Jackie Chan Feels Guilt Towards Illegitimate Daughter

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Jackie Chan Feels Guilt Towards Illegitimate Daughter

Jackie Chan (成龍) shared many stories of his youth and love life in the recently-published autobiography Jackie Chan: Got Old Before Growing Up <成龍:還沒長大就老了>. However, the book avoided mentioning Etta Ng (吳卓琳), his illegitimate daughter from a brief affair with actress Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) in 1999.

He also admitted that he did not leave any money to his daughter in his will. As a result, Jackie was criticized for being a heartless and careless father.

In March, Elaine was arrested by the police for allegedly abusing 15-year-old Etta. Due to the stress of being a single mother, Elaine turned to alcoholism and had physical skirmishes with Etta. The case brought to light Elaine’s struggles, as well as curiosity as to whether Jackie will finally lend a helping hand to the daughter he had denied for years.

Jackie Becomes More Open About Daughter

After his son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), was arrested for drugs last August, Jackie said his mind became enlightened. His state of mind has completely changed and he has learned to slowly let go of his stubbornness.

Jackie’s recent responses concerning his daughter were brief, but he felt he has burdened Etta. “Yes, I have hurt her.”

Asked if he truly intends to not leave any money for Etta in his will, Jackie said, “I don’t think she needs my money!” Commenting that it was sad to see that Etta lacked a father-figure in her childhood, Jackie said, “Don’t you think I’m miserable too? I’ve given everyone burden.”

Although Etta’s identity as Jackie’s illegitimate daughter is widely known, Jackie has yet to acknowledge and officially see her. “Sometimes, it is better to not talk about certain things. Let nature take its course! I know I am a celebrity, but don’t give me too much attention! If I see her, I’ll see her. I’ll do whatever!”

Proud of His Son

In February, Jaycee was released after serving a six-month prison sentence in Beijing. Jackie felt Jaycee has matured a great deal after the experience. Jackie smiled at the thought of his son, expressing that Jaycee is now prepared to handle all sorts of challenges. Although Jaycee is not yet ready to face the camera, he has already been doing behind-the-scenes work.

“He’s strange,” said Jackie. “He has the mind of an artist. He is even willing to accept jobs that pay him less than $10,000 HKD. That is why I’m going to let him do what he wants to do. As his father, I always got his back!”

A Disfigured Hostess and a Male Flight Attendant

Jackie can confidently say that he has lived a life filled with adventure, passion, and risks. Being a performer enabled him to travel a lot since his youth.

Jackie shared that he once had a passionate love affair with a disfigured dance hostess in the 1970s. After their first meeting, the two never met again until two years later, when the woman suddenly contacted Jackie, wanting to see him. The hostess and Jackie remained in contact for the next few months, but it was always the hostess who would contact him first as she refused to leave Jackie her contact number.

One night, Jackie requested the hostess to meet him at his home, and she reluctantly agreed. Although it was in the middle of the night, she wore sunglasses and gloves. She did not turn on the light. She then took off her glasses and told Jackie that her face was disfigured when she failed to commit suicide two years earlier. When the woman met with Jackie again the following night, Jackie immediately hugged her.

“I held onto her on the bed, and I could feel that she had burn scars all over her body. At that time, I only had one thought in my mind — and that was I could not say no to her. I don’t want her to think that I was like the others who looked down on her.” Jackie and the woman never met again after that night, but he would always remember her beauty.

Jackie shared another interesting incident — when he was 20 years old, he was on a flight to Australia and could not communicate properly due to his poor English. However, a young male flight attendant was willing to help him. When they stopped by Indonesia, the flight attendant also went to Jackie’s hotel room to chat. The flight attendant praised Jackie’s strong physique and touched his thighs. Jackie immediately cried, “No!” and pushed the man out the door. The man said, “Just one kiss!” and Jackie said, “No! No! No!”

The Future

Last year, a Jackie Chan museum opened in Shanghai, and another branch is currently under development in Beijing. However, Jackie said he was unable to open a museum in Hong Kong as of yet. “I find that sad. I found fame in Hong Kong first, but I can’t do anything there yet.”

Besides a Jackie Chan Museum, Jackie also wants to open his own studios, hotel, and vacation resort. He wants to create a company that can be convenient for Hong Kong actors to film movies. “There are many beautiful places to film in Hong Kong, and I want to help the local film industry continue to flourish.”

In the next three years, Jackie plans to publish four to five more autobiographies. He also plans to officially publish his movie scripts and screenplays. “I want to send my movie scripts to film museums all around the world. For example, for the Police Story series, I will publish the script in its original format, which includes the dialogue and camera descriptions.”

Source: ihktv.com 

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. little says:

    What utter rubbish….this [email protected] is one hell of an A class [email protected]@#

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  2. kidd says:

    Jackie Chan: Got Old Before Growing Up

    Reading the recent interview articles of his here in jaynestar, I feel that the title of his biography is perfect. His thought process is still of an immature (and irresponsible) man child.

    He acknowledges that he has hurt Etta, but, he still refuses to do anything about it. He’s still avoiding to face his mistake. What more, he turn the sympathy back to himself ‘“Hei, don’t you think I’m miserable too?”

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    • jayne replied:

      Both Jackie’s children, Jaycee and Etta, were the result of unplanned pregnancies. I sense that if Joan Lin had not carried a boy, Jackie may not have married her.

      Joan and Elaine’s personalities are also very different. While Joan is docile and willing to accommodate Jackie in every way, Elaine appears to be very stubborn and headstrong. When she announced to the press that she was pregnant with Jackie’s baby in 1999, her confrontational tactics did not sit well with Jackie. He initially denied the baby until Elaine asked for a DNA test.

      Perhaps Jackie’s poor relations with Elaine has shaped his unwillingness to reach out to Etta.

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      • funnlim replied:


        “Perhaps Jackie’s poor relations with Elaine has shaped his unwillingness to reach out to Etta”

        That’s Jackie in essence. Full of excuses. A responsible man will reach out unless Elaine made it difficult by shutting the door.

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  3. tess says:

    Sad to say this, he is always the hero in movies but he failed as a being a real man in life. Sigh…

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    • kolo replied:

      @tess “he is always the hero in movies but he failed as a being a real man in life”

      lol,you hit the nail on his head. he even have not the guts to face his daughter,i dont know what his problem is to not acknolegde his illegitimate child, its sad but his daughter has to bear the fault that his father have made. if jacky is a real man he should give his daughter the same threatment as his son jacee.

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  4. llwy12 says:

    Jackie Chan needs to just shove it! No more books please, as none of us are interested in reading about your sexcapades, nor are we interested in hearing you ‘brag’ about what a disgusting husband and horrible father you are (and a despicable human being to boot)! Oh and if you ever do open a museum, hotel, or vacation resort, make sure to tell us the name so we never go visit…lol!

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  5. nomad822 says:

    Nodding and agreeing to all commenters on this thread.

    As for title: “Jackie Chan Feels Guilt Towards Illegitimate Daughter” … no sh*t. If he cannot feel anything at all, is he even HUMAN?

    Why is anyone even according him ‘Big Brother’ status like as if his opinions/actions are gold?

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  6. dramas4me says:

    I also agreed with all of you here. If Jackie Chan can be 1% of the man in real life of the roles he played in his movies than he should acknowledge his daughter. Why does he bother saying that he feels guilty if he is not doing anything to make her life better. She is 10 times better off having a regular man as her father than someone like Jackie Chan. He is a terrible father to his son and a lousy husband to his wife.

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