Angelababy’s Princess Syndrome Revealed in Variety Show, “Adventure Life”

The actress’s image takes yet another hit.

Since marrying Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), Angelababy (楊穎) has focused her career on the Mainland Chinese market and rose to become lead actress in many dramas and movie productions. Despite her high popularity, a good reputation did not follow suit, with her works being criticized and made fun of by netizens. Appearing as a guest on variety show Adventure Life <奇遇人生>, she was again criticized for having numerous demands, causing the originally acclaimed program to be hit by a barrage of negative feedback.

Affected Show’s Appraisal with Uncooperative Behavior

The reality show Adventure Life aired last year and saw Taiwanese host Aya Liu (阿雅) lead 10 celebrity guests to try out novel experiences in different parts of the world. Revealing the inner emotions of usually glamorous celebrities through the rich experiences they undergo, viewers have described the program as mundane yet earnest, winning it much praise.

Guest-starring in the first episode of the second season, Angelababy and Aya join Xu Yukun’s (徐玉坤) incredible journey on bicycle, and complete the last leg of the 73 year-old’s “12 kilometer journey within 12 years”.

Set to culminate in Vancouver, Angelababy behaved normally on the first day she joined in the bike journey. However, she chose to spend the night with Aya at a hotel while Uncle Xu was setting up a tent to sleep by the roadside, in addition to revealing her grievances then and saying she did not want to continue cycling.

As the two ladies arrived late on the second day, Uncle Xu chose to set off on his own in order to keep up with his schedule. Aggrieved, Angelababy had said, “He wants to abandon us,” causing netizens to criticise her as being self-centered and putting the blame on others while she herself was late.

After that, the two chose to take a car to catch up with Uncle Xu, meanwhile he stated clearly that they had to follow his rules and that he would not stop to wait for them. Although she had already cycled halfway through the journey, Angelababy then remarked that her period was here and she had no strength to continue, switching to a car journey instead and leaving Aya to complete the day’s schedule with Uncle Xu.

On the third night, Uncle Xu insisted that the two sleep in the forest tent like him to truly experience his bicycling journey, but Angelababy was displeased and complained about there being no toilet and water, prompting Uncle Xu to remark “Never experienced big storms and rains and always comfortably nested,” hinting at the actress’s spoiled personality.

Criticized for Poor Acting and Princess Behavior

Even the show’s director was dissatisfied with Angelababy’s performance, saying, “I realize you give up very easily; are you guys here to cycle or sit in a car?” He also berated her for affecting the schedule by taking much time to prepare and do make-up, which went against the spirit of the show to reveal the genuine side of artistes. To this, Angelababy rebutted by saying, “This is respecting the viewers.”

Netizens pointed out that the good spirit of season one guest stars such as Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) and Jessie Li (春夏) who all went on the show without makeup and concentrated sportingly on the activities arranged for them brought out Angelababy’s Princess Syndrome even more.

Previously, she had been criticized for pocketing 40 million yuan income for General and I <孤芳不自賞> but for filming the entire drama in front of a green screen and relying on photoshopping later, or using a stand-in actor. Although Angelababy explained that it was because she was pregnant then, netizens felt that she was disrespectful of the acting profession.

She also took hit for her exaggerated expressions in the drama My True Friend <我的真朋友>, which caused the ratings to fall. It seems much work is needed for her to shed her “Princess” image.

Source: Elle HK

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Angelababy Wants to Be More than Just “Huang Xiaoming’s Wife”

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  1. Here we go again. I actually watched the episode just because many people were bashing her online. Let me continue to bash her here.
    First, she talked about how she began working at fifteen and the hardship she went through. I mean, if you started working at 15, why the hell cant you even endure one episode of a variety show? She didnt show that she can endure any hardship.

    Second, she suddenly said her period came. I rolled my eyes when she said that. Didn’t you know about your period before you agree to be on the show? Okay, let’s say that her period is irregular and she didn’t know. Many athletes also continue to perform during those few days. Since she coulnt come to her end of the agreement because of her period, did she refuse to receive the salary? That wouldve earned her some respect.

    Third, she actually dared to blame the grandpa for leaving without her. She was the one who didn’t come on time. Then, the day she slept in a tent, she also didn’t wake up on time.

    Fourth, i laughed when she said that she wants to have a representative work

  2. If I’m on my period, there’s no way I’m camping outside w/out proper bathroom. So, if I can get away with it and sleep in the hotel, I would as well. However, she seems to be using that excuse a lot (ex. Keep running).

    I haven’t watch this show, but I’ll take the majority opinion on this and say she deserve her negativity here.

    1. @sunnysun I agree with needing proper bathroom facilities if on period, but not for not cycling the rest of the way, and finishing her challenge, which is what she was using the excuse for.

  3. She can’t act and can’t do variety show so why exactly are the producers and directors still hiring her?
    Even her excuse of “respecting viewers” to explain her lateness is another blame shifting.
    She should just stay at home, they are plenty of talented actresses to take he place and save us viewers from horrible acting.

      1. @terrycrews19 you do have a point there, sometimes bad publicity is better than none. People may be drawn to this episode of Adventure Life just to see how spoilt she is.

  4. She can’t act. She is spoiled. As a model or actor, for every 1 Angelababy there are many more deserving, hard working, gorgeous, talented model/actor to take her place. She really need to get over herself. I watched The General and I – not for her but because of Wallace Chung. Pitied him to have to carry on the drama despite Angelababy. She made a plank of wood look animated

  5. Never thot she had so called princess syndrome ! Big disappointment mayb she should quit acting perm?

    1. @msxie0714 Yessss. I agree.. Why is she such a baby?!! She doesn’t have to be in this show. Why not let someone else have a chance? I feel like she’s slowly ruining her and HXM’s image. We need to see less of this talent-less actress/model.

  6. Poor grandpa, all he wants is to do his journey, and now it’s been sour by a spoiled brat, who doesn’t have 1 bit if respect for him or his journey >_> what more is she doesn’t even understand where she has gone wrong. And I love how she always use these excuses for her spoiled behaviour: being pregnant, period and more period, she made women look bad

  7. Tiny fry try to act big. Both look and body cannot make it. Who the hell is she??? China actress??? Princess??? She looks like an ice cream seller at the park near my house, haha…

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