Lau Dan Reveals Yang Mi Hasn’t Stayed in Touch Since Divorce Announcement

Since Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau (劉愷威) announced their divorce last December, many were concerned how their separation would affect their daughter, “Little Sticky Rice”. Raised by Hawick’s grandparents, the four-year-old girl has always been very cheerful and her spirits didn’t seem to be dampened by not seeing her mother recently during the Lunar New Year holidays.

At a promotional event today, Hawick’s father, veteran actor Lau Dan (劉丹), shared that the family had a joyous holiday celebration since Hawick has been in Hong Kong for the last several months. Little Sticky Rice also gave the family a lot of happiness, as she learned how to say a lot of auspicious phrases this year.

Lau Dan said she made friends easily due to her cheerful personality, and attributes this to his wife’s wonderful care of their granddaughter. Lau Dan said, “[My wife] takes Little Sticky Rice to school and picks her up, as well as all the after school activities. Even Little Sticky Rice’s classmates’ parents are impressed by all that grandma does.” Asked if Little Sticky Rice prefers only grandma, Lau Dan said, “When I go home, she likes to be by side. She’s a very happy girl; the teacher calls her ‘Happy Baby’.”

Although the Laus are a tight-knit family, Yang Mi apparently has rarely stayed in touch since the couple’s divorce announcement. Asked if Little Sticky Rice gave her mother Lunar New Year greetings yet, Lau Dan hesitated, “She doesn’t really know how!”  Asked if Yang Mi called to give him New Year greetings, Lau Dan said, “No, not yet.” When prompted if Yang Mi hasn’t been in touch since the new year started, Lau Dan pleaded for the questions to stop, “Let’s not talk about this anymore.”

Since Yang Mi’s separation from Hawick, there were rumors that the actress was interested in fighting for custody over Little Sticky Rice. However, these rumors are likely false. Sighted at airports over the past few weeks, Yang Mi has continued her normally busy work schedule and didn’t get to spend the Lunar New Year holiday with her daughter.


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  1. I’m not criticizing YM, but I guess she’s a type of woman wasn’t born to be a Mom. Got pregnant was just an accident, got married just because she had baby. That’s why their relationship doesn’t work and have to go their separate way. I see a lot of strong career minded women are most likely end up in divorce if they ever get married. I just feel pity for the little kid. She gets everything but her mother’s love & attention.

    1. @joyce There are lots of strong-minded career women who are married and are responsible mothers to their children despite busy schedule. It doesn’t matter what you want to do with your life, you brought that child into the world. I do not condone her action (with regards to her child), which I think is selfish and irresponsible, but parental attachment to a child actually does not happen overnight. It happens when the parent (mom or dad) spends time taking care of their baby. If you outsource that job and have minimal physical contact, then it’s hard to develop that “parental” love. Actually, I feel sorry for her as she’s missing out on some of the best memories of her life. There is something special about watching your child grow.

    2. @joyce But that would mean Hawick isn’t born to be a dad too. He got her pregnant by accident then wasn’t willing to slow down career just as much as her.

      When a relationship wouldn’t work anymore, 1 of the parents have to step out of the child’s life. Either her or Hawick. Looks like she chose to step out.

      Sharing sounds kind of torturing. You know you can’t be there for a kid, but you still fight for their custody, and then you are only able to be good to them for a day, but the next day you’re not so good, then the day after you’re good to them again…that’s just torturing them back and forth you know. If you just give them up entirely and don’t bother them anymore then that’s healthier for them, unless you can be very committed to them.

      1. @davy If Hawick slow down, YM’s fans will critic he leverage on wife’s wealth to survive. If he doesn’t slow down, YM’s fans will critic he is not a good father. Either way also wrong.

        The point is not whether hawick is born to be a dad. He already spends time with daughter. But YM is different. Her money, career, business is more important than her husband and daughter. Hawick should not have married this kind of wife

      2. @lovepeace123 of course you concern about his image above anything else, just like HL himself. Just because he wanted to prove that Yang Mi was not (much) more successful than him, he worked his ass off by taking as many jobs as he could. That’s my friend, an insecure man.

        And FYI Yang Mi doesn’t have a business to run. You should at least check the fact before you write your comment.

      3. @alexa777 senseless argument. I am not proving anything. I am saying YM’s fans will say anything to condemn Hawick no matter what action he takes.

        Never judge and condemn he is insecure man.

        YM has studio. this is itself a business she is running. Don’t you understand?

      4. @lovepeace123 How can you know what yang mi’s fans thinking? You’re only trying to make HL as a victim like usual. He’s the pitiful one. Doesn’t a man in your eyes is much more superior than woman so no need to pity him.

        She doesn’t run a business, once again please check your fact before you write anything.

      5. @alexa777 You seem to be into feminist movement fighting for woman’s right and equality. Ask yourself: Lift up 20kg item by yourself without a man’s help. If you can do it, you can be like man lifting up heavy things and can do by yourself and also sit with legs apart like man. We cannot change the fact that woman’s responsibilities are different from man in a family. A kid will naturally look for mother for comfort and not the father. But if the mother is not always around, then the kid will look for the father.

      6. @lovepeace123
        What’s new in here? This members on this site has always been a feminist movement. So extreme that everytime in a article it mentions a man doing something, members will say why can’t a woman do that?. I once nearly cried with laughter when in an article said that Kevin Cheng wanted to have a boy so he can play tennis with him and a member instantly said Kevin was wrong, why can’t Kevin play tennis with with a daughter?. Kevin criticised because he preferred to play tennis with a boy. If so equal in ability then why will Serena Williams get destroyed if enter the men’s tennis tour.That’s how extreme it is in here. Plenty of women sitting at home on their keyboards, vocally fighting for feminist movement instead of actually going out working to achieve it….

      7. @jimmyszeto but you agree, there is a definite bias here towards women when it comes motherhood. some women are not nurturing people, yet are forced by society (men + women) to be placed in that role. when they move outside the box of what’s deemed acceptable, they get intense backlash & criticism. you don’t get that shame & blame for fathers. even fathers who neglect their kids their whole lives!

        people think feminism is some conspiracy to push men below women. it’s not. it’s about getting women the same rights as men. it benefits men in the long run too. for instance, if the woman is/wants to be the breadwinner, women don’t have a right to look down on men for being stay-at-home parent anymore. it opens the door for both men & women to do what they want, since the benefits for both are now more or less equal. of course, society will always resist change. how they’re perceived by the public is still more or less the same until the rest of society catches up with modernization.

      8. @coralie
        I agree. We should strive for as much equality as possible and less stereotyping but some member here on this site are just all talk and no actions. Before criticising people in articles or member’s comments on petty things such as (why can’t Kevin play tennis with a daughter?), think of Kevin’s preferences of choices. Also go and play some tennis themselves instead of sitting around in the house on the keyboard being a good example of ‘the stereotype’…

      9. @coralie man and woman are different. and they have different thinking. for all I know, most women cannot reason things logically and are indecisive. evidence in this chat grp already.

      10. @lovepeace123 I’m actually really offended by what you just said.

        Fact of the matter is, women are making great strides in the work force and are consistently displacing men in school. More women get their degrees these days than men. And women now comprise something like 30% (or higher) of breadwinners across the U.S.

        I hope you don’t have girls, because if someday you have a daughter, you’re going to think she can’t reason things logically and is indecisive. What an environment to grow up in!

