Netizens Create Online Petition Calling for TVB to Fire Jacqueline Wong

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Netizens Create Online Petition Calling for TVB to Fire Jacqueline Wong

The outside world has repeatedly shamed Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Andy Hui (許志安) after their shocking affair was exposed mid-last month. While they both halted their work immediately and indefinitely, Jacqueline’s future in the entertainment realm is looking grim.

Despite Jacqueline’s 140-character apology on Instagram, she failed to calm the public and earned the nickname of “the fox.” Unable to rectify the situation, reporters caught her holed up in her apartment crying her eyes out. To escape from the public eye, Jacqueline flew to Los Angeles earlier, where she is reportedly taking an acting and directing class.

Although the actress left Hong Kong, the impact of her cheating scandal is still making its rounds. For example, the dramas she acted in are either shelved in the warehouse or require reshooting. Recently, it was confirmed Jacqueline’s scenes in Forensic Heroes IV <法證先鋒IV> are going to be erased and reshot with another actress.

To make matters more complicated, a netizen launched a petition online “requiring TVB to terminate its contract with Jacqueline immediately” a week after the cheating scandal came to light. Named the “Expel the Fox Operation,” the creator of the petition said, “As the main media in Hong Kong, TVB has considerable social responsibilities. If Ms. Wong, such a person who destroyed a family, appears on TV during prime time, it will have a considerable impact on the image of the company.”

Other than asking TVB to end its relationship with Jacqueline to keep her from appearing on TV, the petition also suggests stripping Jacqueline of her 2012 Miss Hong Kong runner-up title and demanding her to apologize to the public in-person. As of now, the number of signatures accumulated exceeds 3,000. “We hope for 10,000 people to sign it,” said the petition’s founder.

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37 comments to Netizens Create Online Petition Calling for TVB to Fire Jacqueline Wong

  1. jessehsuan says:

    Oh my gosh! Her actions violate the rules of morality and I do think she is wicked, but people need to stop this! This can lead a person to have suicidal thoughts…

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    • samson replied:

      @jessehsuan – Absolutely correct.

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    • gingermessiah replied:


      Well what if Sammi Cheng had suicidal thoughts because of her actions? People will always judge and if something bad happens to Sammi Cheng I am sure you won’t be having the same sympathy for her.

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      • littlefish replied:

        @gingermessiah Sammi already has history of depression, while JW’s actions might be the cause of her returning to depression, but if it wasn’t JW, it could be another woman or another factor. While I’m not trying to say who is worse at being pushed to depression and suicidal thought, any factor could make a prone to depress person deteriorate to suicidal tendency, but what happen to JW is peer pressure, public pressure, public bullying that is a lot more severe and easier to cause a normal person to have suicidal tendencies. Action of one (what JW did to Sammi) vs action of a collective group (what the public did to JW). Human is a societal creature, we don’t do well in isolation, even animal.

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  2. littlefish says:

    This is basically bullying lol. Netizens need to have a life

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  3. vodka says:

    Petition or not, her career is over in Hong Kong at least, no one will ever use her again, she has no advertisement value and have a terrible image. She basically frozen and with time will be officially fired. There’s no coming back for her, like literally everyone hates her to the core.

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  4. dimsum5678 says:

    FFS this is getting beyond an an joke these 8 women or 8 men have nothing else better to do it’s got nothing to do with them it’s only between the people who got involved!!! Besides TVB management team won’t let her speak out, it’s not as though she killed someone or took drugs. It her title to keeps. This is making me angry just leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • rika replied:

      @dimsum5678 “It her title to keeps.” —- Not true. There have been cases globally where pageant winners were stripped off their crowns due to misdemeanors. After all, it was a title “granted” to her so she doesn’t exactly own it and really can’t do anything if the panel decides to take it back.

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      • coralie replied:

        @rika They could, but that’d mean they should strip Michelle Reis, Anita Yuen, Ada Choi, Shirley Yeung, Queenie Chu and Sire Ma of all their titles, too.

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      • rika replied:

        @coralie Well, pretty much every beauty pageant is just a gold digger so you are right. The verdict is not with us but with the panel.

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      • dreamer replied:

        @coralie out of topic. I know about what the others did but dont know about what Ada did. Can you enlighten me?

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      • dimsum5678 replied:

        @dreamer Ada Choi got involved with some rich bloke Joseph Lau?

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      • dimsum5678 replied:

        @rika These other pageant winners were stripped of their crown because their were secretly married, pregnant, transgender or pose nude in magazines. Besides do people think Tracy Chu should promote to runner up? or do you think Tracy is even bothered? Do you want me to IG them? Pfft get real! I think it is too extreme people need to back off and give it a rest.

