Yang Mi Helped by 3 Assistants On Set

On June 11, Yang Mi (杨幂) was spotted filming at a hotel, where she was helped by three female assistants. Video clips of the incident quickly became viral online, and many questioned whether the 34-year-old actress had behaved like a diva.

Dressed in a black pantsuit with dangly earrings and wavy, long hair, Yang Mi looked every bit the power woman at the filming scene. She was also attentively taken care of by three female assistants–one was bent down at her feet holding the actress’s shoe, while another carried her drama script for her and a third waited by the side.

As Yang Mi was busy switching her outfit for the next scene, the assistant who was squatted with her shoe had to wait for almost 10 seconds before the actress lifted her foot.

Ava Wang Was Similarly Critiqued

Actress Wang Ziwen (王子文) was also embroiled in a similar controversy when a video of the actress being helped by two assistants went viral recently. In the video, the actress was seen sitting on a sofa discussing work with the director, while one assistant was squatting on her left to get her attention, another assistant was on her right, kneeling down to help Ziwen secure her shoe strap on her ankle.

Later, the director came to Ziwen’s defense by praising her for her professionalism that day despite the cold, and implied that the story was leaked to tarnish her.

Source: Netease

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Some of these actresses certainly know how to be a diva. These poor assistants must feel very little working for them. Be nice to the people who are working for you because you never know you may need them someday.

    1. @dramas4me You mean, be nice to who hired you or else they can fire and sue you. First of all, she got set up, it’s illegal to film people in the dress room. Second of all, there’s no evidence YM told them to sqat for 10 seconds. And I am so stupid I don’t even know 10 seconds is so long! What the eff? The shoes can just go on the ground, they need to be hold onto the ground or else they’ll grow wings and fly away? Looks like the assistants were posing for someone to take photos, must be bribed by some YM competitors.

    2. @dramas4me
      I agree and find it sad that just because anyone has more money that they think they can make others do anything. I remember seeing an assistant take off Angelababy’s shoes for her and another poster made a joke about hoping for her to not have foot stench… You should always treat your employees well as you never know what can happen. You can easily fall from grace and they can bring you down. But if you treat them well, they may help you in times of need. What goes around comes around…

      1. @hetieshou
        Thanks! I just think that everyone has his/her dignity – no matter what his/her job is or how low is his/her salary. This is 2021 and I hope that we are not in a slavery time – even though there are still some “employers” think they are slaves owners. I’m sure the “employees” will do their jobs, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings about those tasks. It’s quite degrading in my opinion.

      2. @dramas4me
        Exactly and I totally agree with you. But the sad part is that sometimes employees have to swallow their pride just to make a living as they need to feed their families. It is sad they some employers do abuse their employees since they think they are superior to them. Not saying that that is the case here for sure but we just hope that they treat their employees well. Even though it is 2021, some may still that “slavery” mind. I actually knew of an international student who was studying in the US and took up a part time job as a server at a Vietnamese restaurant and they made her work 12 hours for only $50. That is slavery right there but luckily she quit fast since it was not worth it working so much for just do little. I bet it happens more often than we know it.

      3. @hetieshou

        We think a lot alike. 🙂 Some employers have no conscience. They would rip off their employees every chance they get. It’s so sad.

      4. @dramas4me
        Yup, great minds truly think alike. There are many employers with no conscience. They just want to make profits and abuse their employees as much as they can. That happened to my oldest brother until the company he worked for shut down. It is very sad but it is more sad that many don’t even realize it as it happens behind closed doors. The employees are afraid to speak up due to fear and many other factors. It is beyond sad in many cases.

      5. @hetieshou

        Thanks! You gave me a smile with this line: “Yup, great minds truly think alike.” 🙂 I do remember you. We haven’t interacted with each other for a while here. Hopefully things are going better for your brother now. I believe in karma. Bad people will get their karma.

      6. @dramas4me
        You are welcome and glad I made you smile. Thanks for remembering me and I am glad that you remember me. I remember you too and hope you and your family are well. My brother is ok for now, thanks for asking. I still believe in karma too and hope karma will get them so they don’t think they will get away from all of the bad things they do.

  2. I think the 3 assistants knew what they r required to do. They would have known when they got hired for the job. If u r going to do everything urself then why have helpers? She needs help so she hired helpers, having 3 will lighten their jobs or they can help each other to tackle the task. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    1. @judy
      I truly wonder why they need so many people? Even 1-2 is already enough but 3 or more is just excess… I guess she has lots of money to throw around…

    2. @judy I also do not see any issue with it as long as the staff she hired knows what they were hired for or treated inhumanely.
      Its not like she gets one staff only to do all the running around. 3 assistants with assigned duties, and if she can afford it why not.

      1. @bizzybody
        I think that is where the issues are. First of all,are they treated well and are they paid well. Let’s hope they are paid well and treated fairly and are respected even if they are her employees. There are some who are divas and treat their staff badly. Basically, they think that just because they have money and a status that they are superior to others, especially their employees. Not saying it is the case here but that is a pattern that I have seen.

  3. Nice try but next time you need to get evidence of her putting shoes on the assistant back with them kneeling with their knees. From the photos above, all celebrities did the same thing cause it’s the assistants jobs. The only difference is they weren’t illegally photographed like her.

  4. Goodness, there are many who are happy to do those job. In fact, those that are unhappy can quit… I have never read about YangMi abusing staffs. So this illegal leak image is really nothing to make a mountain of.. 3 assistants are a A list star is really nothing.

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    Different opinions can be expressed in a more friendly manner. Thanks!

    1. @jayne

      Thank you very much for monitoring the comments here. I was too busy yesterday and didn’t see the comments that you removed. I considered it’s a good thing. Some commenters are not very friendly. It would be nice if other websites are doing the same thing. Some people are very brutal – they used nasty terms.

      1. @dramas4me @hohliu I was deleting multiple comments from certain users, so their accounts are already banned.

        Hope to continue keeping the discussions friendly for all….

    2. @jayne Great to have the site moderated. This site is getting more interation in recent years, it is good to culture a healthy and fun enviroment.

  6. Whatever the treatment Yang Mi is accused of is probably down to culture. That if you are richer you expect the ones hired under you to literally serve you like you a second class citizen. I dont blame Yang Mi, I blame the outdated culture.

  7. 1. She’s probably paying them a lot for being her assistants.
    2. If they feel they’re truly being mistreated, they can just…. yanno…. quit?? I don’t think Yang Mi made them sign their life away.
    3. Assuming that Yang Mi is paying them a lot, if it was me, I would want to get my money’s worth. I’m not gonna pay my assistants a lot only for them to just stand around and follow me around.

    1. @empresswan

      There is a big difference between getting one’s money’s worth and treating employees with dignity. Sometimes people are willing to do more for their employers when they are being treated with fairness and respect.

      1. @dramas4me
        I totally agree and if you treat your employees or anyone well, they are willing to go the extra mile for you. However, if you treat them badly, they may come back and bite you one day…

  8. I one time had to film on air for a charity event and it’s perfectly normal for someone to do your hair and make up and for another person to recite and hold the script for you. If there is a 3rd person, they do things like iron your clothes or bring you lunch. Different assistants have different tasks. And filming is back to back. These same 3 assistants are going to go to another artist and help them after they are done with Yang Mi. It’s like an assembly line.

  9. Maybe each assistant has a different function. Like 1 for makeup and hair, 1 for clothes and shoes and 1 for assisting the other 2 or gathering needed materials. If that’s the case, this sounds pretty normal to me.

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