        I gave you the benefit of a doubt in that you just really care for the welfare of Yang Mi’s daughter, which is why you keep insisting that Yang Mi is a bad mother. But nope. Now I see it’s not because you care about Noemie, but because you think so lowly of women in general. I think you believe women should just sit at home and be a homemaker their entire lives. This is why Yang Mi is a bad mother; she can’t be a separate unit from her daughter because that’s not her job! Her job is to stay at home and be a wife. Your rationale speaks for itself.

      11. @coralie
        The giant company in which I work in that generates hundreds of millions of profits a year is actually owned a woman and it was her that turned it from a small number of a shops to the biggest online company in the world in it’s sector. I think the perception of woman are different around the world because each country are at difference stages of male/female equality and some countries totally believing woman to be inferior. Both sexes have strengths and attributes in different areas. I think Yang Mi has already demonstrated that with the success of her career and business in comparison to a lot of her male counterparts….

      12. @jimmyszeto Agreed. There are still many countries where women are seen as inferior to men and are confined to certain roles at home and at work.

        I admit that men and women have their differences and can excel in some aspects more than others. But that doesn’t mean it gives anyone the right to pigeon-hole either gender into a specific role.

        The most important thing is to be open-minded. It’s nobody’s business what these wo/men decide to do with their families & they shouldn’t be judged for it. Yang Mi proves she’s better at being a working mom, so let her be. Her biological processes don’t make her slave to anyone.

      13. @coralie I cared alot about the kid tho you are concluding I despise woman. the daughter I bring up will be super intelligent and i will teach her not to make conclusion based on feelings which many women do. I will teach my daughter not to gossip but to think intellectually and logically.

        Your conclusion about me already show your reasoning power and the way you jump the gun. I never say woman must stay at home and not work. Never did I say that but you conclude this way. Alas!

      14. @lovepeace123 ok everything you just said has annoyed me even further.

        You assume women are overly emotional. I can tell you I’m not an emotional person. And while emotions can be misplaced, there’s always a logical reason behind it. Not everyone can explain their emotions properly leading people to think they’re irrational. But that doesn’t mean there’s no basis for their emotional output.

        You make it sound like men don’t gossip. Let me tell you, sometimes men are more gossipy than women. Just because they don’t have as many opportunities as women do to socialize and spread info, doesn’t mean they’re holier than us.

        Why don’t you think that instead of women taking more time to take care of their kids, that the men can do that job for them? What is the issue with men being stay at home dads and being sole provider of their children? Are you sexist?

        I mean I have pretty much come to my own conclusions about you, so there is no need for you to reply. I will no longer follow up on your responses.

      15. @jimmyszeto hahaha right on! While I love women tennis, they are no where near as taxing as the men counterpart. Serena might be able to kick a few guys, but she must be able to do it over 5hrs, she is at best possibly can only do for 2hrs top. And when you fight a girl, while being a man, it’s just not the same, I’m sure if Kevin wins, he will feel unfair, but if he lost because he gives in to his daughter than it’s not satisfying. There is a lot more than just a scale of equal for man and woman. Hey, I’m using my unbalance scale to get my husband to carry our son instead of me, because he’s stronger and more endurance than poor old me with bad hands and back xD Only ask for equal if u r truly gonna live without a man in your life, and do everything with a woman, see how well that work out for ya 🙂

      16. @lovepeace123 and you seem to be a male chauvinist. So man can do anything they want just because they can lift heavy things???
        Let me ask you do you know that there are so many men in this world who are not reliable? that’s why women cannot totally depend on men. They have to be independent.

      17. @davy Why must Hawick be expected to slow down his career? The court recognises man as breadwinner.

        Secondly, you mean Hawick wasn’t born to dad just because he got YM pregnant? He spends more time with his daughter than YM.

    3. @joyce YM married only because she was pregnant. her daughter is unlikely to be close to her mum. grandma doubles up as her mum as well.

      1. @janet72
        Mothers should make an effort though to spend time with their children just in case they regret it in later life when it is impossible to buy back time and in many cases the children grows distant. Because of this reason,I’ve hinted to my wife who works 50-60 hours a week to change to part time. Though seeing that one child celebrates when hearing that she has gone to work, I’m not sure if having her home more is the solution when she isn’t ‘caring mother’ material….

  2. I don’t think there is a statement in the real article that saying Yang Mi didn’t talked with her daughter in lunar new year holiday.

    Quote : ((Asked if Yang Mi called to give her New Year greetings, Lau Dan said, “No, not yet.”))

    It should be the reporter asked if Yang Mi called him (Lau Dan) and give him new year greetings.

    I’m glad that Noemie is a “happy baby”

  3. I empathize her. I can see how difficult it is to put down the empire that you built for an accident. I guess at the minimum she has passed down her bloodline .

  4. I don’t believe in one-sided comments. Has anyone heard Ysng Mi ssid she gas not contacted her daughter? The couple has divorced so why does everyone think that Yang Mi must contact her EX INLAWS? Haven’t you read that her EX MOTHER IN LAW was a pain? Thst’s why Lau Dan emphasied that she is a great grandma! Isn’t this hus stragegy to make Yang Mi look bad? What nonsense to say it is better for the child to be without her mother in her life! Are you serious?

    1. @stars1
      Yang Mi’s side has never said anything. Those HK reporters really need to stop asking those questions, they can focus on LD’s activities rather than asking about Yang Mi

  5. Was this article translated wrongly or I misunderstood the original article (in Chinese)?

    In the Chinese article that I read, the reporter asked LD if Yang Mi gave him a call for the Lunar New Year. And I was like “why should she give him a greeting, she and his son divorced” – those reporters really need to stop asking LD about Yang Mi. Maybe this is the only source because up until now Yang Mi’s side has never said anything, but the reporters need to stop, please

    1. @snowy I personally think it’s translated wrongly.

      Yup, just because Yang Mi never defends herself, they think they can write anything they want. And then people will believe and make their own assumptions eventho they know nothing.

      1. @alexa777
        Yang Mi has never said anything. Recently I notice that in her interview, the reporters/interviewers have not even mentioned the divorce/ex-husband/ex-in law, maybe she has refused those questions or there has been some arrangements (to not talk about those sensitive issues) before the interview.

        I suggest HK media should do the same

      2. @snowy lol, Why would hk media do the same? For YM’s interview, she has the upper hand of negotiation, therefore she can enforce the “if you ask these questions, we will stop the interview/you won’t be able to air the interview because of our contract”. Whereas HK media interview LD, they can say whatever they like about YM and she has no power over them.

      3. @littlefish Whatever they like huh? Wow. I never respect HK media and this is one of the reasons. It’s obvious that HK media don’t know how to respect people. Chinese media has better manners in this matter. Korean media has the best manners I think.

        Just because Yang Mi never gives any comments about her ex in laws, it doesn’t mean that they are perfect. Just saying.

      4. @alexa777 it’s not hk or China media, it’s whatever sell. You’d be naive to think the media has much integrity to it, and if YM gives a rat a$$ about hk media, why should they have any incentive to treat her better? China media would do the same to YM if it wasn’t for the fact they don’t want to ruin the relationship, in case she wants to do exclusively interviews with them.

      5. @littlefish I just state the facts. With all the unreliable tabloids in HK, it really show how they work. HK media is one of the worst media in the world. Chinese media at least still know how to respect the privacy of their artists whatever their reasons are. I don’t see that kind of aspect with HK media. Yang Mi for all I know never give exclusive interviews except for a talk show and no before you make assumption, she didn’t use it to talk highly about herself which FYI she never does. She’s just doing interviews to promote her works. The interview mostly benefits her works not her or the media. For what the media want to be nice to her? You said it’s because they want her to be on their good side. That’s just another assumption of yours. It’s Yang Mi who needs them more not vice versa.

