Charmaine Sheh’s Net Worth Exceeds $100 Million HKD

Ever since Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) turned to Mainland China to grow her career, both her popularity and appearance fees skyrocketed. As a savvy investor and one of the highest-paid Chinese actresses, Charmaine quickly grew her net worth, which surpassed the $100 million HKD mark. Since Charmaine works hard for her career, she also rewards herself with various designer purses that she loves.

Building Net Worth

It took many years before Charmaine was able to enjoy the fruits of her labor. In 2003, Charmaine tried to enter the Mainland China market with her drama, Empress, Emperor down Jiangnan <乾隆下江南> before finding success in TVB’s drama War and Beauty <金枝慾孽> in 2004. After her contract with TVB ended in 2011, Charmaine signed a contract with an agency in China. In recent years, she has created her own production studio.

In 2018, Charmaine’s popularity reached new heights after filming Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略> and resulted in the doubling of her appearance fee. Including Charmaine’s properties in Hong Kong, Charmaine’s net worth easily surpasses $100 million HKD.

Treating herself to Designer Purses

With Charmaine’s vast wealth, the actress would splurge on herself by buying designer items. As a fan of Fendi and Valentino, Charmaine posted many pictures of her purses from these luxury fashion brands.

In one of Valentino’s events, Charmaine carried the new Valentino Vring shoulder bag. With a price tag of $21,300 HKD, Charmaine coordinated her red dress with the purse’s light pink color.  In another photo, Charmaine showcased another Valentino purse as she gets ready in a stunning yellow dress.

While many women dream of owning Fendi purses, Charmaine proudly shows off her Fendi purses on Instagram Her light pink Fendi Kan U bag is perfect for spring and summer, while her purple shoulder bag gives a pop of color against her casual outfits.

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  1. A lot of people in China are famous, not because of their talent, but because of their willingness to kiss up. Charmaine has decent acting skills, but she’s a better opportunist and that quality has led her to earn big bucks.

    Still can’t stand her chicken voice when she cries.

    1. @hazel

      Ass kissing is a common practice in the workplace not only in China but in East Asia in general.

    2. @hazel can’t agree with you more. I think she has very high EQ or kiss ass whatever coz she was given so many oppprtunities in TVB compared to so many others incl the actual pageant winners who started on same base as her as in all can’t act. She has done well for herself in that sense. I think that Tracy Ip was the winner but as a runner up she was given more opportunities and that allowed her to improve on her acting. But you are right I can’t stand her Teh Bao acting and voice

    3. @hazel Yap, her EQ is higher then her acting ability….But she is still one of the better cross over from Hongkong of her generation.
      The Chinese and Americans celebs really love to show off their wealth and handbag collections….

  2. Charmaine was one of the better and one of the more popular actresses of her generation. While growing up, I enjoyed her acting and thought she’s memorable and well-liked in many roles that she’s portrayed. She’s also only a handful of actresses that can act in recent years coming out of TVB so that makes her a hot commodity in the mainland. Sorry Tavia, Myolie, and Jessica Hsuan but you ladies can’t act for crap if your life depended on it.

    I’m happy for Charmaine and glad that she’s found success in the mainland that not many former TVB actors and actresses can claim.

    Without actresses like Charmaine holding the helm at TVB, they are closing up real soon. Aside from Ali, nobody else can act in this current generation. Worst of all, she’s frozen by TVB right now. LOL

      1. @luye yup, I would pick Tavia over Charmaine any day. Tavia isn’t as pretty as Charmaine but she always command the screen and draw you in. I never get that effect from Charmaine, and I like Charmaine a lot more than any other actress.

      2. @wm2017
        I never found Tavia Yeung pretty.

        There is no comparison between Charmaine Shen and Tavia Yeung. Not even at the same level in terms of look and acting.

        Charmaine may not be the best actress from TVB, but she is a lot better than many others of her generation.

      3. @littlefish me too I prefer Tavia and Jessica. To me Charmaine has better kiss ass ability that’s all compared to the others. I heard her mum is the force behind too. She was instrumental in how she was able to kiss ass all the roles that she got from tvb in her early days.

      4. @nigel
        Charmaine is a better actress than Tavia and most likely Jessica too though we have never seen Jessica in a tough role. I agree that Charmaine is by far the best at socialising with members of the entertainment circle. With Eric Tsang, Timmy Hung etr and all their wives and pals. Tavia not sure about her connections apart from her friendliness with Steven Ma. Jessica seems less likely to socialise. Apart from backstabbing her ex friend Astrid Chan back in her early days and her good terms with Louis Koo there isn’t much news about her…

      5. @jimmyszeto not in China so don’t have that problem lol. Any website that translate either into Vietnamese or English will do xD but I should be able to find it if I could be bother lol. Yea, I kinda know the premise, while I’m sure it made for brilliant acting, I’m not sure I want to see it lol

      6. @littlefish
        Yeh it’s dark and you feel Charmaine’s pain of losing her greatest love. Feel Mose’s drastic change of personality and Bowie’s mindset of trying to redeem himself. Very strong emotional series. The only series to win Best Series with poor viewership ratings due to the genre. I would rank it alongside War and Beauty for brilliance…

      7. @littlefish

        The only drama Tavia ever “drew” the audience was 2009’s Beyond the Realm of Conscience. The only drama that I ever thought she could act in. The rest were forgettable.