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    • samson replied:

      @dimsum5678 – I totally agree. Just leave her alone.

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  5. vortex123 says:

    This is too much what has Jacqueline done to others. At work we have a director who was here for over one year. She has bad people skills but can do her work. Due to her a lot of people resigned including four managers. When I applied for my current job the job posted as Project Manager but she gave me senior analyst. She ruined a lot of people careers. Someone complained to HR about her and also WSIB investigation happening same time so she was put on sick leave. She came back to work one month later but on her new boss first day of work he fired her which was three weeks ago. My point is Jacqueline is fired already TVB management knows the whole Hong Kong citizens doesn’t want her on screen. Right now by making so much noise it is making the co-workers like Owen suffer even more. Now those two dramas will never see light or dark anymore. Why does she need to apologize in public when you stripping her title and ending her career no point of having her come out apologize. It is like when the director came back from the sick leave she tried to apologize but I don’t buy it and I really don’t care cause all I care is my own career.

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  6. wm2017 says:

    HK – No life huh….Cares so much about this and petition? OMG haha

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  7. tvbrama says:

    Her actions are inexcusable, that is a fact. But a petition calling for a termination of her contract and stripping her of her runner-up title is unwarranted and uncalled for. Give it a rest. People are putting too much energy into a matter that doesn’t hurt them directly in any way, in my opinion.

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  8. passingby2 says:

    It annoys me that only JW is bearing the brunt of the online witch hunt. Go hunt down cheating dog AH as well! He’s being let off too easily.

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    • abcd replied:

      @passingby2 that’s not true. Andy hui is also receiving a lot of hate. Jaynestars just doesn’t really post about it. If you look on other articles like yahoo you’ll read about the hate Andy is also receiving.

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      • dalebaines replied:

        @abcd I was wondering the same thing, why are ppl just coming down on JW when it obviously takes two to tango in these cases and AH is the one who is unfaithful, so I’m glad that he’s getting hate for what he’s done too. I’m disappointed that SC chose to stay with him, career-wise and finance-wise she really doesn’t need him, but ultimately that’s her load to carry so it’s really none of my business or anyone elses. Women just need to idolize only her career and not her personal life.

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  9. funnlim says:

    Jw needs to stop hiding and immediately hold a press conference to say sorry to e eryonr especially Sammi and also to refute all allegations about other men. If not this will go on and on and on. Andy did his part and his PR now doing the rest. She continues to hide this will continue.

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  10. megamiaow says:

    Is there going to be a petition to get a woman fired everytime a she cheats?

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  11. jimmyszeto says:

    Is there was just a petition to get Jacqueline stripped of Miss HK then that makes a bit of sense since she is supposed to represent HK. Everything else regarding her job or if she wants to apologise to the public is nobody else’s business.

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  12. boldval says:

    With times, the scandal will die down. She is getting the brunt of it bcos she is also dating Kenneth Ma at the same time itching to AH. She already suffers the negative consequences of the scandal. Time to forgive

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    • samson replied:

      @boldval – Yes, I agree. It’s time to forgive her.

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    • karina replied:

      @boldval There’s nothing to forgive when she wasn’t even remorseful to start off with. She doesn’t give AF about this scandal cause she thinks she did nothing wrong. that’s why she’s in L.A right now thinking maybe ppl won’t know her there (good luck to her i guess) lol

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  13. sherla1019 says:

    She’s in L.A most likely partying like a rock star i mean the night life over there is something like Lan Quai fong in HK or maybe drive like about 4 and a half hour to Vegas and hit the clubs i dont think she’s even apologetic but honestly she needs to come out to the public to say something

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  14. kandyko says:

    Apology or not, her career is over for sure. So makes sense for her to hide and not face up the public to receive more hatred. People will forget about her in no time, as long as she doesn’t appear on TV.

    She’s just being plain stupid to throw away her career and reputation for the sake of a man who doesn’t even love her – he wormed back to his wife the moment this affair came to light. Is he even apologetic? I don’t think so. How can someone who cheated the day before be so disgusted with his own actions the very next day? If he wasnt caught he prolly be continuing his cheating ways. Its also likely this is not the only woman he cheated with.

    I don’t sympathesize Sammi. She turns a blind eye to her husband’s cheating ways and forgives him too quickly citing love quotes from the bible. They prolly live very separate lives even though they are married. If not how come she was not invited to his friend’s birthday party? There’s also hardly any photo or reference of Andy Hui in her Instagram. Odd couple.

    Poor Kenneth Ma. I really hope he finds a woman who deserves him better. Might be a blessing in disguise to see the true colours of JW before marriage.