      6. @littlefish
        I also believe that HK media just wants to dtir-up things and creste unneccesary gossip. Why haven’t they asked Hawick sbout his side id things? Having an affair yet media don’t want to hound him about it? Everyone is saying Yang Mi is irrespondible! What sbout Hawick? He wrecked his marriage. What is thete to stop him from taking the child to be with his mum more iften if she has a tight work schedule? I afmire Yamg Mi fir hold up well to all the one-sided allegations and sincerely wish her well.

      7. @stars1 if you read articles, there are news YM started affair first as early as 2015 with Li Yifeng. And Hawick Lau went to their filming site to catch them.

        Is YM already married to Li Yifeng on 29 Jan 2019?

  6. I pity the grandparents, some kids will choose to return to their mothers once they grow up. The grandparents did the hard parenting job when the child was young and the mother just enjoys it when the child is all grown up. Not saying that this will happen in this case of course.

    1. @prettysup1 I wouldn’t worry, lot of kids know where the love is, unless they are forced to go back to their parents, I was sadly the case 🙁 in the case of forceful removal from grandparents, it’s truly sad 🙁 if you get the choice, I think many kids possibly would stay with their grandparents, what would happen though is the grandparents know they don’t have the physical strength to raise the kids and so they encourage the kids to go back to their parents 🙁 and in this case, the kids wouldn’t get that the grandparents still love them and want them just as much as before but couldn’t show in order to help the kids return to their parents. Either way, it’s indeed sad for the grandparents, however, such kids tend to be quite rounded and good 🙂

      1. @littlefish
        If the mother cannot give the child the ‘caring, love’ feeling, she wouldn’t be able to give that even if she was next to the child 24/7. I spent most of my childhood years with my grandparents and it brings great memories…

    2. @prettysup1
      Hope you have tead that the grandma was a diva and treated Yang Mi poorly. Hence she didn’t want to luve with them. Hawick is the lousy loser. He could have bought a place for his wife and daughter to stay together. Surely they can afford a maid to take care of chores and mind the child when parents are working and grandparents can help when needed. Instead Hawick bought his parents a house snd placed the child in their total care. So now when things turn sour, Yang Mi gets all the blame!

      1. @stars1 that report could totally be fabricated for all we know. If it was such a problem, I’m sure YM would just take her daughter to her own parents but she didn’t?? And let some random maid take care of your own child will never fly with any grandparents, especially when they are in the same city.

      2. @littlefish yeah for you eveything can be fabricated except for the negative news about Yang Mi. It show how biased you are. You are here to defend LD family all the way. Sometimes the reason is it’s because HL gets bullied by Yang Mi’s fans (who are greater in numbers, but Yang Mi’s fans are not all bully. And not all HL’s fans are kind and reasonable).

        And I just want to ask you what kind of reason that is.

      3. @alexa777 im biased for LD’s family just like you guys are biased for YM, no different really. I don’t believe everything they said about YM or about LD’s family, however, I believe in time, things will be clearer. I’m more vocal for LD’s wife is because she’s practically a nobody to the media, but she’s the one (in the same article that said she has bad relationship with YM and do all the bad things to YM at home) that take care of the little girl. I wouldn’t even bother reply but saw how that person only quoted one side of the article, n not the other where LD said his wife basically does everything for little Noemie and beyond, LD doesn’t even take credit of taking care of Noemie, for him, it’s all his wife. She doesn’t go on the press like YM, doesn’t defend herself, however, for YM, her fans will defend her, but not LD’s wife, who has no fans. So it’s quite harsh to blame the fall of their marriage on LD’s wife. And for YM, you will have article one day says how bad she is at this and at that and the next day, how good she is at this and at that. All PR works and selling papers, meanwhile, LD’s wife would not have any news on her, while being at the end of all these hatred for no real good reasons. You don’t know what’s really going on in their household, so to jump on it at the chance of any news (that could be fabricated) is like I said harsh!

        You think I defend their family because I’m their fan? More of the fact, I want to provide the other PoV.

      4. @littlefish You are wrong if you think that PR works for Yang Mi. You think whenever there is a bad news about Yang Mi, jaywalk does anything to fix it, you’re absolutely wrong. Jaywalk and their PR almost never does anything about it except if it concerns themselves. And Yang Mi has stopped explaining about anything since a long time ago because she said everybody would believe everything they wanted to believe. Like you. And I know you will now blame Yang Mi for not showing off how she loves her daughter by taking a picture with her and post it on weibo or by sharing she was on vacation with her daughter and they were having sooooooo much fun with selfies of them smiling so bright. Just because she doesn’t share it, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her daughter. Just because people need the proof (seeing is believing) it doesn’t mean she should do it.

        And yeah you will also blame her PR for not doing their job properly, and thinking it’s only fair for you and the others to blame her for everything just because of that.

        I also believe time will answer everything. Now we can’t prove anything. Because we are not there. I will not say that everything I believe is the only possible truth. But I don’t believe for one second that she doesn’t love her daughter or abandon her daughter like a stranger.

        What I was trying to do here was clarifying that the article was wrongly translated. And it’s not fair for yang mi. Even in a trial you will hear two sides of a story, not only one side. And now have you ever read anything from yang mi’s side? No right?

        I will not say that Yang Mi is the best mother in the world. She could do better, I admit. But then some people here always defend LD’s family as if they know them really well and the family is so perfect that cannot be blamed for even 1 thing. LD’s wife could not possibly be a bad mother in law because she’s too perfect for that. She’s taking care of noemie so she can’t be blamed for anything. There is also a possibility that the news was true and she actually treated Yang Mi badly. Who knows. Once again who knows.

      5. @littlefish
        I’m not commenting about Yang Mi’s relationship with her ex-mother-in-law. I just wanna say in reality, being a good grandma does not contradict with being a harsh mother-in-law. A really great grandma can be a not so great mother-in-law

      6. @snowy I also don’t want to give a comment about that. But you are definitely right there is no correlation between being a good grandma and a good mother in law.

      7. @lovepeace123 yeah because a woman can’t be a career woman but men can do anything they want.

        How can you know she puts career above her daughter? You are her sister? Her mom?

      8. @alexa777
        Lovepeace123 is Hawick’s fan and she is really traditional. I had this argument about what role male/female should have after marriage a few articles back. So yeah!

      9. @snowy Don;t advocate the right to spend little time with family and claim it to be right and modern. Family is important.

        You try spending 37 days with your kid and live apart from your hubby for 5 years. See if your hubby will scream and file for divorce and see if your in-laws will nag. It’s basic fundamental of family life and you call it traditional?

        Not spending family time and spending all the time on career is modern? It is the route to family breakdown. If not ready for marriage and family responsibilities, then don’t have sex before marriage which makes people marry for the sake of preganncy.

        People who want to get married must know the demands of raising kids and caring for husband. You don’t just give birth and dump the kid with someone else and do whatever you like. Raising kids require personal sacrifices and maturity. If not ready for this responsibility, don’t get married.

        Not spending time with kids and discharging responsibility to others is modern? Kids require hugs, kisses personal touch and attention. If cannot do it, don’t have kids

      10. @lovepeace123 and you base your opinion on rumours. Even you quote a youtube video as your source of news. Maybe the ones which use google translate and a digital voice reading the news in a monotone voice and you call it a reliable source. That’s ridiculous.

        How about HL, didn’t he do the same at the beginning? Don’t tell me now he has changed. Coz that was not the reason, deep down in your heart you know it eventhough you will not admit it.

        Why couldn’t HL who moved in with her? Yang Mi had much more successful career and HL knew how much she loved the job. But then HL chose not to do that.