      8. @anon Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Sweetness in the Salt, Moonlight Resonance, Mysteries of Love, Men With No Shadows, were all dramas that Tavia acted well in

      9. @luye
        Apart from Beyond the Realm of Conscience, all of other Tavia’s roles were either limited or repetitive. Charmaine has performed better in at least 5 series than Tavia in her best. There isn’t even a comparison between the 2…

      10. @anon
        100% agree. Tavia was probably better when she first started as support/lead when she was cast younger and more playful roles. Later on she was typecast in boring roles…

    1. @anon did I say Tavia was more famous than Charmaine? Or did I say the majority of the opinions on who’s the better actress was wrong?

      I basically voiced my POV why I prefer Tavia, but you just love to impose this majority voice is correct on people. Realm of conscience: I was bored of Charmaine’s character, the usual goodie two shoes. I can’t say I was in love tavia’s character either (you can’t because she’s the badie lol), didn’t finish the series, as it was kinda predictable :/ and uh Moses and Charmaine’s love story is bleh, I know who the other (main) love story but uh lol.

      Tavia to me isn’t pretty, kinda like the Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu, not pretty at first impression (not second but as the series goes, their pretty/beauty keeps growing), but their emotional scene draws you in, make you mesmerised. I don’t get that effect with Charmaine, I don’t know why, just don’t. Yea, she can act well reliably, but I’m yet to really moved by her characters. Admittedly I haven’t seen legend of Yanxi. After a few solid series from Tavia, I’m happy checking out tavia’s drama. Watching a few of Charmaine’s series, I’m yet to become her fan, each series, I’m more attached to say the guy, a different character (major support or second leads) than her. So naturally, she doesn’t make me go check out her series.

      1. @jimmyszeto lol, Charmaine’s series is hard for me to finish. Literally tried at least 5 series where it was supposed to be really good (and had actors I like etc, I thought I would be in love with it) and I couldn’t finish them all >_< (found them kinda boring and meh :/ maybe I don’t love those actors as much!) I finished a few where it’s an ensemble casts: like dance of passion (still my favourite, but that’s because of GiGi’s storyline, and ada’s riveting character), and the famous hidden cop series (I forgot the name), but that series left no memories on me lol. There are other as well, but I’m more in love with other characters than her lol. Basically yea, she can act, and her acting got better, but she hasn’t hooked me in. In term of “when heavens burn”, I heard many good thing but to find where to see it, gonna be hard for me xD also not sure I’m into the premise xD also 1 drama she might be riveting, while many other I’ve seen has been meh and boring, doesn’t make me exciting to check out her series. Say for example Zhou dongyu (I know totally different class of acting), but everytime I tried her stuff, I’m head over heels for that girl. Same with Tavia, in 1 series, she just need to do that 1 emotion scene that reel me in and I’m good to love and miss that series. Charmaine – I haven’t yet. Personal experience.

      2. @jimmyszeto had to find where to watch it, because at the time when it was out I wasn’t remotely interested in TVB series, so I didn’t bother checking it out. I’ll keep it in mind though 🙂

      3. @littlefish
        Think it’s blacklisted in China due to its cannibalism theme but widely available everywhere else. It’s the mental state acting of the characters after the tragic event which was expressed very well. It was a series where Nick Cheung dropped out for a comeback and Kenny Wong stepped in.

      4. @littlefish

        All I said was Charmaine had a bigger on-screen presence than Tavia did which of course is my opinion. Calm your a$$ down.

      5. @anon lol said the person that love to impose his opinion on other when they didn’t ask him to and then use bad words instead of back down, always very classy xD

      6. @littlefish

        Bad words? what are you even talking about?
        Imposing his opinion? Is this not a discussion forum?
        if you don’t like discussions, I suggest you take your behind elsewhere D;

  3. I did not like Charmaine initially but she did warm up to me. Her acting has improved greatly and she is very hardworking as well. She has won me over with her performances and how she positvely responds to her critics.

    She is doing well in mainland china because she does not insist on being the female lead and picks good roles for herself instead. I am happy for her as well.

  4. Charmaine’s properties alone already exceeded HKD70 million in 2013. Considering that she has participated in movies and also different endorsements in the last few years, HKD100 million is a very conservative figure. Please don’t compare her with other (ex)TVB fadans. You don’t see her crying jobless during the pandemic period.

    In her earlier years, she picked Mainland China projects due to familiarity with co-stars, ie Benny Chan, Bobby Au, Roger Kwok but after getting independent and setting up own studio, I’m relieved that she begins to pick better scripts and projects.

  5. I have to say I admire her hustle & work ethic even if she’s an average actress to me.

    Most internet “stars” these days get to earn quick money just by live-blogging crap but Charmaine had to slowly work her way up from the crappy TVB and now she’s finally able to reap her rewards in her 40’s (which is not considered old these days). Good for her

  6. I think both Charmaine and Tavia were beautiful when they debuted. So I’m not going to discuss their looks.

    But acting-wise, Charmaine used to be my number one, but gradually she’s declined. Now it feels like she’s just going through the motions. Tavia has always been great as a support. She had more fire when she was younger, too, but she didn’t get a chance to really push her repertoire. Charmaine got a lot of first lead roles that were centered on her (Perish In The Name of Love, Return of the Cuckoo, Country Spirit, Maiden’s Vow, etc) and was extremely fortunate in getting opportunities to pave her career. Tavia started off slow and moved even slower, but she was eventually given lead roles. They’re just not centered on her.

    1. @coralie haha yea, Charmaine was literally lead as soon as she started. She was never a support. When I first saw Tavia, I was like who is this lol. Agree that Charmaine has a lot of meatier roles and big series than Tavia. Compare to her, tavia’s series list was a pond vs an ocean.

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