Chiling Lin Criticized as Being Cheap for Giving Egg Rolls as Party Favors

On the guest list are celebrity friends including Dee Hsu, Leehom Wang,and Ariel Lin.

Announcing her marriage to Japanese singer Akira in June this year, 44-year-old Chiling Lin (林志玲) will be holding her wedding in Tainan, Taiwan on November 17. According to insiders, there will be no bridesmaids and groomsmen. Only one hundred guests were invited to the wedding.

Celebrity friends including Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), Kevin Tsai (蔡康永), Mickey Huang (黄子佼), Ariel Lin (林依晨) and Huang Bo (黄渤) have received invites. Leehom Wang (王力宏) and his wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) will also be gracing the event.

The heartwarming wedding invite card not only included a handwritten note from the couple, but also an invitation message drafted by the bride-to-be’s father. Accompanying the card were egg rolls and chocolate which symbolized a sweet and blissful marital life. Netizens who searched around online found out that the handmade egg rolls were from a well-known Japanese brand with 20 in a box, which can be bought online for 100 RMB, or around 5 or 6 RMB per roll. Many netizens felt that her wedding favors were cheap in comparison with some Chinese celebrities’ choice.

The snacks for the wedding banquet have also been revealed to be icing cookies with cute designs, including a heart-shaped cookie showing a bride and groom joining hands, and a cookie with the word “love” and the couple’s names written on it.

Sources: Netease, Sina

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The Reason Behind Chiling Lin’s Flash Marriage

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  1. Only people with inferiority complex need to flaunt their wealth around to make themselves look superior.

  2. What is wrong with ppl ? This was her personal event and their door gift was a simple expression of thank you from her family to thank their guests. It is not a corporate sponsored event.

  3. What’s wrong 2ith these people? Not everything has to be brand name worth thousands. Can’t she just be a normal person for her own wedding?

  4. Maybe those handmade egg rolls are a favorite of hers hence her wish to share with her friends and relatives? Being wealthy does not mean she has to showoff does it?

  5. Man, the Japanese cookies and stuffs are divine! I had these wafer thin cookies with a thin layer of chocolate in between and they were so crunchy, melting in the mouth and so delicious!

    Been to wedding who gave heart shape measuring spoon that can’t measure, heart shape bottle stopper that leak and doesn’t last long, or a salt and pepper lovebirds, I prefer a nice yummy cookie, no wastage. The gift is practical and nice, yet warming thoughts from the bride and the groom. And yes, it’s the thought that counts!

    1. @littlefish I prefer cookies or chocolates from wedding dinners too. If they are items instead of food, I don’t even take them from the dinners and leave them there. Even if I take them home, I know that they will end up in the trash bin since I am a minimalist myself.

  6. Nothing ‘cheap’ about a simple wedding, given the environmental crisis the world is facing. This is more tasteful than the crazy opulence of the HXM/AB’s wedding show.

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