        He could also visited more but then he was also too busy catching his own career. So don’t blame everything to Yang Mi as if HL never did anything selfish or wrong.

        As for yang mi. I’m sure she’s fulfilled her duty as a mother. Maybe not as perfect as you want her to be but well it’s not as bad as you think also.

        And why didn’t HL who visited her more in china with their daughter? Why does it has to be Yang Mi who does everything?

      11. @alexa777
        This is silly asking Hawick to bring the daughter to visit Yang Mi more often and criticising him for not doing so. Let’s carry a baby into China so the mother can complete her parent duties haha. Hawick at least provided loving grandparents for the child which means the child is having a loving childhood.

      12. @jimmyszeto Correct Jimmy. Feminist movement will go all out to say why can’t man do it and why must be woman. They don’t see the importance of staying connected with family for family health.

      13. @jimmyszeto lol, that’s the best comment you made yet! “Let’s carry a baby into China so the mother can complete her parent duties haha.” – 1000 stars lol

      14. @alexa777 if you want to keep your marriage, you have to work it out.

        You concentrate on your career and become successful and neglect your kid, see if your hubby and in-laws will yell at you.

        Aren’t you believing in news on Hawick based on videos and rumors and articles? You harp on his affair and believe totally and insist it is true.But there are news YM had affair with Li Yifeng in 2015, 1 year before news about Hawick having affair. For this, you will choose not to believe because you need to protect YM. right?

        You choose to believe in news if it concerns Hawick. But you will choose not to believe in news on YM if it’s not to her favor.

      15. @lovepeace123 i agree that we have to work it out but not one sided.

        Do I ever condemn HL on his affair? Never.

        But do I believe that he had something to do with WO at that time. Yes I do. Like I say seeing is believing. And it’s too obvious. Don’t tell me that you believe that HL only spent the night with WO in a hotel room to discuss the script for 4 hours. Dicussing scripts is usually done in the filming site before filming the scene. Or when all of the actors and the filming crew have a table read together.

        As for YM, do you just believe it just because it’s YM?

        I choose to believe in the news that are reliable. Youtube is never one.

      16. @lovepeace123 can I ask where you live? i think your views reflect the environment you live in.

        can we all just agree that yang mi is ‘wrong’ for lack of a better word, for not spending more time with her daughter. similarly, hawick is ‘wrong’ for doing the same. they’re both ‘wrong’ for being neglectful.

        in that case, since both parents are absent, noemie’s better taken care of with her grandparents. the end.

      17. @lovepeace123 You are definitely trolling. You don’t address any of the things I’ve said about you. You avoid answering anything regarding what’s said about equality. You have not demonstrated a love for womenkind. Instead, you keep pressing your agenda, which is that women should stay at home. REAL love & support for women includes tolerance and acceptance for women to be who they want to be.

        And your words are starting to really show your colors. You keep insisting that if women love their husbands (which btw, works both ways. If a husband loves his wife, he will also make sacrifices for her), she will stay at home and take care of the family. What in the world compels you to think that love is about staying at home and taking care of the family? Love can also be going out, making money and bringing in income for the family. That’s what men have been doing to “show love” for centuries. You keep bringing these antiquated ideas about women and their roles, which is fine if that’s what a woman wants to do, but you criticize and demean YM for not filling in that position.

        Ideally, it’s best if mothers take care of their children themselves, but if they choose not to, because they’re not nurturing, sticking their children with them is only causing real damage and misery between the two. That’s NOT in any way healthy for the kids. Just like how it’s not healthy for kids to be stuck with unhappy parents who refuse to divorce. Rather than make the child go through that, why not allow the child to just be taken care of by people who actually love her?

      18. @coralie
        Tbh I think both are trolling to try to make this site unattractive for us to use. Hence they are both posting 5-10 posts at a time instead of just 1. it won’t affect some of us because there are so many articles. They can’t dominate them all…

      19. @jimmyszeto yeah i’m going to avoid certain users going forward on these topics. i already know they’re going to say, “mom should be moms. stay at home. do the babywork. your biology dictates what your role should be,” etc.

      20. @coralie
        Yeh. Repeating the same thing over and over then ignoring the points of other members to suit them are their tactics. It’s spamming but in a slightly smarter way than copy and paste…

      21. @coralie whatever you said about me are either accusations or assumptions. Why waste time to address it?

        Never did I say mother should give up their career……..I say mothers should make time… I say YM can reduce her filming assignments for her kid . You are just putting words into my mouth and assuming things down my throat.

      22. @lovepeace123 yeah, she has a succesful career. Are you jealous for HL coz he doesn’t have as many projects as Yang Mi? What do you think if he also has that many offers?

        Let me ask you something, so if a man visit his family once a month because of his busy career (like HL before, you are his fan. I’m sure I don’t have to say what year that I am talking about. He was so busy that time right? Even busier than Yang Mi) will you complain and say how bad he is as a husband and a father? Hmm, I guess not.

      23. @alexa777 For hawick to visit family once a month is still better than YM spending 37 days in 5 years.

        You don’t get it, A kid reach out to mother more than father. It’s a kid’s natural way. You are fighting for woman’s rights but not everything is man’s fault. Woman can be at fault.

        The way you put it is as though YM need not spend time with kid and Hawick should do the job instead of YM. It’s advocating woman need not take care of kid. Only man need to do that. So you think woman just give birth and leave the kid to grow up by herself and the mother can disappear and need not take care of the kid? And only man must take care? Why don’t you say woman need not give birth. Let the man give birth.

      24. @lovepeace123 yeah of course for you it would still better for HL even if he visited her daughter only once a month. It’s so typical. Men can do anything they want but women can’t.

        and the way you put it is as though Yang Mi has to put her career down just because she’s a woman and give up everything for the family and HL can continue his career and come home anytime he wants. Yang Mi just needs to be grateful and cannot do anything else eventhough she has a much more successful career to begin with.

        nothing is a natural way. A kid will reach out to anyone she/he feel close with.

        Noemie doesn’t grow by herself. She has her mother’s love and her father’s love. And didn’t you read she has grown to this happy little girl. I know you will say no thanks to Yang Mi. But Yang Mi is actually there for her daughter more than you think. Maybe not always in person 24/7 but she’s there. Could she do better? Yes of course.

      25. @alexa777 Noemie is happy because Hawick provided a loving home for her. Hawick’s own mum is fulfilling the vacant role of mum which should rightfully be done by YM. Because YM cannot visit once a mth to spend time with the kid, the kid’s grandma provides her with motherly love (Substitute as kid’s mum)

        You still don’t get it and keep saying why can’t Hawick do this and that and why must be YM. If YM makes effort to visit the kid once a mth, I will not say anything. But she gives leftover time to the kid – which means only if she has time. She can reduce her talk show and use for the kid. But she chooses to attend talk shows.

        At least Hawick visits once a mth. YM doesn’t. I know your reply is why YM must do that and why she cannot have her career and childcare can be done by Hawick. So you believe woman just give birth and dump the kid and be absent 95% of the time. If have time, then visit the kid? If I were the kid, i won’t respect this kind of mum

        I didn’t say YM has to put her career down. I say she can reduce her talk shows and filming assignments so that she has time for the kid but she refused. To her, career is above all else at family’s expense. It is obvious.

      26. @lovepeace123 how can you know that Yang Mi doesn’t visit Noemie for at least once a month? She’s always secretive about her private matters. Why do you make assumptions when you don’t even know for sure?

        I only gave you a question. And you avoided to answer it. You will defend HL no matter what. And now you say it’s okay for Yang Mi to visit Noemie once a month. I’m sure that’s not what’s in your mind all this time.

