Etta Ng’s Girlfriend Just Wants Money

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Etta Ng’s Girlfriend Just Wants Money

Etta Ng (吳卓林) disappeared for five months without telling her mother, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉). Running out of money and refusing to stay at shelters in Canada, Etta and her girlfriend, Andi Autumn, found themselves homeless. Angry at Andi for leading Etta astray, Elaine blasted Andi for her sneaky actions.

Andi was Etta’s tutor before becoming her lover last year. The 30-year-old likes to post provocative photos of herself online and describes her Instagram account as “Bondage Barbie”.

In a YouTube video uploaded on April 24, Etta announced herself as Jackie Chan‘s (成龍) daughter and homeless in Canada.  In the video, Etta’s face had bruise marks which resembled a handprint, making many people wonder if Andi had slapped Etta. As Etta is only 18 years old and emotionally unstable, many felt that Andi had persuaded her to make the video.

Andi Just Wants Money

Elaine’s friend, Sharon Kwok (郭秀雲), thinks Andi is definitely a bad influence over Etta. Sharon told the press that Andi’s mother had asked for over ten thousand dollars (HKD) to take care of Etta.

Confirming that Andi’s behavior is sneaky, Elaine said, “I don’t have any money. I have to work hard to support myself. I don’t want to think about anything anymore, except hope that she looks after my daughter’s health. That’s most important.”

It was understood that Etta wants to write an autobiography and talk about her father, Jackie Chan.  Elaine knew about this since last year, but felt that Etta is too young and inexperienced in life to qualify writing an autobiography. She revealed that the book was Andi’s idea. Elaine said, “That 30-year-old teacher should just get a job, instead of putting my daughter in sticky situations. My daughter listens to everything she says! Etta used to be very well-behaved, but she changed completely after meeting Andi!”

“A Piece of Garbage”

Andi posted a message on social media last week and complained that many parents do not know how to teach their children, wanting them to follow their own unfulfilled wishes instead.

Netizens responded angrily to Andi’s post, “Stop acting like garbage! Quickly find a job! Everyone knows what you want from Jackie Chan’s daughter!” Another responded, “You’re already 30 something; why don’t you find a job so Etta has a place to stay? Are you disabled or mentally sick?” “Teacher, don’t ask Etta to beg for money!” “If you love Etta, you should tell her to go back to her mom’s house!”

Sources: Oriental Daily, East Week

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36 comments to Etta Ng’s Girlfriend Just Wants Money

  1. littlefish says:

    Uh, this person is just trash! Trash, garbage, despicable person, I can’t stand her, I hope the netizens roast her good, but I hope that Etta don’t get abused too much, that girl needs to grow up, fast!

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @littlefish Agree that this Andi character is nothing more than a low-life piece of garbage. It’s obvious that she is deliberately exploiting Etta and taking advantage of the fact that she is mentally unstable and so her vulnerabilities are easily manipulated. How sick and pathetic! The sad part is that it does look Andi’s “tactics” are working because international media outlets have already started reporting on Jackie Chan’s daughter being homeless (I saw news reports about this from local stations here in the U.S. as well as in various papers / media outlets such as Variety, Hollywood Reporter, New York Times, LA Times, Fox News, Huffington Post, etc.). Regardless of which direction this eventually goes in, one thing’s for sure – it’s not going to end well at all….

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      • jayne replied:

        @llwy12 With Etta posting the video in English, it was a matter of time before American media outlets pick up on the story.

        “Regardless of which direction this eventually goes in, one thing’s for sure – it’s not going to end well at all….” It’s humiliating for all involved. If Jackie Chan doesn’t respond to American media inquiries, maybe they will find Etta first and she will agree to sell her story to the media.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @jayne Yup, exactly. All the media outlets over here in the U.S. that have reported on this have all stated that they reached out to Jackie as well as his company for comment, but so far neither has responded. And supposedly Etta’s video has gotten around 65,000 views so far and the number will undoubtedly shoot up now that more Western media outlets are reporting it. Also, if People magazine reached out to Etta last year when she officially “came out” with Andi, I’m sure they will probably reach out to her again with this new “homeless” situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if, the next time I go to the supermarket, Etta’s face will be staring back at me from the covers of the local gossip mags…..

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  2. coralie says:

    So many parts of this story just seems so disjointed.

