Aimee Chan’s Cantonese Has Regressed

Taking a hiatus from acting to raise her three children, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) is a hands-on mother. She recently held a live stream to read a children’s storybook to help encourage children to face adversity. Aimee also spoke openly about raising her children and the need for self-care for moms.

Though she put in a lot of effort and even sang in the livestream, technical difficulties led to a lot of echoing and random noises interrupting the stream which ruined the atmosphere. Many netizens left comments to complain and requested that she read the story one more time.

Aimee also shared some of the bonding activities that she partakes in with her son, “When my son was six months old, I already let him learn how to pour water. I think this is a good learning opportunity even though he spilled water all over the table. I also discovered that letting children participate in cooking will increase their interest in food.”

Even though she has to take care of three children Aiden, Nathan, and Camilla, Aimee makes time for herself. “I’ll take the time to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, and I like to put on a mask and soak in a bubble bath. I do have plans to act again and hope that I will have new works so that I can meet everyone next year.”

While Aimee’s current priorities are caring for the family, husband Moses Chan (陳豪) continues to film for TVB. When Moses is not busy filming, he is an involved father and the Chans like to have fun in outdoor activities. While the couple gets along very well and rarely has arguments, Aimee shared a little-known fact about how their relationship started, “It wasn’t love at first sight for us. It was a very natural progression from friends to lovers.”

During the question and answer segment, netizens realized that Aimee’s Cantonese has greatly regressed. The Toronto native answered in English for almost the entire segment and had several mispronunciations when speaking Cantonese. Her rustiness may be due to her having stepped away from the spotlight for seven years to take care of her family.


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    1. @megamiaow I think most likely the kids will only speak English because that’s what Aimee is comfortable with. They may be able to understand Cantonese.

      Not a criticism of her at all. It is hard to get kids to speak a second language, especially when they start school.

      I don’t think she will or should return to acting. Being an influencer is much better for her.

      1. @ohmygoshy I don’t think his English is that good but he tries to be. haha lol…The kids will probably speak mostly English due to the mother. Some parents insist them to be bilingual but most of them probably just cares for English esp if they live in Canada.

      2. @ohmygoshy I don’t know about his English or if he speaks Cantonese at home. I suspect he speaks to Aimee in mostly English and that’s what the kids hear. He may speak to them in Cantonese, but generally with being mostly with Aimee, living in Canada, and being in school, the kids will be more immersed in English. Moses seems to be injecting more English in his roles lately, so he might speak more of it at home too.

        They are awesome parents and I love how involved they are with their kids.

      3. @ohmygoshy Moses lived & studied in Aus for 10 years. I listened to his English interview in the past, he can hold a conversation but not fluent like a native speaker (I suspect he regressed since he spend so many years in HK). The Chan household speaks 99% English at home, from what I see/hear from Aimee’s IG postings.

      4. Probably, kids will usually speak whatever the parent bringing them up speaks first, but with time they will adopt the Cantonese language more as it is what everywhere else uses in HK.

        I spoke chinese at first and I couldn’t speak good English when starting Nursery school. I wasnt confident speaking English until I was about 7 or 8.

  1. Her Cantonese wasn’t even good when she filmed. She always had to sub in English in parts of the script so it’s no surprised that her Cantonese has regressed. Mo probably speaks English at home too.

  2. I think its best to have your kids being bilingual i don’t mind my kids speaking cantonese and go to chinese school cause where i’m at english is the 1st native language chinese is primary mandarin speakers are everywhere my biggest regret was not going to chinese school cause it was on a wknd i would rather sleep in and watch cartoon all day school for me back in my time was nothing by school work not much playtime and i hated it unlike the kids now they have more days off and school trip get to go to cool places meanwhile for us it was jsut a lousy field day to parks…. ferry rides memorial sites and zoos

    1. @sherla1019 Being bilingual is the best; also good for jobs. As someone who went to Chinese school on weekends for 7 years, I’d say it’s not the best way to learn. I actually learn more from watching Chinese dramas.

  3. I know it’s sad to say, but will Cantonese even be relevant when her kids are adults? It’d be different if she taught them Mandarin, but I honestly see Cantonese being viewed by this upcoming generation as how our generation views Toi San. Only old grandma’s and grandpa’s speak it.

      1. @luye

        Im toisanese too this dialect will not go out of extinction if new immigrants parents who cant speak english will always use it to communicate with the kiddies in the household it’ll still be around only if the new generations forbids there kids to speak then that’s a different story

  4. is her english good. i remember her sounding different probably b/c she has a different accent not american/austrilian/english.

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