        If she arranges her schedule and makes sure that she has time for her daughter then it’s not a leftover time. Sigh, you know nothing yet you speak like you know everything.

        Who said that Yang Mi prefers to go to talkshow than to visit her daughter. First of all do you know how many talk shows in china? Almost none. She only attended this one talk show this year. It’s a new talk show. And there was maybe only 1 or 2 talk shows before.

        Most of the time you say something without checking the facts. It’s obvious that you know nothing about her. Why do you judge her then? You know nothing about her studio (she doesn’t have a business to run let me say that again) and you obviously know nothing about c-ent.

        HL obviously could do more. He just chose not to. And you still blame everything to Yang Mi.

      27. @alexa777 Correction : Yang Mi only attended 1 talkshow last year (it’s on december). And it’s to promote her movie Baby. This is a real talkshow not just a regular interview. And she also took a series of inteviews to promote Legend of Fuyao last year and it’s done in 1 day (she’s wearing the same outfit for all of those). As for the rest of it she usually participates in some short interviews as part of being the magazine covers. The photoshoots usually take no more than 1 or 2 days.

      28. @alexa777 Sure? She doesnt attend just 1 talk show. Even if it’s 1 or 2 days, these could have been reserved for the kid ; she still cannot forgo these talk shows; haven’t seen her as mother who can make sacrifice for the kid

        Haa. I know you will say why must be from a woman and not from a man. Why can’t a man do that and it must be woman…

      29. @lovepeace123 of course I’m sure. Why did you even ask me that? Of course I know it more than you. You want to prove something to me?

        She did a talkshow to promote her works. Why are you being unreasonable now? Saying that she should reserve these two days for the kid. She has reserved her time for her daughter outside those days so why can’t she do her job?

        You always speak like you know her so well. But you don’t.

        No need to imitiate how I mock you because this has nothing to do with HL.

        In this matter I will not say that man can do it why woman can’t. This is about a talkshow for a goodness sake.

        So how about HL? Will you be mad at him if he attends a talkshow when he actually can spend it with his daughter?

      30. @alexa777 I always find that woman must moderate their time on career. It cannot be at expense of family. Hawick is family man and bothers to bring the kid for outing, to school, excursion. YM’s mind is on career, filming. In one of the talk shows, she sounded agitated with call from Hawick during talk show and kept saying she is filming. She didn’t sound interested even talking to her hubby.

        Have you heard of Venus Vs Mars? It says woman and man are not the same. If same, should be unisex with no male nor female. You give impression that you don’t like being a woman. That’s why you are always questioning why can’t man stay at home, why must be woman..and bla bla bla…

      31. @alexa777 If a person cannot fulfil things, she will keep secret because she has no time to spend with kid, and so cannot reveal her time with the kid openly. YM has to keep quiet, else kena bombarded by press even more.

      32. @lovepeace123 You always rush to judgement when it comes to Yang Mi. Nothing new.

        How do you know she has no time for her daughter? You are not her manager. And does she have to report to you when she’s coming to HK to make you satisfied?


      33. @lovepeace123
        What’s the rules in China? Does Yang Mi’s ex-husband have rights to take a portion of Yang Mi’s fortune? Their money ratio must be 1000:1 in favour of Yang Mi…..

      34. @lovepeace123
        The feminist movement is getting outright dangerous if the leader wants old grandparents to take baby across the border to China to visit the mother twice a month rather than the mother come to Hong Kong to visit her child….

      35. @jimmyszeto old grandparents to bring kid cross the border freq is illogical. They can do it now and then but not twice a month cross border. Illogical expectation. If bring cross border, does it mean YM will look after the kid? still the HK grand parents will have to look after the kid in China.

      36. @lovepeace123 where did you read that news? Youtube again? If it’s true I don’t think it means jaywalk is in trouble. If it’s really in trouble then the media will keep writing about this.

        And what does it have anything to do with this? You’re out of topic right? Jaywalk is not her business to run. Please check your facts again.

      37. @alexa777 Biased and judgemental and always assuming i read from youtube. Pls have open mind.

        You still don’t understand YM has a company and she is doing business. You keep insisting she has no company. She has staff and receive projects in media industry. I didn’t say Jaywalk is her business (putting words into my mouth). YM owns a studio.

      38. @lovepeace123 now you make things up. Even the news article didn’t state that Yang Mi only visited Noemie 37 days in 5 years. It’s 37 days in 3 years. Once again, please check your fact before you write anything!

        Or maybe you change the number so HL won’t look as bad.

        The what’s so called shocking news (Yang Mi only visited her daughter 37 days in 3 years) was posted by a marketing number based on what an antifan wrote. A netizen. It didn’t even made any impacts on weibo. Yang Mi was not even asked to clarify about this. And it’s not even trending. Yes HK media wrote about this because that’s what they do, trying to find something controversial enough in the middle of Yang Mi’s divorce news.

      39. @alexa777 whether it’s 3 or 5 years, still spending 37 days is unacceptable for a mother. it shows lack of responsibility and reliability.

        Your reasoning is kiddish and adding spices here and there. How old are you? From the way you reply, i think you are still in secondary or high school?

      40. u@lovepeace123 oh now you said that 37 days in 3 years is wrong but now when HL is the one who does it? My reason is not kiddish. You’re angry because I pointed that you made up news just to make HL looked better and I touched your nerve because how true it was. If you didn’t do it will I have a reason to say that. Just admit that you’re wrong when you are. No need to say that I’m kiddish. Even if I’m in high school, it’s none of your business

      41. Sorry for the typo, let me write it again because I cannot edit my post above.

        Oh now you said that 37 days in 3 years is wrong but it’s not the case if HL is the one who does it? When will you learn to be fair? Or admit your mistake when you have done something wrong. You made up the news. 3 days and 5 days are totally different. Am I wrong?

      42. @alexa777 fyi I am not angry. i am amazed how woman like you can reply this way. Why should I allow your words to touch my nerves. In fact, you are unhappy because you want to challenge why taking care of kid must be woman’s responsibility.

        Hey, an innocent baby/kid – give birth and don’t want to nurture, teach and care for the kid? Just spend snapshot time here and there. Mother is very important in a family. The mother hold family together. A mother who cannot do that will bring family to breakdown.

      43. @lovepeace123 yet acceptable for a father? Geez. Men can have no responsibilities regarding their kids, as long as he provides for the family, is that what you mean?

      44. @alexa777
        Your experience with men can’t have been too pleasant. I do give my heartfelt sympathy towards how you feel because our experiences does affect our opinions and feelings on certain topics….

      45. @alexa777 I already say Hawick does spend time with kid. bring her to school, etc. YM – sigh…I dislike mothers who don’t fulfil responsibility of mother and discharge motherhood to others.

      46. @lovepeace123 people who don’t have kids don’t get that it’s natural that the mother will always have a more important role than the dad. Many articles cited that dad’s love and care is just as important to show that side should not be neglected, but the dad does not have the boobies! And when kids are like less than 2, the thing that comfort them the most is the Boobies lol! So feminist aside, mother will be a lot more important full stop, that’s how nature intend it! Disregard of your believes that everything should be equal! Like you can argue black and blue but woman, keeping everything equal, will never be stronger than man physically, because that’s how we evolved, nature has intended that way!

        (Not sure if I’m clear, but I’m with you on this: “You don’t get it, A kid reach out to mother more than father. It’s a kid’s natural way. You are fighting for woman’s rights but not everything is man’s fault. Woman can be at fault.”)

      47. @littlefish I don’t understand some people in this group. The kid needs motherly love.