    1) Why are they looking for JC in Canada? They have a greater chance of finding him in China or HK or US.

    2) Etta stated she’s in Canada to look for JC and states she’s JC’s daughter in the clip. Is she doing this for publicity and hoping that the message gets to JC? I wouldn’t be surprised if so – Elaine probably forbade Etta from reaching out to her dad. Now that she’s in another country and free from Elaine’s rules, she’s seeking him out. Alternatively, Andi might be feeding this to Etta to persuade her to get help from Jackie, so they can financial support from him.

    3) Andi & Etta’s statements don’t match up to reality – are they lying to get money or housing?

    What are they expecting? This whole story is a mess and all over the place. I kind of want to drop this whole debacle until they get themselves sorted.

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  3. After a glimpse of Etta’s psyche through her social media it’s not hard to see how she became so devoted to Andi. Here is what Etta wrote for anyone interested:

    “After all these years of negativity, living in shame and being afraid of the world I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s easier to accept that I am never meant to love or be loved. Especially as a lesbian in a culturally sensitive society I would be doing my family a favour staying hidden, silent, sit and behave like I’ve been instructed all my life. but Then you (Andi) came along and proved me wrong, I deserved to be happy, love and be loved.”

    I know she’s technically an adult right now and has to be responsible for her own actions but I just can’t see Etta as anything but a victim throughout everything her whole life, in every sense of the word. From being the target of gossip the moment she was born, the turbulent relationship with her alcoholic and emotionally neglectful mother, stigmatization of her sexuality by the society she lives in on top of everything, and now the apparently the only time she ever felt loved is through manipulation by this person who’s almost twice her age. All by the time she’s barely 18. I feel for Etta and hope she gets help. Years of abuse and lack of self worth are not things that can be solved by simply ‘maturing’. She needs counseling by people who, not only have good intentions but also the capability to provide guidance for her.

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    • jayne replied:

      @peanutbutterjelly I think you assessed Etta’s situation very well. She was emotionally vulnerable because of father’s abandonment and lack of close bond with mother and fell for Andi’s attention. Andi, being older, can easily provide the affection and attention that Etta craves.

      In the YouTube video, Etta was reading off papers. She claims that she did so because of PTSD, but it may also be Andi who wrote the script and told Etta to read off it. In the middle of the video, Etta does look at Andi for approval.

      Etta calls Elaine a “homophobic parent”. Initially when Etta and Andi’s romance started, Elaine said she was open to Etta exploring her sexuality as long as she was happy. Elaine may not necessarily be against Etta being a lesbian, but rather that she is dating a dishonest and manipulative person.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @peanutbutterjelly Well-said! I think part of the reason why Etta is reaching out using social media, Youtube, etc. is because she can reach a wider audience that may be more sympathetic to how she’s feeling, since she’s obviously not going to get that type of support in HK due to everyone already knowing the lowdown about her parents. I was reading through some of the articles from media outlets here in the U.S. and the way they’re reporting the issue is definitely different from the way the HK media has been doing it. Even when Etta came out last year as a lesbian and was introducing Andi as her girlfriend via social media, the reports in HK were more negative and cynical, focusing on Andi’s age and background and how she’s a bad influence on Etta (all of which are true actually), whereas over here in the U.S., the focus from the media is more on the LGBTQ angle is and more along the lines of “this is yet another example of how Asian nations are too conservative and unaccepting of the LGBTQ community.” Etta seems to share this same mindset because in a People magazine interview last year, she claimed that people around the world “are rooting for her and Andi” yet in HK, people mock her and no one supports their relationship. Obviously Etta’s mindset is flawed but at the same time, it IS true that the narrative in the West is different because they don’t have the same background on the issue that most of us do in HK (case in point – I asked a few of my non-Chinese friends here in the U.S. who only know of Jackie Chan but don’t know his background and after they read the reports in the local papers, their reaction has primarily been two-fold: 1) they sympathize with Etta and Andi’s plight and think their friends and family are being heartless by not helping them, and 2) HK is too old-fashioned if they are still unwilling to accept a lesbian relationship in this day and age.) Perhaps this is why they went to Canada – they are probably thinking that the Western world will be more accepting of their “sob story” for one, and two, no one will condemn Andi for taking advantage of Etta because majority of non-Chinese (or should I say non-Hong Kongers) don’t know the full story….

