Cecilia Cheung Criticized by Faye Wong’s Friend

Competing in music survival competition Sisters Who Makes Waves 2 <乘风破浪的姐姐 2>, Cecilia Cheung‘s (張栢芝) moves are being watched closely, especially her interactions on the show with Na Ying (那英). As the Chinese singer is a close friend of Cecilia’s former love rival Faye Wong (王菲), viewers wonder whether their loaded remarks signify a deeper animosity.

Concentrating her career in China, Cecilia joined the second season of Sisters Who Makes Waves to fight for a spot in the final all-female pop group. Training under the watchful eyes of Na Ying, Cecilia is also placed in the awkward position of working closely with her ex-husband Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) good friend Joey Yung (容祖兒) and his manager Mani Fok (霍汶希), who are serving as mentor and consultant respectively on the show.

Three episodes have been broadcast, and Cecilia’s singing and dancing skills leave a lot to be desired. Her singing is out of tune, and she is uncoordinated and constantly forgets dance moves.

In the first episode, the sisters had to vote among each other to determine who is able to progress to the next stage. Na Ying had not cast her vote yet, but Cecilia ran backstage in tears after her own performance. She thanked everyone for their support and hugged Na Ying, who then joked, “Don’t cry, I didn’t vote for you.” Cecilia jokingly retorted, “That’s why I didn’t thank you.”

Viewers felt that this moment was full of tension. They were also displeased with Cecilia’s constant laughing fits during dance practice, as it seemed that she was not serious, and resulting in the search phrase “Cecilia Cheung’s dancing is hilarious” trending on social media. Some viewers praised her for being cute, but others feel that her performance was horrible.

The clip of her performance was then shared by Faye’s good friend with the username Tao Tao Tao Tao on Weibo with the comment, “I don’t know why she’s here. She simply paddles water, and still makes money. And there are a bunch of people praising her for being cute–what’s going on?” A netizen left a comment that pushing water indicates that you have the ability to do the job but you are just lazy, and believes Cecilia is a lost cause. Tao replied, “She has no ability and no shame,” but ended up deleting the comments later on.

It is rumored that Faye is the brand ambassador for the sponsor of the show, and that she may sing the theme song for Sisters Who Make Waves 2. There is a chance that she and Cecilia may finally meet on stage, but nothing has been confirmed.

Cecilia’s Performances on “Sisters Who Make Waves 2”

Source: HK01

A previous version of the article incorrectly stated that Na Ying was a judge on the show.

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.


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  1. Na Ying is a contestant on the show, not a judge. And there was no so called “tension”. The ladies get along just fine. Joey and Cecilia weren’t awkward with each other at all either. I agree that Cecilia’s performances were pretty bad but she’s trying and I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t have a diva attitude like some other contestants on the show

    1. @piper ya Na Ying is just a participant, not the judge. There wasn’t any tension between Joey and Cecilia at all, they greeted each other and talked like normal people. I think the whole article mixed up the participants. They might mean Na Ying and Cecilia may have some tension since Na Ying is Faye Wong’s BFF and might not choose Cecilia into her group since Cecilia hasn’t done well in any performances. Can’t blame Na Ying for not wanting her to be honest.

  2. Wow. She is uniquely untalented. Didn’t anyone advise her to think about joining this show? As an actress she was below mediocre. As an entertainer? Can it get worse?

  3. To survive in the entertainment industry I think connections and luck plays an important part too.
    Some whom we feel have no significant talents are still able to remain popular and make a name for themselves.
    But I feel to comment too harshly on social media is not acceptable behaviour because this is another person’s rice bowl we’re talking about. She may feel she has to support her own children instead of relying on others and force herself to go on despite her own shortcomings and the harsh criticisms.
    As judges, they can give constructive criticism on which areas she should improve in. I’m sure she herself is aware how her performance is compared to other contestants.

  4. This entire article is so laughable. Cecilia is an actor, not a singer or a dancer which she declared openly. She also not accustomed to silly seductive moves that belittled women. Also there is nothing between her and Faye since Nic and her already divorced and not like Cecilia or Faye stole Nic from each other. She and Joey has known each other since ages and just because they are related by 6 degree that don’t mean they should be enemies. What a stupid article.

  5. she has natural talents for acting but not singing/dancing. i think she realizes it too. i think through the years, she was just known for being beautiful and a versatile actress but never as a singer. i don’t recall seeing her dance. the show is reaping her popularity but not her actual dancing/singing abilities.

  6. I don’t get it. This article sounds like stuff is being made up. Faye Wong doesn’t seem to care enough about Cecilia for her friends to take cheap shots at her.

  7. Eh just a crap mainlander show trying to make the HK folks look bad, most likely scripted. Surprised Joey is on this tbh, not Cecilia though but she’s still looking especially after having 3 kids, props for her for that.