        Also, i never say everything should be equal; the group believes, that’s why they always challenge why can’t a man take care of kid and why must be woman.

        If a woman loves a man, she will do things for the man. YM may not love Hawick enough. I see Aimee Chan, Michael Mui’s wife, Linda Chung, they sacrifice for their kids. I think they are noble and happily married.

      48. @lovepeace123 some woman just can’t love, or their notion of love is very different from the norm :/ who knows, we just have to wait and see what she does with her second child lol. Could be just like what many people said it was a mistake, and she might feel regret having the baby and waste her time and don’t want to bother. Or she is just incapable of love, my mom could go on for years without contacting me, and when I finally live with her, it’s the worst years in my life. (Mom thinks she love me, but her ways isn’t love, not even close). Soooo this could be a blessing really lol.

        And I agree many is so tie up with being equal, n don’t want to sacrifice. Once you start weighing everything, it’s not a partnership anymore, it’s a win lose game, no real winner in such game n that’s not what marriage is about.

      49. @lovepeace123
        So you admit that The In-law (ex) was not happy when Yang Mi worked hard and achieved successfully, they wanted Yang Mi to slow down to take care of the family, so their son could focus on his career? (Their son worked like crazy before the scandal in 2016).

        They are really traditonal, so there might be some truth in the article which stated how The In-law treated Yang Mi at home (not so great). I did not think it this way before but now after reading your comment, I think like this

      50. @snowy YM hardly spend time with the daughter. This is alr wrong for a mum and obviously, the in-laws are unhappy with a daughter in law who cannot fulfil her duty as wife and mother. It’s not wrong

        Why dont you live apart from yr hubby for 5 years and only spend 37 days with yr kids. See if yr in-laws will like it. You try doing that for yourself.

      51. @snowy I never admit that in-laws are unhappy when YM worked hard and achieved success. I say in-laws are unhappy because YM doesn’t spend time with her husband and kid.

      52. @snowy it is true that a really great grandma can be a terrible mother in law, however, the way the poster who mentioned it was basically blame the fall of the marriage on the grandma, where I think any strong marriage would solve that by either move out of the in law and take the child with them.

        @alexa777 i don’t blame her for keeping it private, I had emphasised many times that she could however do it to relieve some pressure on her part and actually enjoy life instead of worrying this and that. Her choice to not do it, but her fans then need to accept that why she’s being misunderstood.

      53. @lovepeace123 yea, it’s one of those where one can mean well, but if the other sees it in the negative way, then it’s nasty. No one knows for sure, and even if you are inside, unless you are there hearing every conversations they have with each other or/and knowing their personalities well, you will never get the right story (I know I have my mother and paternal grandmother to thank for that, I was also raised by grandparents and they never uttered a bad word about my mom when I was little, only when I grew up and talked to them when I’m like 20+). And that’s why I don’t jump into believe that report, because those are always hazy and unclear unless like what I said before.

      54. @littlefish
        The problem with a divorced couple is that the child’s relationship with 1 parent will definitely be closer than the other. One will have to take the short straw. Usually this is the dad but Yang Mi in this case might want to save her love for her next child in next marriage…

      55. @littlefish and sometimes the case is that the young generation wants to do something their own way because of their better view of the world but then the elders think that they are arrogant. Like all the superstitious things, need we do it? Like you cannot walk too much when you’re pregnant because it will harm the kid. That is an example of an old view that has been proven to be wrong. Why should young generation do that just because they want to please their in laws.

      56. @alexa777 and that’s why I don’t give in to the news that HL’s mother is bad on YM? Because we don’t know exactly what they are talking about, it could be like you said, and in that case, she’s old and traditions, but surely not a diva? And YM’s discord with the in law is therefore justified, so why even bringing this in when we don’t know exactly what went on but to smear HL’s mother and put the fault on her why YM couldn’t be with Noemie or how her marriage might fail due to the mother in law. That has always been my point since the beginning, stop losing focus lol

      57. @littlefish that’s what I’ve been trying to say as well. And I’m definitely not losing focus. You tried to present one sided opinion I gave you the other side.

        We don’t know what actually happened. I think I said this more than you. Did I ever say anything bad about LD’s wife? Did I ever accuse her of anything? How about you? Accusing all sort of things to Yang Mi just to defend them. Who is unfair here?

      58. @alexa777 Not blame. The kid needs a mother but this mother is always away and not around for the kids’ needs. In the end, it’s not good for the kid. Pls be objective in your views

      59. @lovepeace123 oh really? You are not blaming everything to Yang Mi. Really? Really?

        Hmmmm.. really? So you blame it on HL? Sorry I’m confused.

        Are you objective? I never say I’m objective. I said that I might be wrong.

        Please be objective in your views

      60. @alexa777 Looking at your reply to me below shows you argue without proper reasoning. Don’t put words into my mouth.

        “oh really? You are not blaming everything to Yang Mi. Really? Really?

        Hmmmm.. really? So you blame it on HL? Sorry I’m confused.

        Are you objective? I never say I’m objective. I said that I might be wrong.

        Please be objective in your views”

      61. @stars1 When taking care of kid, you cannot outsource motherhood responsibility to a maid. Then the maid is allowed to breastfeed the kid? For a kid to be taken care of by own people is better than by a maid. My friend outsource own kid to maid and lost the kid due to accident. Maid will not be extra careful in guiding the kid; only own people will give diligent care..

  7. She will regret when the kid grows up and ignore her when she’s old, but then she is rich, can get married again and have some more kids

  8. Wow, Yang Mi’s topics are always entertaining reading all the comments =))))

    I just feel kinda uneasy when HK media always asks LD about Yang Mi. They have divorced already. Why bother LD with all questions about Yang Mi?, and why LD has to answer? He could refuse the questions if he does not want to answer.

    I really think HK media should stop digging this topic and LD should firmly refuse to talk if he does not want to.

    1. @mie2101
      Because Yang Mi is sooooo popular, topics of Yang Mi always get more view. If HL married/divorced a not so popular actress (or non-celebrity) then the situation (after the divorce) would not be like this

      1. @alexa777 replying to you is like replying to a stone. You are into feminist movement and not wanting to view objectively. As long as the party is a man, you will blame everything on the man and protect the woman.

        Not every marriage breakdown is due to man. Woman can be at fault.

        Doesn’t matter which award. He still receive awards. YM’s award is prestigious? Also same same. Just because you are YM’s fans and don’t like Hawick, you condemn him in everything and every aspect of him.

        Everyone promotes YM as though she is so fantastically good. I have watched her drama and find her so-so. Fans like a pretty face so she became popular. But she also went for plastic surgery to correct her nose and jaw. As long as one went for plastic surgery before, it’s not natural beauty already.

      2. @lovepeace123 talking to you is like talking to the wall also. Because you blame everything to women because you think men are more superior.

        Not every marriage breakdown is due to woman. Man can be at fault too.

        Of course it makes a total difference what kind of awards that he receives. YM also receives many awards. But I have never said that Yang Mi has won prestigious awards.

        Also same same. Just because you are HL’s fans and don’t like Yang Mi, you condemn her in everything and every aspect of her. I only react because you started condeming her in the first place. Was I wrong when I said HL’s career has taken a dive and honestly he never had a very successful one but you couldn’t accept it because in your eyes HL is beyond everything and so superb in everything.

        Wait. Now you also don’t want to admit that HL also went for plastic surgery as well?

      3. @alexa777 I am not blaming woman. I am being fair and objective. I myself am a woman and I know about human relationships. It is wrong for YM to be absent most of the time.

        why don’t you be absent from your own kid and husband and do what you like, live in other countries. experiment it for yourself. Will your hubby yell and then ask for divorce because he no longer have feelings for you after so much distance away and your kid will drift away from you. Try it and you will know where I am coming from.