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      • freerealestate replied:

        @llwy12 A lot of US media outlets are also only reporting things without the full facts. I’m active on other celeb gossip boards and twitter and when this news broke out a lot people were condemning Jackie and Elaine. I don’t care about people now finding out Jackie is a pos cuz it’s been a long time coming, but people are making this story out to look like Elaine is unsupportive about Etta’s sexuality when Elaine has said she’s fine with it.

        A majority of westerners reading this story isn’t aware of the past events that led to this. They also aren’t aware that Andi is 30 and used to be Etta’s tutor. It’s completely obvious that Andi has been manipulating Etta for the majority of their relationship. They’ve been dating since Etta was 17 and I think Andi took advantage of Etta being young and emotionally vulnerable due to all of her problems with her mom.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @freerealestate That’s exactly my point. Most of the U.S. outlets are focusing only on the LGBT piece and making it sound like Etta and Andi are being discriminated against because they came out as lesbians, but those of us who know the whole story know that is far from the truth. In fact, if we peel back the layers, this whole thing with Etta technically has nothing to do with her sexual orientation at all…..but because most Westerners don’t know the whole story, they are only hearing the message that Etta and Andi are trying to convey (and no doubt both of them are trying to spin this into a “homophobia” issue).

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  4. sherla1019 says:

    I kinda of feel bad for Elaine once an artist not a popular one though and thinking getting with Jackie she hit the jackpot however that wasnt gonna happen ……..bringing in the daughter to this world having her to grow up surrounded my media and becoming rebeliious………….

    This women Andi pure trash how the hell you gonna be 30yrs old and dont have savings nor a roof under your head I bet she convince etta to make this video sigh…………come one Etta wake up go back to HK with your mom

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  5. nomad822 says:

    @ peanutbutter jelly:

    Etta’s message is sad. And bec she has such low self-esteem, it’s easy to fall into vulnerable abusive relationships, where folks can totally read and manipulate her.

    Even whether she really is LGBT or so inclined, is quite questionable.
    But ANY critcism (even if well-meaning folks in HK like her mom or mom’s friends) is the surest way to push her further away

    It’s no easy feat being JC’s kid, and with the world knowing that.

    However I’d also say … there are folks who have been born under far worse circumstances and parents … and who have risen above scumbag fathers and druggie mothers. A couple of those are my clients.

    Dwelling on what CANNOT be changed, is not helpful to self. Rather, use all those setbacks to empower. Whether alcoholic or not – at least her mom cared enough to raise her, while dealing with her own issues. Easy enough to fob her off to some auntie in China, which some stars supposedly do, to pretend they have no kids/kids sired out of wedlock or whatever.

    It’s frustrating, and part of my frustration working with families (esp with an Asian mindset and culture) Canada will NOT be able to do anything with her – in addition to the fact she’s not even PR. She’s 18, her partner is 30. 18 (though a kid in many cases) is considered adult and free to make own decisions here – in fact BS Housing (subsidized) will even encourage her to move out.

    And Shelters are hardly the safe havens people think they are. Put a whole bunch of women with issues together and watch how they also prey on other residents in there s’times. Esp the hardcore ones.

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    • @nomad822 I think it’s inappropriate to question Etta’s sexuality, you probably don’t mean it as malicious but I just want to add that LGBTQ identities being denied or questioned is very harmful to the individual and community as a whole.

      I work/volunteer with people struggling in unfortunate circumstances too (mostly youth) but I don’t think it’s helpful to anyone if I present them with the fallacy of relative privation (‘yes your situation is pitiful, but so-and-so has it worse than you and they turned out fine’). I understand what you’re trying to say and I have seen people ‘rise above’ what seems to be the worse of circumstances. However, lots of factors come into play such as support form your personal social network, societal acceptance, financial/emotional stability and -yes- personality. And even so, even when finally getting their life on track, a lot still struggle with psychological issues later on in life if not dealt with properly as trauma from your formative years extends well into adulthood. From another article on Jaynestars, it seems that Elaine herself is a product of emotional abuse growing up (being called a ‘worthless h*re’ by her mom). It’s a vicious cycle.

      You may think I’m being too harsh towards Elaine but I have seen enough tragedy resulting from well-intentioned-but-incompetent-parents to have hardened my stance on this issue.

      Good intentions don’t make good parents. Caring or loving someone doesn’t mean you can’t hurt or abuse them.

