.

    Back on topic, did he really bought up more than decade later? Was this out of context? If he really did, what a pitiful man! The Chinese Netizens are even more pitiful, such blind worship.

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  3. elizabeth says:

    It happened in Part 2 right?

    I think it has been taken out of context as well. Whatever he said or she said, it should not have been spun out of control to become a war between Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese people. Ruby has kissed a lot of Mainland Chinese costars and there has been no similar complaint so I think she was just shocked and surprised by him during filming.

    Geez, 13 years has passed, Zhang Jie please give it a rest and move on.

    And regarding French Kissing, I always felt that it was weird to see in an ancient series/film since it is a modern thing. I actually prefer seeing hugs or hand-holding for the subtle ancient series.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @elizabeth Is it a modern thing? Need to refer to kama sutra!

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  4. karina says:

    Gotta say Ruby was wrong if she intended to “put down” mainlanders” but this article didn’t mention whether she did it explicitly or not. Plus 13 years was a loong tme ago and people can change? lol. And it was just a KISS scene.. like c’mon dude. Celebrities can be so petty and so can fanboys/girls.

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    • dalebaines replied:

      @karina So you’re ok with some dude shoving their tongue into your mouth at any time? What if one of your male coworkers decided to so that to you?
      You’ll still be ok with that? Come on, what kind of nonsense is that.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      I agree with you in the respect that it’s just a scene. It’s not a big deal unless a the actress is trying to generate noise for the series. Showing those examples above of tongue kisses is pointless because firstly we don’t know what type of scene they are from the snaps.If it was a forced kiss or rape scene then it is appropriate and secondly I would expect 99% of the time the costars would have discussed it beforehand. Even if they didn’t discuss either of them can stop anytime and reconsider how to act out the scene again. Its not a big deal. Shows fans can be blind and crazy.

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  5. passingby says:

    These french kissing pics are gross. The poor girl in pic 4 looked so violated. These actors are taking advantage of the actresses (except pic 2 which looked like it was the woman’s tongue in the man’s lol). It’s supposed to be only pretend kiss by which i don’t mean a superficial peck on the lips but tongue in the mouth feels like being raped. Gross!

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    • kidd replied:


      Pic 4 is from a scene in 2003’s The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, where Yang Xiao force kiss Ji Xiao Fu.
      So, the actress gave the correct reaction.

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      • passingby replied:

        @kidd thx for the clarification. The rest were totally gross.

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  6. dalebaines says:

    Soooo the dude decides to victim-blame and baselessly drag in anti-China sentiments in order to give his stupid argument any credibility (which it still doesn’t), and those mindless sheep netizens, who are no doubt his dumb fans or men who have also forces themselves on women, decide to attack Ruby Lin for it??? Are people that stupid? If Zhou Jie did not first ask for permission to french kiss her, he most definitely violated her rights. End of story. Shameful.

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    • melia880 replied:

      @dalebaines I agree with all of your comments. Not to mention that just because she didn’t say anything before doesn’t mean he’s not wrong. As a new actress, it can be intimidating to point fingers at people for fear of losing your job. Many people in general are too scared, uncomfortable or shocked to react to sexual assault, but people are very good at blaming the victim for not speaking up rather than the perpetrator for doing something wrong in the first place. Taylor Swift’s recent sexual assault case highlighted that so perfectly.

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  7. happybi says:

    That guy is obviously trying to cause trouble to bring something up from 13 yrs ago and to blame the victim! Talk about holding grudges!!! It’s not a simple kiss scene if he god damn use a tongue! Especially, if she wasn’t expecting it! Totally gross! Want what is wrong with those people for harassing them?! sick sick people!

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    • dalebaines replied:

      @happybi I agree. The issue to me is that he didn’t ask her for permission. If they talked about the scene beforehand and he warned her he will be going all out, and she agreed, then that’s a different story and she would be in the wrong for accusing him falsely. But if he just did it without any warning or permission, which seems to be what happened, then he is definitely in the wrong and people should not defend him.

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  8. hannah says:

    what a pity man!! sound like a loser lol

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  9. says:

    Thats no good. She shouldnt have started that conversation in the first place because it’s been so many years already. And he also shouldn’t replied so rude too. So many years past but when we all look back, ruby acted with so many men but who still matches her the most it is still Er kang. And Er kang is only well known for being ruby’s partner, there are no other actresses.

    She is his Zi Wei how can he be so mean? And he is also her Er kang, that is the beauty of the princess pearl.

    YUCK so many tongue kissing. I got to say Vincent and Alyssia are ok because they acted so many times together and were so cute together, did he took advantage of her too? LOL

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    • happybi replied:

      @davy she made that comment 13 years ago. He is the one who is bringing it up now as well as trying to slam her for putting down mainlander. He is a major loser!