      4. @lovepeace123
        Forgive my language. Being fair and objective my as*! It’s far from it. You only have 1 purpose, to defend HL no matter what. For you he’s a god, and he can’t do no wrong.

        it’s also wrong for HL for not doing his part better. Or to break his promise to take care of Yang Mi during her pregnancy by working in so many projects. That’s what annoyed me the most about him. A man who can’t keep his own promise.

        Why can’t the husband move to the same country as me? Why does it have to be the women who give up everything?

      5. @alexa777 your reply is why can’t a man listen and follow you. why must be you, a woman. There is no end in your thinking. It lingers on in this way forever. so no point to reply to you as it’s merry-go-round circus.

        So it’s always same pattern from your end: why can’t a man spend time with kid and why must be the woman, so a woman can be absent from family.. So a woman can be absent from home because it’s modern world?

      6. @lovepeace123 yeah, why does it have to be a woman that sacrifice everything and give up everything for a man? Is there a rule for that?

        I really think a merry go around is so fun. You get to see beautiful scenery around the city. Too bad if I ask you to ride with me, you would make it stuck with your old fashioned (out dated) view that women should only stay at home. Waiting for her husbands to do the “heavy” stuffs. You would probably say that it’s okay if the house is so dark because we have to wait for our husband to change the bulb. It’s men’s job, women cannot interfere with it, it’s against their nature.

        No, I have always stated in my part that Yang Mi could do better. But you, oh my HL won so many acting awards and he’s so successful even without Yang Mi (too bad those are not the facts). Why are you so proud of him? Don’t you want to admit that he’s not perfect, he also makes mistakes.

        And you also go for the same patterns. A man can do anything they want but a woman can’t. And it always goes back to that. It’s like running in the loop.

        What do you think it’s better to ride a merry go around with nice views around the city? Or running in the loop that makes you tired?

      7. @alexa777
        If you are an aggressive fighter of women’s rights then that’s fair enough but if you’re asking why the grandparents can’t carry the daughter to China to visit Yang Mi at her film set then you are just a troll. I’m my mind you are just a troll who is trying to cause trouble here….

      8. @alexa777 Hawick brings his kid to school, go shopping, playground, picnic. In what way Hawick never do his part?

        Hawick bought food for YM when she was craving durng pregnancy.

        Here again, always saying why can’t a man follow the wife and why must be the woman to follow. Sigh… still same argument…

    2. @mie2101 I agree that LD needs to stop answering so that they don’t get the hate from YM’s fans and their words being twisted out of context, it’s not nice for Noemie to be torn further between her grandparents and mother with the meddling of the media

      1. @littlefish I agree that he should stop answering questions about yang mi. He always gives ambiguous answers about his son (I don’t know what he’s doing, I don’t know what his plans are, yeah he knows nothing about his son) like he is afraid that he would make his son looks bad but then he gives “straightforward” answers about his ex-son-in-law. I’m sure he keeps some answer to himself because maybe if he praises Yang Mi, he also needs to praise his son more so his son will not lose to her. Like when he said that Yang Mi and her daughter had video call sessions frequently he also didn’t forget to add that HL also did that when he’s not in HK.

      2. @alexa777
        Ah yes. I also see that LD always involves his son in his replies to the media – but it seems like not that much people care – though noone asks. But I understand his action, after all Hawick is his son. But I really hope next time HK media focus on LD, his work and his family and let Yang Mi stay out of this (LD should stop respond to those Yang Mi related question too), I’m seriously tired of reading all the news of Yang Mi from unrelated people

      3. @littlefish
        As long as No Yang Mi in the interview, Yang Mi’s fans will never care. If HK media and LD did not start this, fans of Yang Mi would not need to speak up. So yeah, let hope that there’s no news of Yang Mi on LD’s interview next time.

      4. @snowy lol I wonder how you guys would react when Jaynestar post the latest rumour about how YM dump her rumour bf when he got burned. I don’t believe it but hey, her fans already look to be riled up by such articles. The fact that you guys get so work up gives news outlet opportunities for click baits 🙂

      5. @littlefish I knew this rumour. This is what her antifans often share about. The truth is I will not defend her before I have checked and double checked all the “facts” about it. But I have to admit that I’m still not sure about what happened exactly. I’ve read so many articles about it though.

        Even after the guy has said it so many times already that he and yang mi were just friends and it had nothing to do with her. People like you will still believe what you want to believe so it’s useless to debate about this.

        And let me say that you can mock her as you wish. I care no less. I don’t defend her just because I’m her fan. But mostly because people here are too biased. And there is also one HL fan who annoys me so much. He/she keeps on insisting that HL can do no wrong. He/she thinks she’s the only one who’s right. No one that stubborn can think clearly yet she won’t admit it.

      6. @littlefish
        As far as I know there were two version of.. what should I call it.. let say speculation about this (it’s a speculation nonetheles). Those who believed that Yang Mi and HG were together all those years because their weibo echoed each other. And because Yang Mi unfollowed HG before she got married 1 year after their weibo MIGHT hinted on their breakup (in 2011). And those who believed that Yang Mi dated that guy for some reasons.

        I will continue writing on this if it’s necessary but don’t you worry I will not say anything about this anymore especially in another news thread that you anticipate about. You won’t see me there.

      7. @littlefish
        You followed that article but didnot know that when that article came out, in the comment area there were many comments saying the rumor gf was Yang Mi. That was when Yang Mi’s fan got up and clarified the rumor. And because Yang Mi has too many fan, the “like” of clarified comment roared and was pushed on top, then people started talking about Yang Mi’s fans just like you (if you want, you can chase back the time of these comment on weibo account of Sina). Ok, how is it fair? You should check the situation before making comment, please!

      8. @snowy I saw what happened too. Thanks for explaining. Let’s hope people will understand that it’s not always Yang Mi fans who start everything.

      9. @snowy lol, no, I read. I’m just saying if the article is then publish on Jaynestar without the comments from her fans, because Jaynestar never did such article (with comments), and the people on here ain’t that strong of a fans as her usual fans, so they might say thing and rile you guys up. If u didn’t get my “be interesting to see how rile up you guys are” comment then maybe you need to read better 🙂 also noticed the “I don’t believe that rumour” but hey, we all know fans only see through 1 lense 🙂

      10. @littlefish
        I replied to this part “her fans already look to be riled up by such articles” of your comment – I thought you was talking about those articles on weibo. If I misunderstood you, then I apology.

        And about “how you guys would react when Jaynestar post the latest rumour about how YM dump her rumour bf when he got burned” then it depends on how the article on Jayne might be. If it is only the translation of the original article (no Yang Mi) I will not get myself involved (unless someone mentions YM in the comment – just like on weibo) – and I hope Jayne can translate it correctly not like this article. If Jayne post with the content like you said then of course Yang Mi fan will speak up

      11. @snowy you are absolutely right! The original article didn’t mention Yang Mi at all. It’s the comments area which has it.