      Etta never asked to be born. Elaine choose to be a mom and she doesn’t get a medal from me for simply trying to be a good one.

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  6. jenny says:

    This is news in U.K. too, apparently the paper has approached JC representatives for comments.

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  7. littlefish says:

    Yup, it’s now on the Vietnamese media outlet. Sigh >_> soon we are gonna have a drama about Etta’s life but it would not be named so or will she or JC will get any money lol >_> we all know she needs counseling , but That takes initiative, hence the “she gotta maturing it up”. First step of every problem solving is admitting to yourself you have problem and need help, this is what we called “maturing”.

    And I’m not doubting her sexuality, however, I partly feel that with her dad cares for Jaycee only, who is a male, by being a male, she might get more approval from daddy. Plus Asian mindset, boy is more important than girl, so again, the inclination to be gay is strong for her. Not here to berate any group, just saying sometimes sexuality is influenced by psychological factors, and in Etta, it is a strong one. And so when she gets any kind of love, she will hold on to it, and if her partner is a girl, she will be lesbian. Again, not to say she is not, more saying she will be whatever her partner asks her to be.

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    • jayne replied:

      @littlefish “Again, not to say she is not, more saying she will be whatever her partner asks her to be.” Very good observations which I agree with. Etta is definitely at a vulnerable age where she seeks approval and going to do whatever Andi wants her to. In their YouTube video, it’s very clear that Etta’s eyes watched Andi very carefully to make sure she was doing the right thing. It’s going to take a long time for Etta to get hurt in all the wrong ways by Andi before she wakes up and goes back to Elaine.

      Etta’s path really shows how isolated she is, how she really has no one in her life other than her mom. But even her bond with Elaine is very weak, seeing how she called the cops on her so quickly. If Etta had some good friends to comfort her and give good advice, she wouldn’t have fallen prey to Andi.

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      • littlefish replied:

        @jayne 🙁 I just hope her eyes watching Andi is for reassuring and not out of fear (I.e. being abused).

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  8. m0m0 says:

    So how did Andi become Etta’s tutor. Shouldn’t they have been more careful at selecting a tutor?

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    • littlefish replied:

      @m0m0 it’s not that easy. For one, it’s hk, anyone could be a tutor. For two, they are not that rich to be that picky. For three, at any time, the tutor can turn bad, who to say they can be perfect angel at all time?

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  9. mangotango says:

    Etta can be famous in her own right. Write a book, sue dad for 1/2 his fortune, be advocate for gender equality. An abandoned child make good. Should make a movie too.

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    • vyvy replied:

      I don’t think she can sue JC for any of his fortune. She can sue him for back owed child support if there is such law in HongKong. She is not U.S citizen and neither JC, so she cannot get the help from the U.S law. As for JC’s fortune, he has the right to give it to anyone. No one has any legal right to ask for a split except for his wife.

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  10. vyvy says:

    The only way to help Etta now is having someone to shut the media’s mouth. It was the media’s fault for not leaving her life alone from the beginning.
    As long as the media leave her alone, every thing will be solved. If she cannot get the attention and money, that old trash will leave her and she will come back to Elaine.
    The GLBT community in the West is very annoying and unreasonable. They will get offensive in all ways.
    However, I think the hype will not last forever as long as JC keeps quiet. The media will find something new to report.
    The aunty does look trashy. To be honest by looking at the way she dresses, her tatoos, I will never hire as my kid’s tutor.

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  11. janet72 says:

    Etta is young and capable of working. If she chooses to leave the home, then be responsible by working and not telling the whole world she is Jackie Chan’s daughter.
    Jackie will not give way…by stirring up such attention, she is very stupid.

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  12. vyvy says:

    Those 2 lazy people might milk some money out of the media by getting their attention, and it seems like they are successful but it will not last for long as the Western media will find bore soon if they cannot get any respond from JC. Even if they do get some info from JC, the hype will go ago. No news in the West will last forever unlike in Cbiz, the news about this child lasted for 18 years nonstop. It seems like there is not much news that will the Cbiz media keep posting and following 1 news over and over again.