    1. @msxie0714 Hateful? Nah, just stating facts, just look at what China has done to hk. Paranoid? Again look at what China is doing to hk…. Obviously you don’t live in hk and don’t understand true freedom of what they’ve experienced.

  8. Cecilia was never known for singing,

    Her performance was average but she still looks beautiful at her age

      1. @hetieshou It was actually very successful, but like all her other singer peers at the time e.g. her husband Nic Tse, Daniel Chan they left for acting not long after because the music scene was bombing.

      2. @hetieshou Yes she was basically an idol singer being young and pretty. People bought her albums regardless. It was a short stint in her career but she was never unpopular.

  9. Almost all her movies are box office bombs. Not good in singing. If she were boring, she would be the female Kenny Wong. She, along with Twins and Joey, were just lucky to be born in an era where there weren’t competition in the HK entertainment industry.

  10. Agree Cecilia is not a good singer and i really feel sorry for her. I do think she has a warm personality and i enjoy watching her on the show.
    As for Na Ying, nerver likes her. Such a Diva..

    1. Cecilia’s musical talents aren’t very strong, but a lot of the buzz for the show is generated by her participation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cecilia becomes one of the winners.

  11. If Myolie can be best actress, Cecilia can be best singer too and I’m definite Maggie Cheung will top Cecilia if she joins

    1. @conan2209
      Oh goodness,I still don’t get how Myolie got best actress. I am guessing it is because she got a fan base or something but it was definitely not due to her skills.

      1. @conan2209
        But some awards are just for show like the TVB ones. Now if they won a Cannes award like Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung did then that would be a different story.

      2. @conan2209
        No, I have heard Maggie sing and it is bad. I was referring to get acting skills not singing. Where did the singing stuff come in? Maggie did it more for fun not a career.

      3. Meant to say her acting skills… Anyways I was referring to acting only not singing which is a completely different story.

      4. @hetieshou ah, cos @jayne said Cecilia might become a winner cos of the buzz, thus i made a dig re Myolie and her acting award and then, another at Maggie cos she will create a lot more commotions should she join the same show (regardless of her singing)

        I respect Maggie for her acting 😉

      5. @conan2209
        Oh yes and this whole thing reminds me of what my oldest brother said one time. I did not agree at that time but can see how true it is now. He said that many actor/actress turned singers get popular or well liked not because they are good singers but because they already have a fan base due to their acting. At first, I did not agree since I thought those were 2 different skills so just because you like them for on skill does not mean you need to like them for the other. However, now I can see some bias and die hard fans like their favorite actresses and actors regardless of how bad their singing is. Like with Ruby Lin who is not a good actress to me either but her singing is absolutely terrible. But her die hard fans praise her singing just because they are her fans. I love Maggie’s acting but her singing is pretty bad. But Maggie did it for fun unlike these others who released albums in spite of being so bad. Their die hard still bought their albums even if they are bad since they are fans of their acting. Sorry but singing and acting are 2 different categories. Just because you like their acting means you need to like their singing and visa versa.

      6. @hetieshou and there a saying that if one acts well, he/she likely cannot sing. I love Ali but she def cannot sing. Let’s see if her singing lessons will do her good.

        I believe Maggie had an album that was a total flop or she wanted one but no label wants her…

      7. @conan2209
        That is not always true as some are good at both. Like Tony Leung who is a wonderful actor but not a bad singer either. Jacky Cheung is an excellent singer but not a bad actor too. It just depends but what you said is generally true.

        I guess you can’t always get the best of both worlds as Maggie is a fine actress but singing isn’t for her which is why I think she did not pursue it before. She focused on acting only and reached the highest height that she feels she no longer has anything more to reach so she tried out singing. Sadly it did not work out but at least she tried so has no regrets.

      8. @snoopy
        Oh yes, how can I forget Leslie ! He was wonderful in both! I guess I did not mention him because it would just make me sad. My late mom rarely complimented any celebrity but complimented Leslie all the time. Leslie is truly a legend.

  12. Dang… after watching her performances, idk if I should be laughing or cringing. It was so bad! Her first performance – she was breathless and didn’t even finish some notes in her song. Her second performance was literally just to stand there and rap a few words, but she looked SO out of breath. What the heck lmao. Is her strapless corset cutting off her circulation or something!! Loool. I can’t. Because of her I can’t take the whole performance seriously… feel bad for the other ladies in her group. She did steal all the limelight (not because she’s so beautiful), but because she dance/performs so badly, you just can’t take your eyes away (like a trainwreck.)

  13. And this article is so juvenile. Ceci is already a struggling mother; there is no need to dump hostility towards her just because her ex is their friend. It was just a bad relationship that didn’t work in the end, none of their business anyways.

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