Dispelling Divorce Rumors, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau to Star in “The Prosecutor”

After the successful broadcast of 2016’s The Interpreter <親愛的翻譯官> and this year’s The Negotiators <談判官>, Yang Mi has agreed to film the last installment to the trilogy drama, The Prosecutor <檢察官>.  Starring in the first two series respectively, Huang Xuan (黃軒) and Huang Zitao‘s (黃子韜) popularity received a big boost. Instead of pairing with another fresh-faced actor, Yang will instead film with husband, Hawick Lau (劉愷威), for The Prosecutor.

Fans are delighted Yang Mi will be reunited with Hawick onscreen. After falling in love on the set of Ru Yi <如意>, the couple’s subsequent projects included 2012 movie Holding Love <HOLD住爱> and 2013 drama A Clear Midsummer Night <盛夏晚晴天>.

More importantly, Yang Mi and Hawick co-starring in a new project together indicates that their marriage is still strong. Since getting married in 2014, the couple spends little time together due to their filming schedules. They even left their three-year-old daughter under the care of Hawick’s parents in Hong Kong. The couple’s marriage was further speculated to have dived after Hawick’s alleged affair with co-star Angela Wang (王鷗) in 2016, when he was spotted to have entered her hotel room several times.

Frequently facing divorce rumors, Yang Mi used her actions to prove that she still loves Hawick. Even after the Angela Wang incident, Yang Mi said she has “complete trust” in her husband. During the Lunar New Year holiday, Yang Mi flew to Hong Kong to spend time with Hawick and their daughter.

Fans felt that it was a smart move for Yang Mi to film The Prosecutor with Hawick, so she can simultaneously dispel divorce rumors and revive Hawick’s slumping career.

The Prosecutor will start principal photography on April 19. While Yang Mi will portray the role of a prosecutor, it is unclear what Hawick’s character will be in the drama.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am not a fan of divorce, so I am happy when couple can work out their differences. However in some instances, sadly, divorce is the only answer. I am happy if the news about Yang Mi and Hawick Lau is just rumors. What is pathetic is the notion that the fans want to believe that a couple filming together can dispel a rift in a marriage. The things one reads, lol.

    One does have to wonder if Hawick was craving some meat and went to the meat store wink*, lol. By the looks of Yang Mi, she looks so frail and anorexic that most men would not find her looks to be sexy or appealing. Woman needs a slice of pizza and a milkshake.

  2. Eh, her drama with HZT was bad.

    Didn’t Hawick slow down for YM to get back in action? He was active when she was pregnant. Now, she’s back to filming.

  3. The problem with Hawick is that even though they both have the same amount of PS, at least she can emote well, he doesn’t. His crying face is like rain on rock…. and just look at Brangelina, filmed a movie together and divorce pretty much straight after, so if a couple have problem, there will be problem, a movie/drama won’t fix it

    1. @littlefish
      I think your statement about Yang Mi is unfounded. Yang Mi’s physical features appear the same as her childhood picture, verified able all over the net. Also, Hawick’s appearance didn’t change enough to warrant such accusation. Differences in appearance can be due to age, weight change, cosmetic makeup, camera angle and professional photoshop.

      Your post reminds me of Angela baby, Yang Yǐng as a example of public paranoia and insecurity. Despite having a court ordered hospital examination and having won the case against the plastic surgery clinic that misused her image, insecure netizens are still denial. Simply, they have a hard time believing that there are people naturally more beautiful than themselves.

      Note, I am not saying celebrities don’t have P.S., but it is also possible that they haven’t. Also, I am not hardcore against artist that had work done. Korean actress Hwang Jung-eum, Kdrama secret drama, is one of my favorite actresses. She acknowledged she had work done and most people that follow her dramas acknowledged she can act better than most actress in east and west. Personally, I haven’t seen one actress in TVB that can match her level of acting, the extent she can bring out emotions.

      1. @9moons lol, my bad, my PS is more the Botox injection. Hawick’s nose changed slightly since his TVB days. Anyway, I like Yang Mi enough, So maybe she didn’t have PS, however Hawick does have a lot of Botox. His face skin is always unnaturally tight, and his crying scene, no wrinkle to be seen, like I said rain on rock. And for Angelababy, agree to disagree, I don’t trust those doctor certificate. Anyway, idm a bit of nip tuck as long as they don’t go “I’m all natural” and can’t really act 🙂 for Hawick, his acting always feel a bit unnatural or superficial, maybe because of the Botox, but possibly that why he’s going down hill.

      2. @littlefish No, you’re right about them having PS.

        While I agree that Yang Mi was quite pretty to begin with, a simple Google search will reveal that the size of her nose has reduced significantly from her younger years. I was rather disappointed that she went as far as she had, to be honest. I think her nose was the only feature that seemed imbalanced, but it’s obvious she wasn’t satisfied and went on to tweak other things, too. I thought she looked best during her ROCH days. It has also been revealed that she had some teeth extracted, attributing to the slimmer jaw, but I think that was for medical reasons.