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  10. funnlim says:

    It was an honest comment made 13 years ago and he sees fit to answer that NOW? Clearly someone is in need of some publicity. Moreover maybe she has said no tongue and he did it anyway. It is acting but there is always a respectful line. However 13 years ago Ruby said things before thinking and there was a time people accused her of belittling mainlanders. She has learned much after that. Anyway being an actor, you don’t kiss and tell. Ruby was wrong 13 years ago, Zhou Jie is desperate 13 years later.

    Faultless is Wallace trying to protect his family. Paps shoving cameras at their faces and he stopping them without resorting to violence is not disrespectful. Mainlanders are insane.

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    • dalebaines replied:

      @funnlim Wait, why shouldn’t she say anything if her costar is taking advantage of her? There are male actors, Chinese and American, who do take advantage of their female costars by doing things like french kissing without first warning them or even groping them excessively. Just because you’re an actress doesn’t mean you have no rights to say something about it. People think it’s all fine and well since it’s someone like Zhou Jie, but what if it’s some disgusting old fat male actor who is using the opportunity of acting to take advantage of female costars. And I am not saying all old fat male actors have the potential to do that, but imagine an actor you find gross doing that to a younger actress. I don’t think anyone would come to his defense, just like people shouldn’t defend Zhou Jie if Ruby Lin’s allegations are true ( and I remember reading somewhere Alex Su confirmed them to be true but since I don’t remember the source anymore, I won’t use that as concrete evidence).

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      • replied:

        @dalebaines My bad, the article was almost a bit misleading I thought Ruby made a random post on her account about super old stuff, turns out Er kang brought up her super old post.
        I would shove people away too if they try to bother my life (those reporters). But I find it a little funny that Wallace picture is also up there though.

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  11. mangotango says:

    There are some details being left out. She closed her comments page on weibo and her lawyer issued a letter to a blogger who tried to stir political trouble by bringing in cross strait ties between Taiwan and China and accused Ruby of sucking up to Japan. They also accused the couple of not donating at a recent Charity Ball they attended (although no one really know because both are known to be low key in charity works). They accused them of looking down at mainlanders. They were even told to go back to Taiwan. It was very distasteful, ugly and uncalled for. If such misleading accusations and insults were made in the western society, many would have got into defamation trouble.

    Ruby did not accuse Zhou Jie of sticking out his tongue. She was being queried about kissing at the show and she was just commenting on it. There was no malice. Some China netizens said that Zhou Jie did not become famous because of her comments and demanded apology and compensation. (roll eyes)

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  12. cassiemissy says:

    It’s so obvious that the dude Zhou Jie is trying to make netizens remember him. I think every sane person thinks the same.. why bring this topic up after 13 years? Is he so petty that he kept that little comment from a then young actress till today? From the video, Ruby did not seems intentionally complain that he stuck his tongue out but was just responding to a question by the host? If it was not a news back then why is it a news now? Congratulation Zhou Jie for showing the world your petty side and successfully making headlines everywhere.

    And funny enough.. many netizens seems to side with that dude causing Ruby to suddenly gain a bunch of haters.

    And what’s wrong with pointing at paparazzi to stop them from intruding their privacy.

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    • melia880 replied:

      @cassiemissy Going to generalize a bit and attribute it to the patriarchal nature of Eastern world. Many women in Asian countries get torn apart for the smallest of things (e.g. being the victim of sexual assault) while men get away with committing sexual assault. Unfortunately, sexism is very deeply ingrained into Eastern culture, no matter how “progressive” some of the more “modern” Eastern countries like HK and Taiwan think they are.

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  13. mangotango says:

    @Cassiemissy, the drama was shown in 1999/2000 so it is 17 years ago not even 13. I read there was a sequel to the Princess Pearl drama of which Zhou Xie was part of but not Zhou Wei Ruby and Alex because they were too busy. So where was the proof that Zhou Xie was discriminated and looked down?

    The video clearly show that they were joking about it all. Let us not forget that Ruby was still a rookie hence it was not surprising that she felt awkward. I do not think kissing was common in the late 1990 dramas? These days… kissing seems to be a must. 😉

    @melia880, yes, these deep seated ideas of woman should be submissive is outdated though the acceptance of equality in any form is still not as forthcoming in some societies. And why should Ruby apologise for her comments in the show when it was done in humour according to the theme of the talk show? In fact, Ruby added that Zhou Jie was trying too hard (ie. being too realistic). It was not like Zhou Jie lost his job because of that joke? Some haters are just creating ill feelings and discord out of nothing. Try listening to JinXing, China’s sharp and witty talk show host. Her words are sharp and precise (I love her show). The comedic lighted hearted talk of Kangxi talk show pales in comparison.

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  14. gray says:

    Whatever Zhou Jie. Petty man is very ugly. No wonder his career was ruined.

    Pointing fingers to protect your family is not disrespectful. Everything was taken out of context. We know that Wallace is polite man. For him to do that, it means things have been out of control.

    Keep supporting Wallace and Ruby.

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