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  13. bubbletea says:

    I might get a lot of shade for what I have to say, but that is okay. I too question if Etta is a lesbian, or if she is a lesbian because the first person who showed her ‘love’ happens to be a lesbian, one with a manipulative, money seeking agenda, I might add. It seems that Etta does not have any friends, and because she was rejected in every way by her father, psychologically that could trigger an intense hatred towards men from Etta. Let’s not forget that Etta does not have a loving relationship with her mother either. She is obviously suffering from mental issues, low self esteem, she is naive and does not have a network of friends, especially friends around her age. Here is a teenager full of self doubt, is vulnerable, naive, full of anger,
    sad and depressed, lonely, has no clue how the real world works and suffering from mental illness. Along comes this 30 year old woman, who has one hell of an agenda. She says the right things, probably gave her warm, gentle hugs, little gifts etc. With Etta being starved for love and affection, this seems like the real deal, this is love. Let us not forget that she is rejected by her dad, who publicly said he will not meet her, or financially support her.

    That alone can trigger an intense hatred towards the father and men in general. This aunty is matured and twelve years older so Etta sees a mother, sister, friend, mentor and then lover in Andi. It makes one wonder if etta had the time to really explore her own heart to discover if she truly is lesbian, or if she is conforming herself to be whatever her first love wants her to be. If Etta gets help, gets her life together and discover this is just a face, it is going to be devastating. If she is truly comfortable and authentic about her sexuality, if tf this Andi woman walks, I shudder to think what this will do to Etta. Like I said before, whatever happens, this will not end well. I believe that Andi will leave cause Jackie Jerkie is not giving etta a dime and Elaine has no money. We all know Andi is after money, and there is none coming.

    As for the bruises on Etta’s face, I treat countless victims who have been physically abused and who have similar marks. I am just saying. One more thing, when Etta told Andi “I love you” it seemed sincere. On the other hand, when Andi said it back, it seemed so fake, shallow and lacked any real proof of love. She sounded so quiet and muffled that it was so fake and pathetic.

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  14. sabrina says:

    I know I might get bash for this, but I’d like to share my opinion too. Why is everyone blaming JC for everything about Etta? The guy made it clear where he stands a long time ago, and even now that he doesn’t have anything to do with both Elaine and Etta. It’s like we don’t know each other; you live your life and I live my life. I know it must be hard for Etta to be an abandon child by her father and in the eye of paparazzi. But she has to know that she only has her mom; they only have each other. There are alot of children in this world who had it worse than Etta. A child with a father’s absence doesn’t mean that that child can’t be a good person, grow up without being a trouble maker. Etta is at the age that she already know stuff. I heard she suffered emotional disorder or something like that? Her surrounding is really important too on how she grew up. I don’t know if anyone can see the point I’m making here. And some people said that if JC involved in raising Etta, she probably wouldn’t be like this. See JC’s own son, Jaycee? Jaycee had alot of things going on, so I doubt it wouldn’t happen to Etta too if JC involved in raising her too. And that 30 year old tutor, she is the biggest problem. Her influence and manipulating on Etta is so low. She’s old enough to know what is right and wrong. Plus, she can get a job to support them, why made a video like this? Etta is at the age that she can work too. I’m just wondering if Etta wants revenge on JC. There are so many theories about the intention behind Etta’s action.

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    • msxie0714 replied:


      My guess is that Etta’s partner put her up to publicizing their homeless plight and that the fault was the ‘homophobic’ parents. The motive is getting money from JC via sympathy from the western media.

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      • sabrina replied:

        @msxie0714 Yea, that is really ugly. I mean this Andi lady is really trash. Doesn’t she know that this can cause problems to Etta too, it’s not just JC. Like alot of comments in their video, they both are adults. So they can find jobs and support themselves, especially Andi who is 30 years old. I saw on Etta’s IG post that they got alot of helps, especially assistance from LGBT’s. They played it good using “homophobic’ parents” to get sympathy.

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    • bubbletea replied:

      @sabrina you obviously have not been reading the threads right. Elaine got her shate of tongur lashing from commentors here at Jaynestars. Even Etta has been svolded too. Yes, we all know Jackie the jerk has made it clear he does not want anything to do with Etta. Which father in his right mind, with a conscience will turn his back on a child who did not asked to born?. Jackie is a Hong Kong billionaire, his daughter has medical and mental problems that need to be treated. She also did not ask for these issues. Regardless of the circumstances under which Elaine chose to become pregnant, a child was born. A child who deserves acknowledgement from BOTH parents, even if those parents hate each other. The fact that Jackie disowned Etta and wants nothing at all to do with her speaks volume about him as a man and human being, and it is not good. Then again, if he refused to acknowledge for years, the son he had with his wife, we can’t expect Etta to be not disowned now, can we? Etta should not be going around making videos saying she is Jackie Chan’s daughter. Does she not understand that the cold monster wants nothing to do with her? She and that gold digging pedophile need to go and look for work. Silly young woman needs to wake up, dump Andi and get the help she so desperately needs.

