Angelababy May Replace Zanilia Zhao in “The Journey of Flower” Movie

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Angelababy May Replace Zanilia Zhao in “The Journey of Flower” Movie

2015’s The Journey of Flower <花千骨> has not only helped Wallace Huo (霍建華) reach another peak in his acting career, it has also established Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) as one of China’s highest-paid TV actresses. The fantasy series—China’s first drama to surpass 20 billion views online—was produced by Tang Lijin (唐丽君), who recently confirmed to the press that she is working on a film version of the show, to be shot at the end of the year.

As exciting as this announcement is, the movie version of The Journey of Flower has come across some problems. Due to scheduling conflicts, Zanilia is unable to reprise her role as the show’s female lead, Hua Qiangu. Rumors say the studios are looking at replacing Zanilia with Angelababy (楊穎), which has brought upon some disagreements among netizens and fans of the original series.

Rumor has it that Wallace will be reprising his role as the show’s male lead Bai Zihua, but his agency has not confirmed the casting. The Taiwanese actor is currently on a break, having just completed Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace <如懿传> starring opposite Zhou Xun (周迅).


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Angelababy May Replace Zanilia Zhao in “The Journey of Flower” Movie

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  • 10 comments to Angelababy May Replace Zanilia Zhao in “The Journey of Flower” Movie

    1. m0m0 says:

      the picture of angelababy above looks like li bing bing. perhaps it’s the make up?

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    2. bubbletea says:

      AB does not impress me. Her acting, singing and even her charitable work and donations come across as plastic, just like her body, especially her face

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    3. coralie says:

      Of all the people they could’ve cast to be Hua Qiangu, they HAD to choose Angelababy?!

      What happened to the zillions of talented Chinese female celebrities in the mainland? Are they all dead?

      Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
      • msxie0714 replied:

        AB’s advantage is that she married HXM who has good connections. Except for her fan base, she’s very much reviled in China for getting insane pay for lousy acting when she’s not relying on stand-ins.

        Login or Register before you can reply to msxie0714
    4. funnlim says:

      Is she te provessional zanilia replacer? First princess agents and now this. Utter rubbish i hope, i mean the part about wallace reprising his role. He is done. Why should he repeat? Unless he really needs the money. I do not believe the rumours. Stop using wallace with that piece of trash edited series. It was a fine series until editing destroyed anything good about that series. One of the worst edited series ever. If wallace has any dignity and he dies he will say no. I will say nope, not true. As for angela aby, she is frozen, cant act, could hardly emote, not pretty, unmemorable face and is famous for being famous,

      Login or Register before you can reply to funnlim
    5. says:

      They saw 10 miles peach blossom drama got into a movie then suddenly want Journey of Flower into a movie too…but they don’t know10 mile is very dramatic while Journey Flower is so slow and boring. The movie version for 10 mile was blacked for being confusing. I have so much more confidence they can sum up the boring Journey Flower into a single episode, but the problem is really the storyline, a teacher and a student relationship where he has no guts to tell her so he tortures her to hide his dirty side. Coward jerk and stupid girl. The only reason why that drama was a success is because Zinilia Zhao was pretty. Which is the weirdest reason ever, because if she was really that pretty, she should’ve been famous within her first film. She was totally not pretty in her prior movies, I can see she was better looking than everyone else in New Fair princess, but in Journey of Flower that was a total changer for some reasons. Why in the world would Wallace and Zinilia replay in movie version when they can go cut out all the pointless stuff from the drama and turn that into a reasonable movie?

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      • tiffany replied:

        @davy 3l3w movie was filmed prior to the drama.

        There have been rumors since the drama ended back in 2015. The rumor is surfacing again. The producer hinted it will be a continuation and not a movie version of the drama.

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    6. funnlim says:

      No continuation needed. Just go back and re edit the series and do a proper job and that’s that. The series’ story is done except in movies you can show more intimate sex scenes which in TV they just edited even the suggestive ones. I won’t watch. The producers were money grabbing draculas who botched their own masterpiece.

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    7. elizabeth says:

      I see TJOF as an example for producers to see what works, what doesn’t work and what problems a production team needs to work around in terms of the broadcasting restrictions when adapting from an internet novel. Just leave the story alone and go and film another project with better preparation.

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    8. mangotango says:

      I very much doubt Wallace will be involved in the movie. They need someone who has a ‘baby face’ and yet can play ‘temptress’ to play HQG.

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