Zanilia Zhao About to Give Birth

After months of circulating rumors, Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) and her husband actor William Feng Shaofeng (冯绍峰) finally announced that they are expecting their first child together earlier this year. To ensure a safe pregnancy, Zanilia has stopped all work, while William has reduced his workload.

The couple started dating soon after collaborating in the 2018 Lunar New Year film The Monkey King 3 <西遊記之女兒國>. It took them about a year before they finally confirmed their relationship with a marriage certificate in October 2018.

According to a source close to the couple, Zanilia is nearing the end of her last trimester and plans on delivering the baby at Shanghai’s Renji Hospital, as recommended by popular variety show presenter Xie Na (谢娜). Xie Na, who grew close with Zanilia after starring in Up Idol <偶像来了> together, gave birth to twin girls at the same hospital last year.

Renji Hospital is one of the top hospitals of the country. Hospital fees can reach up to over 6,000 yuan per night. Birth fees, specifically a cesarean section, would cost about 30,000 yuan.  A source told Chinese media that Zanilia has already booked a VIP delivery room within the hospital, which costs about 11,000 yuan per night.

“The head of the department will personally take care of the patient,” said the source. “Xie Na helped pulled the strings.”

Allegedly, Zanilia has asked the hospital staff to refrain from discussing about her pregnancy to others in order to maintain privacy. She also asked the staff to not share any photos, as she does not want her pregnancy looks to be exposed to the public, in fear that her bloated appearance may affect future job opportunities.


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  1. Is it normal they tell us which hospital they go to? If they want to be private why do they reveal that info?
    She paid double, so much, and this info still reveal………

    Or is it an article to show how close ZLY is with XN?

    ZLY once wanted to be a godmother for XN’s baby and she wouldn’t because she said ZLY is only a single dog (single woman).
    Either XN is a very forgiving friend, or a very good friend. Forgiving kind, if her friend never told her who she’s dating and they’re still close regardless. Or, very good friend type because she purposely create a news to make ZLY dating rumors stop. He Jiong did not congratulate ZLY on her marriage it made people wonder if he unfriended her.

  2. She looked pregnant in some shots in the Story of Minglan or is it the costume designs that made her look pregnant!

    1. @stars1 costume design, because they finished Ming Lan quite a while back. Even if day ZLY is 9 mo pregnant, almost due, then the drama needs to be film only like 4-5 mo ago for it to show her tummy, and I’m pretty sure the drama wrapped up 8-9mo before? So timing wise, she’s not pregnant while filming

      1. @littlefish main difference about ZYL from Grace is that she doesn’t stage the timeline of her pregnancy. From the beginning to now her relationship with WF, the couple ignored all gossip and didn’t directly comment on the baby news for months. Unlike Grace, she clearly stated that the rumors of her being pregnant before wedding was false.

      2. @jessehsuan zanilia lied about her pregnancy. grace never lied, just staged it as if she wasn’t pregnant all along. that’s a white lie.

        idc if celebrities get preggo out of wedlock. what’s the big deal? what i do care is that they marry out of convenience because of the pregnancy. if they cared so much about what ppl think, why even get pregnant before marriage? screams lack of preparation to me. and a marriage is just there to legitimize the baby’s arrival. so nauseating to use marriage as a tool and not due to true sincerity.

      3. @coralie sorry but I can’t help chiming in on this comment. Grace posted in July that “aside from (the rumor) that Kevin and I are getting married, the rest of the rumors are not true”, with an exclamation mark for emphasis. If that is not an outright lie, I don’t know what is. If she staged it as if she wasn’t pregnant all along, that is considered deceitful. Otoh, not commenting on the rumors is not a lie.

      4. @coralie @passingby2 @jessehsuan

        Both of them lied… whether it’s an explicit lie, or lying by omission, it’s still a lie at the end of the day.

        I think the one thing we can all agree on is the lack of preparation from both parties. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Don’t have unprotected s3x if you’re unable to deal with the probable backlash of premarital pregnancy. It’s much easier and more effective than actively lying, as the truth will inevitably come out anyway.

