Andy Hui’s Friend Tried to Stop Cheating Scandal

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Andy Hui’s Friend Tried to Stop Cheating Scandal

Ever since Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) were caught red handed cheating in the back of a taxi, netizens have been analyzing the entire situation to try understand how this seemingly unlikely couple got together.

On the night of April 3, Andy and Jacqueline were invited to their mutual friend Ken’s birthday party. Ken is also the third person that appears in the beginning of the taxi cam video, sitting to the right of Jacqueline. It seems that he must have found their actions to be suspicious and insisted on carpooling together. Andy lives in Repulse Bay; Jacqueline lives in Lei Yu Moon, and Ken lives in Tai Hang. These three areas are not close to each other and carpooling does not make sense. Ken was also leaving on a trip the next morning but he still insisted on joining their taxi ride.

Over the course of the ride, Ken tries again to stop the cheating scandal from happening. Ken lives very close to the restaurant but he insisted on taking Jacqueline home first. However both Andy and Jacqueline were adamant in requesting that the taxi drop Ken off first.

Lastly, when they had arrived at his residence, Ken made one last attempt to stop the situation from spiraling to the point of no return. Jacqueline had already opened the taxi door hoping that he would leave, but he shut it again and suggested that the taxi drop Andy off and then Jacqueline. In the end, Andy promised he would do so. Ken took his word for it and got off the taxi. In the end, as we all know Andy had lied to his friend and followed Jacqueline home.

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27 comments to Andy Hui’s Friend Tried to Stop Cheating Scandal

  1. Recalling how the #vixen #loosewoman Jacqueline Wong caressed and kissed the #sxxxbag Andy, she just cannot wait to be scrxwed (again) that very night itself. Darn disgustingly cheap!

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  2. karina says:

    jesus this scandal blew up fast. It’s all over international media now and even local Canadian media is reporting it. Not surprising I guess once she’s from Vancouver (ugh)

    She’s truly a shameful woman with no sense of conscience. I’m ashamed she’s even from my hometown. Honestly what kind of despicable person goes after someone who’s already married…and I read this isn’t her first time going after married men? Wtf is wrong with her (and him)? Disgusting act. Also, in her so called “apology” she didn’t even apologize to her “friend” and the true victim of this mess , Sammi. If you read between the lines of her IG Post it reads as if she doesn’t feel remorse at ALL. Hopefully her career will be over and the same for Andy. Feel so bad for Sammi 🙁 She needs all the support she can get right now

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    • sun5shine4eve6 replied:

      @karina totally agree with you. She does not feel remorse at all! One of the traits of a #loosewoman #vixen is to sleep with married men. I kind of felt that she has a quota to meet that is to scrxw as many married men as possible

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      Maybe she can’t even retire in Canada now, especially not around the Chinese community. Reckon she will try move to the USA and start a new bout of s-lutiness

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      • m0m0 replied:

        maybe new zealand where there’s hardly any person. plenty of chinese in the us. except for the middle parts.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Plenty of states in the USA though. She can sleep around from state to state and wouldn’t get noticed for her openness..

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @m0m0 lol…as my cousins say “SHEEP LAND” lol…but don’t b surprised there are Asians everywhere. haha….After a while, it will be forgotten I am sure both of them will pick themselves up just not sure if TVB will be forgivable to the woman. The Andy dude have a feeling he will bounce back too just the matter of when.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      The thing is Jacqueline does not have to apologise anymore. If she was trying to salvage a career then maybe she has to apologise but he will not be forgiven whatever she says. She can just disappear now and no one would care…

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    • janet72 replied:

      @karina I remember the last time it happened, it involved Lawrence ng and his 2nd wife. she didn’t even have the guts to apologise in person and Kenneth had to cook up some excuse saying she is not in the best shape to do so.
      Kenneth should dump her asap. this woman is cheap!
      the clip showed her bold actions after the friend alighted from the cab. doesn’t she have any shame to be doing this when she is a public figure?

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  3. megamiaow says:

    Well, you have to commend his efforts really. It was so obvious what he was trying to prevent, its kind of surprising that the two cheaters had the gall to go ahead with it anyway.

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  4. lv3saiyan says:

    Not a true friend then.

    Should have just said it out loud in the first place.

    Confront them.

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    • mike replied:

      @lv3saiyan Still more than anyone else has done remember.

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  5. littlefish says:

    Uhm idk I feel this friend possibly a bit slow? Like looking at their interaction with one another, you would feel this affair has been going for a while. If you are really his friend, you would know how drunk he is, and you would stop them before they got into the car. You would talk to him before the car privately. I felt this effort is rather half ass? Or too polite? And too late already (as in he’s trying to stop them from sleeping together tonight but he didn’t get it moot point since they have already slept together???).