      3. @9moons you talk about insecurity and denial. The only insecure people living in denial are the fans who believe Angelababy and that plastic surgeon, who I believe got paid off. Any person with an ounce of intelligence, and an ounce of common sense, cause intelligence and common sense are two different things, know that AB had a lot of work done. Even if a person is obese, with a large face, when that person becomes skinny, the chin will NEVER, EVER become longer, never. Have you seen how much longer AB’s chin has become? That can only be achieved through surgical enhancement. That is why those who are smart are not buying the con. They are not living in denial, and are secure enough to speak up. They are using their common sense and intellect. Thank God there are still some people, and not all are sheeple

      4. @bubbletea
        I know at least 2 girls personally who fixed their jaws and they became attractive instantaneously. They weren’t rich. It is an easy operation to have. It’s quite unfair that an average or below average women can suddenly turn into stunners and become goddesses in the eyes of the audience. Their false appearance assists them in achieving huge financial gains and recognition. Quite unethical and unfair on others who have relied on their true self. Can compare this to a drugs cheat in sport…

  4. I just hope it won’t turn out like ” A Clear Midsummer Night”. That was horrible and cliche. I just hope they put more effort into the plot for ” The Prosecutor”.

  5. I know it is off topic, but It is quite bemusing when one cannot see that Angelababy was a very ugly duckling who became a beautiful swan. Despite the PS, I don’t find her gorgeous, but that look was achieved with a darn lot of surgical help. If two girls can fix their jaws who are not rich, and become beautiful, imagine what a celebrity can do. I know kids who were not that great looking when they were small, but they became good looking as they reached their late teen years. AB was already an adult while she was still butt hurt ugly, . There is no way, and at that stage in her life that her looks could naturally change, and change so drastically. Of course she pulled the stunt because she knew people are brainwashed and are sheep. As we can see, it worked. However, it did not work for all, as like I said before, some of us have a working brain, a smart working brain.

    1. @bubbletea
      I’m not going to mention Angelababy since I don’t know much about her plus and she did win a court case so I have to use my words carefully. If anyone is using enhancements to provide an uneven playing field to their advantage then that is a form of ‘cheating’ and also a bad figurehead of influence for the youngsters who look up to their idols. Although there are plenty of money and fans out there, gaining an advantage unethically is preventing other actor/actresses from potentially receiving the major roles, sponsors and fans had it been a level playing field. In all honesty, just like the chinese stage names used in the past and the stupid english names in recent years used to gain advantages; plastic surgery is the trend as a shortcut to fame. We are seeing a lot more lookalikes onscreen. This sends the wrong message out to youngsters who will be hoping to enter the entertainment industry in the future…..

    2. @bubbletea It’s blatantly obvious to me that AB (as well as YM & HL) has had a myriad of surgeries, as well. Some people aren’t as observant, or just don’t have a keen eye for aesthetics, I guess.

      1. @sugarcane I like the way you phrased that. You are so right. It could be too that some fans think that their idols were born with the goods looks and therefore did not get any PS. Those are the insecure people living in denial.

      2. @bubbletea 🙂 lol, PS is always such a hot topic because some people just don’t see it, and I do admit sometimes it’s really hard to see. Anyway, everyone has their view point, but people shouldn’t say the nay sayers do it because of their own insecurities. I do think they fix their nose, but whatever I’m not gonna sit here to argue yes or no lol. What I found though, is maybe because it’s so common to have PS, that the younger generations can’t tell true beauty? Like there are so many new Chinese actress that I look once and go: oh you are plastic. But many reckon they are stunningly beautiful -.- so maybe the abuse the celebs do with PS that cause the misconception/inability to spot real beauty? Anyway, I like YM enough but her face changes a lot more than say Ruby Lin, who still has her big nose but in a sense, it makes her face lovely? Because it’s natural and easy to the eye? Idk I believe some flaw are good to achieve that stunning beauty look?

  6. Many years ago, as my parents say, talent was something that came from within. Now it is men having to have a six pack, get plastic surgery and wear makeup. Women have to get boob jobs, facial plastic surgery, wear a pound of makeup and dress like skanks. There are those who get PS to further their careers which put a lot of pressure on others who are willing to work hard, while looking natural. They experience the pressure of…..look as they do, to get a shot at their careers, or get plastic surgery too……
    It is sad when actors and actresses enhance their bodies with PS, to get an advantage on others. Of course sponsors and audiences love a gorgeous face and a fantastic body, talent be damned. Yes, there are surgically enhanced sculpted bodies. That is not playing fair at all. There are so many men and women who would not even get a second glance if they were trying to break into acting, hosting or singing today, due to their physical appearance, not for a lack of talent.

    1. @bubbletea
      Of the 2 girls I have met who have ‘fixed their jaws’, one had a very round unattractive face but after the operation became stunning. She managed to nab a decent foreigner boyfriend very soon afterwards. The 2nd girl, her family had very similar longish jaws but to be fair to her she had a few physical problems with it.After the operation, she looked very attractive and looked different to the rest of her family. The similarity of both girls is that both now have very pointy jaws and obviously gained value from it whether it is more opportunities or more praises in life….

  7. Surgery can add a lot of positives for its clients, except you are Priscilla Presley, Micheal Jackson or the other unfortunate clients. It is a known fact that a lot of celeb nvm s, be they singers, dancers, hosts, actors, actresses and models get PS. It has become a legit excuse to get work done because of their careers. My grief is when they deny, pull laughable public stunts, and worst of all, sue people for speaking or printing the truth about their PS. They know they can get away with it by fooling some of the people, or threatening to, or suing others.

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