      5. @oystergirl idk about this ZLY cos I don’t read articles about mainland stars. If she made absolutely no comments I don’t consider that a lie. However if she kept quiet but then try to disprove the rumor by her actions eg doing some crazy acrobatic stunt while pregnant, then yes that is staging and is deceitful.

      6. @passingby2 she made comments number of times, one is the photo of her split to mock how could she be pregnant if she can do split, when that split was literally anyone can do even if you are about to give birth -.- she also denied it, and her studio also said false rumour. Only FSF is the one that said: we will tell you when the time is right or something along those lines.

      7. @passingby2 Mehh.. it’s debatable, but to me, it’s not what you say (or don’t) that determines whether or not you’re a liar. It’s about the intentions. Deliberately hiding certain facts or dodging direct questions is conniving/manipulating, hence, comparable to a lie, in my opinion.

        Whether you keep quiet about a detail you know to be true or lie to conceal it, the end result is still the same – you are attempting to sway the receiver’s judgment in a misleading way (which you perceive will bring you favorable outcome).

        That said, I understand the need to keep your pregancy a secret during the first trimester due to superstition or what not, but anything after that is just shady (and tacky for the reasons @coralie brought up).

      8. @jessehsuan Uhm, ZLY posted the picture of her split to prove she’s not pregnant??? Have everyone conveniently forget about that??? She basically lie about not dating FSF, through her studio said it’s untrue? Only FSF was the one that handled the press correctly out of the 2

        (Even though I think that photo is ridiculous and doesn’t prove anything, but her fans eat that up! Not sure what to say about the actress and the fans >_> and they basically use their wedding to promote their drama in a sense, everything is conveniently timed perfectly, with a bit of luck that their drama is getting air, but they seriously use their relationship to promote the drama, again it seems her fans ignore that as well)

      9. @littlefish Oh yeah, u reminded me about the split pose she posted. But I went to look for it on her weibo and can’t find it anymore among her recent posts, has she deleted it? I presume it was posted after she announced her marriage with WF in Oct right?

      10. @prettysup1 I can’t remember when. But I’m not surprised if she did delete that picture, since it’s ridiculous to start with, only her fans would eat that up >_<

        Just recheck, the split pose was in August, they announced their marriage in Oct. here is the link to the article

        So while it’s true she didn’t flat out say no, she implied no (in a ridiculous fashion, which you can argue anyone with brain would see that as a joke and it says nothing really, but still, her fans eat that up). She’s as much of a liar as Grace really is my conclusion

      11. @jessehsuan this is from a website that seem to be a fan of ZLY (let’s hope that person followed her a lot more closely than I am)

        On that site, it stated specifically that ZLY and her studio has denied the pregnancy rumour many many times, as a matter of fact, it seem that ZLY even goes out of her way to deny it. So yea, she lied. (Basically the pregnancy rumour sparks as soon as she announced her break to nurture her body in July – basically she’s pregnant there, possibly like first week, but it’s there! She continuously denied it even after they announced their marriage, and only until the first day of Chinese new year, they announced they are expecting). Basically the cat were already out 2 months before CNY, but they wanted to be flashy and announce on CNY to be special, so they lie until then, it’s only after a while that FSF couldn’t lie any more that he said “we will tell you when the time is right”, which half confirm it.

  3. So this one also have a shot gun wedding (sign the paper), pregnant before marriage, actually lie through her teeth about the pregnancy, and no one is hating on her as much as grace! Lol

    1. @littlefish
      Grace is a good person. It’s just that we had a quite a few articles in a short period of time on Jaynestars of her speaking about Kevin, then one hater(probably a jealous fan) started calling her ‘motor mouth’ and ‘parrot’ in every article and all the other female member started joining in. If the Grace/Kevin articles weren’t so frequent then there would’t be that perception that Grace speaks lots. All other celebrities speak when asked questions at events but just not published here. It’s the way this site and any entertainment news site works. People loved talking about Ruco/Pheobe last year so there were articles every week. Now there are heated debates on Hawick/Yang Mi so articles of posted here consistently to increase the view count. Same with the Grace/Kevin material, we are discussing now…