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  15. wm2017 says:

    HK people are just odd sometimes over these issues. Like what can she say/apologize that will make them feel better? It’s just idle gossip that you probably dish over when eating dinner or whatever w/family and friends. You talk/bitc*h about it and forget it but they had to petition for her to get fired? Does that even make a difference to officially announced she is fired? She’s pretty done anyway. Will her apology to the public make themselves feel better about her or their own lives? Lol…haha…Like what she can possibly say that won’t sound remotely fake? I am sorry I pretended to be sweet and innocent on camera that I cheated on my supposedly BF that you guys love on camera? They all have to pretend at some point it’s it’s PR and it’s for their careers but only in Asia thou. Hollywood who cares what they did in their personal lives you know….They came right back up anyway no matter how big/small the issues are. It’s just she got caught and people are feeling for this party and that party. Just let her hide away!!

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  16. kokomo says:

    This is all an example of bullying/cyberbullying. Some people have commented to me in the past that just because they are not sending hate messages/comments to the person directly then they are not bullying. Are those people even aware of what cyberbullying is? If you don’t, go do some research. Her better yet, let me do the research for you: You don’t have to directly post hateful things to the person to be bullying. As long as you are posting hateful comments and messages on a forum, social media, etc., where people can see and share, it IS cyberbullying. This ridiculousness has to stop. Why should TVB fire her? First of her, her career is already over so what is the point? Second, what does one’s personal life have anything to do with one’s career? Did Clinton get impeached for his affair? Is Trump getting impeached for all crazy things he’s doing? In Hollywood, many actors and actresses has affairs, how many of them got fired? And why should her Miss HK title be striped? Was she the first Miss HK to have an affair or have a scandal? If they strip her, then so the same for others. Be fair and reasonable. And she is not the current Miss HK and does not currently represent HK. And people need to get a life. This news is old and is no longer relevant. Move on to something else and do something more meaningful instead of worrying about someone that has nothing to do with you.

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    • dimsum5678 replied:

      @kokomo I totally agree with you I reckon it’s mostly Sammi’s and KM fans are doing most of the bullying and they are not giving up and it doesn’t help that stupid Spencer Leung Sze Ho D100 radio on YouTube keep talking about JW he should back off.

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      • kokomo replied:

        @dimsum5678 Yes. I think you are right. It is probably the CRAZY fans of Sammi and KM. I am a fan of Sammi too, and I like KM, but I’m not crazy. And if they are truly their fans, they should respect Sammi and KM’s decision whether they agree with their decision or not. Neither Sammi or KM wants any of this to continue. They have already spoken.

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      • tim3e replied:

        @dimsum5678 @kokomo The host Spencer leung is clearly biased and double standard. He never once condemned Andy Hui for cheating. It’s unfair to put the blame solely on Jacqueline Wong. It’s takes two to tango in a relationship. They are both equally responsible for their actions. These hosts were biased from start to finish, in favour of Andy Hui and blaming everything on Jacqueline Wong. All these presenters showed their true colors and decided to be judge and jury. Putting all the blame on Ms.Wong and ass licking Andy Hui. They have basically used their radio show and abused their position as a host, to bash, attack and leave prejudiced comments on the people they dislike. Shame on them!

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      • dimsum5678 replied:

        @kokomo @littlefish@tim3e Omg lol I saw the same comment on YouTube on his D100 radio I don’t really like SLZH anyway I find him really annoying voice and why does he keep wearing sunglasses in the radio studio?(No need to comment) Well he is clearly an 8 man and got nothing else to talk about shame on him and his co hosts.
        I used to be Sammi fan shocking colours was my last album liked her earlier music, I too also like KM but he need’s to shake off his cute puppy eye looks when he acting or stop playing similar characters. On the final note I don’t think KM and JW are together anymore but who knows within 2 or 3 months with long distance relationships.

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      • kokomo replied:

        @tim3e @dimsum5678 – Oh wow. I did not know about what Spencer Leung said since I’m not caught up with radio stations. But it is horrible that Spencer is trashing JW and not Andy on his radio station. I think these DJ’s need to be more neutral and shouldn’t be using their radio station to bully others. And then of course when listeners here them on the radio, they get all fired up even more so more. Yes, shame on Spencer and any other DJs for doing that. I wonder if Spencer is friends with Andy and is helping his friend.

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      • megamiaow replied:

        @kokomo His only comment on Andy was something like – He seemed really genuine in his apology to the press.

        I mean, he was almost commending him for sounding soooo repentant. There literally did not put him at fault for any part in it. Definitely biased.

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    • littlefish replied:

      @kokomo I love KM, it’s sad seeing this happen to him, but it’s his private matter, what’s the right any of us have to butt in their private matter?! We can talk about it, but not having too much emotional attachment to it, it’s not our lives and doesn’t affect us in anyway. People really needs to let it go 🙂

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