      12. @snowy yea, I said the fans riled up in weibo to defence her if that wasn’t clear. Not about here at all. My point was that article on weibo was a click bait essentially, but many of her fans riled up and come to defend her, so rightly or wrongly, the media outlet achieved their goal, and that’s why I said if you guys just relax, there will be less clickbait news for YM, I.e the bad mouth stuffs lol

      13. @littlefish
        But the comment which accused YM of being the gf was pushed on top, if Yang Mi fans did not clatify then what would passer-by think? We clarify things to protect YM from something she did not do but got accused. It would be worse if YM fans did not do anything

      14. @snowy if YM herself doesn’t care, why should you guys lol. Like you said YM is a strong woman, she even did an interview where she said she doesn’t give 2 cent to all those who bad mouth her. I like that interview a lot as she shows she’s indeed a strong woman. I don’t like Fan Bing Bing, but she seems to master the media well, because she basically gives them the same attitude as YM did, and her fans go: yay, and ignore them and not riled up. So all those bad news about her didn’t stick long at all, until the tax evasion lol. But her story is for another thread 🙂

  9. @littlefish of course you read the comments on weibo. Yang mi’s fans mostly were just asking not to bring yang mi up in this matter. And who first brought her up? You should see the timeline not just read the comments. And sometimes there are antifans who use a pic of Yang Mi as their avatar and wrote something to defend Yang Mi in a annoying way just to make things worse. If you don’t know how weibo works please save your laugh as if you know everything. Check the ID first. See if the poster is a real Yang Mi’s fan or not.

    Oh yeah? You want to take a bet with me that I care no less about what you guys say or will say about Yang Mi? I’ve been into antifans’s teritories. Nothing could surprise me anymore. Don’t be as worse as them. It’s not worth it.

    Should we believe the rumours when you yourself said that you didn’t believe it?

    No not one lens, Yang Mi is not perfect. She makes mistakes just like we do. She’s a human and we should treat her like one. And no I will not defend her blindlessly. If she’s wrong then she’s wrong.

    Are you sure you’re interested in c-ent. Or you only visit weibo to find anything about Yang Mi. If yes I really admire your dedication.

    1. @alexa777 lol you again got riled up, but I’m not gonna bother further. To answer your question, I don’t follow or use weibo, the article was translated on another site, which I visit often. And again you missed my point and that’s why I’m not bother explaining because you can’t see anything but that 1 lense 🙂

  10. @littlefish
    I want to apologize for accusing you not interested in c-ent. I just saw you in queen dugu news thread. My bad.

    So glad to know that you also like c-ent.

    1. @alexa777 no worry, it’s not like I like c-ent or hate c-ent, the news is slow and the site I visit has all of them: c-ent, Korea, and Hollywood. I read the title and decided whether I should read them. They also do a lot of recaps or fans’s response to certain eps of currently airing dramas, I perhaps spent too much time reading them and not enough on housework 🙁 anyway, let’s clear this up, when I said her fans or you guys, it’s not pointing on you specially but the whole of the fan group. Like I mentioned before, it’s not just antifans who do the bad stuffs, but news/media sites are doing it for clickbaits, if you wish it to stop, just be less riled up, that’s all I’m saying. It’s just a matter of view, you can disagree but I’m just stating my theory 🙂

      1. @littlefish
        Good job I can’t read Chinese because I know there are plenty of sites with crazily, false headlines to attract users to click so creator can make cash automatically…

      2. @jimmyszeto lol, I’m a sucker for those on YouTube, but I’m learning! I’m sticking with just Jaynestar and 2 from my own countries as they do all around the world and whatever trending. Sometimes those two overlap quite a bit, but at least they don’t flood me with many “clickbaits”. And when it’s translated to my language, because the translator is either a fan of YM or whatever, the title would get changed, so no longer a clickbait.

      3. @littlefish you’re right. I need to stop being so annoyed in this thread. I honestly feel dumb at this point. I should not get into it in the first place.

        Let’s just agree to disagree.
        I don’t want you to hate Yang Mi even more just because of me because honestly I’ve disliked HL even more because of you. You can reply to me as many as you want but I’m done.

      4. @lovepeace123
        Ok, Jaywalk media (Jiaxing media) actually includes 4 companies (Yang Mi and her 2 managers established Jaywalk in 2013 then 3 other companies invested in to establish the current Jaywalk). So, Yang Mi was the big boss at the beginning, but now she is not a big shareholder. She does not involve in the management of Jaywalk (she is not interested in – she once said that in interview) – I think she has her voice if she want to.

        And in my understanding of Jaywalk, Hawick has his own studio – called Hawick studio – under the management of Jaywalk. He is not a shareholder of Jaywalk (financial report of Jaywalk has no Hawick as a shareholder). Can you provide me the source which states Hawick is a shareholder of Jaywalk, please?

      5. @snowy Hello, why don’t you give evidence hawick is not the shareholder? It does not have to be me always to provide evidence. Hawick split from YM’s studio after the divorce. The company still belongs to YM.

      6. @lovepeace123 Strange. Always asking me for evidence. Why don’t you give me evidence that Hawick is not shareholder if you think otherwise? I already provided evidence that YM has a company. After the divorce, Hawick split from Jay studio and the company is still YM’s and run by her staff.

        It was said YM and Hawick delayed divorce announcement because the kid was too small and also to prevent YM’s company net worth from dropping, and YM wanted the company to go public.

      7. @lovepeace123
        Ah, yes, it was you who said Hawick was a shareholder in the first place. I’ve never heard/read anywhere about that, so I asked for information. Did you see my “in my understanding” part? – if my understanding of Jaywalk is not correct or not enough, I ask for information. Is it wrong?

        And I’ve never said Yang Mi did not have a company, she is a shareholder – basically she is one of the owners, it’s just that she does not take part in the management of Jaywalk

      8. @alexa777 Actually I don’t hate YM. HAHAHA.. I just dislike her lack of motherhood which is detrimental to the kid. I never hate YM because of you. you think too much and over read every statement. HAHA

  11. Hi @littlefish
    I just want to reply to this but I promise I will be as nice as I can. I seldom check my account so most of the times I don’t know if somebody replies to me. But I cannot post my reply in the news thread anymore. So I’ll reply here.

    1. As far as I know her fans usually only state what they don’t like, which is usually about how HL always shows her daughter’s face. I myself don’t think it’s a big deal but I can understand why Yang Mi don’t want to show her daughter’s face. She only got really mad ONCE on weibo. She’s furious because what netizens (antifans mostly) said about her daughter’s looks. About he’s taking her daughter out, Yang Mi’s fans said that they didn’t mind it but at that time, it looked like HL wanted to show off. Well, this happened before HL staffs clarified the matters.

    2. I don’t believe what HL’s staffs say most of the time.

    3. Of course he can but the timing sucks for Yang Mi that’s what her fans think and that’s when they feel the need to defend her from what people could say about her.

    4. And you believed it? If you know her well enough, that’s not her style at all. Fake fake fake.

    5. And what did she get? She still got bashes for everything. She’s accused to use her daughter to gain good reputation etc.

    6. But she doesn’t want her daughter to be in a limelight so why don’t we just respect her decision. HL’s popularity is not that high, he could have what’s so called normal with her daughter but for Yang Mi, everything will be scrutinized, everything will be judged. Even when she does the right thing, it’s still not enough.

    7. I agree with everything you said here especially about Yang Mi has (much) better quality series (or movies. Yang Mi’s movies are not bad) than HL and she’s definitely the better actor.

    8. I agree that Yang Mi is a smart woman.

    9. You skipped no 9

    10. Oh my bad.

    1. @alexa777
      I just want to chip in a little bit. I think one of the reasons why Yang Mi does not want to show her daughter to everyone is that she’s afraid her daughter’s photo will be photoshoped into something bad.
      I remember, a photo of Noemie (taken by Hongkong paparazzi) once was photoshoped into a dead’s portrait (well Yang Mi was photoshoped too). It really made Yang Mi angry, after that I have never seen Yang Mi posted anything related to her daughter again. She only shared some fun stories about her daughter in her interview.

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