      1. @huppertspuppet it’s not just fangirl or YM haters but the news outlet/website needs more click baits because they know how riled up her fans could be lol. The latest news is YM dumped an ex when he got burnt, again could be entirely false, but guess what all her fans jump on it and defended her xD goal scored! If her fans relax a bit, then the news articles would stop fabricate more news lol

      2. @jimmyszeto yea, I’m just pointing out how the hate is very imbalance lol, for the same crime xD ZLY lie as much as Grace, however you want to argue, one gets support from her fans, even though I feel this support is very blind. Reading the Ming Lan forum, they eat up whatever she said, it likes she can’t tell a lie! Even though she’s continuously lying! But whatever, her fans base is strong, and I’m possibly poking the hornet nest xD

      3. @littlefish
        OH LORD somebody agrees too. I saw the same thing at the Ming Lan forums. The fans are too much. Whether she produces gold or feces her fans will eat them up. She’d never produced gold BTW, Ming Lan is the complete opposite of gold. And fans worked hard on convincing how tasty that piece of crap is about. Those forums do have godzillions of fans so it is definitely poking the hornet nest, no exaggeration right there, no use telling them the truthful things they are doing their hardest to cover up.

      4. @davy hahaha yea, that series is slow as a turtle xD ep 40 for the couple to marry 🙂 went from 72 to 78 eps, and tried to tell the fans how they will be extended so and they are like “non sense, it’s preapproved, can’t just add stuff to extend it”. And I’m like “they replay the last 5-10 mins of the last ep and cut it short!”. And before Ming LAN even air, I basically said ZLY’a series has the problem of diluting for increasing eps due to her popularity, and she has the problem of second actress take over and the series basically use her name to polish another actress. They didn’t listen and look at our glamourous time lol. For YM, that isn’t a problem, you know she’s the main lead, and you know who’s the secondary storyline is. Not your rival in love suddenly get more screen time than you xD and I was basically knew that ZLY and FSF was an item a year or so ago, but her fans were still like nope! Rumours! ZLY’s fans are like she’s coming from rural area, work her hardest to get to where she is, should be admired. While it’s true that she’s worked very hard, her characters might be very admirable, the true fact is her series still diluted, even if it has a great beginning and great premise (might not be her fault but it made me dodge her series) and she has so many series where it feels like she ain’t even the lead for half the series >_> and compare to YM, whose when people say she’s abused body double, YM came out n explain so well, whereas ZLY’s studio is like nah we didn’t use 33 people, it’s exaggerating. Yet the number they used isn’t disclose so even if they use only 30, they are still right in the statement and it’s still bad >_> but yea, I don’t bother with that forum because u can see how blind that fan group is lol. So far, I do like YM’s series a lot more, one or two good from YM is better than ZLY’s series which always seems to leave a bitter aftertaste

  4. This is such a cultural shock. Here where I live, doctors, nurses and all other personnel who have a confidential relationship with a patient, ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DISCLOSE ANY PRIVATE MATTERS TO ANYONE BY DEFAULT. I’m appalled that Zhao Liying has to request the hospital staff not to speak to anyone about her medical information. Second, here no patient gets VIP treatment. Even our ministers go to the same hospitals and grocery shops than commoners and it would be a scandal if people found out that there are VIP rooms.

    1. @huppertspuppet
      I don’t think the hospital disclose anything but the actors themselves, like I said earlier they wanted to boast about ZLY and XN friendships. Otherwise the hospital should be sued by now already, paying that amount of money and being the VIP guest and get exposed…? That is way too unprofessional of the hospital. I wonder if the hospital would like to sue them instead LOL

    2. @huppertspuppet Hospital is in China- people are willing to provide info if there is money. I am sure VIPs get special treatment esp political ones or A lister celebs

    3. @huppertspuppet it’s not just the staffs, say if her ward isn’t in a restricted block off section (idk if hospital has that for maternity ward), any visitor could walk past and see her name and phone the press. So she needs some sort of arrangement with the hospital to protect that sort of privacy. And it also say that in general, mainlanders would rather gossip than care for other’s privacy

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