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  6. tomtom says:

    While in the taxis Ken should have said very loudly so both Andy and Jacqueline hear clearly that he is going to call Sammi and that Andy is on the way back. That might have stopped what happened in the taxis this time. However, cheating have been happening and would continue to happen between those two.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @tomtom I read somewhere that Ken also knows Sammi, as his wife or girlfriend (basically his other half) works in the same company as Sammi’s sister. Not sure how true that is but if IS true, then yea, threatening to call Sammi or her sister or whatnot might have been a viable option. But at the end of the day, it wasn’t his responsibility to prevent Andy and Jacqueline from having an affair. He already did the best he could given the circumstances….

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  7. jjwong says:

    It is NOT Ken’s fault that they got caught. Period.

    In another note, in context what does it mean when Ken said, “let’s play bigger. I drop you off then I take her home”?

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    • megamiaow replied:

      @jjwong I heard that too. I can only think that in that situation, they wouldnt agree with his request to drop her off so he suggests switching it up and do it the other way around (which archieves the result he wants anyway).

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  8. cutie777 says:

    Both Andy Hui and Zhang are a big cheater!

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  9. scarlett013 says:

    I do feel like he tried hard to prevent them from hooking up again. He likely knew that this affair has already been going on and purposely got in the taxi with them to try to stop them that night. He attempted to stop it at least three or four times but Jacqueline was so stern and mean. He was also probably more drunk than they both were since it was for his birthday and his words were more slurred. When Jacqueline kept telling the taxi driver to go to Tai Hang where Ken was staying, she was so rude and scary!

    I did listen to the video again and again to try to make out exactly what they were saying. At one point he said “不如玩大D- 我***“ (“Let’s play bigger – why don’t ***”) and I couldn’t catch exactly what he said after that. It could have been “我去Sammi home” (“I’ll go to Sammi’s home”), “我去心穎home” (I’ll go to Jacqueline’s home”), or “我去send你home” (“I will send you (as in Andy) home”) Can anyone make out what he really said? I initially thought he was saying Sammi’s home to threaten them that he’d bring this to the attention Sammi if they don’t stop this nonsense but other people in comments were saying that he was saying Jacqueline’s home?

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    • moseenaddict replied:

      @scarlett013 I believe he meant he will be the one taking Jacqueline home. Meaning instead of Andy ‘sleeping’ with Jacqueline that night, HE WILL. In which Andy brushed off immediately. Both men, or maybe even all the men that knows about Andy and Jacqueline knows that this is a FWB relationship. This is why the friend in the taxi suggested Andy pass her around.. to him, for the FWB session that night. He said that to try to save Andy from cheating on Sammi that night. He might not reside in HK since he was leaving the next morning, but he is close enough friends to Andy (and maybe even Sammi) to try to do his best to prevent the cheating from going on…. at least for that night. The friend also doesn’t sound like a local HK guy from the entertainment industry… he sounds more ‘innocent’ and wasn’t afraid to say/do something to stop Andy and Jacqueline. Because as local HK Artist, there is an unspoken rule that you keep your mouth shut about things like this, hence no one tried to stop Andy and Jacqueline during the 2 years they were cheating.

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      • wm2017 replied:

        @moseenaddict I read some of those utube comments after viewing the video. Alot of people were thinking the guy was trying to take her home but not in an innocent way seemed like he wanted to take her back to his home. I don’t understand why they were saying friend to trying to break them up/helping?? Didn’t sound like it. Oldie Andy was the one saying NO as well as the cheap woman quite adamantly too. None of them sounded really drunk to me at any point. They all knew what they were doing and talking about. Some also said older Andy was the one trying to grab her hands or thigh first but of course it was all on her coming on strong after. Not sure why English was thrown around w/these people perhaps esp oldie doesn’t really speak english? Some people might were right, hoping the driver did not understand a word they were saying?? Bottom line a pig &and a loose woman. Both equally at fault. Shameless!! He came out and apologized and cried? Probably better digging a hole and stay there. lol…

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  10. tungamy says:

    Sammi has forgiven Andy…. :/

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    • megamiaow replied:

      @tungamy Just like what most people on here predicted. Each to their own.

      Personally I’d be repulsed letting a husband who cheated ever touch me again.

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  11. sas318 says:

    Glad someone noticed the friend and wrote an article about it!

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  12. gary says:

    My advice to Kenneth. Drop this girl for your future sake. Don’t mess up your life and regret in future.

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    • orchid123 replied:

      I hope Kenneth Ma is not that dumb to keep Jacqueline Wong as his girlfriend from now on. It showed very clearly that Jacqueline did not love Kenneth and just kept him until she found a better guy. Her relationship with Kenneth just helped her get more promotions by TVB as lead actress.

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  13. nomad822 says:

    1) cannot blame the friend who tried to stop it

    2) Cheating is cheating. If the will and core is weak – the distractions will happen anyways. You cannot prevent TWO hands from clapping – maybe once it can be avoided … if the fire is ignited again – it will happen – another time, another place.
    just as stooopid as prison warden wives who boast they go on set to visit, or get their husbands to call-text 5x a day. WHAT really can this prevent?!!!

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