Rebecca Zhu and Katy Kung Reportedly Do Not Get Along

TVB period drama The Dripping Factory <大醬園> follows the journey of a woman who goes from being a street wanderer to becoming one of the leaders in the soy factory business. Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) and Katy Kung (龔嘉欣) play a pair of close friends, but circumstances tear them apart. Their friendship not only breaks—they become each other’s mortal enemies.

This is actually not quite different from Rebecca and Katy’s relationship in real life, as rumors are saying that the two The Dripping Factory actors do not get along and have an ongoing feud.

Recently, netizens have noticed that Katy had unfollowed many The Dripping Factory actors on Weibo, including costar Matthew Ho (何廣沛), who has a close relationship with Rebecca. Netizens also pointed out that Katy had never followed Rebecca despite having worked closely with each other.

The unfollowing spree came after Katy updated her Weibo with a cryptic message. “As an actor we should do our roles well. Respect the job and show responsibility to the people who gave us opportunities. I gladly welcome you all to come discuss with me about the drama and the characters, but to those who disrupt the peace, I’m sorry to say that I have no purpose in welcoming you. #TheDrippingFactory.”

Though Katy did not name names, netizens noticed that she unfollowed Matthew Ho around the same time she shared the post.

While the show was in production, it was reported that Katy had some issues with an actor on who constantly impeded the filming progress. The constant rescheduling had impacted Katy’s health; the lack of rest led her to develop vertigo.

Following her hospitalization, Katy complained about her experience on Weibo, even saying, “If it’s too stressful for you don’t be an actor.”

Soon afterwards, Rebecca updated her own Weibo with a new status. She admitted to requesting for sick leave during filming because of her heat stroke and a dislocated wrist.

Both Rebecca and Katy never mentioned their feud, but the duo never appeared in public together to promote The Dripping Factory since the show’s release.

Rebecca has denied the discord rumors.


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    1. @mindee
      Rebecca isn’t he biggest of girls but dominates Katy making her look like a Goblin sidekick. Imagine if Katy was acting alongside Kathy Chow back in her heyday. Incredibly that TVB put Katy in a seducer villain role when she has no onscreen presence…

  1. TVB has Katy Kung playing a seductress here and in next series a skilled fighter. Surely the station is nearIng an end…

  2. How is this news? Of course regardless of who you are, you cannot get along with everyone you work with. You do not have to like let alone get along with people you work with. You just have to work with them, but once the work relationship is over that is it. It is not like you need to hang out with them like they are your best buddies.

    1. @hetieshou Only in entertain news this is news. Go work in an office and you know NOT everyone can get along and even if they are it’s mostly fake. haha lol…You can’t really find real friends in the work force anyway at least 90% not possible. I couldn’t agree more, work is work hanging out after that is mostly with real friends.

  3. Just wanted to say Katy was absolutely horrific in this drama. Her role as a scheming seducer makes no sense and her face looks more like a ghost half the time.

  4. Ever since Bottled Passion and then followed by Gloves Come Off, I’ve always seen Katy Kung as one damn hottie. About 10 years later, things haven’t changed much. She’s still pretty fine.

  5. Agree with everyone that I dislike Katy as well. But also on second thought, if everyone is hating her after seeing her character in Soy Sauce, she must be doing a good job acting that role.

    1. @mike
      Nah… I didn’t point out it was the character I hated although the character didn’t make sense. It’s her goblin looks and lack of skills. Doesn’t fit in as an actress. Even though Rebecca isn’t the tallest actress, Katy just looks like a hobbit next to her…

  6. I think Katy Kung is a decent actress. However, her features a bit too ‘pointy’ and gives off the impression that she’s shrewd and cunning, therefore, manipulative. So she gets typecasted into these evil roles. I don’t have a problem with her as a villain – it’s her one-dimensional character that is making people cough blood. She can be evil without being hated…but she’s not written that way. She is firmly in ‘baddie’ camp from start to finish and stays that way without much sympathetic or redeeming quality. Mostly TVB’s fault, as is everything most of the time…

  7. Monkey, Ugly & a Goblin? hahaha lol….ohhh you guys!! I never find KK pretty either but I think she’s like self proclaimed Anita Yuen – thinks of herself as PRETTY even thou I don’t think so at all but hey I guess as a celeb you gotta think highly of yourself. haha lol…

    1. @wm2017
      Yeh Katy does appear to feel like she looks stunning. Maybe she got the small skinny frame that is impressive by Hong Kong standards with gives her this confidence. In the West she wouldn’t get over 4/10…

  8. I agree with Jimmyszeto, gisellec, mOm0 and wm2017. Katy Kung is one actress I find really ugly and she has zero screen presence. I also agree with jimmyszeto and wm2017 that she seems to think she’s hot. I especially agree with jimmyszeto that she looks like a goblin. To me, she’s a dead ringer for Dobby the house elf in Harry Potter movie.

  9. Agree with everyone else katy is ugly dont know why she popular with HK viewers and boy oh boy………….with her playing the seductress make me barf………..

    1. @sherla1019
      Amazing that Katy the seductress who looks like a goblin is able to seduce one of the tallest actors Hong Kong. The tall general character also has a beautiful wife with curves which makes it even more unbelievable. What is TVB doing?

      1. @jimmyszeto

        i know right should’ve let Kelly Fu get the part of playing the villian even tho im not a fan of her……… I rather watch her then Katy and dang that hairdo after being married to the general not suitable for face frame truly an eyesore =P

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