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      • sabrina replied:

        @bubbletea They got alot of bashes, but they also got alot of supports too because there’s always 2 sides on a story. So this means that there are people who based them, there are also people who stand on their side especially Etta whom I saw alot of comments feel/sorry toward her because JC disowned her. I also don’t think JC is a good father too. I just pointed out that he made it very clear where he stands. Etta didn’t ask to be born, JC also didn’t want to have child in the first place. Elaine made it happened (yes, both JC and Elaine are at fault). It may sound like I support JC, but no, I don’t at all. Like I said, let’s cut everything in the past, and look at how Etta grew up. Her surrounding and how she was raised. There are kids in this world who had it worst than her and they grew up to be better people. I do agree with you on Etta has to WAKE UP. JC doesn’t want anything to do with her doesn’t make the end of the world. Andi is not the person for her.

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    • coralie replied:

      @sabrina I get what you’re saying and yes, at some point before this debacle, I also complained about Etta. I do think she’s spoiled. Even from her video, you can tell she feels entitled to having things just because.

      But even with that said, it’s her right to use this publicity to want to meet her dad. If Anthony Wong can accept his deadbeat dad and hope for closure, I don’t find it surprising that Etta does too, especially since he’s alive and filthy rich. Considering Jaycee has similar problems that Etta has, it wouldn’t surprise me either if it turns out they’re genetically passed down from daddy dearest. He should take some responsibility regardless.

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      • sabrina replied:

        @coralie Yea, Etta gave me the spoiled kid vibe. I don’t want to say this, but she really did give me this vibe. And I think Anthony Wong’s case and Etta’s case are different. Anthony Wong didn’t know who his father was and had never seen his father before (in person). He accepted his fate, basically. He just wanted to know about his root. But Etta on the other hand, she is different. She knew who her father was and that he didn’t want anything to do with her. Etta caused alot of problems. She needs to wake up. We can’t just say, oh she is only 18, etc. And I do think that JC need to take some responsibilities. But the man said no, so that is a no. I just hope that Etta can find her way and wake up. But sometimes, the person doesn’t want to wake up and find his/her way. Hopefully, this is not what she wants.

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  15. mangotango says:

    Poor Etta. She did not ask to be born. All these problems are created by others.

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    • karina replied:

      @mangotango I don’t get comments like these.. Yeah JC is a douchebag and Etta did not ask to be born. But is she not responsible for her *own* actions as well? She runs off away with a pedophile who obviously Using her and is blinded what she believes is “love” and insults her own mother, the only parent she has that cares for her. Elaine is obviously not without fault as well. Fact is Etta is spoiled and entitled for some unexplainable reason (besides the fact she’s JC bio daughter and he doesn’t give a damn sh*t about her). Pathetic. This sounds mean but I can’t wait till she wakes up to reality. So many people have it worse than her and make their own destiny rather then trying to leech off others.

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      • sabrina replied:

        @karina Yea, I agree that Etta has to take responsibilities for her actions. I tried to be positive on what I said about Etta, lol. I mean I don’t want to sound harsh and mean that seems like putting salt on someone’s wound. But reality is reality. She needs to wake up. I feel bad for her that JC disowned her, but she’s not free from her own actions too. A kid that ran away from home and insulted her own mother, to me seems very spoiled. Seeing her posts and video further made me believe that she’s spoiled. No one can change your life if you don’t do it yourself. Everyone has alot of * going on in their lives; she’s not the only one. I hope she will see the light on her way.

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  16. rika says:

    You can choose to have the victim mindset for your entire life or take the difficult way to rise above the hardships and become someone useful to the world. Yes, her father is an arse and her mother is useless but using such unfortunate circumstances to justify her behavior is just convenient and cowardly. If she has what it takes to be a better human than whom her birth parents ever were, then put it into real actions instead of whining about how she was born not to love or be loved.

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